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Not a great movie, but a very charming and likable one.
Li-11 June 2003
Rating: ** 1/2 out of ****

I happened to come across Just one of the Guys on TV the other day, and with absolutely nothing else to do that day, I decided, what the heck, why not just give this 80's teen sex farce a shot. At any rate, it was bound to be better than Porky's and I might even get a few cheap laughs in the process. To my surprise, Just One of the Guys turned out to be one of the better teen comedies I've seen in a while, thanks in no small part to Joyce Hyser.

The premise is gimmicky. Basically, hottie teen Terry (Joyce Hyser) decides to dress up like a guy in order to prove she could get her previously rejected article published if she were a man. Well, she ends up befriending a loner named Rick (the underrated Clayton Rohner, who was so funny in April Fool's Day), but does so while in drag. She thinks it's up to her to help him out by getting him a date for the prom, but whatta you know, she starts to fall for him and the rest can't be hard to guess from there.

Okay, I realize I just made this movie sound pretty bad, but if you actually give it a shot, you might find it rather enjoyable. Surprisingly enough, there's not that much nudity to speak of (mostly male, though, thankfully, Hyser does give us a quick shot of her breasts) and the humor isn't half as smutty as I'd expected. Rather, the humor we're given is Terry's balancing act between her "old" self and this new identity she's created. Not all of the jokes work, but there are plenty of inspired moments that keep the momentum going. Take, for instance, the girl (Sherilyn Fenn) who has a crush on Terry; what could have been a set-up for a cruel and tasteless gross-out is given a little weight, and the way this subplot is resolved is satisfying and actually even a little sweet.

The film prefers to use its premise not for gross-out gags, but to build a cute love story, and yeah, it does a pretty good job at that. Hyser and Rohner have appealing chemistry, though it's Hyser who gets the lion's share of the work. Having to balance between playing a very pretty girl and a convincing male teen isn't easy, but she pulls it off with flying colors.

Obviously, the film is going to end with Rick discovering Terry's real identity. That scene is handled rather well, but I found the epilogue a little too abrupt to be entirely satisfying. I found myself caring a lot about these characters; would have been nice to know where they ended up from there.

But enough with the quibbles. Sure, Just One of the Guys isn't a great movie, not by a long shot, but it takes the time to make us care about the characters and their dilemmas, and while the lack of potty humor might not make it as gut-bustingly hilarious (if potty humor is your preference, that is) as some of today's offerings, the fact that the movie touched me made it superior to just about any other teen comedy I've seen in a long time.
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One of my favs of the '80s
timmauk9 January 2001
I got this movie at a rental store in 1985. It had already been out and I guess didn't do well so it went straight to video. We asked the guy at the counter what was a good movie to see. He recommended this one. Good choice. I must have seen it about 25 times now.

It's a cute movie about a girl who thinks she's a hot shot school reporter but she gets shot down during a school contest. Winner of the contest gets to work at a real paper during the summer. So she gets in drag(?) as a boy and goes to another school to resubmit it there. Still doesn't get accepted. So the teacher tells her to think of another story with an interesting angle. This is how she turns her future experences as a boy at that new school into "I was a teenage boy for eight weeks"!

This has old stars and new ones in it. Old being Leigh McCloskey from "Dallas" (as the boyfriend) and Toni Hudson of "Cross Creek" and "Places In the Heart" (as the girlfriend). The new stars are Arye Gross from TV's "Ellen" (as one of the geeks), William Zabka of the "Karate Kid" (as the bully), and Sherilyn Fenn of Twin Peaks (as girl who wants the new kid).

Clayton Ruhner is very good in his second ever role. Joyce Hyser is cute and funny as the girl/boy. Though her character is a bit stuckup, she changes her view in at the end. After all, beauty has fallen for the beast, er.. I mean geek. The rest of the cast is good and together makes this movie fun to watch.

Special mention to Billy Jayne as the horny brother who is so desperate to have sex he will try anything to get it. If you get a chance to see it unedited, do it and I know that you will enjoy this cute look at '80s teenage life. Though I don't remember school being like this.
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"ALL balls itch - it's a fact!"
FeverDog27 March 2003
For some reason that line has stuck with me all these years. Maybe that's because I was watching the movie with my mom when she asked me if that was true...

