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A serious look at great fun.
Springer-47 November 1999
The early days of both Gloria Steinham and Kirsty Alley merge nicely in this glossy look at Bunny Life in a Bunny Hutch. Gloria actually did became a Playboy Bunny for a time in order to do an article, Kirsty became Gloria, and both were terrific Bunnies. The story itself is sad and funny and gives the audience a lot to think about. The photography, the sets, and especially the costumes are fabulous. The acting is better than later efforts of the same actors. It raised my consciousness somewhat...I no longer long to wear long ears!
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A look into the Playboy clubs of the 1960s
hypocryptickal-imdb14 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
A Bunny's tale is the real story of a journalist who becomes a Playboy bunny to write an article about the bunnies. What start out as job to write a "light and fun" piece turns into a social critique on the objectification of women and how their only role in life is to support and entertain men. The journalist becomes increasingly aware of this, and how even her "perfect" boyfriend is in reality too self-centered to offer her any support.

An interesting look into the life of feminist icon Gloria Steinem, the movie makes you think about how far we have gotten since the 1960s, or have we?
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How would we do a role-reversal here?
janiceadkins-5683118 March 2018
I like the way Springer-4 says "I no longer long to wear long ears!" Kirstie Alley does a great tribute to Gloria Steinem. I don't see it as "wrong" in a general sense, but it would be nice to see a little "role-reversal" once in a while. Dress up young men with a white shirt and tie for the top, but swim trunks or exercise shorts for the bottom, and have them be "objectified" in a "ladies club." I suppose they have something like this already for women to harass boys, but not enough to give balance to the way it's usually done.
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at her pinnacle
slmdg23 July 2005
this movie is for anyone who has ever had a crush on Kristie alley. In my opinion this is the hottest she has looked in any of her movies and i have probably seen 90% of hers. You get to see Kristie alley running around in a bunny outfit with tons of cleavage as all the other bunnies as well.As for the movie itself? Its OK nothing special its your typical 80's movie where alley goes undercover at a playboy club and realizes the hardship of a bunny's life LoL but they seem to play it on the WE channel on cable at least 3 times a week so if you want to see it look there. It's kinda weird too to see a young and somewhat hot delta Burke Wow i never knew she was ever that skinny.
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