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Alternate Versions

The region 2 DVD version is missing some seconds of Arthur's death scene. Vic no longer warns him of an impending over-pass, and Arthur's speech before he dies is cut completely.
The Chinese region-free DVD from Panorama Entertainment is uncut. It presents the film with the extended sequence with Arthur and Nancy from the Japanese laserdisc, the "get away from the fucking window!" line omitted from the Japanese laserdisc and the Vic's overpass warning and Arthur's subsequent pre-death speech omitted from the Region 2 DVD, all intact. The film itself is titled "The XYZ Murders" in the opening credits sequence, with a small player-generated subtitle proclaiming "AKA Crimewave".
The Japanese laserdisc version features a longer scene with Arthur Coddish and Nancy. When Vic comes back from getting more suds for Nancie's dress. In the theatrical version Vic does not go back into the apartment because he finds Helene Trend out in the hallway tied and gagged.
When Helene Trend is looking out the window watching Donald Odegard in the office, Ernest Trend in the theatrical version yells "Get away from that fucking window!". The Japanese version omits that line.

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