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Indescribable! Must be seen to be believed.
Cowman11 October 2002
I've read many, many lengthy, compelling reviews of HORROR HOUSE ON HIGHWAY FIVE. Every single one of them ripped this little straight-to-video obscurity to shreds. None of these reviews even hinted that the film could be considered at least slightly amusing, if even for camp value. It was because of this type of incessant, brutal criticism the movie has received by the few people who have actually seen it that I decided to seek it out and give it a go. When I finally saw it, I was stunned. No review, no plot summary, or no inane message-board-horror-freak banter could have prepared me for the experience.

HORROR HOUSE ON HIGHWAY FIVE has an approximate running time of 90 minutes, but to me, it was all a blur. I popped in the tape and was immediately bombarded with a barrage of surreal, incoherent images and eerily funny yet nonsensical lines of dialogue. For the first time in years, I was glued to my television set. There was really no plot per se, but rather a constant stream of cinematic insanity involving a man in a Nixon mask, two Nazi brothers, pot smoking hippies, dead cats, homemade explosives, dancing, chloroform hijinx, and a disturbingly unfitting, genre-defiant soundtrack.

Now, mind you, I am no stranger to the vast world of bizarre movies. I thoroughly enjoy flicks such as ERASERHEAD, SWEET MOVIE, BEGOTTEN, UN CHIEN ANDALOU, and EL TOPO. But for whatever reason, this movie affected me on a level that no other has, and I'm having a hard time pinpointing why. Perhaps it's because films like the ones I just listed knew exactly what they were doing. They were meant to be disturbing, bizarre, and confusing, thus making their weirdness easier to accept. But I'm not so sure HHOH5 even realizes just how strange it really is. I'm sure its intent was simply to spook and shock its viewers, but instead it comes across as some kind of completely accidental minimalist/surrealist/faux-arthouse pic. Imagine blending the works of Nick Zedd, Ed Wood, and Salvador Dali. Yes, it's just that weird.

So did I like this movie? I honestly don't know. For once in my life a movie has sent my emotions into a whirlwind, and trying to determine my feelings about it is nothing short of impossible. It's almost as if HHOH5 has caused some kind of chemical imbalance in my brain. I will say this, though: it was definitely entertaining, but don't know if I could ever prepare myself to endure its lunacy a second time.
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Bad Trip
CMRKeyboadist16 August 2006
It is hard to describe what my feeling on this movie is. To put it simply, this might be one of the most bizarre horror films of the 1980's. Were the makers of the film on drugs when they filmed and wrote the script? Did they even have a script at that? Was this all filmed in one night? Who knows? All I know is that as bad as this flick is it is hard to pull your face away from it.

I will try my hardest to sum up what the movie is about so bear with me. Basically, some college kids have to do some research on a Nazi named Bartholomew who was making some wild experiments many years ago. Supposedly he is dead and all that is left are his 2 grown children, who grew up to be Nazi's, also. Apparently, the experiments were being performed at a house off of highway 5 (where ever highway 5 is). One of the girl college students is kidnapped by the Nazi brothers and is brought to the house to perform a human sacrifice for some odd reason. The other college kids go to the house, get creeped out, and camp out somewhere else. While all this is going on we have a guy in a Richard Nixon mask played by a guy listed in the cast as Ronald Reagon running around killing everybody.

The incoherent storyline is only one of the many things that make this one of the most bizarre movies out there. Misplaced music ranging from trippy 60's music to an organ is what fills the movie up. The whole atmosphere of it all is down right weird and hypnotic. Of course, the acting is bad and the filming is even worse. But, I guess that is one of the things that gives this movie its charm. And what is the deal with having a guy in the cast go by the name of the Ronald Reagon?

