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fun trash with an all-star cast
junagadh756 May 2002
"Evils of the Night" involves two extraterrestrial women (Tina Louise and Julie Newmar) who hire a couple of idiot rednecks to kidnap and kill 'teens for them, so that they can use the blood to prolong their race (or something like that). I saw this movie in a theater by a fortuitous accident when it was released in 1986: the print of the just-released "Nightmare on Elm Street" had failed to arrive, so the theater owners were showing "Evils..." in its place. My friends and I laughed the whole way through, and were delighted by the many familiar faces in the cast - we never thought we'd see Julie Newmar again! If, like myself, you enjoy following the careers of grade-B stars, you'll get a kick out of this obscure piece of low-budget gore/horror schlock.
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Even though Gilligan bungled every rescue, did Ginger prefer this? Oh well. Thanks for everything, Julie Newmar!
lee_eisenberg21 December 2005
My 10/10 rating of course only applies to the sorts of people who've decided that they like this movie even before they watch it (like me); for anyone else, this movie is a total zero. "Evils of the Night" has some aliens seeking human blood as the key to eternal life. And what luck! There's a bunch of horny teenagers camping out near a lake! When I saw the box in Movie Madness, it mainly caught my eye due to the casting of Tina Louise; after all, what man wouldn't want to be stranded on an island with Ginger Grant? Anyway, here she plays one of the aliens, and Julie "Catwoman" Newmar plays another. As for the horny teens, they're the kind of characters who horny teens are supposed to be in horror flicks: the boys are a bunch of sex-starved goof-offs, and the girls all have giant breasts. Will your sex drive get going while watching "Evils of the Night"? Let me put it this way: aside from making one think about Ginger Grant, probably a quarter to a third of the movie shows people having sex. And those girls were hot! Hubba hubba...

Some people may think that these kinds of movies are completely worthless, but I must disagree. "Worthless" in my opinion means that it pretends to be important but doesn't actually amount to anything. This movie doesn't pretend to be anything but nice, silly fun. Cool.
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Another treasured discovery...
Sanguinaire3 February 2004
Right from the opening, depicting something resembling a customized mobile home floating through space, you know this is something special. A low budget space ship lands in the middle of the woods - this contains alien scientists John Carradine, Julie Newmar, and Tina Louise. Using a hospital as a base of operations, they set out to fulfill their mission; to gather blood platelets from young Earth people and send the stuff back to their home planet. Platelets, it seems, are the key to eternal life. They hire two mechanics (Aldo Ray and Neville Brand) to handle the dirty work of capturing unwilling donors. And what luck - nearby there are a group of perfect specimens on a camping trip...

First of all, the cast is amazing. Carradine and Newmar - no strangers to this terrain - actually manage to pull their roles off with style and dignity. Aldo Ray was probably used to this kind of movie as well, having already appeared in such things as Mongrel and Biohazard - while Tina Louise was `Ginger' on Gilligan's Island. Neville Brand had a distinguished record in World War 2, and afterward found his way into a major Hollywood career, specializing in westerns during the fifties - and notably played Duke, the embittered POW in Stalag 17. In this, his last film, he plays the role of Ray's lackey - and actually appears to be enjoying himself, even while unpleasantly ogling and pawing his captured female victims. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the victims and potential victims are not just cardboard cut-outs, and you actually like them.

