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  • Clue is based on a board game by the same name. Devised by Anthony E. Pratt, a solicitor's clerk and part-time clown from Birmingham, England, it was originally published by Waddingtons in Leeds in 1949. It is now published by the US game and toy company Hasbro (originally the game was published by Parker Brothers). The game set-up was adapted for the movie by American writer John Landis and British writer Jonathan Lynn. Edit

  • A fourth ending was shot for the film, but was never released, possibly because it was considered too morbid. It features Wadsworth killing Boddy, and then revealing to the guests that he has poisoned them all so that there will be no witnesses and he will have committed the perfect crime. As he runs through the house to disable the phones to prevent the guests from calling a hospital and locking the doors, the evangelist from earlier returns, followed by the police, who disarm Wadsworth. Wadsworth then repeats the confession he had given earlier to the guests. When he arrives at the part about meeting Colonel Mustard at the door, he steps through the door, closes it, and locks it, leaving all the guests trapped inside. The police and guests escape through a window, while Wadsworth attempts to make a getaway in a car, only to hear the growling of a German Shepherd from the back of the car (who presumably kills him). Edit

  • Wadsworth (Tim Curry) stepped in dog poo before he came in, as you can see him wiping the bottom of his shoe when he opens the door (as seen from inside the mansion). Later guests arriving, as well as Yvette when Wadsworth first speaks with her, are seen looking at the bottom of their shoes as if checking whether they were the affected person. Edit

  • The original board game (first sold in the UK in 1949) was called "Cluedo" (a pun on "Ludo", a game called Parcheesi/Pachisi elsewhere). The title "Clue" was used for the American/Canadian version, and thus for the film. In the original board game, three of the characters are Miss Scarlett, Reverend Green and Dr. Black; in North America, they were renamed Miss Scarlet, Mr. Green and Mr. Boddy respectively. Edit

  • It depends on which version you watch: (A) Yvette kills Mr. Boddy and the cook while Mrs. Scarlet kills everyone else (the motorist, Yvette, the cop and the singing telegram girl), (B) Mrs. Peacock kills everyone, or (C) Professor Plum kills Mr. Boddy, Mrs. Peacock kills the cook, Colonel Mustard kills the motorist, Mrs. White kills Yvette, Mrs. Scarlet kills the cop, and Wadsworth kills the singing telegram girl. Then Mr. Green (who it turns out isn't the real Mr. Green and is in fact a heterosexual) kills Wadsworth (who it turns out isn't really Wadsworth but is in fact Mr. Boddy) Edit

  • (1) Tried to take the gun from Professor Plum when the lights went out? In ending A it was more than likely Ms. Scarlet, in ending B it was more than likely Mrs. Peacock, in ending C no one tried to take the gun from him, he fired on purpose

    (2) Was the missing person in the billiard room? In ending A no one was missing (Mrs. Peacock simply relaxed in the Study while everyone went to check on Yvette), in endings B and C it was Mrs. Peacock

    (3) Was the missing person in the kitchen? In ending A it was Yvette, in ending B it was Mrs. Peacock, in ending C it was Professor Plum

    (4) Took the key to the weapons out of Wadsworth's pocket? In ending A it was Ms. Scarlet, in ending B it was Mrs. Peacock, in ending C it was Colonel Mustard

    (5) Turned off the electricity? In ending A it was Ms. Scarlet, in ending B it was Mrs. Peacock, in ending C it was Mrs. White

    (6) Had the gun after the final murder? In ending A it was Ms. Scarlet, in ending B it was Mrs. Peacock, in ending C it was Wadsworth Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • It is revealed early on that each of the guest's are being blackmailed by Mr. Boddy as they all have dirty secrets connected with each other. Mr. Boddy blackmails them to keep their secrets. Throughout the film the reason for his blackmail is revealed. Some of the reasons are altered due to the different endings.

    Colonel Mustard is working on developing the next fusion bomb, and is a war profiteer selling Air Force radio parts on the Black Market, which is why he has a high net worth. It is also revealed that he also had an affair with Yvette at one point.

    Professor Plum had an affair with one of his patients (Later revealed as the singing telegram girl.) Which cost him his Psychiatry License. He now works at the United Nations, Mr. Boddy was likely blackmailing him to make the affair story go away, which allowed him to obtain his job at the UN.

    Mrs. White's husband was murdered under mysterious circumstances and was revealed in ending C to have slept with Yvette. It is also revealed in the same ending she also murdered him out of jealousy. In endings A and B, she pays blackmail to avoid public attention, and not have any fingers at her.