I don't really have a lot to say about this movie. It is just one of those flicks that need to be seen to be believed. Check it out. 6/10
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Nixon on a rampage.....
brennan797 January 2008
This forgotten 80s slasher is truly one that has to be seen to be believed. Its got a killer in a Richard Nixon mask, a couple of Nazi brothers, a girl getting her chest ironed (!), invisible whipping weapons (think Phantasm but on a much lower budget), a teleporting disemboweled cat, brain-eating maggots, surf-rock music, and more! None of it makes any sense and by no means is it a good movie but its so bizarre you just cant take your eyes off it! Love the scene where a chick throws herself into a glass coffee table...to get away from the killer! The DVD is the quality of a VHS transfer but, in this case, it actually kinda helps the film by giving it the grainy picture effect that works well for a film of this "so bad it's almost good" caliber.
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Great film, with "The Dictators" soundtrack too!
pyromanticways6 August 2008
I don't understand why so many people didn't like this movie. That's probably because they're not into REAL horror films, or B-movies in general! I'm sure they'd hate Pink Flamingos too... The plot is not confusing, not less then Pulp Fiction's structure might be! I personally find this film brilliant, and the continuous changes of places/events just made it more interesting to watch. Every gross element is there to help the other side of the movie come out: a comedy! That's a creepy comedy!.. And all its oddities perfectly counterbalance fear and fun. The soundtrack is great and there are two songs of The Dictators in it: Those alone, give it a good rock n' roll injection that raise "Horror House on Highway Five" on a higher rank than many (boring) "standard" slahers I've seen! I won't spoil anything of the story, 'cause I've had a lot of fun discovering myself, piece by piece, how the different characters were going to meet in the end...

Highly recommended if you like stuff like "Criminally Insane", "Spookies", "Mosquito der Schänder", "Death Bed: The Bed That Eats"...
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...what...the...hell...was...that? ( o) (o )
EyeAskance2 April 2004
Um...wow. I don't think anything could have possibly prepared me for this one...it couldn't have been any weirder if the actors walked backwards and talked like Popeye.

A confounding amateur freak-out which sails straight through the roof of conventional exposition, HORROR HOUSE ON HIGHWAY FIVE involves two maniac brothers and their female captive, some kids stranded in the middle of nowhere with a broken-down van, and a vicious killer creeping about in a rubber Nixon mask. Additionally, the film get an injection of undefined supernatural hooey, with the matters at hand awkwardly italicized by inappropriate avant-gard musical sweeps.

When a movie turns out this strange, it becomes rather difficult to criticize. Regardless of your conclusive feelings toward HORROR HOUSE, there's no denying that it's an experience entirely unlike any other. When you consider lengths to which many recognized "great" directors have gone in hopes of achieving this very distinction, the oddly wavering characteristics of this film must be called into question.

...well...sort of.

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Totally bizarre 80s low budget slasher
udar5516 October 2012
Some college kids head out to the woods to do some research on the V-2 rocket developed by the Nazis during WWII and run afoul of a couple of cultists and a killer running around wearing a Richard Nixon mask, who may or may not be a resurrected Nazi. This is just such an odd film that I was transfixed by it. I can't tell if the film's quirkiness is intentional or a result of ineptitude (most likely a combination of both). Director Richard Casey will definitely confuse the viewer as one scene will be poorly staged and the next surprisingly clever (the final shot from inside the van as it pulls away from the final girl on a highway is very well done). The soundtrack is filled with popular rock songs, which I'm sure they had absolutely no license to use. Some re-releases remove them entirely. Ronald Reagan gets credited as the killer Richard Nixon. Haha.
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Wild and wacky horror at its finest.
malenko28 December 1998
Take some college students, put them in a van, throw in a killer in a Richard Nixon mask and BANG! you've got an instant classic. The plot includes Nazis,rape,mysterious rooms, and that's about it. But this is what makes the film great, it's total ineptness at everything, from creating suspense to scaring the viewer. And the glue that holds the whole film together is the most whacked out, ludicrously insane soundtrack in movie history. If you don't want to watch the movie(which I could understand, but you'll miss out on some wonderful chase scenes involving President Nixon)just put the movie in your VCR, close your eyes and listen to the jarring sounds of Horror House On Highway Five. Also make sure not to miss one of the least satisfying and sensible endings in movie history.
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Why do I like this movie so much?!
WritnGuy-21 October 1999
I rented this with such skepticism. And you know, I thought it would be so cool. Really violent and terrifying. It would be disgustingly gory at times, and just somewhat above the bar horror yarn. What I got was something so totally different.