Is this movie any good? Well, let me put it this way - it's dumb and cheap and sleazy - but that's exactly what it's intended to be. It would have been a perfect feature on the late, great USA Up All Night, as it's very much in that "style". For the people who consider that a recommendation, dive right in.
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A Campy, Low-Budget Movie
Uriah4319 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A small contingent of aliens have landed near a resort area frequented by college students and have hired two auto mechanics to kidnap as many of these students as possible because they need their blood to stay alive. Unfortunately, these aliens have very little time before they must return to their home planet and the two mechanics named "Fred" (Aldo Ray) and "Kurt" (Neville Brand) are more than a little incompetent and seem to kill more college students than they bring in alive. Now rather than reveal any more of the story and risk spoiling the film for those who haven't seen it I will just say that this picture turned out to be pretty much what I expected--a campy, low-budget movie. However,when I saw that it featured Tina Louise (as "Cora") and Julie Newmar ("Dr. Zarma") I knew that I had to give this film a try. Surprisingly, the movie didn't actually depend on them as much as I thought it would. Instead, what kept this movie entertaining was the presence of three lovely young coeds named "Nancy" (Karrie Emerson), "Heather" (Bridget Holloman) and "Connie" (G. T. Taylor) in various stages of undress. Naturally, there were other actors and a very basic plot as well but neither of these issues really amounted to much. In any case, while this movie clearly won't win any Academy Awards and has any number of flaws, I still somewhat enjoyed it and as a result I rate it as only slightly below average.
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Wacky soft core sex/aliens horror flick.
HumanoidOfFlesh3 March 2015
This wacky and exploitative sci-fi horror flick features John Carradine as an alien doctor who needs blood of horny teenagers,so he enlists for help two sleazy mechanics Aldo Ray and Neville Brand.There are also two sexy alien nurses and dumb/sexually active teenagers constantly hooking up including two porn starlets Amber Lynn and Crystal Breeze."Evils of the Night" has to be seen to be believed.The plot is weird and the acting of teens is diabolical.There is plenty of sex and nudity plus some nasty drill/axe violence during the last half of the movie.I can't say that I really liked Mardi Rustam's crazy film debut,but I certainly enjoyed Neville Brand and Aldo Ray performances.6 green laser rings out of 10.
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"Here we are, tied like pigs, ready to roast!"
Hey_Sweden10 May 2015
If this reviews' corresponding rating were based on technical prowess or filmmaking / story quality, it would naturally be low indeed. But it supplies a substantial amount of entertainment value. This is cheeseball crud at its finest. While on one hand this viewer did feel bad for the veteran actors involved (more to the point, it's sad that THIS was Neville Brands' final film), they help to make this fun. "Evils of the Night" is tacky, it's trashy, and it's downright silly.

The plot has a team of aliens - Dr. Kozmar (John Carradine), Dr. Zarma (Julie Newmar), and Cora (Tina Louise) among them - arriving on Earth. They manipulate two ceaselessly stupid and sleazy garage mechanics, Kurt (Mr. Brand), and Fred (Aldo Ray) into abducting as many of the local airhead oversexed college students as possible, to be used in biological experiments.

Since the victims here are so utterly pathetic (they sure don't do a very good job of trying to save their own worthless asses), one may end up rooting for the antagonists by default.

Add to this mix some painfully loud and peppy pop tunes, a respectable amount of female nudity, and the fumbling direction of Mohammed "Mardi" Rustam, and you get fromage writ large, a cheap genre item that's pretty hard to resist. Rustam had worked as a producer of 70s favourites such as "Psychic Killer" and Tobe Hoopers' "Eaten Alive", and this was his only feature length directing credit on a motion picture.

Newmar and Louise look quite good, as do many of their young co-stars. Carradine may have appeared in a lot of junk unworthy of his talents over the years, but the fact remains that even in stuff like this, he never seemed to phone it in; his performance is the most fun.

Buffs will note that two of the younger cast members, Karrie Emerson and Tony O'Dell, also worked together subsequently in "Chopping Mall".

Eight out of 10.
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A choice cheesy chunk of 80's low-budget sci-fi/horror exploitation schlock
Woodyanders26 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Kozmar (the ubiquitous John Carradine looking very worn and wizened), Zarma (leggy eyeful Julie Newmar; Catwoman on "Batman") and Cora (a haggard Tina Louise; Ginger on "Gilligan's Island") are a trio of evil aliens who need the blood of young folks so they can make a youth serum and prolong their lives. The wicked extraterrestrials hire bumbling drunken lout mechanics Fred (an outrageously hammy Aldo Ray) and Kurt (an equally histrionic Neville Brand in his ignominious final film role) to abduct idiotic libidinous teenagers for their nefarious experiments. Clumsily directed by Mardi Rustam (who also co-wrote the mindless trashy script), with tacky (far from) special effects, a corny generic ooga-booga spooky score by Robert O. Ragland, plenty of leering gratuitous nudity, a plodding pace, incredibly moronic and unappealing young imperiled protagonists ("Chopping Mall" victims Tony O'Dell and Karrie Emerson meet similar grim fates here), plain, murky cinematography by Don Stern, sleazy soft-core sex scenes (popular porn stars Amber Lynn and Jerry Butler pop up in minor roles), a meandering narrative, laughably lousy dialogue ("Keep your hands off her, you scum!"), bouncy pop-rock songs occasionally blaring away on the soundtrack, hilariously horrible acting (the Faded Name Hall of Shame cast are obviously slumming for an easy paycheck), and a decent smattering of grisly gore (a juicy drill-through-the-stomach murder set piece rates as the definite splatter highlight), this severely stinky, yet often amusing and oddly entertaining sci-fi/horror exploitation swill qualifies as an absolute cruddy hoot.
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A Bad Film But It Has a Great Cast
Michael_Elliott23 October 2017
Evils of the Night (1985)

