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Lonette McKee: Angela Drake



  • [On night 29, Angela Drake is calculating all the expenses and finds that Monty had spent the remaining $38,000 on the big party in the Plaza Hotel's Grand Ballroom; Brewster walks into the room to see the inevitable] 

    Monty Brewster : Hi. I thought I'd find you here. Listen, since Warren's not around, I... thought maybe I can escort you to the party.

    Angela Drake : Monty, I'm real sorry about you retiring from baseball. I know how much it meant to you.

    Monty Brewster : That's all right. I mean, it happens to everyone sooner or later. It's the nature of the game.

    Angela Drake : Yeah. Well... I don't think there's anything left here for me to add up, so I guess this is goodbye.

    Monty Brewster : Goodbye? Don't you wanna go to the party?

    Angela Drake : Oh, no. I couldn't stand another one. If you wanna know the truth, I don't see what could you possibly be celebrating unless you think it's okay to squander thirty million dollars.

    Monty Brewster : I don't. I just think maybe it was a phase I was going through.

    [Angela, about to turn cross, starts to walk away] 

    Monty Brewster : Listen, tomorrow, things will be different. I won't be like this anymore.

    Angela Drake : [turns cross]  Come tomorrow, you are dead broke. It's all over. You don't even have a job playing baseball anymore. And what do you do? You throw a party with last thirty-eight thousand!

    Monty Brewster : Listen to me. I pissed off so much money, I figured, what difference does $38,000 make?

    Angela Drake : [angry]  Oh, how dare you. That's more money than a lot of hard-working people earn in a year! You better get your values together because you're gonna need them.

    Monty Brewster : [frustated]  Why don't wait until tomorrow and then you'll know what this is all about.

    Angela Drake : [furious]  Just forget it, okay? And I hope you have fun at that party 'cause it all you got left!

    [Angela, very upset, storms out of the room and slams the door behind him] 

    Monty Brewster : I love you.

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