Anyway, I loved JUST ONE OF THE GUYS, and still think of it fondly. It's a funny teen movie that doesn't rely on vulgarity for its humor, and I also remember how refreshingly non-homophobic the Rick Morehouse character acted when he thought his new "male" friend was developing a crush on him (1985's teen movies were strangely queer-friendly, as evidenced here, in A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2 and ST. ELMO'S FIRE, and with Stephen Geoffreys starring in FRIGHT NIGHT and FRATERNITY VACATION). Isn't that odd considering that, in the supposedly more tolerant times of today, there are teen movies like SORORITY BOYS that are more homophobic than those made during the Reagan years?

And then there's William Zabka, whose character in JUST ONE OF THE GUYS is one of a trio of supercilious cads he played in the '80's. Some enterprising Gen-X DVD producer should release a box set with this movie, THE KARATE KID and BACK TO SCHOOL; I know I'd buy it to revel in the Legend of Zabka.
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The Battle of the Sexes Takes an Interesting Turn
vertigo_1430 May 2004
Just One of the Guys is classic 80s b-teen comedy. Even though it is utterly dated, it is still a great comedy with a good story, good performances, and a good soundtrack.

Joyce Hyser is Terry, an aspiring journalist who wants very desperately to get a summer internship at the local newspaper office. Except, her article on the school cafateria's food selection, wasn't selected for submission. Even though her teacher tries to explain that her writing skills are good, it was just boring content, she is convinced her article being refused has something to do with her gender. She embarks on a misguided attempt to engage in a battle of the sexes in that "anything you can do, I can do better" kind of way.

So, with her parents out of town and a neighboring high school not seeming to require any registration information (or her present high school asking any information regarding her two week absent during her experiment), she easily poses as Terrence, a guy who will write an article and submit it and prove that there is preferential treatment being practiced in the contest.

But, as Terrence, her experiences in the experiment soon become the subject of her article.

First, are the obviously difficulties of a girl posing as a guy at a high school, and the most obvious examples come from the scenes of Terry in gym class. She has to figure out how to change in the lockeroom without other guys finding out. She has to find ways of getting out of gym class and the possibility of playing "shirts" vs "skins" games. And so forth.

Second, she starts falling in love with Rick (Clayton Rohner), a cute quiet guy who she tries to help get a date and fix up his appearance and personality. This leads to problems when girls, convinced that Terry is really a guy, start falling for her. Particularly, the nymphomaniac, Sandy, played by Sherylin Fenn. It also leads to some moments where Terry risks exposing her identity in the few times she wants to lean over and kiss him.

Third, Terry starts to have problems with her jerky boyfriend who just wants to fool around everytime he comes over and only feigning interest in Terry's current social and academic problems.

And fourth, both Terry and Rick face their share of confrontations with a food-tossing bully named Greg (Billy Zabka).

80s teen movie fans are sure to enjoy this movie. Unfortunately, it is not one that seems to have gotten enough recognition this days, at least when compared to movies like Better Off Dead, The Sure Thing, the John Hughes movies, and others which have been revived recently. Despite a few shortfalls (Joyce Hyser's whining in the beginning), this movie is just as entertaining as those. Plus, that gorgeous Bobby Jacoby as Terry's oversexed younger brother, Buddy; 80s teen favorite Billy Zabka as Greg; and soft-spoken Clayton Rhoner as Rick, all give great performances. I highly recommend it for teenagers and fans of the 80s teen genre.
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Fun & Funny Time Capsule
sharon-1727 January 2004
This is a charming little movie that never fails to make me laugh out loud no matter how many times I've seen it. Terrific acting by the entire cast. Why none of them became big stars is a mystery to me. The fashions, hairstyles and language are a 1985 time capsule.

I suggest you see it for yourself, but not on commercial television, because they edit out all the good jokes!
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More Obscure, But One of My Favorites
evanston_dad11 April 2008
This is one of the lower-tier teen comedies from the 1980s, and it's not as well known as movies like "Sixteen Candles," "Pretty in Pink" or other films about high-school angst, but it's one of my favorites.