** (out of 4)

Now here's a strange little oddity. A group of aliens come to Earth where they hire a couple masked men to go out and bring teenagers back to their lair. Once there, the aliens drain them of blood so that they can live.

EVILS OF THE NIGHT is a pretty bad movie but at the same time it has such a fascinating cast that you can't help but be slightly entertained by the madness as long as you're fans of the actors. You've got TV legends Tina Louise and Julie Newmar playing the female aliens in need of blood. You've got John Carradine playing the person that they follow. Then you've got Neville Brand and Aldo Ray playing a couple no-good characters. Five famous and well-known stars surrounded by some young talent with many of them having adult titles to their credit.

Mardi Rustam produced some well-known films ranging from Al Adamson junk to Tobe Hooper's second film. It's clear from this movie that he wasn't meant to be a director but what's really strange about this film is the fact that it looks like a decade too late. If you've seen Jerry Warren's FRANKENSTEIN ISLAND then you know that film seems to be about thirty-years too late and that the director didn't progress with the times. The same can be said here because this is just such an old-fashioned film that you can't help but wonder who it was aimed at.

Of course, the director was at least smart enough to throw some blood to the viewers and there's quite a bit of nudity early on. There are also some pretty silly sex scenes where the women are totally naked and being nailed by men who are still wearing their pants. I'm not sure why but I've always found this to be quite funny. The only saving grace to this picture is the fact that it have five well-known faces.
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like a well shot porn movie, then becomes a horror film near the end
HEFILM2 August 2006
The weakest element is the alien thing, the alien ships are stock footage from Battlestar Galactica and Project UFO and there are only three shots of these ships.

Pretty cast and lots of things that seem to be building to porno scenes that then stop give this the things you'd fast forward to to get to the sex scenes feel of most of what's left.

Cast of fun and cheesy guest roles are mostly wasted in nothing or slightly silly parts--though all of them seem to try. As to the few porn actors guesting here and the rest, well they are pretty but they really do mostly define "porn" acting at its bad norm.

Film has no sense of style or comedy but the taste in attractive female and male flesh must be praised for what it's worth.

Aliens hang out at a hospital that seems to have no one else in it but the aliens, who are just girls in left over Flash Gordon outfits and John Carradine in a silver jump suit, playing it sober.

Aldo Ray and Neville Brand seem to be having some sleazy fun as the sleazes and they trap some of our young pretty non actors and torture them in what briefly becomes a bit serious and suspenseful.

Lots of flesh, not much sense, a fair amount of boredom, very Little blood, no real alien creatures, perhaps a great porn film that wasn't... or parts of a horror film which does kill some characters you'd not expect to have die.

Not much though really, the director has no clear sense of how to make a film and certainly not how to make a genre blending one like this. Re release poster art removes the large cartoon nipples that adorned the original box and poster art, a really silly badly done poster, now stripped of its most outlandish element. Shows how times have changed.
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Many chuckles to be had.
latherzap6 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
An absolutely absurd horror flick, featuring the always amusing Aldo Ray (Bog, Executioner 2, Don't go near the Park).

It begins with some young adults camping, and having lots of sex. Some are murdered and taken to a cheap looking hospital. Two women in '50s style scifi Jetsons outfits wander the halls. Three old aliens of human appearance (Carradine, Louise, and Newmar!) are there, mapping out their plan. They depend on fresh victims for their blood, and they are paying two idiotic mechanics (a gold coin each) to do the kidnapping.

It's a lot of fun. There's a ridiculous easy-listenin' song during a love scene, and other lousy 80s music (one which I suspect might be sung by the dumb blond character). Lots of bad acting, and Karrie Emerson looks hot in red! And, it features the time-honored line "gives me the creeps!". Do they say that in every horror movie???

