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AfterElton Briefs: The "Steel Magnolias" Remake Is Cast, Glimpsing The Green Arrow, and "Gcb" Drops

Adam Lambert attends the 2012 Kiss 108 FM Kiss Concert announcement party in Boston

Happy Birthday to Connor Trinneer, who is 43, Ruth Pointer is 66, and since we just did a Pointer Sisters top five for Anita's birthday, let's do a top five for Glenn Close, who is 65 today. What are your top five Glenn performances? Here are mine: 5. "Serving In Silence," 4. "Maxie," 3. Mars Attacks," 2. "Jagged Edge," 1. "Fatal Attraction."A special Birthday Shoutout to Ae's own faboo Miz Liz!Speculation abounds that The Hunger Games could gross $125 Million when it opens this weekend.Things are not looking good for Own.As expected, John Carter's floppage is expected to cost Disney big bucks, to the tune of $200 Million. In ratings news, last night's Season Finale of The Walking Dead shattered records for basic cable.Unfortunately, Gcb was down 12%. Hopefully it'll stabilize soon if there's a chance for it to come back.Nicolette Vs.
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Liveblogging "As The World Turns" : Making Rounds With Reid

It's a Reid day on the show as the doctor witnesses Chris injecting himself with personality serum. But will it take? Probably not.

Join us for the fun and refresh for updates!

Can I start by saying how very tired I am of this "Barbara kidnapped" storyline? It was fun for a few episodes, but it's now been stretched beyond all reason. But at least she's out of that warehouse, and can stop molesting that poor clown.

Speaking of which, yesterday's show was mostly expendable, but it did feature Will asking the question we've all been wanting to ask:

That outfit. Really, Henry? You look like you escaped from an all-male Rocky Horror Picture Show. And does Madonna know you stole her Breathless Mahoney wig?

2:05Pm Est: And we begin in the warehouse, where Henry (sans the Glenn Close flapper drag from Maxie) and Will enter to find ... nothing.
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Streep Noms, #6 (1985)

A Note: I will be returning to reviewing Streep movies soon but for now let's return to discussing Streep's competitive Oscar fields. I'll try to wrap up the 80s pictures very soon. I knew this month would be Streep heavy I had no idea how mired down in the 80s nostalgia we'd get. See also: Farrah & Michael Jackson.


Six Oscar nominations is a lot for anyone but what is perhaps even more impressive / serendipitous about Meryl Streep's 1985 accomplishment is that Out of Africa, a big hit and Oscar champ, was her third Best Picture winner in seven years. That's quite rare. She would go on to lose Best Actress to Geraldine Page who was, at that time, the most nominated performer (8) never to have won the golden boy (Peter O'Toole now holds the record since he lost on his 8th nomination). Page died a scant 15 months later at 62 years of age.
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