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A true classic horror vampire flick better than remake!
ivo-cobra88 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Fright Night (1985) is an awesome true classic vampire horror film that is written and directed by Tom Holland him self. I love the remake, but I just love the original much better. In here you have monsters, a real vampires and werewolves in it.

Chris Sarandon did a wonderful job as Jerry Dandridge a vampire by night. I love the make up and I love how they were portraying a vampire in this movie. Evil Ed (Stephen Geoffreys) is a turned werewolves at the end of the film and he is staked by Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall).

Fright Night (1985) is one of my favorite vampire horror flicks, I love vampire movies and this film is for me. The remake is a good film, but they aren't portraying real monsters and werewolves like they do in this movie. I am pretty sure if the new movie would portrayed such a monsters, werewolves like in here, I am pretty sure the movie would be better! The end was perfect and awesome how Charley and Peter are fighting Jerry, I love how Vincent and Charley are smashing in all the basement windows, allowing the sunlight to hit Dandridge. Using a mirror, they reflect the sunlight and finally manage to kill Dandridge by blasting him with the rays and he bursts into flames and within seconds his body is reduced to dust and bones. That scene was awesome!

I love Roddy McDowall as Peter Vincent the great Vampire Killer! Seriously this movie kick ass! Roddy McDowall kicks ass in this slasher vampire film! I love everything about this film, that it is in it! My all time favorite vampire movie ever, a classic, the remake doesn't even come close to matching it. Chris Sarandon was perfect as Jerry Dandridge the next door neighbor vampire, nothing will ever change my mind about this one, no vampire movie since this one has ever matched it, movie or series!! Fright Night is a ultimate classic a classic film that I will always cherish it to death! The special effects are great in this one. This film not only has vampires, werewolves and monsters in it, it also has a virgins, it has Roddy Mcdowell in one of his best performances. It has Prince Humperdink/Jack Skelenton as the baddie. It is quotable, self-aware way before Joss Whedon/Kevin Williamson, and funny as hell. The weakest link, although she still gives a very good performance, is Amanda Bearse AKA Marcy Darcy from Married with Children as the sexpot (could be bonus if you are so inclined), object of desire. It's hard not to look nor listen to her, without waiting for an Al Bundy insult, but there is some consolation when she "turns". Watch it and love it, this is what comedy-horror is all about.

This is a great movie. I wouldn't say it scared me to death but it's good and creepy, it's one of those movies you can watch over and over again. GREAT FILM! Our heroes are a motley group of characters, the straight-laced boy next door who no one believes, the bookish girl crush who is coveted by all, the monster-fan geek, and a most wonderful touch with Roddy McDowall playing a washed-up horror actor similar to character actors such as Peter Cushing/Christopher Lee/Vincent Price. Bottom of line I love this film, it is one of my favorite Vampire horror slasher films, I also love the remake, tough it even can't hold a candle to this film.

Meet Jerry Dandridge. He's sweet, sexy, and he likes to sleep in late. You might think he's the perfect neighbor. But before inviting Jerry in for a nightcap, there's just one thing you should know. Jerry prefers his drinks warm, red and straight from the jugular! It's Fright Night, a horrific howl starring Chris Sarandon as the seductive vampire and William Ragsdale as the frantic teenager struggling to keep Jerry's deadly fangs out of his neck. Only 17-year-old Charley Brewster (Ragsdale) knows Jerry's bloodcurdling secret. When Charley can't get anybody to believe him, he turns to TV horror host Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall), who used to be the "Great Vampire Killer" of the movies. Can these mortals save Charley and his sweetheart Amy (Amanda Bearse) from the wrathful bloodsucker's toothy embrace? If you love being scared, Fright Night...will give you the nightmare of your life. That is the main plot in the remake they don't even mentioned Jerry's last Surname.

Fright Night is a 1985 American horror film written and directed by Tom Holland and produced by Herb Jaffe. It stars William Ragsdale, Chris Sarandon, Roddy McDowall, and Amanda Bearse.

I love this film to death! It is my favorite best horror slasher film, the rating I am giving tot his film is 10/10. This film deserves it! Tom Holland thank you for so beautiful wonderful horror vampire film, big cheers and thank you!
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He must've been a Vampire Fruit Bat.
ElijahCSkuggs13 January 2008
Fright Night, Lost Boys and Near Dark are the holy trinity of 80s vampire flicks. And arguably three of the best vampires movies of all-time. Just recently I returned to this piece of 80's horror gold and I have to say, I enjoyed it just as much as the first time I saw it.

Fright Night is about a kid named Charlie Brewster who accidentally discovers that his new neighbor, Jerry Dandrige, is a vampire. The movie is about Charlie and friends setting out to destroy the vampire. But Mr. Dandridge is no slouch and is more of a threat to them, then they are to him.