Irrelevant trivia: at least 3 or 4 porn stars have bit parts in this movie. Even the script was written by a porn veteran. I would love to hear how this project came to be. I hope this gets a DVD release someday soon!
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Geriatric aliens and mechanics run teen blood bank
Dr. Gore28 May 2003
Warning: Spoilers

I bought this one for five bucks. The movie starts off on the right foot. Horny teens are making out in the woods. Breasts are freed from their bras before the credits are finished. There are other scenes of girls rubbing suntan lotion on each others breasts and one where two porn stars make out, (Jerry Butler and Amber Lynn). Then the movie goes downhill.

Three geriatric aliens arrive on Earth from their floating disco ball and need blood. So they hire two elderly mechanics to go out and get it for them. Preferably from half naked teens if possible. My guess is that the producers had two locations to shoot at, (a hospital and an auto garage), and then built the movie around that. After the gratuitous nudity in the first 15 minutes, the movie dies a quick death. No scares, barely any blood but plenty of bad acting to torment you.
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A porn horror movie without the porn?
doe-334913 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
What happens when you mix a teen sex comedy with a gore film? It's kind of like chocolate and peanut butter, one would think, but the results don't always taste as good. Witness 1985's Evils of the Night.

Three vampire aliens, Dr. Zarma (Julie Numar, who of course is the Catwoman, but is also a writer, real estate mogul and lingerie inventor), Cora (Tina Louise, who is of course Ginger from TV's Gilligan's Island) and Dr. Kozmar (John Carradine, who is of course skinny Dracula), have come to a college town to get the blood of young co-eds, which keeps them young.

There's also Neville Brand (Al Capone from TV's The Untouchables) and Aldo Ray (whose career trajectory goes from the highest of heights to the lowest of lows) as two old mechanics that are helping the aliens. As for the teens, we've got Tony O'Dell (Ferdy in Chopping Mall), Karrie Emerson (who was also in Chopping Mall), 80's adult movie queen Amber Lynn and "Raw Talent" Jerry Butler, who was also a well-known adult film star.

Director Mardi Rustam (who wrote and produced Psychic Killer and Tobe Hooper's Eaten Alive) is the person to blame for all of this. If you're used to sex in the woods looking fake and feeling gratuitous, then this film will decimate your sensibilities. It feels like porn sex could literally break out at any minute, but the only penetration if when one of the girls gets drilled. With a drill. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Along the way, there are lesbian aliens, spaceships, axe murders, the Millenium Falcon on the poster for the movie, rings that shoot lasers, John Carradine in a space suit and more.

You can also blame Aquarius Releasing for this one, the fine (well, maybe not fine) folks who brought Dr. Butcher, M.D., Zaat, Deep Throat, Make Them Die Slowly (Cannibal Ferox) and Silent Night, Deadly Night to 42nd Street. They also released The Beyond as Seven Doors of Death, cutting out plenty of gore along the way to get an R rating.

