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Sex & Nudity

  • Sexual dialogue between teens throughout. A boy tells his best friend that someone (Freddy) is trying to get inside of him, and he replies by saying "Yeah and she's a girl, but you wanna sleep with me."
  • This film has the most sexual content of the series.
  • A boy is nearly naked as he sleeps and wears very revealing underwear in many scenes.
  • *man's clothes are stripped off of him by ghostly forces, revealing his naked rear end. His bare buttocks are whipped with a towel in close-up. No frontal nudity. See violence and gore for more details.
  • A boy's pants are pulled down by his friend, exposing his rear.
  • A boy and a girl make out. The boy gets on top of the girl and unbuttons her shirt, kissing her up and down her chest and stomach area. Her chest is partially exposed through her open shirt, though her nipples stay hidden throughout the entire scene. (No Nudity)
  • Many characters kiss and make out, all in bathing suits.
  • Some scenes involve implicit homosexual undertones of the main character, but nothing explicit or graphic.

Violence & Gore

  • Much more graphic than the original, but much less intense and scary.
  • A bird kills another bird, bites a man's hand, then flies around a room, before exploding.
  • A person is pelted with various balls, before being dragged into a shower, stripped naked (only rear nudity seen), strung up by jump ropes, towel whipped, and then slit down the back twice by Freddy's claws. This scene is very weird and goofy, and will not scare many people.
  • As the above is happening, all the showers turn on, spraying blood out.
  • A person's entire body is sliced to pieces from the inside out by Freddy, who crawls out of his body. VERY gory, ripped flesh and blood seen.
  • A person is lifted against a door. We see Freddy's blade stick out through the other end, and pull downwards, bloodying the door.
  • A girl is bit in the leg by Freddy. The wound briefly festers and crawls with maggots.
  • A person is slashed in the neck. We see a close-up of his bloodied face.
  • A person's hands are burned on a fence (not graphic).
  • A person is trampled; someone steps on his neck, causing blood to stream from his mouth.
  • A person is stabbed in the gut, bloodying his entire shirt. This happens onscreen with lots of blood.
  • A person is thrown onto a flaming grill (not graphic, they are not burnt)
  • Freddy's claw bursts through a person's chest. No blood shown.


  • One use of "damn." A man gets attacked by a bird and says; "DAMN BIRD."
  • Infrequent language, fuck, shit used a few times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A boy sneaks out to a bar to order beer. He is caught by his gym teacher before he can consume anything.
  • A father asks his son what he's on, and where's he's been getting it.
  • Teenagers drink at a pool party.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some intense chase scenes.
  • The entire mood of the film is dark and grim. It may disturb more sensitive viewers, but many will find some scenes goofy and weird.
  • The tongue scene might gross out some viewers.
  • There is a scene where two dogs, wearing masks, bark unexpectedly at a girl. A very demented looking cat and mouse chase each other.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • When a guy is making out with a lady she unbuttons her shirt to reveal some cleavage and then a Freddy tongue comes out of the guys mouth and starts to lick in between her breasts.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The scene where Freddy bursts out of Jesse is disturbing, as is the scene where Freddy is burned, revealing Jesse.

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