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Wilford Brimley: Ben Luckett



  • Walter : I want you all to consider what I am about to suggest to you. You people seem to want what we've got. Well, we have room for you. We have room for you and about 30 of your friends. You would be students of course, but you'd also be teachers. And the new civilizations you would be travelling to would be unlike anything you've ever seen before. But I promise you, you will all lead productive lives.

    Ben Luckett : Forever?

    Walter : We don't know what forever is.

  • Ben Luckett : So you think it's like Bernie said? We're cheating nature?

    Mary Luckett : Yes.

    Ben Luckett : Well I'll tell ya, with the way nature's been cheating us, I don't mind cheating her a little.

  • Art Selwyn : [singing]  Oh I'm in the mood for love.

    Ben Luckett : Will you listen to this guy, he'll be chasing them dolls 'til his dick runs off.

    Art Selwyn : Oh I'm too old for that sort of thing.

    Joseph Finley : Age isn't everything.

    Art Selwyn : Nope.

    Joseph Finley : Anyway it's all up here.

    Ben Luckett : Not all up there, Pal. Some of it's down here, which I might add is stiff as a board.

    Art Selwyn : You too? You got a boner too?

    Ben Luckett : Blue steel. Cat couldn't scratch it.

    Joseph Finley : I thought I was the only one.

    Art Selwyn : [singing]  We're in the mood for love, simply because we've got one.

  • Bernard Lefkowitz : I'm a citizen. I believe in this country. In 1945, Dutch Scholtz walked into my store and he said...

    Joseph Finley : Bernie, if you don't wanna do this for Rose and you don't wanna do this for yourself that's fine, that's your business, but if you screw this up for the rest of us...

    Bernard Lefkowitz : Don't threaten me, Joe, I don't need any of your threats. We're not doing it and that's final!

    [Walks away] 

    Ben Luckett : Anyone having second thoughts?

    Art Selwyn : I'm a citizen too. I was in the navy. I don't see anything wrong with it.

    Ben Luckett : Then you drive. I got no license.

  • Joseph Finley : You think there's cocaine in that pool?

    Ben : Might be.

    Joseph Finley : What if we O.D.?

    Ben : We'll keep an eye on each other. I'll watch him

    [pointing to Joe] 

    Ben : , you watch him

    [pointing to Art] 

    Ben : , you watch me.

    Art Selwyn : Perfect.

  • Ben Luckett : [getting in the shower with Mary]  Want a piece of candy, little girl?

  • Ben Luckett : [Stepping into the freezing cold pool]  Whoa, that'll make your ol' ball sack shrivel up.

  • Ben Luckett : Ain't a son of a bitch in the world has to know we're in that pool. We'd just be a few old farts paddlin' around in that pool. Who's gonna know?

  • Ben Luckett : Bernie, why don't you stop being like that. We're doing this for Joe.

    Bernie : Joe? Is Joe above the law?

    Ben Luckett : Yeah.

  • Joseph Finley : I feel great.

    Ben Luckett : You wouldn't bullshit me?

    Joseph Finley : My God, I'm telling the truth!

    Art Selwyn : Why shouldn't he feel good? I feel tremendous! I'm ready to take on the world!

  • Ben Luckett : So you went to the doctor, what did he say?

    Joseph Finley : Oh it's a breeze. Everything is fine.

    Ben Luckett : Hey wait a minute. This is ME you're talking to. Now you went to the Goddamn doctor. What did he say?

    Joseph Finley : [after a pause]  Doctor's don't know everything.

    Ben Luckett : Well there is the one school of thought that says they don't know nothing.

  • Ben Luckett : I got a couple of things I... I need to talk about with you.

    David : Yeah?

    Ben Luckett : Yeah. I guess me and your grandma are going away, David.

    David : Where to?

    Ben Luckett : Well, that's not important. What's important is that when we get where we're going, we'll never be sick, we won't get any older and we won't ever die.

    David : You're joking me, right?

    Ben Luckett : No. No.

    David : Would I be able to visit you and Grandma?

    Ben Luckett : No. And we wouldn't be able to visit you, either. And that kind of bothers me.

    David : I'd never see you again?

    Ben Luckett : No.

    David : When would you go, if you did?

    Ben Luckett : Soon, my boy. Soon. And do you know where?

    David : Where?

    Ben Luckett : Look up. Outer space, my lad. Outer space.

    David : Who's gonna take you to outer space?

    Ben Luckett : It don't matter. You wouldn't believe me if I told you, and I can't tell your mother, because she'd then know her old man had snapped his cap.

    Ben Luckett : I wonder if they'll have fishing holes there. There's some things they won't have. They won't have grandsons, and they won't have baseball games, and they won't have hot dogs, and they won't have that kind of stuff. And... I'm gonna miss them.

  • Susan : You guys wanna go out to dinner?

    David : Yeah.

    Ben Luckett : No Italian food! Makes me fart!

  • Ben Luckett : [about Bess]  Gonna do anything about that one?

    Art Selwyn : 'Already have.

    Ben Luckett : Put it to her?

    Art Selwyn : You're disgusting.

    Ben Luckett : So then you haven't, huh?

    Art Selwyn : What?

    Ben Luckett : I said, "so then you haven't."

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