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Grant Bardsley: Taran



  • Eilonwy : I'm Princess Eilonwy. Are you a lord, or a warrior?

    Taran : Uh, no. Uh... I-I-I'm an assistant pig keeper.

    Eilonwy : Oh, what a pity. I was so hoping for someone who could help me escape. Oh, well, if you want to come with me, you may.

  • Eilonwy : Oh, Taran, I'm afraid it'll soon be over for us.

    Taran : I hadn't planned it to end like this, Eilonwy.

    Fflewddur Fflam : Oh, I wish I'd stayed a toad.

  • Gurgi : No, master. Not go into evil cauldron.

    Taran : If I don't, we're all lost. Out of my way.

    Gurgi : Gurgi not let his friend die. Taran has many friends. Gurgi has no friends.

    Taran : No, Gurgi! Don't jump! No!

    [Gurgi jumps into Cauldron] 

    Taran : No!

  • Taran : What does a girl know about swords, anyway?

    Eilonwy : "Girl"? "Girl"? If it wasn't for this *girl*, you would still be in the Horned King's dungeon.

  • Orddu : My, what funny little ducklings. Don't they know that the Black Cauldron is indestructible? Now listen carefully. The Black Cauldron can never be destroyed. Only its evil powers can be stopped.

    Taran : Then there is a way. But how?

    Orddu : A living being must climb into it of its own free will.

    Gurgi : Gurgi is bold and brave. He will climb into the evil cauldron.

    Orddu : However, the poor duckling will never climb out alive.

    Gurgi : [jumping away from the cauldron]  Yikes!

  • Orddu : We have business with your little hero.

    Taran : Hero? Gurgi was the hero.

    Orddu : The only thing that mattered to you was the Cauldron, but now it is of no use to you. So we shall take it and be on our way.

    Fflewddur Fflam : Stay your hand, ladies. We never give anything away. We bargain, we trade. Remember?

    Orddu : Did these old ears hear the word "bargain"?

    Fflewddur Fflam : Yes, Madam, your old ears heard right.

    Orwen : Oh, I just adore forceful men.

    Fflewddur Fflam : Oh, pull yourself together, Madam.

  • Taran : [to a goat]  His majesty, the Horned King. So we meet at last. Ha!

    [Taran rattles the goat's horns with his stick] 

    Taran : Even the Horned King shakes with fear. See, Hen? Everyone runs from the famous Taran of Cael Dallben.

    [the goat butts Taran and knocks him down] 

    Taran : [pretending to die]  Prydain's finest warrior draws his last breath.

  • Taran : I'm not afraid of the Horned King.

    Dallben : Then you are a very foolish lad. Untried courage is no match for his evil. Just remember that.

  • Taran : Have you seen my pig?

    Gurgi : Piggy? Round, fat piggy? Big snout?


    Taran : Yes, yes.

    Gurgi : Curly tail?

    Taran : That's her! That's Hen-Wen!

    Gurgi : Uh-uh, Nope. Gurgi not seen piggy. Nope.

  • Orddu : It's decided, then. You shall have the Black Cauldron.

    Eilonwy : You mean, you'll give it to us?

    Orddu : That's not what I said. You weren't listening. We never give anything away. What we do is bargain, trade.

    Taran : Well, you'll not have my sword!

  • Taran : For your sake, you'd better be telling the truth.

    Gurgi : Gurgi not lie. Not this time.

  • King Eidilleg : Tell me. Is the burning and killing still going on up there?

    Fflewddur Fflam : You're refering to that-that-that-that joke on humanity, the Horned King.

    King Eidilleg : Will no one stand up to him?

    Taran : We've seen him. And if he ever finds the Black Cauldron, he'll kill us all.

    King Eidilleg : Oh, no. He'll never find it. It's safely hidden, in Morva.

    Taran : Morva?

    King Eidilleg : At least I think it is. Isn't it, Doli?

    Doli : [Angry]  What? Is that one of my new jobs? Knowing where the Cauldron was last seen?

    King Eidilleg : Don't worry. He'll find it. You'll see.

  • [upon finding Gurgi harrasing a fallen Flewddur] 

    Taran : [angry]  Gurgi!

    Gurgi : Master? Uh... old man, uh... fell down!

    [nudges Flewddur] 

    Gurgi : Get up! Get up!

  • Taran : Silly girl. Even if she is a princess.

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