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  • Yes! Out at the Burning Man Festival, there is a camp called Deathguild that builds its own Road Warrior style cars and holds nightly battles in its own Thunderdome!

  • Max regained his humanity by realising that the kids needed his help and were helpless in the twisted world they knew nothing of. In the script (and the novel) is a scene cut from the finished movie where Max falls asleep in Crack in the Earth and wakes up after having dreamt of his wife, son and partner Goose. He starts crying, realising that he has become "the same kind of human animal he had always despised, no better than those who had destroyed the ones he loved".

  • Ultimately left up to the viewer to decide but the sight of him walking over the dunes with the spears suggests he returned to live out his life with the Feral Kids as their protector and guide, finally finding a new family and home after all these years. In his speech to the Feral Kids Max tells them "We're going to stay right here, we're going to live a long time and we're all going to be thankful", noticeabley referring to 'We'.

  • They were the descendants of Captain Walker and the surviving crew and passengers of the passenger jet that Walker piloted. The story they tell about the apocalypse and Walker's crash landing in the desert is one that's been handed down through their time living in the canyon. When Savannah (who herself is pregnant) finds Max, she assumes that he's Captain Walker and that he's returned to lead them out of the desert to civilization. Years prior to Max' arrival, Walker and maybe a few of his crew and some of the passengers probably trekked into the desert to find a way back to civilization.

  • During the battle with Blaster in Thunderdome, Max realizes, after knocking Blaster's helmet off, that the man is mentally handicapped. Remember in the last movie Mad Max 2 (1981) was about Max regaining some of the personal humanity he lost in the first movie when he son and wife were murdered. In this film the writers decided to have a scene where Max is again reminded of his compassionate side -- he refuses to kill Blaster because he feels it's wrong to kill a man who doesn't understand the situation he's gotten into. Master had likely thought that Blaster would easily kill Max in the contest but Max outwitted them both with the whistle. Subsequently, the crowd cheers for Max to be let go and a furious Auntie shouts them all down by claiming that Max had reneged.

  • Many people tend to think of a "gulag" as being a Soviet forced labor camp that existed during the era of communism in the Soviet Union in the 1900s however, the actual term itself refers to the government organzation that oversaw the deportation and housing of political prisoners sent to those camps. More info on gulag can be read here.

    In the context of this film and Max' sentencing, Auntie & her people are using the term "gulag" to refer to exile in the desert, hence the Mardi Gras costume head being placed over Max' head while he's tied to a horse that they release into the desert. Auntie was probably banking on the idea that Max would die of thirst and dehydration in the desert & she'd be rid of him.

  • Though his vocation before the apocalypse is never mentioned specifically, we can assume that Master was probably an engineer with expertise in running power-generating facilities like Underworld. He might also have been a civil engineer that planned communities and basic services involved like water, electricity, sanitation, trade services, etc, so he was very valuable, possessing a certain type of brilliance in this arena. Because of his protective partner, Blaster, Auntie was never able to fully exploit him and had grown sick of his arrogance and opportunistic attitude, so she waited until she found someone who could dispose of Blaster: Max. Max, who's very savvy, as we all are aware, also saw the potential in Master to help build a new civilization for Walker's children. Max, who slowly regains his compassion and humanity through the series, probably believed that Master shouldn't be a slave to Auntie in Bartertown, so he decided to free him.

  • No, Bruce Spence plays a different character. Although both are pilots, the Gyro Captain from Mad Max 2 was said to become the leader of the survivor group from that film. Then the narrator of MM2 mentions that when he grew up, he eventually took over the group. So it stands to reason that the Gyro Captain would not be found in Barter Town if he was still leading a group at that time. Also, Max and Jedediah (the character from this film) see each other on more than one occasion and never have a moment where they recognize each other.

  • It's possible she was, however it could be said that because she was trying to run Bartertown, criminally or otherwise, she made this comment to suggest that her, being a leader, and Max being former Law Enforcement make them a great pair.


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