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Nathan Fillion gets the role he was born to play

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Nathan Fillion Tweeted out his thanks to Allan Ungar for “letting us all scratch this itch” he also thanked the fans in the same post and the attachment on that tweet was for a 15-minute short film he made with Ungar titled - Uncharted.

Needless to say I about lost my mind when I saw this posting and dove right on in. For years fans of the game have been asking for a movie based on the Uncharted series and the only person we wanted to see play Nathan Drake was Nathan Fillion. Well at long last he’s done a short film written and directed by allan ungar (Gridlocked) and it is freakin fantastic. Let’s stop all this babbling and get to the film, shall we?

I was starting to think that Fillion would be too old now to play the character, but after watching this I am 100% wrong.
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Appreciating the Character Sho Nuff From “The Last Dragon”

So yes, Sho Nuff was kind of a ridiculous character in some regards since this 1985 cult classic flick featuring a villain that was so over the top was kind of cheesy. But Sho Nuff was much more than the frizzy-haired nutjob with anger issues that he might look like. He was a villain that was at the top of his game, had power to to spare, and was the absolute Man in his neighborhood. He feared no one and was regarded by everyone as the one cat you didn’t want to take on unless you thought you were that

Appreciating the Character Sho Nuff From “The Last Dragon
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Book-a-Day 2018 #143: The Last Dragon by Jane Yolen and Rebecca Guay

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I can’t prove this is the best strategy, but I tend to read a book first and then research it afterward, when I’m trying to figure out what to write here. As you may have noticed, I can be opinionated, so I try to minimize the chance of having strong opinions about something before I read it — oh sure, it never entirely works, since you have to know something about a book to even want to pick it up, but I think it helps.

So when I tell you that I had a suspicion that The Last Dragon was based on something, I mean exactly that: a suspicion, lurking in my head as I read the book and particularly Neil Gaiman’s introduction. The book itself just said that it was a graphic novel, written by Jane Yolen and painted by Rebecca Guay.

Now that I have finished reading it,
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'The Last Dragon': THR's 1985 Review

On March 22, 1985, Tri-Star unveiled the PG-13 pop musical The Last Dragon, featuring a soundtrack that included Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson, in theaters nationwide. The Hollywood Reporter's original review is below: 

Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon is a fun, frisky R&B/pop musical with touches of such recent hits as Purple Rain and The Karate Kid, but heavily sugar-coated with the glossy style of video music-movies like Flashdance and Footloose

The story of a young, black martial arts student (Taimak) who falls in love with a sultry vidjockey (Vanity) while searching for the perfect master, the film seems almost...
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Official Celebrity Big Brother USA Cast Finally Revealed By CBS

Hey, Big Brother Fans. First, we just want to apologize. We previously ran a supposed leak list of 6 houseguests from a source on Twitter, and it turns out that none of those houseguests are actually any of the people that will be participating in the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother edition. It was a shock to us. The good news is the real cast actually looks a whole lot better than any of these fake leaked houseguests. As promised, CBS and the Big Brother producers finally revealed who will officially be participating on the first ever Celebrity Big Brother edition when it finally debuts on Wednesday night, February 7, 2018 at approximately 7 pm central standard time. They revealed it during the huge 2018 Grammy Awards tonight. There's a total of 11 houseguests to go over here. So, get comfortable. With no further ado, let's get right into this pretty ok sounding houseguest list. The first
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Whatever happened to The Last Dragon?

Craig Lines Feb 7, 2018

The Last Dragon was quite a different martial arts film. We dig into its story, and what happened...

When I was a kid in the local video library, I worked my way through as many martial arts films as I could, renting literally anything that had a bare-chested dude in a fighting stance on the cover. One film that fit the description, but stood out as being very different, was The Last Dragon.