The movie starts with this woman in her home. Her husband goes out somewhere, telling her he'll be back. Pretty soon, he's a goner, and his killer takes a Nixon mask the guy used to scare his wife and puts it on. Then the wacko goes into the house to get the wife. The scene moves so damn slow, even though it is supposed to be scary. There is, like, no sound, the wife reacts to everything, like, five or ten seconds after it happens, and there's this really gross scene where she falls on this glass table and her whole wrist is shredded up and off. And there's, like, two drops of blood! Then the scene continues, and we all knows what happens next.

The movie moves on, and we find out about this wacko father and his two sons. Then enter these three college students getting to know about Highway Five. One of the girls--I can't remember why--meets the two brothers, who eventually invite her back to their apartment. It's all so very surreal. Eventually, that night, they kidnap her and take her to their house up on Highway Five.

The two others--a freaky pothead guy and some hippie-esque girl--head up to this abandoned lot on Highway Five in their van, to do something. Research, I suppose. I have faint memory. Cut to many scenes with the other girl, then nighttime. This movie is so weird and I won't tell you everything, but soon, the killers start killing everybody off until this long--and quite weird--chase scene with the hippie and Nixon. Then an ending that I have to admit, left me on the edge of my seat until the very unique and very cool ending.

I totally suggest checking this movie out. It has cult potential. I could watch this many times. It is so weird. If you find this, PLEASE see it. At first, you will hate it, then you will like it for how cheesy it is. If anything, you have never seen anything like this before.
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Bad, Oh so very Bad
hbendillo17 June 2004
I only hope my VCR can recover. Lets rate the individual parts shall we:

Acting - BAD Story Line - BAD Dialoge - BAD Cinematography - BAD Effects - BAD

Well, you get the picture. No, don't get the picture. This movie was surprisingly made in 1985. It looks more like an early 70's movie. You would hope at least their would be some gratuitous nudity or some gory killing. But no. The killing scenes are comical and the women remain annoyingly unexposed. The Nixon mask thing could have been more comical if the directors and producers had any clue but alas, they do not.
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NateF8825 January 2002
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** This film is very weird. It's a very strange story about a killer who is dressed up as Richard Nixon who terrorizes 5 collage kids doing an expirement for collage. The plot is very confusing. *LOTS OF SPOILERS AHEAD!* The beginning has a couple being murdered. The killer steals the Nixon mask a man scares his wife with, and then gets murdered by a killer. The killer steals the mask and kills the wife. Then the plot goes to these collage kids who are doing a project on a scientist Bartholemue, who dissapeared. The go into the woods where he was last found. What they find is two weird brothers (who kidnapped a woman and brought her there) and the same killer! Bartholemue, the German scientist was suspected of being a murderer, and the two brothers have some connection to the killer and Bartholemue. Could the killer be Bartholemue? Or someone else? Weird killings (theres some electric razor floating around in the Horror House or something) and a hanging ending abound. If you want to watch a low budget B-movie, rent this one if you can find it.
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As bizarre as Ziggy Stardust's strangest nightmares...
LuisitoJoaquinGonzalez24 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
To be labelled as the most bizarrely bewildering title of all slasher movies may not seem like much of a memorable claim. But when you consider the fact that the forerunner is up against such twisted beasts as Blood Harvest, Don't Open 'til Christmas, Pieces, Bloodbeat and the almost extra terrestrial A Day of Judgement, then you begin to realise how tough a challenge it really is. When it comes to leaving you dumbfounded and gasping at the screen - jaw dropped quicker than if you just received a shattering right hook from Mike Tyson – then Horror House on Highway Five has crossed the finish line while the others are still tying up their shoe-laces. A true, true masterpiece of brain-numbing confusion, Highway Five is about as anormalistic as any movie could ever possibly achieve to be inside this solar system.