Besides being one of the best 80's horror films, I think it's also one of the best movies of the entire 1980s. The movie is full of great performances, especially Chris Sarandon as Jerry Dandrige and Roddy McDowall as TV Vampire Slayer Peter Vincent. It has fantastic make-up effects that are sorely, sorely missing from today's horror flicks. And it also combines a great feel of horror with a realistic touch of comedy and drama. The best and funniest aspect to the movie for myself is how they portray the vampire character. I won't spoil it for you, but the guy enjoys wearing very "tata" clothes, eats "fruit" all the time, and has a live-in roommate. This movie is classic! Fright Night has a sequel that some say is equally as good, but I wouldn't be one to say that. But, I do enjoy the sequel and definitely think it's worth a view. If you're a fan of horror and vampires, this is a must see flick. Welcome to Fright Night baby!
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There's something about FRIGHT NIGHT that everybody seems to love.
insomniac_rod23 August 2004
Is it the 80's cheesiness (fashion, clichés, music)? It's impressive F/X? The story? Who knows. Time made justice to "Fright Night", one of the best vampire movies ever and probably the best of the 80's. When it came out in 1985 the Slasher genre was on it's highest peak and as Peter Vincent said to Charlie, "his generation prefers movies where a masked looney kills virgin innocents" (or something like that). When nobody cared about Vampires "Fright Night" came out with a tremendous potential on it's story, actors, and make up; the basic elements that a Slasher movie needs. The result is an entertaining, chilling, and very well done horror movie better than expected.

*SPOILERS* Charlie Brewster an average boy finds out that his neighbor is a vampire. He has doubts until Jerry Dandridge his vampire neighbor appears on his bedroom and threatens him to death. Nobody believes Charlie and after a series of events not only his life is in danger but also his girlfriend's. Charlie finds in Peter Vincent, t.v.'s popular "Vampire Killer" character his only hope to save his girlfriend. In order to accomplish what he wants, Charlie and Peter Vincent will face the deadly Jerry Dandridge, his guardian Billy Cole, and their attacks.

ACTING. You can't go wrong when a great actor like Mr. Chris Sarandon carries the entire movie on his back with his performance. His character, Jerry Dandridge completely steals the show. Sarandon made the character. Roddy McDowall as Peter Vincent is a pleasure to watch. His character has an admirable quick evolution in the movie. First he's the vampire killer t.v. character that after meeting a REAL vampire knows what fear is like. Then after dealing with fear, he recovers faith and that makes him stronger in every aspect. William Ragsdale is good as Charlie Brewster, the teen main character in the movie. The boy that discovers that his neighbor is a real vampire but nobody believes him. Good character. Special mention to Stephen Geoffreys as Evil Ed for being one of the weirdest but likable characters ever to appear in a horror movie. His performance is truly evil and humorist. A nice touch. Amanda Bearse (from Married with Children fame) is also a good addition to the cast, she delivers an o.k. performance. Jonathan Stark as Billie Cole, Jerry's guardian, delivers a solid performance. This is one of the best casts that you can get from an 80's horror movie.

DIRECTION. The 80's craziness was never this creepy. Tom Holland makes a terrific job this time. This man is behind key horror movies from the 80's like "Child's Play" and the surprisingly good "Psycho II" among others. His camera work in "Fright Night" is great. He knew how to combine perfectly the 80's feeling (something that nobody has ever described for it's madness) with the Vampire movies basic rules.

The idea of watching a Vampire movie from the 80's could make you think the worst but luckily it's a great idea. Excellent job Mr. Holland.

F/X/SCORE/CINEMATOGRAPHY. The f/x and make-up are very ahead of it's time. You can't get better gore effects! The scene of Evil Ed's death (when he's a werewolf) is amazing. On it's time I'm sure that it shocked more than once. Also, Billy Cole's death and the ending are great scenes that will please the horror audience's eyes. Great use of gore and f/x. Enough said. The score is great. The 80's pop metal and club music fits perfect with the feeling of the movie. The club scene is something you haven't seen. In the tense and thrilling scenes the music works perfect. The cinematography is pretty good. The use of lightning on dark settings is very good. Watch the DVD version for a different experience. I love the lines from the movie. I can assure that "Fright Night" is something you haven't seen. Don't get fooled by the 80's big hair, laughable fashion, and clichés. The movie stands alone. Be prepared for a real FRIGHT NIGHT!
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"You're so COOL, Brewster!"
A_Roode18 March 2006
'Fright Night' is a movie that has stuck with me for years. Recently I was able to get it on DVD and have been watching it and trying to convince my friends to watch it ever since. It has it's flaws but time has been kinder, I think, to 'Fright Night' than it has been to either 'Near Dark' or 'The Lost Boys.'