Terry Griffith, aspiring journalist, gets an early taste of sexism when an article she writes for an internship contest is passed over for an obviously inferior article written by boys, so she poses as Ralph Macchio and signs up at a rival high school, hoping to submit her article there and get it accepted. Things get complicated, as such things do, when she falls for a nerd who's actually kind of cool when you get to know him, and she becomes the target for the high school bully, played by William Zabka, who created a cottage industry out of playing the blonde jock high school bully in teen movies from the 80s, and who coincidentally also tormented Ralph Macchio in "The Karate Kid."

Terry doesn't know much about being a boy, but never fear -- her little brother, who names his penis Spike, does, and he teaches her all the basics, like how to scratch her balls.

Grade: A
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If loving Joyce Hyser is wrong, I don't wanna be right.
Son_of_Mansfield6 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
*Some mild spoilers, viewer discretion is advised*

I remember watching this on HBO seemingly every day of every summer of my teenage years. Joyce Hyser is flawless. I can't imagine anyone else playing the role of Terry. I think it's her voice and her sense of humor. She expresses a lot in her voice and has one of the best senses of humor that I have ever seen in a female. I talk about Joyce Hyser so much, because this may be the only movie that she has a lead in EVER. The movie, which may not fully do her justice, is made better whenever she is on screen. Also she actually passes for the opposite sex(sorry Mr. Curtis and Mr. Lemmon). Joining Joyce is a fine cast including Clayton Rohner(dork), William Zabka(villain,duh), Sherilyn Fenn(love interest), and Arye Gross(House II!, another dork). Terry's boyfriend and best friend do well in their roles, but don't deserve to be named for they are not quasi-famous to me. As for Billy Jayne, I go back forth in liking him and not. He accurately depicts someone obsessed with sex. If you have any interest in the above actors, I don't think you will be disappointed. There is nothing visually stunning. The script is o.k., Buddy gets the best lines. The soundtrack is pure eighties which is always an adventure. All in all, a pleasant distraction with good actors that makes today's teen movies seem dull which of course isn't hard. And one of my favorite topless scenes which is actually essential to the plot in my opinion.

**Rick: Where do you get off having t**s! Terry: Sorry.**
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gender bender
willrams13 April 2003
This amusing 1985 gender bender is a reminder of Victor/Victoria, but only as a comedy not a musical. Terry played by Joyce Hyser, believes her teachers don't take her very serious because she's a pretty girl. She fails to win a journalism contest and decides to switch schools - and gender. She does make a very handsome guy, and plays her role so well and is accepted as one of the guys. She can be very tough also. Even the guy Rick, played by Clayton Rohner, is fooled by her. It's not until the last reel that he realizes that she loves him.

I had never seen this before until today on The Comedy Channel, and although I did not know any of the stars, it's such an amusing tale of high school graduates, that it held my interest. Good for some laughs!
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vastly underrated screenplay
dave424818513 March 2003
This is a movie which concentrates more on getting laughs than getting preachy. When it does get preachy, it tells both sides of the story (although some male characters are annoying sterotypes.) It also contains two of the all time classic lines in movie history. While Denise enjoys herself at Terri's prom, she rejoices, "I'm having such a good time, no one here knows I used to be fat." When Buddy is told by an attractive female classmate that he's a nice guy, Buddy retorts, "Not a nice guy, that's the kiss of death."
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Great 1980s High School Flick
hobbesf1427 February 2003
Great comedy 1980s High School movie. (OK, it won't win an Oscar - often a good thing.)It is funniest for guys, I think. Billy Jacoby steals the movie as a hyper-horny adolescent schoolboy. He has too many hilarious scenes and good lines to go into. Don't miss it if you like 1980s (any era?) high school comedies from a guy's perspective. The star, Joyce Hyser is also a bonus treat.
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sweet fun comedy
triple816 November 2003
I really enjoyed this when I saw it and would highly recomend. Very good,sweet welldone comedy that could have been cheezy but isn't. It's not heavy at all, just a sweet teen comedy that's better then alot of them because it's actually funny and very sweet at the same time. Most of the reviews here seem to be positive as well.
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A slice of 80s life, but not a laugh riot
penelopedanger17 December 2004
The 1980s were full of role-reversal comedies where black became white, father became son, rich became poor, old became young, male became female. "Just One Of The Guys" expands on the latter theme, suggesting the best way to battle rampant sex discrimination is to switch sides. "Valley Girl" and "Spinal Tap" veteran Joyce Hyser was already pushing 30 when she starred as teenager "Terry/Terri," whose rapturous beauty made her a reject in the beauty-hating world of high school journalism, but somehow didn't keep her from passing as a guy who looks eerily like Ralph Macchio.