    Mrs. Scarlet runs a hotel which is a cover for a brothel. (In ending A, it is revealed she also like Mr. Boddy blackmails people for secrets, in Endings B and C the reason stays the same).

    Mr. Green works for the state department, and is a closet homosexual. (In the 1950's being a homosexual and having a state or government job was very taboo and could get you investigated or even fired). (In ending C, he is revealed to be a straight FBI agent working undercover to catch the real Mr. Boddy and expose all the guests.)

    Mrs. Peacock is revealed to have helped her husband a Senator win the election with illegal tactics, and using illegal fundraising tactics, which in ending C, the cook Mrs. Ho leaked to Mr. Boddy.

    The others involved also know of their secrets and are being blackmailed as well. For instance the Motorist was Colonel Mustard's driver during the war, and knew of his profiteering. Yvette had an affair with Mrs White's husband, Colonel Mustard and had connections with Mrs. Scarlet as the Cop recognized her. The Cop took bribes from Mrs. Scarlet to allow her to keep her business.

    Wadsworth and his wife were being bribed due to his wife having connections with socialist organizations, and would turn her over (due to the Red Scare) Unless he and her worked for him. Wadsworth wants to get them all together to turn in Mr. Boddy and end the blackmail. (In ending A, it is revealed he has connections to the Police force as the chief congratulates him on cracking the case. In ending B, he is revealed to be a FBI agent, and that's why J. Edgar Hoover called the house, and Ending C he is revealed as the real Mr. Boddy, and the person murdered was the real Wadsworth and is killed by Mr Green.) Edit

  • In ending C, Mr. Green (Michael McKean) is revealed to be an agent for the FBI. Yet when he shows the group his credentials, he identifies himself as a Plant. Which leaves many wondering what exactly he means.

    A Plant is another way of identifying an undercover officer or spy, as if to say they are a "Plant" or our "Plant" is inside or on the inside of a group they are infiltrating. The word is similar to a "Mole." So in a sense it is another way for him to identify that he is works undercover. Edit

  • In ending C, Mr. Green is revealed to be an FBI agent (Plant) who brings in the Police to arrest the guests for their crimes, and kills the real Mr. Boddy (Wadsworth.) It is interesting to know how he was able to successfully infiltrate Mr. Boddy's house and have such a good cover that even a person like Mr. Boddy who is an expert and discovering secrets about people. there are two theories as to how the FBI could cover their tracks.

    One theory is that the FBI made up the cover of Mr. Green so the agent using the cover name could successfully infiltrate the group expose and arrest Mr. Boddy as he is the more dangerous and prime criminal of the bunch he would be the likely target rather than the guests. He could most likely just gather info on the guests and the court would deal with the rest later. However there is a flaw with this theory. It would be hard for Mr. Boddy (weather it is were Lee Ving's Mr. Boddy or Tim Curry's Wadsworth) as they would most likely not believe the story in such a short manner of time. Also it would be unlikely the FBI would just barge in the middle of such a random case unless they have been following it for a while, even then they would have to find a believable scenario that Mr. Boddy would believe and send him in.

    The other theory is that there is a man who's surname is Green, works for the state department and is in fact gay. Either he was caught paying blackmail and when arrested volunteered information to the FBI about Mr. Boddy and the night they were all to meet at Hill House, in order to obtain a lighter sentence or be spared totally. Another way this could play out is the real Mr. Green scared and intimidated by Mr. Boddy voluntarily went to the FBI and ratted on Boddy and his blackmailing tatics. Both of these scenarios would lead them to conduct a full scale investigation., and send in one of their own agents disguised as Mr. Green, to gather more info and arrest Mr. Boddy, thus the Police aid. This is the more likely theory, since Mr. Boddy likely had not seen the real Mr. Green or if he did, a look a like agent was sent in and was walked through the real Mr. Green's mannerisms and behavior patterns so he could easily fool anyone. This may be the reason before he fires his gun he removes his glasses, and leaves them off the rest of the film as he likely does not wear glasses, and the real Mr. Green does.

    Also some may wonder if the FBI would expose his homosexuality if he cooperated. His cooperation likely would cover that up and allow him to keep his job. Homosexuality was not illegal, just taboo and unorthodox for the time period and many people/companies took issue with the simple fact and would fire or treat them badly. Henceforth when he comes out, many of the guests look disgusted or surprised, since it was uncommon to be sexually attracted to men. The FBI would likely make it go away since he cooperated with them, and helped them bring down Mr. Boddy and the other guests. Edit

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