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black and white urban art house stuff with a detached plot
ellastardust-7143224 March 2016
I watched this on a rainy, grey afternoon which was kind of a perfect backdrop for this fairly dreary movie. Nothing really happens, prolonged and largely meaningless scenes led us nowhere and the convoluted notion of a film within a film was a pretty dull affair all round. The characters all seemed to have undergone a personality bypass and the screenplay never gave them any assistance in recovering from that trauma. I gave it a six rating as the cinematography made the film worth watching. A Parisian setting in grainy black and white that had a feel of the fifties more than the mid eighties meant that I could let that wash over me whilst I was waiting for a plot to reveal itself. Or for a character to do something interesting rather than smoke heavily looking pensive. But what about? Shame really as there was potential for something far better.
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