The expected "Three's Company"-esquire comic misunderstandings arise, where "Terry" has to hide being in love with "his" new best friend Rick, but must also constantly avoid boy-crazy stalker Sherilyn Fenn. The film takes such tortured pains to avoid the merest hint of homosexuality that the results are sometimes a little painful to watch.

The film has funny moments, though, and through its extensive location shooting at Coronado and Scottsdale High Schools in Scottsdale, Arizona, it perhaps inadvertently captures a genuine slice of teenage life, 1985-style. (Not that at age 16 I was an uncredited extra in this movie or anything like that.)

For sheer 80s teen movie nostalgia, give "Just One Of The Guys" a chance, if you come across it on TV. It's not Shakespeare, but it's better than watching C. Thomas Howell as a black man.
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Yentyl on crack
JZvezda6 March 2003
I have seen this movie more times than I've seen my own elbows.

Gifted thespian Joyce Hyser plays "Terri" (note cool yuppie spelling). Terri is a hot babe, the height of teen fashion, and an aspiring journalist. She's got her meticulously-lined eyes set on an internship with the city newspaper. To try and earn it, she submits an essay on the nutrient content of high-school lunches. Her english teacher is not impressed. He thinks her writing sucks wet pantyhose. Apparently the sodium-level of tater-tots is a topic that fails to move him. What a stick!

Rather than face the reality that her writing bites old dusty cardboard, Terri convinces herself that the essay has been pooped on simply because she does not have a penis. How could anyone *not* be excited by tater-tots? It HAS to be sexism! Having arrived at this highly logical conclusion, Terri does what any rational and self-reliant teen would do in this predicament:

Dress up as a boy, enroll in the rival school, and enter the essay as a guy. But of course, silly!

As a dude, she is sure to be taken seriously. As seriously as one can be taken while wearing black skinny ties and 10 rolls of duct-tape.

Terri lops off her heavy-metal-mama hair, rummages through her brother's closet, and a few crotch-grabbing lessons later...viola! A boy!

I'm not even gonna' front --this movie gives me the warm fuzzies. Joyce Hyser make most funny faces. Me laugh lots. She should have been a huge star, or at the very least been given her own bad FOX sitcom. I love this movie and I don't care how uncool that makes me. I'm going to go watch it for the 367th time...I can never get enough of girls in drag and guys with painted-on Wranglers.
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Who said the beautiful girls are not smart enough!
Reno-Rangan14 November 2016
I always like the 80s films, because that's the time the teen films were revolutionised. I did not know this film's existence, also not knew 'She's the Man' was its remake. Very enjoyable comedy flick. It was not a flawless film, but they were minimised. This is the story of Terry, a senior high school girl who after failed to get her desired summer job at a local press, she decides to reapply for the internship disguised as a boy with the help of her little brother. The rest follows what she's going to achieve from her new getup.

I really don't know any of these actors, but I liked them all, especially the lead actress. As I have seen many similar films, I don't think it failed to get my attention. So 80s, I mean very impressive like usual with slow and steady narration. You should not compare it to the present teen films. It was not just a different era film, but smartly highlighted the trend among the high school kids of the 80s. Particularly like the relationship and sexually perspectives, though not that strong contents.

I don't think everybody would like it, especially the todays youngsters, but surely the 80s and the 90s guys would enjoy it. I was not even born when it came out, though I feel my generation was very close to it than the present. If you have not seen many films like this theme, you should try it, but watch out for the slow story progression. That's the only thing that might disappoint the viewers, but if you are okay with that, then it is a better film than you would have anticipated.

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This isn't Tootsie
Realrockerhalloween12 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
May contain spoilers

A feel good comedy about a girl named Terri who feels as though no one takes her seriously as a journalist because she's a woman and beautiful.