As the brainchild of Berry Gordy, the mastermind behind Motown Records, it mixes martial arts, music, supernatural adventure, Bruceploitation, comedy and dance to surprisingly dazzling effect. The soundtrack is a showcase of what Motown Records was about in the mid-80s (arguably a second golden age for them), and its lead single – Rhythm Of The Night by DeBarge – should be familiar to anyone who knows their pop classics. But, far from being a flimsy
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Sundance 2018: 'Sorry to Bother You,' 'Tyrel' Rip on Race, Toxic Masculinity and Us

Sundance 2018: 'Sorry to Bother You,' 'Tyrel' Rip on Race, Toxic Masculinity and Us
Pick any random song by the Coup – we suggest "Fat Cats, Bigga Fish" from their 1994 album Genocide & Juice, or "My Favorite Mutiny" from 2006's Pick a Bigger Weapon – and you'll get complex anti-corporate screeds and much dropping of Chomsky-esque political science against layered, funky-as-fuck beats. An extended middle finger against the powers that hold people back is this Bay Area hip-hop collective's raison d'etre; not for nothing did they name a song "5 Million Ways to Kill a C.E.O." (We also highly recommend blasting that cut off 2001's incendiary Party Music as well.
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Avengers: Infinity War Gets an Amazing Retro Mashup Trailer!

I know a lot of you are excited about Avengers: Infinity War, so while we wait for it to be released, which seems like a lifetime away, we have a great retro mashup trailer for you to watch! It comes from Darth Blender and it features a mashup of footage from several classic superhero films that were made in the 80s and 90s. I'm sure you'll remember some of these if you were up to speed with what Marvel was doing during this era. Below the video, you'll find a list of all the films that were used and all the characters that the actors are meant to play.

I love that Chuck Norris in The Punisher! It also features Burt Reynolds as Iron Man, David Hasselhoff as Nick Fury, Jean-Claude Van Damme as Winter Soldier, Dennis Quaid as Star-Lord, Eddie Murphy as Falcon and more!

You are welcome to
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Celebrating 45 Years of King Boxer

Craig Lines Sep 6, 2017

45 years on, we revisit King Boxer, and find a genuinely great martial arts movie...

Asian martial arts are now deeply embedded in western pop culture, but this wasn’t always the case. In fact, it wasn’t really until the early 1970s that they made the transition into the mainstream, thanks in no small part to the release of a film called King Boxer. Of course, nothing occurs in a vacuum. By the late 1960s, martial arts were already being taught more widely in the west. Bruce Lee was making waves with his role in The Green Hornet (although his martial arts films, while huge in Hong Kong, were yet to break the Us market). James Bond had a ninja encounter in 1967’s You Only Live Twice. Kung Fu, the seminal ABC series starring David Carradine, hit TVs across America in 1972. The west was primed and ready
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HeyUGuys head to Pimpshuei to celebrate the release of New Battles Without Honour and Humanity: The Complete Trilogy on Blu-ray

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Author: Daniel Goodwin

Next week sees the long overdue release of Battle Royale director Kinji Fukasaku’s New Battles Without Honour and Humanity trilogy. Made in the mid-70s, Fukasaku’s sprawling crime saga is soon to be unveiled for the first time ever in the UK by Arrow Video, who have assembled Fukasaku’s three films into a sumptuously packaged Blu-ray box-set. The New Battles movies tell standalone tales of different Japanese Yakuza crime syndicates and the complex character/ business conflicts that occur within the clans.

Naturally (and thankfully) anarchic violence and bloodshed ensue amidst the criminal deliberations/ dialogue exchanges and while Fukasaku’s rugged, frenetic style festoons all three entries with exhilarating energy, they are coloured further by spirited camaraderie, anarchic gun battles and hand-cam captured car chases.

