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  • Pee-Wee Herman (Paul Reubens) is a happy go lucky eccentric and childish man whom lives in a house full of toys and gadgets and lives with his pet dog Speck. One day, his happy go lucky life is shattered in a senseless moment, when he comes out of a bike shop only to find that his favorite bicycle has been stolen. Suspecting his greedy rival and bully Francis Buxton (Mark Holton) stole his bicycle for himself, but denies it. Upon learning from a fortune teller (Erica Yohn) that his bicycle is in Texas. Pee-Wee hits the road and sets off in search of his stolen possession. As Pee-Wee travels across the United States, he encounters various people: a waitress (Diane Salinger), a escaped convict (Judd Omen), a hobo (Carmen Filpi), the ghost of a dead truck driver (Alice Nunn) a motorcycle gang and makes new friends on his journey. But, Pee-Wee soon learns that his bicycle is not in Texas and that a child actor named Kevin Morton (Jason Hervey) has Pee-Wee's bicycle and he sets off to Hollywood to get back his stolen bicycle. Edit (Coming Soon)


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