Some of the strange images that will appear on your screen over the 90 minute runtime include: A homicidal maniac in a Richard Nixon mask that may well be a dead scientist and is played by an actor named Ronald Reagan (seriously!). Then there are the two demented kidnappers - one of them believing that his brain is being destroyed by parasites, while the other acts equally like the mushrooms that he ate with his fried breakfast were certainly those of the 'magic' variety. And how could I forget the gang of college half wits who have the intelligence of an autistic bullfrog on crack. Then there's the wacky soundtrack that includes everything from St Peppers-era Beatles style trip-rock to Dion and the Belmonts-type doo-wop?

A college class investigating the creation of the V2 rocket head out to a small town (brilliantly titled 'Little Town') where it was believed that the German scientist behind the invention spent his final days in America. Legend dictates that before his disappearance, Frederick Bartholomew became a murderous psychopath and began killing off the people that he worked with. One young student - Sally Smith - is given the task of interviewing two of the scientist's former associates, the crazed Dr. Mabuser and his stuttering sidekick Gary. Meanwhile a maniac dressed as Tricky Dicky is heading along Highway 5 bumping off anyone unfortunate enough to cross paths with him. Will the classmates escape the secluded town alive? Is that really Richard Nixon trying to murder his way back into the White House? All the answers lie behind the front door of the horror house on highway 5…

If anything, Richard Casey's debut certainly proves that there are some strange people inhabiting this planet and a fair majority of them were working on the set of this feature circa 1985. You'd think that at some point during the long months of pre and post production at least one member of the cast or crew would have said, "Hold on a second, isn't this all just a little far-fetched?" But no, it seems that the copious amounts of LSD that were handed out as inspirational materials throughout the writing of the screenplay were still in abundance during the shoot. There's really no other way to explain occurrences such as: The second victim throwing herself through a glass coffee table for *no* reason whatsoever, whilst the killer was hot on his heels behind her. It was only moments earlier that she had been pulling strange faces at herself in the mirror; - the kind of thing that you would do if you had been in swallowing LSD for the past twenty-four hours. It may also be the real truth behind Mike and Louise's cool attitude when they find a disembowelled cat mysteriously dumped in the back of their van. If you were hallucinating consistently, then you'd expect to see that kind of thing, surely? Oh and before I forget, Dr. Mabuser seems to believe that his brain is being munched by maggots – need I say more?!?

The dramatics are exactly what you've come to expect from zero budget slasher movies. You know, the kind of performances that make your children's high school play look like One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest part deux. There's one starlet that really gave new meaning to the word 'wooden' – she was that bad I reckon that she'd make the Rain Forest look like it was made of Lego. The highlight of her brief performance came as she was being murdered by the former president. With the enthusiasm of a dry roasted peanut she yelped, "Relax just try to put your mind at ease…" Yeah right! Don't expect to see her popping up in any other motion pictures any time soon.

This does at least try in many ways to add a little spice to the hack and slash cycle. Alongside the traditional masked maniac, there's at least three other nut jobs to keep you interested and there's even a hint at the supernatural that's never completely followed through. It's also worth noting that Richard Casey didn't go for that old slasher chestnut of having a cast full of pretty boys and page 3 girls to dismember. Instead most of the body count is pretty average in the looks department, except for maybe the final girl who was cute if not breathtakingly beautiful. Oh yeah and a word of advice to all T&A fans, there's nothing but dungarees and double knits going on here. You've more chance of seeing forbidden flesh on an episode of sesame street than you have anywhere in this fully wrapped splatter flick.