It came out during a time of female empowerment when woman wanted to persuade high paying jobs instead of home economics. Does it feel dated? Some of the dialogue and costumes does feel like the eighties. But the theme is timeless, being explored in other mediums through the years, and it makes it special for being first.

You can really emphasis with Terri As she walks in another's shoes and sees what being a teenage got is like.

Her brother Buddy is a typical horny teen who helps his big sis not only with her transformation but get the boy of her dreams. This adds so much depth to an otherwise shallow character.

This movie is great on so many levels that it would take a whole novel to explain its a appeal. Check out one of the guys.
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Just think of this as "Legally Brunette".
lizziebeth-112 August 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Just One of the Guys(1985) starts out very much like The Sure Thing(also 1985), but is really the intellectual equal and emotional superior of Legally Blonde(2001).

Terry Griffiths(Joyce Hyser), is from an utterly realistic -if slightly dysfunctional-well-to-do Cali family. Since their parents are on vacation, Terry and her uproariously horny 15-yr-old brother Buddy(Billy Jacoby) have the house all to themselves. While Buddy hopes their two-week "vacation" will give him plenty of opportunities to get laid at home, Terry is only concerned with her future career as a journalist. Although her boyfriend Kevin(Leigh McCloskey) is also only interested in the resort-like possibilities of Terry's sans-parents domicile, Terry herself is crushed when her submission for an internship at the local newspaper is rejected by her teacher. It seems that her work is just not taken seriously because all the men around her, including her sexist male teachers(!) see her only as eye candy (it is this theme that matches, or betters, Legally Blonde for some honest feminist values.)

So, with the aid of her disbelieving and sarcastic brother, Terry hatches a plan to assume an identity as a boy and resubmit the same essay at another school. Satisfyingly, we see that her work was rejected for the right reasons, allowing the plot to move on to show us "how the other half lives", with hilarious results.

Without a doubt, Billy Jacoby walks away with this picture (steals every scene) as Buddy. It's a tough ask to make a horny teen seem actually adorable, but Dennis Feldman & Jeff Franklin's screenplay pulls off just that.

"What are the odds of this being a homeless nymphomaniac?" muses Buddy when their doorbell rings. He also doesn't mind making a scene in public: "The clock is ticking; I have to get jamming! ...Don't get me wrong, I've had lots of sex. It's just that now I'd like to try it with a partner", he blithers.

Of course, the only reason this is still cute is because even the most unsuspecting girls are quite capable of fending him off. He even lets young Linda(Stacy Blythe) get up and leave once she catches on that the "algebra" was just Buddy's ruse. His really hilarious dusting attempts before she arrived were basically a cheap Vegas act! But in an impressive show of brotherly protectiveness, he despises his sister's "Mr Wonderful" boyfriend.

"What a waste of a sports car", he drones as he finally opens the front door and checks out Kevin's ride. "What took you so long?" demands the boyfriend. "I knew it was you" comes Buddy's quick retort.

In the scene where he's trying to both "molest" Linda while also tolerating Kevin's demands to know where Terry is (he/she's out on a double date as "research"), Buddy offers the considerably older boyfriend $5 to go see a movie. This has become my "secret" favourite scene in this flick.

He pursues the bribe: "OK, if I give you 10 bucks, would you go wait in your car?", but Kevin just won't leave. So Buddy invents a semi-plausible reason for his sister's absence: he claims she ran away to a cult she saw on 60_Mins. Much later, when Kevin barges in looking for Terry again, Buddy claims "it's that darn cult again, they have her brainwashed....wanna split her records?". Hahaha, Buddy's just such a classic smartass.

Of course, all is not well with Terry and Mr Wonderful. Terry has sworn her brother to secrecy about her new identity at the other school, because amongst other things AS A BOY, she has to tough it out in the boys' locker room, handing out towels to the naked boys. She is very, very good as she deliberately tries to keep her eye at face level with all the boys except two. One of them is a boy she loathes, Greg Toland (played by the ubiquitous 1980s bully, William Zabka), while the other is a boy she likes, Rick Moorehouse (OH -urgh, Clayton Rohner, in a terrible rendition of a supposed James Brown fan).