Chris Sarandon is great and charismatic in his role as the new next-door neighbor. He gives a deep performance and it seems like he's having a lot of fun in every scene. William Ragsdale isn't bad either as he tries with greater desperation and anxiety to convince people that the vampire exists and win allies to help him destroy it. My favourite performance comes from Roddy McDowall. Like Donald Pleasance later in his career, Roddy McDowell could reasonably be accused of acting in anything if there was a paycheck involved; this has damaged his reputation somewhat. I think 'Fright Night' and his performance as Peter Vincent definitely falls in the plus category rather than negative. He is great at hiding behind masks and is constantly performing for the other characters. As an actor, the part required versatility, compassion and depth. Had they been able, Peter Cushing or Vincent Price would have also played the part splendidly -- McDowell's character is of course a tribute to both these actors and I think that he was simply fantastic.

So many of the moments in 'Fright Night' compete to be my favourite but I think it comes in the final third of the film. Peter Vincent has run out of masks to hide behind and becomes a very tired, very frightened and very old man. Redemption isn't out of reach -- but he's going to have to work for it.

I mentioned earlier that 'Fright Night' has aged fairly well. There is decent gore and make-up so anyone looking for that will likely be satisfied. Music can kill films and age them more quickly than anything else. It works here where it might fail in other films.

The strength of 'Fright Night' though are it's performances and the sense of fun that it has. Definitive vampire film? No, but a lot better than many, many, many of the pretenders to that title. Rewarding, fun, and worth a look.
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Welcome to Fright Night!
marydrippingblood25 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I will start off by saying that I am a gigantic fan of Fright Night. It all started when the film made its premiere on HBO. The one part that stuck in my head (besides Sarandon's looks) was "Evil Ed's" transformation from wolf to human. Scared the crap out of me. Well, a couple years later, hitting sixth grade, I found the video at a video store and fell in love with it all over again. A friend and I began huge fans, buying Fangoria magazines and collecting the comic series. I remembering making my parents rent the movie for me so I could watch from evening till seven in the morning! Phew!

Now, some girls would have crushes on things like, New Kids On the Block. Not me! I was infatuated with Chris Sarandon's seductive performance as Jerry Dandridge. Hey, any woman would be nuts not to find this man hot. Definition of tall, dark, and handsome. He could of bit me in a neck and I would of never cared.

As I am at the age of 27, I still have my first and only copy of the film that was boughten for me on my 12th birthday, a tad worn but still plays. I have more of a appreciation for the movie. For all the actors and actresses.

I have the movie memorized, word for ward, even if I go like a year without watching it again. But recently I began to realize that the 20th anniversary for this great horror classic is coming around the bend. I had started a script myself, which I know will fail to be noticed, for such a special occasion. Bringing back all the characters from part one and two, except Peter Vicent since no one but Roddy MacDowall could do the part.

I just want everyone to know that Fright Night is the definition of the perfect eighties Horror film. It is original with it's characters, setting, and the all around story itself. But it also shows the hard work that had gone into it to create those undoubtedly, scarier then crap Dandridge, Evil, Amy, and Billy Coal transformations. Chris Sarandon himself stated it was hell to do the make up for the movie but his character was worth it. I would rather see a film with special make up effects then with the modern computer animation special effects. More work and artistic, hands on talent went into movies like Fright Night. That's why Fright Night stands out as a eighties classic vampire flick.

I personally would like to thank all the actors for the gift of entertainment when making the film. Also the brilliant minds and talented men and women who worked on the film. Fright Night is a movie that has fond memories for me in my child hood. Chris Sarandon will always be my first movie star crush. Dang, he is still hot today! I can't help but still imagine Jerry Dandridge as my perfect, eye candy neighbor.

I would recommend anyone to view this movie. Appreciate it as a art form of entertainment with the taste of horror mixed in there. Enjoy it and love it!

One final statement.....

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Perfectly spooky vampire film with excellent make up effects!
spacemonkey_fg3 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Title: Fright Night Director: Tom Holland Stars: Roddy McDowell, Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Amanda Bearse and Stephen Geoffreys Released: 1985 Review: (very few minor spoilers) I'm sure many of you here know this movie by heart and have seen it countless hundreds of times, but this here review is for those newer schmoes who still haven't had the pleasure of seeing this masterpiece. So here it goes.

This movie has a special place in my horror loving heart, for many reasons. Among them the fact that its just so fun to watch. Over and over again I find myself revisiting this flick, simply because I love the characters so much and because all those horror clichés I love are all over the place.

The story revolves around a teenager named Charlie Brewster (William Ragsdale) who loves to watch his favorite horror show called "Fright Night". This show which is hosted by Peter Vincent (played by Roddy Mc Dowell) plays old horror movies every night and Charlie watches them all the time.

