The Last Dragon (1985) Poster

Julius Carry: Sho'nuff, The Shogun of Harlem



  • Sho'nuff : Am I the meanest?

    Sho'nuff 's Goons : Sho'nuff!

    Sho'nuff : Am I the prettiest?

    Sho'nuff 's Goons : Sho'nuff!

    Sho'nuff : Am I the baddest mofo low down around this town?

    Sho'nuff 's Goons : Sho'nuff!

    Sho'nuff : Well who am I?

    Sho'nuff 's Goons : Sho'nuff!

    Sho'nuff : Who am I?

    Sho'nuff 's Goons : Sho'nuff!

    Sho'nuff : I can't hear you...

    Sho'nuff 's Goons : Sho'nuff!

  • Sho'nuff : Well, well, well. If it ain't the serious, elusive Leroy Green. I've been waiting a long time for this, Leroy. I am sick of hearing these bullshit Superman stories about the - Wassah! - legendary Bruce Leroy catching bullets with his teeth. Catches bullets with his teeth? Nigga please.

    Leroy Green : The secret awaits eyes unclouded by ambition.

    Sho'nuff : WHAT?

    Leroy Green : Those who are bound by desire see only that which can be held in their hands.

    Sho'nuff : See, now it is mumbo jumbo like that, and skinny little lizards like you thinkin' they the last dragon that gives kung-fu a bad name. Get up, Leroy, I got somethin' real fo' yo' ass in these hands.

  • Sho'nuff : [to Leroy]  Kiss my Converse!

  • Sho'nuff : Alright, Leroy, who's the one and only master?

    Leroy Green : I am.

  • Sho'nuff : [Arcadian has just offered Sho'nuff a briefcase full of money to kill Leroy]  Keep your money. You just get that sucker to the designated place at the designated time, and I will gladly designate his ass... for dismemberment!

    Eddie Arcadian : Yeah! Hey! Well, whatever! Any way you want to do it. It'll certainly be my pleasure, Mr. Nuff.

  • Sho'nuff : The Shogun is back on the scene, and the Shogun is the master!

    Theater Patron : Why don't you sit down and shut up?

    Sho'nuff : What? Why don't I sit down and what?

    Theater Patron : I said why you don't you sit down and shut up?

    Sho'nuff : Why don't anybody who wants me to sit down and shut up come down here and make me? Why don't any fifty of you who wants me to sit down and shut up come down here just for the fun of it?

  • Sho'nuff : [to Leroy]  Now, when I say, "Who's da mastah?" you say, "Sho'nuff!"

  • Sho'nuff : [Twisting challenger's foot]  YOU'LL... NEVER... USE... THIS... FOOT... AGAIN!

    [bites challenger's ankle] 

  • Sho'nuff : Come on, Leroy. Teach me something.

  • Sho'nuff : Get him, girls! Maybe you can get a rise out of this limp wimp.

  • [Leroy apparently "defeated" Sho'nuff, but then... ] 

    Sho'nuff : Leroy!

    [Leroy turns to see that Sho'nuff disappeared. He searches around for him. Just then, a low ominous tone reveals that... ] 

    Sho'nuff : Yeah...

    [Sho'nuff is now pulsing with the power of "The Glow", albeit an evil one] 

    Sho'nuff : [sneers to Leroy]  Playtime's over, boy.

  • [a enraged and frustrated Sho'nuff lifts Leroy up from a barrel of water as he was drowning him to force Leroy to acknowledge him as "The Master"] 

    Sho'nuff : All right, Leroy. Who's the one-and-only Master?

    Leroy Green : [rejuvenated]  I am.

    Sho'nuff : [screaming]  AAAH!

    [Sho'nuff, furious at Leroy for the "wrong answer", attempts to give him a fatal blow, but the punch is blocked by Leroy, who now has "The Glow" of power for the good; Sho'nuff groans in pain] 

    Leroy Green : [glowing in gold]  I am.

    Sho'nuff : [Leroy grabs and starts crushing Sho'nuff's left knuckles as Eddie watches in total shock; groaning in pain]  What the... oh, shit... oh, goddamn!

    [Leroy laughs as Sho'nuff's power is severely drained] 

    Sho'nuff : Let me go, motherfucker! Let me go!

    [Sho'nuff finally releases himself from Leroy, who now uses "The Glow" to spin around his arms as he readies himself to take Sho'nuff on] 

    Eddie Arcadian : [shocked]  Holy shit!

  • Sho'nuff : I'm gonna get you, Leroy, because I am the Shogun! I will not rest until everybody knows the Shogun is the master!

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