My conclusion is that Highway Five was either invaded by otherworldly beings on set, was intended as a spoof, or is simply a misunderstood masterpiece. One thing is for certain however, for all its nonsensical frolics and wayward attempts at terror, it sure makes a fine advertisement for watching the telly…
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Strange and disjointed.
HumanoidOfFlesh10 September 2010
Some students are making a scientific research regarding German rocket V2.Along the way,one of the female students named Sally is kidnapped by two brothers:older Dr.Marbuse and shy and his mentally unbalanced assistant Gary.The other kids run into the father of brothers,a maggot-infested Nazi sociopath who wears Richard Nixon mask and enjoys killing people."Horror House on Highway Five" has to be seen to be believed.It's utterly strange and disjointed slasher flick with several jaw-droppingly psychedelic moments of insanity.The plot doesn't make sense and the gore is minimal,but if you are a fan of "Boardinghouse" or "Death Bed:The Bed That Eats" you can't miss "Horror House on Highway Five".7 out of 10.
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"I am not a crook. Muahahahaha!!!"
Backlash00724 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers

When you've seen as many movies as I have, it's hard to pick one contender for "Worst Movie Ever." I always thought The Woodchipper Massacre held the title. I now think there's a new king in town. Horror House on Highway 5 could really be the worst movie ever. Let me try to explain what little plot it had. There's a Nazi doctor living in Littletown, USA who has a fetish for Richard Nixon and commits random acts of senseless violence whilst wearing a Tricky Dick mask. He has two sons who help him...I think. One son is a retard who falls in love with his victims. The other thinks he is a doctor and that wormy parasites are eating his brain. There is also a hammy teacher who sends his students to Littletown to research the mad doctor and his bottle rocket experiments. What the hell am I talking about? I'm really at a loss for words when reviewing this epic. There's one aspect that completely blows my mind. There are many scenes where characters are walking around in the dark and they hear a "whooshing" sound. The next thing that follows is the character dripping blood. I really have no idea what effect the filmmaker was trying to capture. Was the Nixon character throwing knives? Was Ulli Lommel's Boogeyman hanging around the set? I don't know. The effect obviously didn't work. And neither does the entire movie. Avoid like your life depended on it.
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I Want Some of What They're Having
doubls18 October 2007
Back in school they worked hard to convince us that recreational drug taking was bad, bad, bad for us. Not only would we suffer dire consequences at that time, but our children would also suffer hideous deformities because of our ruined DNA and we would forever be at risk of having a flashback at a most inopportune time. (Let this be a warning to you.)

I think this movie triggered my first flashback in 25 years.

The murderer in the Nixon mask? hahahahha The suicide on the glass table? hahahhahaha The Dimwit who kidnaps the wrong girl? And his choice of instrument for torture? hahahahhahahahhahahahhahaha

Don't expect greatness from this one, but don't think you are going to forget it tomorrow.

And isn't that what a movie is really all about?
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Horrendously Bad (But Fun)
nickyak21 September 2002
HHOH5 will cause any "Scream"-fan to shut the tape off in under three minutes. However, fans of horrible horrors will eat up the killer-in-a-Richard-Nixon mask thing, as well as plenty of priceless dialogue. You've been warned.
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Bizarre mess! Atrocious editing.
insomniac_rod15 October 2006
What a confusing, weird, Horror movie this is! The director was obviously on drugs but who can explain the editing mess? The editor was probably very high when working on the final print. I mean, there is no coherence between most events and it's like you are watching 5 different movies, in the style of "Crash" or "Amores Perros".

The sad truth is that this failure is considered as a Slasher movie with dramatic over tones. It tries to be like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" but with an 80's slasher feeling. It just doesn't works.

The acting is atrocious, not to mention the horrible direction that looks like an amateur flick. The only good thing about this one may be the soundtrack which is fairly good and fits with the movie's weirdness.