One problem though. Charlie suspects his new neighbor Jerry Dandridge (Chris Sarandon) is a vampire, and therefore decides he has to destroy him. No one believes him, not his girlfriend Amy or his buddy "Evil". So he decides to take matters into his own hands. Once Dandridge realizes what a threat Charlie could be to him well, lets just say things get complicated. And for us horror fans, in a good way.

This film pays homage to many horror films of old. If your a horror fan you'll get all the cool inside Peter Vincent who is obviously named after Peter Cushing and Vincent Price. If you watch closely you'll catch a Hammer film playing on Charlies TV. Hell at one moment Charlie is even watching Children Shouldn't Play with dead things! This films taken inspiration from many other vampire films before it, like for example hammer films Horror of Dracula. Check out Evil Ed getting that cross burned onto his forehead to see what I mean! It also has some hints of 1979s Dracula adaptation by Jhon Badham. But thats not to say that Fright Night is not at all original, its taken inspiration by these films, and is paying homage to them, but it has its own thing going on.

All the characters in this film are memorable, if not arch typical. Yeah, you get your teenage nerd/goody little two shoes with Charlie Brewster, Amanda Bearse as the virgin girl who's to scared to do it with her boyfriend and your get your clown act with "Evil", but they are so endearing and innocent that you cant help but feel sorry for what they are about to hurl themselves into.

Then there's Roddy McDowells great Peter Vincent who plays a father figure to Charlie. The situations and scenes with them together are great. Specially that scene where Charlies begging Peter to help him.

Then there's the main baddie, Jerry Dandridge a vampire who's lived for many thousands of years and now just wants to settle down in this quiet little town and suck it dry! Many female horror fans refer to Dandridge as the "sexiest male vampire ever" so there you go. He delivers many memorable lines and is a formidable character for Peter and Charlie to go up against.

Cool make up fx, even by todays standards the make up fx seen on Fright Night stand on their own as being very well achieved, vampire transformations, werewolf's, giant vampire bats you name it, its in there and done well. One particularly good moments is "Evils" transformation...enough said.

One minor set back, is that maybe some younger viewers might not like the 80s soundtrack which the movie has. All the songs on it are as 80s as you can get. This is very evident in a scene that takes place inside of a disco called "Club Radio". To me and many others that might come of as nostalgic and a trip down memory lane but to others (specially the younger viewers) it might prove to be distracting. But thats about the only set back I can see in watching this film.

Fright Nights success at the box office was followed by an also entertaining sequel aptly titled Fright Night II. Not as good as the first but still highly enjoyable.

Check this flick out...its a horror film done right. And one of the best vampire flicks ever if you ask me!

Rating: 5 out of 5
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offbeat, cool, sexy and very 80s vampire tale (my favourite yet)
pjspeight_2k3 March 2000
Before I first watched Fright Night, I admit I was unsure about what to think about it. All I knew about it was from what I had been told from my Dad (though his likes/dislikes are generally on par with mine, they sometimes border on plain stupid). But when I saw it to the end, I was almost totally converted.

Although the beginning is a bit cheesy and reminiscent of stereotypical horror B-movies, it soon becomes clear that this is part of what makes Fright Night so original. All the typical horror film genres are there: horror, romance, comedy (well maybe comedy isn't a typical horror element); but what makes this horror flick stand out a mile-and-a-half from the rest is that it's a very offbeat tale. It's creepily cheesy but gets away with it because it's atmosphere is so good.

All this and I haven't mentioned the acting or special effects yet. Sarandon seems to give such an effortless performance as the vampire and as a result is almost perfect. I had thought of what a modern day vampire would be like before I saw Fright Night; but Jerry Dandridge just blew all these ideas away and has to be the coolest (and I don't often use that word) and sexiest vampire ever, and is one of my favourite movie villains. Roddy McDowall can't hold a candle to Sarandon but is still very good, and Stephen Geoffreys is one of the funniest and memorable movie characters ever to grace a film screen too.

The special effects are good for 1985 and unlike where in modern films the SFX are the main point in the movie, here they add to the already present chilling atmosphere. And although on the one hand, Fright Night is quite dated, it also captures the atmosphere and the essence of the 80s. The soundtrack is excellent for the film, but paradoxically not very memorable (apart from one or two good songs).

[I wish I'd been born before 1981 (maybe 1961) so that I could have lived in the late-70s and 80s, and would have memories of the best music from that time, and not the boybands/Beatles clones/dance ditties (not decent tunes mind) we have now.]