Look, this movie is terrible. But that doesn't mean it isn't entertaining. The pathos at the end when one of the mechanics laments his dead friend are poignant. You could find a worse movie at 4 AM to watch.
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A bit of this, a bit of that
Leofwine_draca22 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
EVILS OF THE NIGHT is an openly trashy B-movie flick from 1985. It's notable for featuring a bunch of ageing Hollywood figures (in some cases in their last performances), an untalented young cast of jocks and bimbos, and a plot which seems to have been concocted of bits and pieces of this and that. The first half an hour consists of one interminable sex and nude scene after another, with a little cheesy death thrown into the mix; copying the Friday the 13th franchise, it seems. Then there are a handful of bizarro medical experiment scenes in which poor old John Carradine shows off his arthritic hands and Julie Newmar shows off her incredibly long legs. Most of the later plot involves a couple of murderous garage mechanics, played by a couple more old timers, Aldo Ray and Neville Brand. Expect big hair, random laser effects, endless nudity, and some cheesy gore scenes.
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So bad it's … beyond awful!
Coventry9 December 2009
My mates and I were hoping this notorious mid-80's horror junk would at least be amusingly awful, like "The Dark Power" or something, but instead this is really just a very retarded amateur film that isn't even funny when you're intoxicated to the nth degree. Tons of gratuitous nudity aside, there are absolutely no redeeming values to find in "Evils of the Night" and the impressive list of starring B-movie legends (Aldo Ray, Neville Brand, John Carradine, Julie Newmar…) are embarrassing themselves. Somewhere in the middle of a forest (?) there's a party beach where hormone-driven teenagers gather around for stupid pranks, foul play and unconditional sex. Two local dim-witted car mechanics kidnap the love-making kids and sell them to a society of aliens. The aliens, wearing futuristic outfits that appear to be stolen from Gary Glitter's private wardrobe, need human beings to increase their own lifespan with 200 years. "Evils of the Night" is nearly gore-free and purposelessly boring. The acting performances are terribly uninspired (especially John Carradine is pitiable and miscast as the lead alien) and the wannabe comical interludes are the complete opposite of funny. There's one fairly worthwhile sequence – involving an electric drill – but that's hardly enough to save the film. Skip it, regardless of how cool the DVD-cover looks.
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Aliens. Nudity. Ridiculous.
michaelRokeefe7 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Frivalous, exploitive, cheesy and extremely bad. Uproariously non-clever imitation of a '50s alien invasion movie...just real terrible acting, cheap special effects and a disjointed story. Enough already. Three obviously aged aliens played by John Carradine, Tina Louise and Julie Newmar hire a couple of dim witted mechanics(Neville Brand and Aldo Ray)to kidnap sex-crazed teens for processing into a youth-restoring serum. Unredeemable and the only thing memorable is the nudity, and that in default. No other actors to speak of in this farce except for porn star Amber Lynn; and she provides the most talent of all. If you like tossing back a few tall cool ones and laughing your ass off with a bunch of friends...this is the one you need.
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Trashy '80s schlock.
BA_Harrison3 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The plot for this prime example of '80s z-grade sci-fi/horror trash really doesn't matter all that much-the film is more concerned with delivering scenes of hot young couples getting it on than in telling a riveting tale-but for those who care, the scant script sees aliens (whose number include ageing horror star John Carradine and Julie 'Catwoman' Newmar) visiting our planet to harvest human blood to extend their lives.

The plasma best suited to the aliens is from 16-24 year olds, this plot detail allowing director Mohammed Rustam to fill his flick with teens/twenty-somethings of both sexes stripped to their underwear (or less). Helping to collect the unwilling donors for the extraterrestrials are two garage mechanics (played by Aldo Ray and Neville Brand) who sell their services for gold coins.

It's cheap, poorly directed, badly acted tosh, to be sure, but the plentiful T&A from a collection of attractive young women (a couple of whom get completely nekkid for their art) ensured that I was never bored, and towards the end of the film there is some unexpected mean-spirited violence, with Ray and Brand killing off my two favourite girls (ditzy blonde Connie, played by G.T. Taylor, and gorgeous brunette Nancy, played by Karrie Emerson) with a power drill and axe.

In the end, the aliens escape unscathed, but Brand and Ray get their just desserts.

6/10 - Garbage, but entertaining garbage.
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Roast this pig
Tender-Flesh2 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know if I'd call John Carradine "star power" but he's probably the biggest name in this film, and as such, he's underused as is the norm for his later films. Following in his timid wake are Julie Newmar, Tina Louise, Aldo Ray, Neville Brand, and at least four professional porn stars who were also making adult films around this time. I feel that having a porn star in a mainstream film where the actress gets naked is a rip-off. Most people want to see someone nude who they've never seen nude before, or maybe that's just my opinion. Now, on to better things besides bare bodies(I kid, I kid--there's nothing better here).

Can you ask for a stranger cast? Seriously, Tina Louise didn't perform in the Gilligan's Island TV movies, but she'll appear in this mess? I suppose it could have been a contractual issue, but I have a feeling she just didn't want to be involved with such a silly premise as Gilligan's Island. She's "too good of an actress..." Well, flash forward 20 years and things are slightly different, ain't they, Tina? This hodgepodge of a film boasts the aforementioned stellar cast and a moronic premise that is horribly executed. Two dirty old men mechanics work for aliens, and by aliens, I mean humans in weird clothes with glowing Cracker Jack rings that double as blasters and communicators. The grease monkeys, Brand and Ray, capture goofy teens who like to hang out near a lake during the summer. The teens are brought to a hospital at night, a hospital run by aliens(don't ask), where the kids get their energy sucked out by zero-budget machines(real hospital equipment meant to fool the viewer into thinking it's something from beyond the stars---ugh). The aliens are sort of vampires(nothing new to Carradine) who need the teen energy to stay young for hundreds of years. A slasher films in some respects, the scenes of the teens being stalked and molested by Brand and Ray are the best parts of the film(though one wonders what a battle ax is doing out in the middle of nowhere).

