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One of the greats....
NitroB-127 April 2007
Dutch Girls is the starting point of so many great actors careers. Colin Firth (Truelove), Timothy Spall (Lyndon Baines) just to mention two.

The film is every teenage boys dream of an overseas school trip and all the bad behaviour thats expected. (I'm sure that many viewers can relate to the experiences portrayed in the film)

The acting is a bit lame in places and the soundtrack a bit dodgy, but my advice is watch it a couple of times so that you catch the background action.

The film has gained cult status over the last few years and a large fan base made up mainly of Colin Firth fans (due to his success in the Bridget Jones Movies).

Bill Patterson(Mr Mole)really makes the film for me, his performance really does portray that of a teacher wanting to make the most of the full "Amsterdam" experience.

The film should have place in the heart of every man..
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Porky's wannabe
FirthNorthamAddict11 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
It wasn't a great movie, it wasn't a terrible movie. About a group of young men who go to Holland to play hockey. Along the way they drink, smoke, and try to have sex. Is a good movie to see if your a fan of Colin Firth, as he is in most of it, has young Timothy Spall, Adrian Lukas, James Wilby. The acting by CF is great, but not even he can completely hold up this movie. Has quite a few laughs in it, but mostly just a bunch of guys trying to get their rocks off. The ending was a let down too, no real resolution. All in all, I do recommend seeing this movie if you are a die hard fan of Colin Firth, is a nice find for him as a young man.
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As a 16 year old, this was superb
steve-barry-124 July 2007
I remembered this TV drama after searching IMDb for facts about Timothy Spall. I had no idea Bill Paterson and Colin Firth were in it too. OK, I was 16, totally besotted with a girl called Julie, so watching this show really made me wistful for female company! As I remember it, the hockey team board a ferry to Holland to play another school team, however, their training consists of smoking Silk Cut, Drinking and falling in love with Dutch Girls. I also seem to remember one of the characters drilling holes on his hockey stick and filling it with solder or some melted metal to aid his shots. I also remember Timothy Spall staying at some Dutch family's house and forgetting to flush the toilet after doing the no.2 and horrifying the Mother of the house when she goes in after him.
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You know what they say about Dutch girls
treeline13 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Hockey players from a Scottish prep school head to Amsterdam for a tournament and the boys, all big talkers but completely inexperienced, expect to make time with the local girls despite the watchful eye of their nerdy chaperone (Bill Paterson). Shy Neil (Colin Firth) finds himself attracted to a lovely young blonde while oafish Lyndon (Timothy Spall) turns out to be the Lothario of the group.

This 1985 film is mainly a chance to see a very young Colin Firth in action. While he's not nearly the heartthrob he would later become, he's still sweet and sympathetic. The action revolves around him, however, and he's often just a spectator. The spotlight is really shared by Paterson as the hilariously strict yet clueless coach and Spall who is quite convincing as a repulsive and slovenly rich kid. James Wilby is also good in a small role.

The script doesn't break any new ground, but it's a pleasant, lightweight film about the trials of growing up that will bring a few smiles.
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