This movie is well known among B-fans as the movie where the killer uses a Richard Nixon mask.

Plase avoid this bizarre mess! It's just too bad to be bad.
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Was this disjointed mess meant to be some kind of spoof?
Woodyanders1 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Man, is this messed-up movie an unbearably dumb, lousy and often downright dreary piece of junk! A crazed, bloodthirsty trio kill and terrorize several luckless individuals around the titular area. The freaky threesome are actually a nice, happy dysfunctional family: a crackpot dad who likes to do the dirty murderous deed while wearing a rubbery Richard Nixon mask, a bumbling imbecile son, and another insane, sanguinary idiot male offspring with live maggots residing in his scrambled cranium (!).

A clumsily sincere attempt at a perversely humorous, darkly tongue-in-cheek backroads psycho picture parody, this film's extremely forced, spiritless, grinding-its-wheels-in-the-mud slack execution completely ruins its chances at being a reasonably on-target and effective send-up: Richard Casey's wan, idle direction, mostly flat acting from a generally insipid cast (only legendary gonzo rock critic Richard Meltzer manages to deliver a lively, up to par performance as a cranky, ill-fated drunken motorist), lethargic pacing, weak stabs at grotesque warped humor (e.g., one victim steps on a rake right after having his throat cut), and a plodding, disjointed narrative all prevent this potentially fun flick from ever kicking into high gear. However, both the fairly rollicking score by Keith Grady and Suzanne McDermott and the passably professional photography by David Golia and Bill Pope neatly rise above the pervasive mediocrity. If it had been done with more polish and vigor this wash-out could have made for an amusing and enjoyably quirky little horror black comedy, but since it's really bland and slapdash it instead qualifies as a very middling and forgettable cinematic dead end.
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A steaming nugget of crap
Necro Joe13 April 2003
What can I say? This is the absolute WORST movie EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER made. And that's a HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT! There is no plot, no acting, no direction, no anything! It's worse than "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" only it takes itself seriously! Now granted it is funny to see Richard Nixon killing people, the death scenes suck. I am also not surprised to see that EVERY actor/actress in this movie have this film as their only credit on the IMDb. Skip this trash unless you absolutely do not believe me. I will give it this: there is definitely nothing else remotely like it! And it had a cool tagline: "They were young and in love. He was crazy. She was dead." Funny stuff.
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I liked the first 7 minutes.
MrsMcC8 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I bought this DVD for three bucks because I'm a fan of low budget horror films, sadly I was a little disappointed. At least I didn't pay that much :)

BUT, I did like the first few minutes with the "housewive" being stalked in her own home by Richard Nixon and some of the FX were way better than I was expecting.

My second favorite scene involved a drunk couple who run into Richard Nixon on the deserted road, that was one hell of a funny scene!

The ending with the final girl bored me and I actually watched it while fast-forwarding.
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digrate9 January 2002
There are two ways you can watch this: alone, or with people. If you watch it alone, you are a)comatose b)about to . I know this phrase is used a lot, but now it's an understatement. THIS IS THE WORST MOVIE, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER. Everything from the opening credits listing the make-up and stunt people before the writer and not the director, to the final shot when Richard Nixon and Allan Ginsberg form an unlikely duo in a last-ditch attempt to completely ruin sense. The ultimate post-modernist statement: not only the complete deconstruction of logic and convention but also breaking every rule of satire surrealism, and overproduction. It is appealing on absolutely no level. If you watch it with people, you become punchdrunk immediately as you try to rationalize why a guy who was strangled is covered in blood and why a girl with her wrists gashed has only lost about a teaspoon. You (plural) will all laugh, not at the movie, but at how any attempt to understand ANY part of the movie hurts every part of your brain. It is post-to the seventh-degree-modernism, like nothing you ever have seen, or will see. It goes so far beyond any convention in any medium that it will likely take years to reproduce something so astounding. It is a must see, simply because I can't thing of any reason why this was made, or why anything in the future will be so... It transcends good and bad! Truly in a class of its own. SEE IT: THE WAY YOU THINK WILL BE FOREVER CHANGED!
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Pure weird.
doe-334918 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I have no idea how to explain this movie to you. There are moments that are pure ridiculousness. There are scenes filled with amateur hour acting and effects. And then there's an ending that is powerful and shocking. It's really a rough one to figure out. I loved it - but it's another in a long line of movies that I don't recommend to anyone but the people I know who will get it.