The other supporting actors are mostly pretty good. Denise(Toni Hudson), Terry's best friend and the only other person in on her secret, turns in a familiar, sisterly performance. The politics between the two girls are just right. As Denise agrees to become Terry's date for the prom, she admits, "Look how low I've sunk! And you know, the truth is, you're the best date I've had in weeks". We're sure she's quite correct, because this flick is replete with teen weirdos, all boys.

One is Harold "Reptile" Sherpico(Stuart Charno), who's completely asocial towards humans but sweet to reptiles; while Willie(Arye Gross) and Phil(Robert Fieldsteel) are a pair of overripe underachievers pretending to be aliens. Their portrayals are too knowing, and so a bit off-kilter. Oh, the prom band sucks big time '80s. Brrrr.

And now I have to explain why I think Clayton Rohner is so unlikable in this: he is far too swaggering, with an unexplainable air of self-satisfied sleaze for a nerd (sign of a really bad actor). He also has no soul for a supposed James Brown fan. In other words, he's a complete fake. Worse, Rohner's throwback macho look follows him onto every movie he's made since, including his casting as an appropriately sleazy husband in Where's Marlowe(1999). He really seems to actually be the swaggering jerk for real that Zabka only acts. So I found it distressing that the otherwise clever Terry buys Rohner's awful act.

Sigh. The fault is not in the writing: had they cast someone more honest and less sleazy as Rick, Terry's character might conceivably like him more than her patently still interested boyfriend. Thank goodness Buddy's around to rescue our spirits.

All in all a much more honest, not so over-developed (ie believable!) and more economical lesson than Legally Blonde.
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Victor/Victoria meets the 80's with fantabulous results!
saavy773 October 2003
Oh my gosh, this movie is probably in my top 10 movies of all time. Greatest and most amusing 80's movie there is. I have seen this movie at least 1000 times and I never get bored. Joyce Hyser totally rocks as Terri and Billy Jacoby is equally as brilliant. The best thing about this flick is that the cast if full of funny, talented and unfamous faces, much more interesting than seeing the brat pack.

The thrill of my life is when I run into some of the actors from this film, which does happen (living in Hollywood) they always look scared when I start reciting their lines for them. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone with a sense of humor, it has everything a good eighties movie should have...locker room scenes, fake drunkedness, leather mini skirts, a prom and the obligatory boob shot. JUST ONE OF THE GUYS ROCKS!
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A Good Example of 80's Comedy
Uriah437 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"Terry Griffith" (Joyse Hyser) is a popular senior in high school who wants very much to be a journalist for a newspaper after she graduates. Unfortunately, when her paper for a local newspaper journalism prize is rejected, and she is slighted because she is essentially too attractive, she decides to secretly enroll in a rival high school and compete for the journalism contest there--as a guy. But what she doesn't count on is the unexpected turmoil her decision creates by leading two totally different lives. Now rather than reveal any more of this movie and risk spoiling it for those who haven't seen it I will just say that this film was simply hilarious. Along with that it doesn't take much to see that both Joyse Hyser and Bill Jayne (as her younger brother "Buddy Griffith") were clearly having a good time playing their parts which made the movie even more enjoyable. Likewise the performance of William Zabka (as the high school bully named "Greg Tolan") and the addition of such attractive actresses like Toni Hudson ("Denise"), Sherilynn Fenn ("Sandy") along with the aforementioned Joyse Hyser certainly didn't hurt either. In short, this is a good example of 80's comedy and I recommend it to all those who might be interested in something of this nature. Above average.
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Just One Of The Guys reincarnated 21 years later as She's The Man
darciemirandadom7 January 2007
This in my opinion may be the most underrated of all the 80's teen movies, also one of the best. It has comedy, drama, and romance all in one movie. The best thing about this movie is its simple and easy to relate too. At one time or an other all of us have come across the bully, the friend we consult with, the guy/girl we really like that we are good "friends" with, but for circumstances don't express are true feelings. Just an awesome movie that everyone should see. Let's fast forward 21 years to She's the Man. When I first heard this movie was coming out and would be a "remake" of Just One Of The Guys, I said oh no they will destroy this movie, and ruin the original idea behind the original film. Well I couldn't have been anymore wrong. She's The Man is just as good and enjoyable as the original one- with a modern update. This time the man character being a soccer player vs a newspaper writer. The movie is not an exact remake ,although it truly has all the charm and comedy of it predecessor. Both movies are are equally great.
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Steve-73321 November 1999
Acting and directing are awful.