All in all an (almost) perfect film: watch it and you'll (most likely) enjoy it and watch it again and again.
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One Great one
elinspectordetimpanos12 April 2005
After all this years (20) of vampire slaughtering, Blade's karate Vs vampire flicks, or even Carpenter's Rambo characters, Fright Night still offers the scent of a classic. Tom Holland's masterpiece holds by itself because of a great cast and a plot that gathers every single cliché of the genre and plays a bit with humor and a lot of effective spooks. Roddy Mc Dowall steals the movie with his over the hill terrified looser character. Even special effects are bizarre today as they're a craftsmanship result giving some scenes a bizarre concept that takes you directly into Roger Corman's "B" world. A true pleasure to watch from time to time. Happy 20 years
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One of My Favorite Vampire Movies Ever
Claudio Carvalho6 December 2004
While with his girlfriend Amy Peterson (Amanda Bearse) in his bedroom, the teenager Charley Brewster (William Ragsdale) sees a coffin being transported to the house on the next door. A couple of days later, he concludes that his neighbor Jerry Dandrige (Chris Sarandon) is a vampire, who is committing some recent unsolved murders. Charley decides to look for help first his friend Evil Ed Thompson (Stephen Geoffreys), since the policemen do not believe on his accusation. Jerry is upset and promises to kill Charley. Later, he meets Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall), a middle aged man, who is a vampire killer in a television show but does not believe on vampires in the real life. Amy and Ed seek out Peter Vincent, and the group tries to prove to Charley that Jerry is not a vampire.

'Fright Night' is one of my favorite vampire movies, indeed a cult-movie in Brazil. I do not know how many times I have seen this film in my life, but yesterday I saw it on DVD for the first time and I was not disappointed, since the Brazilian DVD offers two choices (widescreen and fullscreen). There is just a trailer in the extras, but it suffices. Chris Sarandon is incredibly funny and sexy in this role; the movie has a perfect combination and timing of the genres of horror and comedy; the 'Van Helsing' of the story, Peter Vincent, is a fantastic joke with the names of the great Peter Cushing and Vincent Price; the special effects were state of art in 1985. My vote is nine.

Title ('Brazil'): ' A Hora do Espanto' ('The Fright Hour')

Note: on 14 January 2012, I saw this wonderful film again.
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I watched it 5 times in one week
Anasuya9 January 2005
I would consider myself a film fan with somewhat intellectual preferences and I have a passion for European art house pretentious stuff, so when Fright Night was recommended to me I dismissed it in a snobby "80s special effects vampire horror movie? A title that rhymes? No, thank you!" kind of way.

HOWEVER, I have a feeling it may be the single best film I have ever seen, of any genre or time period. It has a witty script, fabulous special effects and some of the best acting I have seen, particularly Evil Ed later on in the film. There are moments of suspense, hilarity, tenderness (for example with Peter Vincent and the dying wolf) and believable every day life. This film didn't actually scare me but it did make me laugh very very hard.

A special mention must be made of Chris Sarandon as I think his performance really stood out. Evil is not as easy to portray in stories as people think, but Sarandon does the most believable evilness I think I have ever seen, coupled irresistibly with the sexiest seduction scene ever (is it wrong that I wanted him to win in the end because he was so gorgeous?). If vampires really did exist, I think they would be exactly like Jerry Dandridge, except maybe without the same scary 80s vampire mask and claws.

My advice is SEE THIS FILM, and don't have any preconceptions about it.
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Why Fright Night is worth many words
marydrippingblood1 September 2004
Why is Fright Night my all time favorite horror movie within the vampire content? Well, simply because of the films actors and the story line itself.

In the past month or so I have had the chance to reminisce on the fact that I had always adored this movie. Sitting down and taking the time to watch it through again as I had once done years ago when Fright Night was my inspiration to dive into the horror writing area with great vampire characters with memorable appearance and expression. From the villainous immortal to the pathetic immortal.

Remembering my youth, not that long about, about close to twenty years ago I was introduced to Fright Night on a cable movie channel. The part I remembered the most was Evil Ed's transformation from wolf to man. Why that stuck out, probably played on my fear of werewolves (funny I know). As I got older I found that I was madly in love with the character Jerry Dandridge, just by the fact of Chris Sarandon's wonderful portrayal of the creature of the night. Just is seduction and sexiness. But also the fact that he was pure evil with all the vampire cunningness. Having the movie given as a birthday present at the age of twelve made my life peachy. Watching as much as I can.

Now as a adult I understand more about the movie. It's contents, the story line and the effort that was put into making it a graphic film with horror and terror.

Fright Night is a perfect example of the greatest of special effects for the 80's. It was battling against movies like Nightmare On Elm Street and others that played on fears. This is a classical story because it creates a modernized vampire and also shows what happens when a young teen gets nosey. With that, you think of what you might do when if a vampire lived nextdoor to you! But with all the actors and actresses, only one stood out from the rest. Chris Sarandon is a talented actor who deserves praise for his performance, which many seem to appreciate.

I think any person with a horror taste should take the time to watch this classic movie and see what is definitely the most original and breath taking movie of its time. I can go on and on about this movie, but I am limited. But the time is ended. Please, take the time and watch the movie if you haven't seen it or haven't seen it in a along time.

