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  • 2 real possibilities, firstly that they're both dead and their energy released as with the rest of the victims. Secondly that they are still alive and preserved on the ship and will return with Halley's comet in the mid 21st centuary Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Open to interpretation, either the energy of the human souls has been used to revive the vampires in their crystal coffins or the humans have actually become the new vampires and are preserved until the ship returns to Earth with Halley's comet. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The only released version in Germany e.g. is the Theatrical Version. In the UK and US on the other hand, the only available DVD Version is the longer Original Version, referred to as Director's Cut. Lots of footage got cut out but most of the cuts were probably made for pace. Lots of scenes refering to vampires have been removed. Apart from that, the investigations of incidents with vampires, which have been cut out from the Theatrical Version, are much shorter as well. Some scenes really benefit from this because the timing is better but in most cases, the Director's Cut is the better and more convincing version. In total there are more than 100 hundred differences between both versions resulting in a difference of more than 14 minutes. Edit (Coming Soon)


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