Day of the Dead (1985) Poster

John Amplas: Fisher



  • Ted Fisher : We've got to have sterile conditions. Half the work we do goes down the toilet due to contamination.

    Captain Rhodes : You'll work with what you've got, Fisher.

    Ted Fisher : But it's madness! Can't you understand...

    Captain Rhodes : [cutting him off]  I understand this. You and your playmates, you're running out of friends fast around here.

    Ted Fisher : Look, Major Cooper promised us that we would have...

    Captain Rhodes : [cutting him off again]  Major Cooper is dead! I'm in command now. And I'm telling you that you'll work with what you've got. And you better start showing me some results, or you won't have that very much longer.

    Ted Fisher : How can we show you results when we don't have the proper working conditions?

    Sarah : We're in a desperate situation here! We need each other. Can't we just get along?

    Captain Rhodes : You need us the way I see it, lady. I'm not so sure we need you at all. I'm not even sure just what the hell it is you're doing in there. Just what the hell it is my men are risking their asses for.

    Sarah : Well, maybe if there was more cooperation around here, your men wouldn't have to risk their asses quite as often!

  • Ted Fisher : What's he trying to prove? I once saw one of those things sitting behind the wheel of a car in D.C. trying to drive down Independence Avenue. It didn't make me want to be its friend.

    Sarah : No, it isn't what this one does, but what he doesn't do! He doesn't get excited or agitated when Logan enters the room! He doesn't see Logan as...

    Ted Fisher : Lunch.

    Sarah : Dinner.

    Ted Fisher : Breakfast.

    [they laugh] 

  • Ted Fisher : Unbelievable! We've come out of the frying pan and into the fire! I thought Cooper was an asshole, but he was a sweetheart next to Rhodes. We could be in serious trouble here with him in charge. You'd better watch yourself, Sarah. I really mean physically watch yourself from now on.

    Sarah : Don't worry. It wont come to that. By the way, where is Logan?

    Ted Fisher : You mean Frankenstein? He's in laboratory. Where else?

  • Ted Fisher : Your orders are to facilitate the job of this scientific team! This is a civilian team, and we don't have to be subjected to your tyranny.

    Captain Rhodes : Who's being 'subjected' to what, Fisher? You've lost one man; we've lost five. Where does it say we gotta keep those dumb fucks next door to where we sleep? Where does it say we should do any one thing but shoot the mothers in the head?

    Dr. Logan : [Entering]  You don't have enough ammunition, Captain, to shoot them all in the head!

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