Plot is stale and predictable.

If I had to find a positive ... the film's producer seems to have done a professional job.
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Just another 80's fun-fest
buzznzipp199517 March 2007
The eighties were notorious for great and goof-ball movies! This being a funnier story than a lot of others that I had seen, it's in league with "The Secret of My Success" "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" a lesser talented "Tootsie" but still very much a fun and wacky teenage tale of ' investigative mischief '. This is an Arizona filmed 'gem' movie. There are many shot in California and other places but, since I have lived here it's great to see familiar territory. Arizona is a great place to shoot certain films anyway. This being one of them.

I hadn't seen the lead female or Sherilyn Fenn before, much less Billy, and barely knew Clayton Rohner the love interest of our lead fem-reporter, 'Terry'. Despite any of this, who cares? They did a fairly wonderful job as teenage curious trouble makers and one aspiring for 'greatness' in reporting. This won't take home any awards but it will entertain most viewers. William Zabka was the only one that I truly was familiar with since "The Karate Kid " (1984) which of course hit big at the Box-Office!

With so many new comers in this, it is kind of cool to be in the story because it seems more real to me. I think, due to the fact that they are not famous-famous, yet. This wasn't a huge story line or amazing plot with twits and turns, it was an uncomplicated story of high school interaction and of those that are just starting to figure out a life path and begin the coming of age process.

This is fun and will be loved by some liked by others and not thought of still by some more. Any way you slice it though, it will come out amusing. The one little thing that I wish the director would have done is have the two 'alien' nerds from homeroom, standing on the curb as they all ride off (Teri and boyfriend & younger brother with biker-gal)and the mother ship 'arrives' and the two nerds look up, smile, a light shines down on them and both turn to glittering matter swirling upward to the ship and then head back into the cosmos.(**)
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Good fun
eckhouse2419 February 2004
Just One Of The Guys is one of those movies that got lost in the shuffle during the 1980's. It's about a pretty female student named Terry on the High School Newspaper who writes an article that isn't accepted by the editor. She believes that if the article would have been handed in by a boy that it would have been accepted. So, she does just that. She dresses up as a boy and attends a new High School to hand in the article. TO her surprise, it isn't admitted in. But of course, that is only where the story begins. Now Terry decides to stay at her new school as a Boy and write an article on that experience. Of course, Terry meets a guy, Rick, and turns him from geek to hunk in two weeks. She than begins to fall in love with him, but he of course doesn't realize that Terry is a she. This movie brings some funny scenes and is not to be taken seriously. It's another one of those Check Your Brain at the Door type of movie. Watch it, enjoy it, and than move on.....
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One of my favorite movies!
campblood135 August 2003
I can watch this once a day, everyday. Joyce Hyser makes the film so much fun. Jacoby gives a comic genius performance as the horny brother. Clayton Rohner is great as Rick Morehouse, the nerd turned stud. I love when Buddy is teaching Terry how to walk like a guy. We get the best line ever "All balls itch, it's a fact." 6/10 Good
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Underrated '80s teen comedy.
Car31613 December 2000
Just One of the Guys is an underrated '80s teen movie. The plot is fun and it takes every chance it gets to be funny. The funniest characters in this movie are the bully greg and Terry's brother Buddy. But other characters are funny too, like the two nerds and that guy with the reptiles. Overall a entertaining, funny and underrated '80s teen comedy. *** (out of four)
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A classic 1980's teen movie that really made me smile.
GQWho?28 December 1999
Designed for the teenage audiences of the 1980's, this movie, although somewhat predictable, is interesting and consuming. I found myself being affected by the plot advancement and concerned about the wellbeing of the characters. I found Joyce Hysen's acting to be enjoyable as the main character Terry, although she has since dropped out of sight. Leigh McCloskey does a decent job portraying the new guy in town who is struggling to fit in. As a treat Sherilyn Fenn plays Sandy, an attractive girl who falls for the gender- bending Terry, in one of her earlier roles. "Just One of the Guys" Proves itself to be one of the standout 1980's Teen flicks. I highly recommend it if you are looking for an enjoyable way to pass a rainy Sunday.
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