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  • From the Brazil FAQ v1.3: "The samurai is a huge, monolithic, powerful machine, and is assumed to represent technology." Sam finds his own face behind the mask, which reveals that he was a willing participant in the governmental monstrosity. In the director's commentary, Terry Gilliam suggests that representing Sam's dual nature as such was a play on the word "samurai" by the screenwriter Tom Stoppard--samurai can be read as SAM-U-R-I (Sam, you are I). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • From the Brazil FAQ v1.3: "Gilliam's mother once sent him a mask like that, and it haunted him ever since. Gilliam intended the effect of combining the masks and the decaying bodies of the Forces of Darkness (the small, troll-like creatures which Sam sees in his dreams) to be an intermingling of the beginning and ends of life." Edit (Coming Soon)

  • From the Brazil FAQ v1.3: "An executive decision maker. . . it has a plunger that can fall to one side of a divider, landing on "YES" or "NO"." Edit (Coming Soon)


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