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Although the UK cuts were fully restored by the BBFC in 2004 following the certificate upgrade to a '12' some early issues of the DVD featured the cut version and a lack of commentary, despite the latter being listed on the menus. The 2nd issue DVD corrected this and the two can be identified by the following..... 1. If the DVD states 2.0 Surround in the Audio Box on the reverse of the sleeve then this is the cut version and the commentary does not work. 2. If the DVD states 5.1 in the Audio Box on the reverse of the sleeve then this is the uncut version with the working commentary.
To receive a PG certificate the UK cinema version was cut by 16 secs with edits to closeups of Jake's 'hanged' face and shots of him untying the noose, 2 uses of 'shit' (said by Chunk in the first 20 mins), and the replacing of subtitled uses of 'marijuana', 'cocaine and speed', 'heroin' and 'sexual torture devices' with less offensive words. Video versions featured the same print with an additional sound edit to remove one muffled use of 'fuck' (though the subtitles actually state the word as 'look'). The cuts were fully waived by the BBFC in 2004 and the certificate raised to a '12' though some early UK DVD releases mistakenly featured the cut version.
Following the scene on-board the Pirate Ship "The Inferno" after the Fratellis catch up to the boys and ask them to come outside, there is scene where Data uses a gadget called "intimidator" where his body inflates like a balloon, but it backfires and explodes. This is scene is not found in any DVD version, but pictures of it are shown in "The Goonies-Official Souvenir Magazine." This scene was later replaced in the final cut of the film with 2 other Data gadgets backfires: the boxing glove & sticky suction cup shot at Mama Fratelli gun, followed by the pinches of peril (chattering teeth) aimed at Francis.
In the 1988 ITV broadcast in the UK, the ending which One-Eyed Willy's ship "The Inferno" is seen sailing away into the sunset. The scene ends in a freeze frame and the caption "The End" appears on the center of the screen.
In the 1992 ITV broadcast of the film in the UK - The frightening scene which Andi screams when The Goonies discover the skeleton of Chester Copperpot was cut and it cuts from The Goonies approaching Chester Cooperpot's skeleton, when Mikey says "Look you guys, A lantern! Somebody must had been here before us" to Chunk crying when telling his life story to The Fratellis. In the 1985 ITV broadcast - the scene was uncut.
In the 1985 ITV broadcast of The Goonies - The scene where Chunk witnesses the Fratelli car chase was edited. Chunk saying the S word was cut and it cut from Chunk's milkshake splattering on his face to the next scene.
The Spanish Castilian version changed the character of Rosalita to Rosana, changing her from Spanish to Italian, that changed also "Mouth" jokes and also make One-Eyed Willie's Map all in Italian. Sadly that created a "Character error" on Mouth because the Fratelli Family spoke in Italian and he doesn't understand them.
In the 1988 ITV broadcast of the film, the scene which Chunk meets Sloth was edited. Sloth growling at Chuck was removed because it was felt that it frighten small children watching the film and it cuts from Chunk saying "Hi! sir! My name is Laurence." to Sloth giggling and bouncing in his chair.
The mid-2000's AMC broadcasts in the US slowed down the film's audio pitch and speed at 4%. However, current AMC broadcasts retains its original audio pitch and speed.
The USA TV version deletes almost 20 minutes of footage, but adds one short scene of Sloth and Chunk coming upon the hole in the floor over the room of Spikes.
In a version broadcast on US cable channel HBO, several scenes were cut. These were back for the Disney Channel version, however. They include:
  • Right after the Goonies leave the house on their bikes, they drop by a drug store where Mikey locates a map, and that's how he finds out where to go to find the rock formation.
  • Chunk also licks Ice Cream quarts in a freezer, and Troy shows up and sets fire to One Eyed Willie's map.
  • An octopus that attacks Stef. Data shoves a walkman into its mouth, and it lets go and swims away, dancing.
  • After the Goonies get near the restaurant, but before Stef and Andy join up, there was a scene in which Data uses some of his cool gadgets. They, of course, backfire.
On the TV version, when Mama Fretelli is pushing people off the plank, there is extra dialogue between her and the kids.
There are two more deleted scenes. One is a second stop at the snack shack (drug store), and the second is the Goonies Oath. The Goonies Oath is after the group finds themselves in the wishing well, immediately after Andy says "I'm not a Goonie." She is sworn in, and then sends Troy's jacket up on the bucket. Footage of this so far hasn't been show on TV nor in any DVD version, but pictures of this scene are printed in "The Goonies - Official Souvenir Magazine."
The UK Channel 5 has one version that misses out various dialogue, including the statue scene where Brand says "You'd be p**sin' in your faces!", and on two occasions where Chunk uses the word "Sh*t". This is because the version is always shown in the afternoon. On 13th April 2014, they had a special Uncut version that was broadcast with the above fully restored. The broadcast started at 11:10pm, reinforcing that it was primarily intended for adult viewing.
In a video release of the movie, the octopus scene is present.

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