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'Campy' Fright Night Fun To Watch
ccthemovieman-123 June 2006
I incorrectly assumed this might be some dumb teen vampire flick when it came out about 20 years ago, but that wasn't the case. It was simply a very entertaining horror flick with a good mixture of suspense, comedy and good special- effects. The kids - William Ragsdale, Amanda Bearse and Stephen Geoffreys - are all excellent but the two adults - Chris Sarandon and Roddy McDowell - steal the show.

Sarandon is very cool as the vampire; cocky, arrogant and smooth. He is easily the best character in the movie. McDowell does a nice job as the reluctant vampire slayer.

The special-effects are good and the film is played strictly for fun, even with the suspenseful scenes. In fact, it reminds me of the word "camp" because it's so hokey in spots. Yet the film definitely has its scary moments. Note: I watched this 3-4 times on the tape so I am familiar with most of the film and after seeing the DVD, I swear several short scenes are missing (such as Bearse's quick shower scene). I've never come across something like this before.
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Pure Greatness from Tom Holland
tequila1013 April 2011
After watching this film just Friday, I have already found this film to be a very memorable piece of work by Tom Holland who did Psycho II and of coarse Child's Play.

The story is about a kid who believes that there's a Vampire living next to him. He tries to notify that people are being murdered by the blood thirsty Jerry but nobody will believe him. He then looks up to the famous horror vampire killer on TV, Peter Vincent who he believes will help him stop Jerry and his buddy.

First watching Child's Play and now Fright Night (Another horror film I should have watched ages ago..) Tom Holland does a top notch job on creating the right amount of humour, scares and disturbance for us to feast on. I believe like Wes Craven, Tobe Hooper or even John Carpentar, Tom Holland is a legend in the horror business as in this film he can create the right mood like he created the right scares for Child's Play.

Chris Sarandon does an excellent job as the charming but sinister Jerry Dandrige who takes people in and posses them with his evil love. I just could not get over how great Chris Sarandon was in this vampire role.

I usually hate vampires and vampire films but with Tom Holland's great direction and once again memorable scenes and Chris Sarandon's perfect-o acting, I believe that now I like vampires (well only Sarandon's for now).

The other actors where casted perfectly for their roles and the special vampire and wolf effects and even the concept are all done well.

They say they are going to release a remake of Fright Night this year. All I can say is that I've looked at the trailer and it looks fail. The new actor playing Jerry Dandrige doesn't look like he'll be able to pull it off, he just can't do it and the whole remaking of the story looks like a complete mess. I have no hopes for the remake.

The original from me gets 9 bloody vampires out of 10.
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An apple a day ...
Rex Kramer7 March 2011
Almost everything said... I totally agree with the review from "Anasuya" and other positive comments. THIS is a perfect (vampire) movie. Yes, it is from the 80's and people that watch it in the last view years may have other visual demands... I watched it first at the age of 16 ;-) and i still love it. Jerry D. and the whole film is THE coolest classic vampire adaption on the planet. Period.

I read about the remake – I am excited, but I can't imagine that it will reach the reputation and fun of this favorite. I will keep my fingers crossed!

CONCLUSION: To all Vampire and horror comedy fans: WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!

PS: An Apple a day ... ;-) LOL
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Drawing parallels...
TheDoctorfromOz1 February 2011
In an age of Twilight, it's very interesting to see a film with vampires where they're portrayed as scary rather than your average soap opera character. In the Bela Lugosi Dracula, Dracula was portrayed with an almost Bond like stature. However, whether it was Lugosi or just the film making of the times, Dracula lacked just the the charisma to sell it. Now that's just my opinion, but in stating that, it makes my point clearer when I say the Sarandon's performance of the vampire Jerry Dandrige has that charisma so that you buy it when he seduces someone.

I compare Dandrige and Dracula because that's what Fright Night is. It's a contemporary (well, in the eighties it was) take on the classic vampire. It doesn't try to create new rules or reboot classic Universal vampire lore. It simply elaborates on it. We never saw what would have happened in Dracula when Dr. Van Helsing holds up the cross. We just saw Lugosi's over the top reaction to its presence. In Fright Night, it's the equivalent of jabbing someone with a red hot brand.