The old VHS box explains it like this: "A group of college students on holiday become prey for a killer and his two sadistic and demented sons. One son, an unlicensed doctor, is mentally unhinged by destructive brain parasites. The other son, a shy and lonely psychopath, falls in love with a dead girl. While the insane boys are blundering through their destructive rampage, the father stalks the night with random violence. Though he is shot, beaten, and run over by a car, the maniac cannot be defeated.

One by one the students enter the horror house, where they must face the malignant forces left behind by unnatural scientific experimentations. They are hunted down, tortured and eliminated until only one girl is left to fight for her life against the trio of murderers.

Directed by the notorious rock video maker, Richard Casey, Horror House on Highway 5 is filled with strange humor and wild action."

We go from a typical slasher murder right to a classroom, where he assigns three of his students to go to Littletown and investigate Bartholomew, a dead Nazi rocket scientist and make model rockets.

The most studious of the kids, Louise, goes to interview Dr. Mabuser, who is the one with bugs in his head. His brother (or partner) Gary falls in love with her, but they still use an iron to sear her breast in some Nazi black magic rite. While that's going on, Sally and Mike go to the quarry to smoke weed and make model rockets. And then there's the whole matter of the guy in the Richard Nixon mask who can't be killed (and who is listed as Ronald Reagan in the credits).

Obviously, no one paid for the music used in this film, as it has everything from "Rumble" by Link Wray to acid rock to violins to surf rock like The Safaris to The Dictators and The Count Five playing "Psychotic Reaction."

And then the ending! Seriously, the last two minutes of this film, where one of the victims thinks that she has escaped, feels like the movie that Rob Zombie has always wanted to make.
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Bizarrely awful
Leofwine_draca5 July 2016
HORROR HOUSE ON HIGHWAY FIVE has to be one of the most obscure and worst of '80s-era horror films, given that I'd never heard of it before I saw it available for viewing on Amazon Prime. Even now having watched it I still wish I'd never heard of it, because this is a shockingly poor, homemade movie with little talent involved and even less sense.

The film opens with the worst directed segment of the film in which a woman is menaced by a psycho in a Richard Nixon mask. Said woman is rather plain-looking to say the least and her lengthy shower scene rather difficult to sit through. The subsequent stalk and slash moments are laughably bad with some of the worst and most pretentious direction ever.

The plot becomes more involved at this point, with a students sent to investigate the man who invented the V2 rocket who is now supposedly living in America. They encounter his crazy sons, one of whom is a pervert and the other convinced that maggots are eating his brain, but soon enough all are menaced by the mask-wearing psycho. Oh, and things eventually culminate with a further plot twist, which I won't go into here.

Everything about HORROR HOUSE ON HIGHWAY FIVE is awful, from the quality of the acting to the written dialogue and the basic execution. There's no real gore or exploitation to speak of here, just one bizarre and nonsensical moment after another, and amateurish isn't the word. Inevitably this kind of bargain basement production breeds a special kind of fan who takes delight in watching and celebrating such trash - but I'm not one of them, I'm afraid!
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Awful but It's Certainly Different
Michael_Elliott4 October 2012
Horror House on Highway Five (1985)

1/2 (out of 4)

