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When they sneak out of the library, there is a scene where Dick is at the vending machine getting some candy. He loses his money and starts kicking the machine. Every one has to run by this door one at a time to get where they are going. They all run by just missing being noticed. Ally Sheedy however slowly walks by stops and stares at Dick kicking the machine then slowly walks past unnoticed. Molly Ringwald then says "She's nuts but she's cool"
The entire sequence with everyone falling asleep at the end is deleted completely in the syndicated TV print. This is done mostly for time.
When Judd Nelson says, "You won't accept a guy's tongue in your mouth..." the television version found it necessary to edit such "vulgar" language and replace it with, "You wont accept a guy's lips on your mouth..."
Criterion Collection release from 2018 includes 50 minutes worth of deleted scenes previously unavailable on a home format.
VHS releases change the majority of the soundtrack, current DVD and Blu-ray releases have the original theatrical soundtrack
TV version features additional scenes:
When Emilio and Alley are asked to get sodas they collect money from everyone. They stick there hands out and and collect it. When they get to Anthony M Hall he gives money and then Judd Nelson sticks his hand out for money from Brian. Brian laughs, but Judd gives him a stone face, so Anthony gives him some money for a pop.
Television version features many scenes heavily edited for content. This is especially noticable when Bender is discussing his family and when the kids are smoking marijuana. Many, many expletives are also bleeped.
The scene where the kids smoke pot is heavily toned down in syndicated TV prints and Network prints. First off, all but one shots of the kids actually inhaling the joints are deleted. Also, the theatrical version shows Andrew coming out of a completly smoked filled room, and then a smile comes on his face after he takes in inhale after he leaves the room. Then he throws the joint on the floor and takes off his jacket. The TV versions are much shorter, and they begin the scene with him taking off his jacket.
The network version replaces part of the shot of Bender's locker (the part saying "fag") with an outside shot of the school.
In the TV version, when Bender says his "Can you hear this? Want me to turn it up?" line, instead of showing him put his middle finger up is shows Allison blowing her hair out of her face again.
Syndicated TV prints cut up to 20 minutes out of the movie, bringing the running time to 72 minutes without commercials.
Oddly enough, despite the fact that Bender's "Eat My Shorts" argument with the principal contains no profanity (and this later became Bart Simpson's trademark line in "Simpsons, The" (1989), television broadcasts re-dub the line as "Eat my socks".
There is at least one network version of this film that dubs out the profanity, but includes it on the closed captioning.
Australian and UK television versions are completely intact, with no scenes edited or deleted: older UK versions dub or omit the 'f' word, but more recent prints remain intact; the Australian version made no such changes, retaining an unaltered and unedited soundtrack (but is usually shown a little later in the evenings because of this).

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