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Sex & Nudity

  • 3 elderly men are seen wearing just their swimming trunks.
  • A man joins his wife in the shower it is implied that they are about to have sex, apart from a few giggles nothing else is seen or heard.
  • A man lying in a single bed opens the covers and pats the bed suggestively to his wife encouraging her to get in with him, she obliges and the couple are seen cuddling.
  • 3 married woman are sat around the table giggling and acting dreamy it is implied that they all had sex the night before.
  • A man peeping through a small hole spy's on a woman getting undressed. we see her completely remove her clothes only her bare back is seen.
  • A man and a female alien (who is adopting the human form at the time) are alone in a swimming pool it is implied that they are both naked and about to have sex. She is shown from behind fully naked as she walks down steps into the water. However as the man advances on her she tells him to stop and to go to the other end of the pool, he does as he is told with out any fuss and it is made very clear that the man has respect for the alien woman's feelings. she is then seen to be summoning up a large ball of light and she shoots it at the man, it hits him in the chest and you see him growing with ecstasy. The alien woman explains after that they call this sharing themselves with each other.
  • A man is seen with another woman who is not his wife engaging in some innocent horse play, however later on in the movie it is implied that the man has had an affair with this woman and his wife is seen to have moved out. It's heavily implied that he's cheated on his wife on other occasions.

Violence & Gore

  • A man grabs his wife roughly by the arm to prevent her going swimming with her friends, she protests and looks disappointed, but he is very forceful with her and tells her that they are going home.
  • A man drops a heavy gas bottle on his foot you hear him scream in agony and you briefly see that the mans foot is very bruised.


  • Frequent use of "God-Dam" 3 uses of "Shit" 2 uses of "Son of a Bitch" and 1 use of "fucking".
  • A man hints to another man that he has an erection the other man also admits that he had one too and refers to it as hard as a rock. They both go on to sing a crude song in reference to their erections.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Adults are seen drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, cigars etc. at a social dancing club.
  • A reference to Cocaine is made when the three men can't understand that since swimming in the pool they have all of a sudden felt youthful again. One of the men says " I wander if there's Cocaine in there?" an other man says " I don't care" and jumps in regardless.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • After the pool is drained of it's energy by the large amount of residents who jump in, the alien leader opens up a cocoon to find the occupant withered and dying. He sheds a tear as his friend dies, realising at that moment that he has never cried before due to never having experienced the grief of losing someone close to him.. The other characters stand by helpless and saddened as this takes place. This is a very poignant and sad moment and may upset sensitive viewers.
  • Very mild horror - as a man peeps at a woman undressing she not only removes her clothes but her skin too. This shocks and frightens the man and he runs away. The woman's companions catch up with him to find out what is going on. The frightened man shouts "she's not normal" one of her companions then pulls down his eyelid to reveal that he can remove his skin too. This frightens the man even more, forcing him to jump into the lake.
  • 3 men are trespassing in a large mansion which is temporarily owned by a bunch of aliens, while the aliens leave the house to go about their business, the three men take advantage of their pool. The three men are busy splashing about in the pool when one notices the aliens returning. The men panic and hide inside a cupboard. You see the aliens all take their skin off and jump in to the pool. One of the aliens ( in alien form) opens the cupboard where the men are hiding, this frightens the men out of their wits and they run away.
  • Towards the end of the movie it is found that a large number of senior citizens are missing from a nursing home and they are found on a boat which is sailing out to sea. The local authorities are under the impression that they are being kidnapped and send out police helicopters, boats etc. to try and stop them. However, all the passengers are there through their own choice as they want to go to the planet that the aliens come from. You see a young boy who is clearly upset that he won't see his grandparents again. He runs and jumps onto the boat. His mother is clearly distressed by this and is frantically trying to get him back to her.

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