To celebrate the New Battles Blu-ray box set release, Arrow hosted a promo/screening event at Pimpshuei: a clandestine, East
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Joan Collins and Pauline Collins star in Trailer and Poster for The Time of Their Lives

  • HeyUGuys
Author: Zehra Phelan

In 2015, Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel stuck two fingers up at the film industry with the Paolo Sorrentino directed Youth. It proved to the whole industry just because you’ve reached a certain age doesn’t mean you’ve lost your talent or appeal to the movie going public. In fact over the last few years we have seen actors such as Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Robert De Niro all prove they are all digging their heels in and not going anywhere.

Now it’s time for the ladies to get in on the act with Golden Globe-winner Dame Joan Collins – who we last saw make an appearance in last year’s Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie – Oscar nominee Pauline Collins (The Last Dragon Slayer, Albert Nobbs) and Italian heartthrob Franco Nero (Django, Django Unchained) all starring in the upcoming feel-good comedy, The Time of Their Lives
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Mexico’s Digital Video Market Grows 39% in 2016

Mexico’s Digital Video Market Grows 39% in 2016
Mexico’s digital video market – including subscription (Svod) and transactional (Tvod) video on demand – grew an estimated 39% in 2016, establishing Mexico as Latin America’s second-biggest online video content distribution market, according to a recent report published in Ihs Technology’s Media & Technology Digest.

Total online video consumer level spending in Mexico last year came in at 3.5 billion pesos ($218 million), according to the study, Competition and New Ott VOD Strategies in Mexico, made by Ihs Markit analyst Laura Aguilera.

That figure pales before TV ad spend in Mexico. This was $2.9 billion in 2016, according to Jonathan Barnard, head of forecasting at Zenith.

But Mexico’s digital video sector still offers considerable growth potential as TV ad spend contracts. Growth is being driven by the launches of international (Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime) and new local digital video services (Blim, ClaroVideo), the latter carrying large amounts of local and Spanish-language content, said Ihs Markit’s Mathieu Yulzari, who
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Incredibly Cool Poster Art for Sequels to Popular Movies We May Never See

Close Encounters 2 by Rich Davies

I've got a great collection of poster art inspired by sequels to popular films that we'll probably never see. This art is part of an art show being hosted by the Los Angeles art gallery iam8bit and it's called Sequel 2.

The gallery opens on November 30th, both online and at the gallery. You'll be able to see the collection of art here. You can see some samples of what will be on display below. Each poster features an artist's interpretation of what a sequel to a particular film could be.

Some of the films included in the art below include Close Encounters of the Third Kind 2, Speed Racer 2, E.T.: The Return, The Power of the Dark Crystal, Being Jeff Goldblum, Who Shot Roger Rabbit, Son of Scissorhands, Furiosa, and Egg Shen and the 6 Demon Bag.

Son of Scissorhands by Mark Borgions

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Holliday Grainger to Star in J.K. Rowling’s ‘Cormoran Strike’ TV Series (Exclusive)

Holliday Grainger to Star in J.K. Rowling’s ‘Cormoran Strike’ TV Series (Exclusive)
British actress Holliday Grainger has been cast as Robin Ellacott opposite Tom Burke, who plays Cormoran Strike, in the BBC’s “The Strike Series,” which is based on J.K. Rowling’s bestselling crime novels written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

The series comprises “The Cuckoo’s Calling,” with three hour-long episodes, “The Silkworm,” with two hour-long episodes, and “Career of Evil,” also with two hour-long episodes. The series is set to begin shooting in November across London.

Grainger, who most recently starred in BBC’s “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” as Lady Constance Chatterley, will play Robin, assistant to Strike, a private detective operating out of a tiny office in London’s Denmark Street. Though she begins as a temporary secretary, managing Strike’s chaotic life, she soon becomes involved with his caseload and begins to see her true potential.

