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Alternate Versions

The USA Shriek Show release under the title of Massacre in Dinosaur Valley is completely uncut and runs 88 minutes long. Special features includes a picture gallery, several movie trailers, and an interview with the star Michael Sopkiw and director Michele Massimo Tarantini.
The UK VIPCO release is heavily cut and runs 81 minutes long.
The UK Blu-ray from 88 Films restores almost all of the footage cut from the Vipco video and DVD.. Only 13 seconds are cut..shots of a cockfight
The german DVD version, released by Dragon Video under the title "Amazonas" (although the title card on the movie itself maintains the english title "Massacre In Dinosaur Valley"), is the most complete available on the home video market.
UK video version, released under the title Cannibal Ferox 2, was heavily cut by 1 min 54 secs by the BBFC in 2002 with the following justification:
  • "Cuts required to sexual and sexualised violence ( forcible removal of woman's underwear and subsequent shots of full nudity; sight of woman's breast being clawed and wounded with resulting flow of blood and collection of blood in a bowl; sight of woman's breast being exposed, her breast being kissed, her loin cloth being undone, her pubic hair being touched and her positive response to a sexual assault; sight of man forcibly tearing open a woman's shirt, revealing her breasts and struggling with her). Cuts made in accordance with BBFC guidelines and policy. Further cuts to sight of cocks attacking each other during a cockfight required in accordance with the Cinematograph Films (Animals) Act 1937."

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