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Sex & Nudity

  • Little brother makes comments about Leeroy "the art to making love" gotta have the moves"
  • Drawings in the background with nude women with black bars blocking private parts. Pictures of naked woman on nudie magazines with bars covering their lady parts.
  • Song "dirty books" is sexually suggestive. Angie appears in lingerie during it.
  • Some boys in the audience refer to Laura as fresh during her first musical appearance. She is later shown wearing a black suit with plunging neckline. Little cleavage shown.
  • Angie is wearing a workout outfit that shows a lot of skin. She has has headlights on her breast and tag on her but. Her backups dancers are wearing short dresses with underwear showing. She's singing test drive, suggesting sex. She mentions she gets by on her own tits.
  • No sex just kissing, blowing kisses and talks of love making. Brief female nudity seen with private's parts obscured. Leroy and Laura watch Fist of Fury and Bruce Lee passionately kisses a girl. Leroy copies this move on Laura.
  • Leroy is seen shirtless and sweaty a lot. During a fight seen Sho'Nuff rips his shirt off and throws it.
  • Laura suggestively tells Leroy he looks like a master to her.
  • Some kids pull a mans pants down to reveal his white boxers. Played for laughs.

Violence & Gore

  • Mostly Kung Fu violence.
  • Man feeds pirhana like fish side of raw meat. When he pulls it put it's picked clean. No blood or gore. Later a man's head is dunked in the tank. He comes up unharmed.
  • Man goes to punch another man but the man grabs his fist and proceeds to crunch his fist. We hear bones cracking. He whimpers in pain.
  • Man tells Laura if she doesn't play Arcadian's video, he will have his throat slit.
  • Man is put in choke hold by Sho'Nuffs goons.
  • Bad guys are shown bruised and bloody after being beaten up by Leeroy.
  • Man is kicked in the face. Little blood shown on his cheek.
  • Female gang members antagonize a man. One slaps him and he goes to fight back. He doesn't.
  • 3 men are stabbed in the hand with some kind of ninja weapon. Again, no blood shown. In the same seen a man is hit in the junk with a stick. Later Leroy throws the same kind of weapon at Eddie as a warning. Eddie shoots at him using Laura as a shield.
  • Sho'Nuff is showed beating a man to unconsciousness as people cheer him on saying kill him. He says he wants to dismember Leroy.
  • While in a movie theatre, Sho'Nuff picks up a boy and them throws him. A man tries to subdue him as his drag queen boyfriend cheers him on (played for laughs). But Sho'Nuff defeats him and pulls out a chunk of his hair. Sho'Nuff beats up a couple other guys breaking bones.
  • Fist of Fury and Enter The Dragon are showed with Bruce Lee subduing bad guys and them dropping like flies. Little blood shown.
  • Some blood shown on Leroy and Sho'nuff during final fight.
  • Man is kicked in the chest, he flies and lands in tank full of water. Not known if he's dead or alive. Assumed he's just unconscious.
  • Beast picks up Richie and throws him. He lands on a metal tank knocking him unconscious.
  • Big guy grabs Leroy from behind. Leroy hits him in the head with nunchucks.
  • Many fighting scenes but they are very timid.


  • Two uses of racial slur.
  • Slang term 'broad' is used twice.
  • Sucker is used about 4 times and scum sucker is said once.
  • About 4 uses of s**t, 4 uses of punk, 2 uses of a*****e , 3 uses of a**, 1 use g** d***n, 1 use of b***h, 1 use of b******t, Mo Fo is said twice. M****r F*** is said once. H**y s**t is used twice. 1 use of S.O.B. and Chump.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There are three asains that own a chinese fortune cookie manufacture. They smoke cigarettes and drink liquor. They also gamble ie play dice. Same guys are seen dancing to a song that mentions sake which is a Japanese liquor.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Goons try to abduct a woman and she is threatened with violence, rapid tense music playing. She is saved. She is later kidnapped twice and threatened with harm but she's saved again. Boy is also kidnapped and later grabbed. They are both showed tied up and gagged. They do a lot of kidnapping in this movie.
  • Scary looking man with scar on face growling and barking. He breaks a table with his head. Played for laughs.
  • Eddie is very verbal towards Angie.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Leroy tells Laura he's never been with a woman by saying he doesn't have a paintbrush and can't draw. He's got no moves. Implying he's a virgin and knows nothing about the art of love. Laura tells him she'd like to show him some moves.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Sho'Nuff is very intimidating. He antaganizes Leroy a lot. Him and his goons destroy his family's shop. His parents plead with them to stop. Leroy cries and is later shown distraught and angry over it.
  • Final fight might be intense for some as Leeroy is being ruffed up by Sho'Nuff.
  • Leroy is an abandoned building looking for Laura as she is used as bait to lure him there and runs into Sho Nuff. Slow tense music playing. Kind of a jump scare moment when he thinks he defeated Sho'Nuff and he yells his name.
  • Leroy is shot and Laura and Richie cry at the thought that he's dead.

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