A bunch of teenagers (played by people in their 30s) are heading down the highway when they come under attack by a maniac wearing an oh-so-not-scary Richard Nixon mask. HORROR HOUSE ON HIGHWAY FIVE is a perfect example of someone throwing together an ultra cheap slasher to try and cash in on the craze that was sweeping horror fans during this period. I'm not sure how much of a theatrical release this thing got and I'm not sure if writer-director Richard Casey got his money back but I think fans of the bad might want to check this thing out. I say that because I've seen some incredibly bad slashers in my day but this here has to be one of the worst. I'm really not sure what the director was trying to do other than possibly make money but it's clear that it was amateur night in regards to pretty much everything. The screenplay really doesn't tell us anything and for 99% of the running time I had very little idea what was going on other than this nut killing people. Even the ending makes very little sense but I guess they were just trying to deliver some sort of final twist. I'm also not certain what's up with the editing but it's incredibly poor and once you see it you're certainly not going to forget it. Needless to say, the performances are all pretty bad as is the music score, special effects and the worthless death scenes. I'm also curious as to why they selected a Nixon mask because it's certainly not scary and you can't help but laugh whenever it's on screen. The entire movie is a big flat miss but if you enjoy bad movies then you might get a few laughs out of it. Sadly, the thing is way too slow and boring to enter the so bad it's good genre.
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Richard Nixon … What a Psycho!
Coventry5 July 2009
This movie clearly suffers from a syndrome that was quite common the world of 80's horror cinema; namely the identity crisis. Like so many other contemporary horror flicks, "Horror House on Highway Five" isn't exactly sure whether it wants to be a comedy/spoof movie or a full-blooded slasher picture. Obviously back then it was more interesting to make a spoof, since there already was an over-production of regular teen slashers, but efficient comedy and genuine horror are two incredibly difficult ingredients to mix into one scenario. Writer/director Richard Casey here in this case completely failed to put the two genres in the blender together and what came out is an embarrassing amateur horror production with retarded jokes and over-the-top clichéd situations that aren't the least bit funny or inventive; not even when you're in a slight state of drunk or stoned. A wannabe occultist intends to resurrect a mad German scientist named Bartholomew Steiner and kidnaps a female student working on a thesis about the same notorious historical figure. Meanwhile there's a maniac, disguised in a Richard Nixon face mask, prowling around the titular highway and terrorizing teenagers. I know it's a long shot, but if you fancy sheer lunacy and incoherence, you'll love "Horror House on Highway Five". Everything to make film insufferable and irritating is overly well-presented, like atrocious music, tripe acting performances and clumsy direction. It's boring beyond words and doesn't contain any worthwhile moments of bloodshed, neither. One to avoid at all costs. If you really want to see an 80's movie that combines horror and parody reasonably adequate, check out "Student Bodies".
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Bad By Any Name
artpf6 December 2013
As part of a project are sent to a place called Littletown to investigate and research a supposedly deceased German (and possible Nazi) ex-patriot rocket scientist, named Frederick Bartholomew who it seems was supposedly responsible for the V2 rocket before embarking on a murderous rampage slaying all who he worked with in his final days spent here in America.

In Honor of this achievement our project student group have got to make replicas of the rockets whilst at that location. A trio of this select members wind up stumbling across a pair of demented brothers, one, Mabuser is an unlicensed doctor, who's become mentally unhinged due to being convince destructive parasites have infested his brain, while his stuttering teenage brother Gary, is a shy and lonely psychopath with a thing for Tarot cards and concealed necrophiliac tendencies. All the while their father prowls the nights' lonely highways, dressed in one of his previous victims...as of all things Richard Nixon.

Starts with porno music and the worst title set you will ever see in a film. Next thing you know a hot girl in itty bitty shorts and nearly non-existent top is moving stuff around. Door opens and a sneaker appears....ugh false alarm. But she's too hot to kill just yet.

At least until the itty bitty pants come off.

The movie sucks. Too slow and not very compelling.
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