Grainger’s credits include feature films “Cinderella,” “Anna Karenina” and the much-anticipated “Tulip Fever.” Her
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J.K. Rowling, BBC’s ‘Cormoran Strike’ Series Casts Lead Tom Burke (Exclusive)

J.K. Rowling, BBC’s ‘Cormoran Strike’ Series Casts Lead Tom Burke (Exclusive)
British actor Tom Burke has been cast to star in the “Cormoran Strike” crime-drama TV series for the BBC, based on novels written by Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

The series, set to air on flagship channel BBC One, consists of three-parter “The Cuckoo’s Calling,” two-parter “The Silkworm” and two-parter “Career of Evil.” Each episode will last an hour. They will be produced as three separate event dramas and are set to begin shooting this fall in London. Rowling’s company Brontë Film & TV is producing.

Burke, who most recently starred in BBC’s epic “War & Peace” as Fedor Dolokhov and in “The Musketeers” as Athos, will play Cormoran Strike, a war veteran-turned-private detective operating out of a tiny office in Central London. Though he’s wounded both physically and psychologically, Strike’s insight and background as a military police detective prove crucial in solving three complex cases that have confounded
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'Stranger Things': 8 Questions We Still Have

'Stranger Things': 8 Questions We Still Have
"The campaign was way too short."

"It was 10 hours!"

"But what about the lost knight? And the proud princess? And those weird little flowers in the cave?"

In its final minutes, Stranger Things comes full circle, and the irresistible Netflix nostalgia bath, salted with 1,500 pounds of 1980s sci-fi movie references, ends where it began: Four friends wrap up an all-day session of Dungeons & Dragons, eager for the next adventure. The conversation above is a cheeky meta-moment, like talking through a pitch session for a second season. Wasn't 10 (or, in this case,
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The Last Dragon – with Taimak in Person Thursday Night at The Tivoli

“Now, when I say, “Who’s da mastah?” you say, ‘Sho’nuff!'”

The Last Dragon screens this Thursday (May 26th) at the Tivoli (6350 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis, Mo) with star Taimak in attendance! The event begins at 5:30pm and will be hosted by We Are Movie Geeks own Tom Stockman

The Varsity theater on Delmar (which now houses Vintage Vinyl) is where I first saw the crazy cult classic The Last Dragon (aka Berry Gordy’S The Last Dragon) when it was new in 1985. It was a huge hit and played there for several weeks. If I could describe The Last Dragon to someone who has never seen it, I’d say that it’s the essence of the 80s – kind of a weird, trend-chasing mash-up of MTV videos, Kung-Fu flicks, overacting, and beautiful women. It was like a Cannon film made by a different studio (and a
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Exclusive Interview: Taimak Remembers The Last Dragon

Shock talks to martial arts star Taimak about his role in cult classic action flick The Last Dragon. (Okay…so it aint horror. But what horror and cult film fan doesn’t love The Last Dragon? – Ed) Every generation has its own touchstone, inspirational film, and The Last Dragon (1985) is such a film for thousands…

The post Exclusive Interview: Taimak Remembers The Last Dragon appeared first on Shock Till You Drop.
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William H. Macy Shows a Unique Talent on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

William H. Macy, star of the hit Showtime series Shameless has been in the acting game for a very long time. In fact, I’ll bet you didn’t know he had a part in the 1985 Harlem based Kung Fu movie “The Last Dragon.” So it’s evident that give Macy’s been on screen for over 30 years that he’s picked up a trick or two. So when he stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the host wanted to learn exactly how Macy is able to pull of one of his signature acting moves. In a segment called “Barely Restrained

William H. Macy Shows a Unique Talent on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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National Tour of 'The Last Dragon' Launching April 1st w/ Personal Appearances by Taimak

Pasadena based Incorgnito Publishing Press will present a national tour screening of the movie "The Last Dragon" with personal appearances by the movie's co-star Taimak. The tour will also include the launch of Taimak's autobiography, "Taimak, The Last Dragon" (movie rights maybe??). The tour kicks off in Seattle at the Seattle International Film Festival (Siff) on April 1st and will continue throughout 2016. Twenty cities are planned for the tour with Olympia (Wa), Washington (DC), Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Raleigh currently booked.  A complete listing of cities can be found...
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