Speaking of Van Helsing, Roddy McDowall turns in a very fun turn as Fright Night's interpretation of the character, Peter Vincent. He's a washed up film star who's been reduced to hosting a horror movie show that shows. He has the know how and yet is crippled by his cowardice and greed. In the role of the brave boy, willing to risk life and limb to protect his neighborhood and girlfriend, is young Charley Brewster, played by William Ragsdale. He's the main character, after all, and plays the role with naivety and yet an undying persistence to stop this creature that threatens him and his community. In an all to common parallel is Charley's girlfriend Amy (Amanda Bearse) and his best friend, Evil Ed (Stephen Geoffreys.) They don't believe Charley, but are concerned for him and enlist Vincent's help (with Amy's college fund.) The design of the vampire is the least faithful thing to the classic idea of the vampire. Well, the Universal vampire, anyways. When the vampires become hungry, they turn into more ravenous takes on Nosferatu (which is technically Dracula, the film studio just couldn't afford the rights to the name.) Anyway, the vampires also can transform (as did Dracula.) These effects are pretty good. One of the best involves just a quick effect with a wolves' eyes. The way the scenery blends with the film is also very well done, if not slightly exaggerated.

As much as I've been praising this film, however, it's definitely not perfect. A lot of the acting is exaggerated. This problem is easily forgivable, although, because the overacting actually leads to some of the more memorable characters and moments in the film. Second, the screenplay is pretty weak at points and under mines itself when it's trying to be serious and scary and that's leading to my last complaint, which is, coincidentally, my complaint with Dracula, and that is that to me, this film just isn't scary. I mean sure, it's creepy, but if you're like me (a 14 year old boy), there's a strong possibility that this film won't scare you. However, I don't really count this as a strike against it, as it's not as much a flaw with the movie as it is with modern movie goers such as myself.

The more I think about this movie, the more I realize how much this film is a contemporary re-telling of Dracula and it's a well made one, too. It's a refreshing break to see a vampire movie that doesn't try to be particularly special with it's portrayal of vampires and in not being special, it BECOMES special. And that's the beauty of Fright Night. And yet, it makes me sad, as it shows just how pathetic vampires have gotten that watching a movie where vampires do what they're supposed to do is such a rare and glorious occurrence. Oh well. In the end Fright Night is a fun, campy, and creepy vampire flick that would be ideal to watch on Halloween.
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If You Love Being Scared, It'll Be The Night Of Your Life.
Roberta Lugao7 September 2007
I've watched Fright Night when it was released in Brazil. I was a 5-6 years old kid, and I admit I was intensely involved with the story. Years passed by, and its still the BEST Vampire Movie ever made. And I thought I would never watch it anymore..

Last year, I found out that I could keep it forever with me - I saw the DVD for sale. I didn't think twice, I bought it. I lost track of how many times I've watched Fright Night - Just to see Chris Sarandon, playing as the most seductive vampire ever (Oh how I wanted to be Amy!); The brilliant Peter Vincent (Which name's a tribute to Peter Crushing and Vincent Price), who was supposed to be "The Great Vampire Killer"; William Ragsdale as Charley Brewster, an eccentric suburban teen, going nuts for the fact his neighbor was indeed a vampire..

This movie is definitely one of a kind. I love 80's movie, even though we can notice the "flaws", it's still amazing how they managed to create such memorable scenes, a stunning atmosphere and a fabulous script. I suggest everyone to watch it and re-watch it. If you haven't watch it, do it. This is a movie you cannot ~ die before watching it. ~.
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Even if you don't like horror movies, this one is a fun ride for all!!
AngryChair21 January 2006
Superior modern vampire film remains one of the best made and most wildly entertaining horror movies of the 80's!

When teenage boy believes that his suave new neighbor is a vampire, he enlists the help of a TV horror host to destroy the blood-sucker.

Even now, a good 20 years after this movie premiered, Fright Night is one of the best vampire movies anywhere! Many have called the movie a spoof on the horror genre and while it does have a sharp sense of humor Fright Night is really a full-blooded horror ride. In a way it's old-fashion horror fun thats given some nicely modernized twists. Tom Holland well writes and directs this film. Holland's story is quickly paced and becomes compelling fun. His direction is slickly done as well. Fright Night boasts some spectacular (and gooey) special FX that are still impressive even by today's standards. That alone is a great achievement. Another highlight of the film is the gorgeous and mesmerizing rock score by Brad Fiedel. Believe me, no other electronic score is more alluring that this! The J. Giles band also provides a funky theme song.

Yet another highlight is the outstanding cast of this film. Chris Sarandon is everything you could expect from a vamp - charming, menacing, and drop-dead sexy. Young William Ragsdale is quirky as our unlikely teen-hero. The late-great Roddy McDowall shines as a veteran horror movie actor who must face real horrors now! The supporting cast is good as well, especially the wise-cracking Stephen Geoffreys.

A horror delight all the way, Fright Night remains a big favorite in the vampire genre and for very good reason. See it!

**** out of ****
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There are good reasons to be afraid of the dark.
Jessica Carvalho2 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I watched ''Fright Night'' two days ago and I had a surprise : the movie is good! I expected it to be one of those silly movies where I wouldn't give more then 6, but I liked it so much, that now I consider to be one of the best vampire movies from the 80's that I already watched, along with ''Lost Boys''. It's funny to see Amanda Bearse, the famous ''Marcy D'Arcy'' from ''Married with Children'' in the role of the teenager Amy(specially because she was almost in her 30's)and this is the first and only movie I watched with her in a different role from ''Marcy''.