Ah, yes, the audio track. I firmly believe a 13 year old was responsible for handling this. 99% of the film's audio is drowned in echo and reverb, and the scenes with Carradine, Newmar, and Louise are barely audible in parts.

I can't find anything redeeming in this to recommend it, unless you have a thing for Julie Newmar, and you might, but she's looking quite haggard and out of place here. As I mentioned, Carradine is wasted in his role(probably needed to pay the rent that month), and Tina Louise should have known her bread will always be buttered on that isle of castaways.
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Stupid, offensive trash...
blackie-524 September 1999
This is one of the cheapest, most offensive, all-around worst horror movies ever made. Truly an insult to even the most undemanding video renter. Tina Louise, Julie Newmar, Aldo Ray, and John Carradine apparently all needed a little cash. Although they have all been in other trashy, bad movies, this has to be at least close to the absolute rock bottom for all of them. The only interesting thing about this movie is watching people who once had careers "perform" in something truly awful.
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Sleazie but sexy sci fi
vampi196011 August 2006
evils in the night is a bad movie but not poor,but it does have its moments.its kind of a soft core porno slash sci fi film,it does however waste the talents of great actors;John Carradine,Julie Newmar,Aldo Rey,Neville brand and Tina Louise(strike that Tina Louise is'nt a great actor)aliens kidnap sex starved teenagers that look like they wandered off the Friday the 13th lot.but john carridine is really wasted in this sleazy film as an alien.look for 80's adult star amber Lynn displaying her charms.there are a lot of goofs one is the spaceship,its 2 different spacecraft,one that looks like the shuttle from battlestar galactica. the other looks like a flying saucer.i know it was a low budget but thats just too obvious.Aldo Rey and Neville brand are buddies running a gas station auto repair shop,just don't take your Toyota there.if you want to waste about 90 minutes on a bad film this is it.don't expect close encounters of the third kind.think plan 9 from outer space with soft core porn.also in the movie is Fred Olen Rey's tough girl actress dawn wildsmith as one of the aliens.i give it 2 out of 10.just a little above being poor.
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wow, John Carradine's Worst Movie?
silentgpaleo30 May 2000
How bad and offensively stupid can one movie get? I guarantee EVILS OF THE NIGHT will knock out the competition. Whoever made this had no taste or sense if humor. The story of the muderous moronic mechanics is like something from a Ray Dennis Steckler film, and the production values are nil. EVILS IS OF THE NIGHT is pretty bad, and not funny at all. Not even for fun.

EVILS OF THE NIGHT is a real threat to anyone's intelligence.
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Total Crapolla!
lordzedd-312 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, here we go on EVILS OF THE NIGHT. Where should I begin, how about the poster. The poster shows two cool killer aliens attacking a half naked woman as they are tethered to the Millennium Falcon from STAR WARS! Also, the "alien craft" the "creatures" arrive in is the shuttlecraft from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. If it wasn't bad enough, but they should the same shot in reverse when they left the Earth. The aliens looked nothing like the poster in the slightest, the aliens were just John Carradine, Julie Newmar and Tina Louise! The insane killers were two goofy mechanics. What the hell were Julie Newmar and Tina Louise thinking making this pile of alien dung? John Carradine I can understand, being typecast, he did a lot of crap I'm sure he didn't want to do near the end of his life. But Julie Newmar and Tina Louise, I hope they fired they're agents after this came out. Why didn't Universal sue, first this movie then SPACE MUTINY. What the hell were they thinking? My God in Heaven, if I owned the rights, I would drive the Production Company under and make sure all copies of the movie was burned. But that's just me. To top it off, the thugs were killed by the last survivor ala Friday the 13th, but the aliens escaped, even though they failed that's still crap. I give this whole disaster epic of a slasher flick the NOOSE!!!!!
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