The plot: Charley Brewster is a big fan of horror movies, and is always watching ''Fright Night'', one of his favorite TV shows about vampires and other monsters. So, when his new and handsome neighbor Jerry Drandridge arrives, Charley immediately discovers that the guy is a vampire. Things starts to get bad for Charley, when Jerry discovers that Charley knows not only his 'secret', but also that he is killing a lot of women to satisfy his appetite.

Charley tries to talk to other people about Jerry, but the problem is that nobody believes in a single word that he says. Now, the poor Jerry needs to find a way to be safe from being killed by Jerry and showing to his girlfriend Amy, his friend Ed and his hero, Peter Vincent (the host of a late-night horror show on TV) that he is in fact, right.
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"You're so cool, Brewster!"
utgard1415 September 2015
The '80s doesn't get a lot of respect from film snob types because it didn't have enough navel-gazing dramas or three-hour epics in desperate need of an edit. Sure, there are some, but not enough to please the elites. In my opinion, it was a phenomenal decade for movies that were just damn entertaining, whether they be comedy, action, horror, sci-fi, or whatever else. Fright Night is one of these '80s greats. Smooth direction, fun special effects, smart script, good score, and a wonderful cast. William Ragsdale, Chris Sarandon, and Amanda Bearse are all terrific here. However, the scene stealers are Roddy McDowall as actor Peter Vincent and Stephen Geoffreys as Evil Ed, the lead character's best friend with many of the movie's most memorable lines. It's a classic horror-comedy that's been highly influential on many movies and television shows since, not the least of which is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Definitely should be on any list of "must see" '80s movies. Followed by a sequel and a watchable but pedestrian remake.
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So much better then the remake.
deatman927 October 2012
This is another one of those examples where the classic is way better then the original. The remake completely changed the story line I would not even really call it a remake.The acting in this one is good and the special effects are actually creepy instead of that CGI crap. Really is a great classic horror.

This movie is about a young guy named Charlie Brewster. While spying on his neighbours one day he sees things to lead him to the suspicion that his new neighbour is a vampire. He is scared for his life while everyone else is scared for his sanity.

I have loved this movie since I was a kid it used to be scary then but now its just funny and enjoyable. Must see for horror fans if not might not enjoy it so much.
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An amusing teen vampire flick
Dana Wang11 November 1999
Charlie Brewster (William Ragsdale), a high school boy who was a huge fan of the vampire TV show "Fright Night", noticed that something was wrong with his new neighbors...and later he even saw one of the guys was trying to suck a woman's blood... Charlie felt that he must have stopped the vampire from killing more people, he contacted the police, and he told his mother and friends about it, but nobody believed him. So he went to Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall), who hosted "Fright Night", "the great vampire killer"...

This is a special vampire movie because the story happened in the modern time instead of centuries ago. It looked rather old-fashioned to me the first time I saw it on television, but the more times I watched the film, the more I loved it.

Two memorable scenes: when the vampire "Jerry Dandrige" (Chris Sarandon) was dancing with Amy (Charlie's girlfriend, played by Amanda Bearse) and later when Jerry was about to vampirize Amy. Both of the scenes were highly seductive.

One big difference between this movie and other vampire films- crosses don't necessarily work on vampires, unless you have total faith- said Jerry and Evil Ed.
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Revenge of the 80's: The homo-erotic horror film.
Joseph P. Ulibas29 June 2004
Fright Night (1985) was a horror film based upon the ever popular vampire genre. A nosy "kid" cast an wandering eye on the new neighbors. The suave handsome man and his weaselly looking buddy strike an eerie nerve within him, making his skin crawl. He's knows something is not right with the new people next door. Foolishly, he begins to snoop around the old house and discovers things that he shouldn't have.

Charlie Brewster is his name, his best friend is a high school outcast named Evil Ed. His girlfriend (Amanda Bearse) doesn't want to go any further with Charlie than second base. What's a "kid" like Charlie to do? Especially when he discovers the horrible secret of his neighbor. Can he live with the fact that a creature of the night lives in his neighborhood?

Fright Night is not like most other horror films. It's different in a way (like Nightmare on Elm Street 2). It explores the homosexual themes without being very explicit or stereotypical. True two of the co-stars are openly gay (but not at the time) and Chris Sarandon makes an excellent bi-sexual vampire. Fright Night is also the last hurrah for the great Roddy Mc Dowell, his role as the "legendary" Peter Vincent was superb. A true 80's classic. Followed by a lesser sequel Fright Night II. It's okay but not as good as part one.

Strongly recommended.

What was up with the Vampire's personnel assistant? That was one strange dude.
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