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Sex & Nudity

  • No sex shown. No nudity shown.
  • Biff forces a young woman to kiss him in the car. It appears he's being rough with the young woman (depends how your mind thinks) but her clothes remain on and you don't really see anything serious.
  • Marty's father is shown as a window peeper in his youth. You see the girl (his future wife) undressing in front of the window while he watches. She is shown in a bra before he falls out of the tree.
  • Some sexual references, like "she's got the hots for me."

Violence & Gore

  • Biff who is a violent, aggressive bully consistently bullies Marty's father, George. He threatens George with violence all the time to make him do things against his will.
  • Biff also attempts to bully Marty, however as Marty stands up to him there are a few scuffles between them. In one scene, Biff and his gang pick on Marty in the café, and Marty punches Biff and runs out. Biff then chases Marty in his car, Marty commandeers a skate board and just manages to swerve out of the way as Biff tries to ram him and Biff crashes into a manure truck.No one is hurt or injured during this scene.
  • During the lunch hall scene with Lorraine and Biff, Lorraine slaps Biff across the face and tells him to shut his dirty mouth.


  • A use of "ass".
  • One use of 'asshole'.
  • The word 'spook' is used by a white character against a black character. This term has racist connotations, which may be offensive for some viewers
  • Lots of blasphemy. Jesus, JC, and GD used very liberally throughout.
  • This movie has more shits than the average PG rated film
  • The word 'peckerwood' is used by a black character against a white character. This word has racist connotations, which may be offensive for some viewers.
  • Some uses of shit (including a couple of "holy shit")
  • Several damns
  • Many hells
  • Some uses of bastard and "son of a bitch"
  • Some uses of "Jesus" as exclamations and 'Yes, GD you have to Curse' is said.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Lorraine's dad has a bottle of beer in front of him at the dinner table. However, he isn't seen drinking from it.
  • In the opening scene, a news reporter talks about cocaine washing up by a shore, but this bit is quickly brushed over, and it's unlikely younger kids will notice it.
  • The mother is originally shown as an alcoholic, drinking vodka around the dinner table with her family. It's very brief.
  • One of the characters had been drinking and driving.
  • At age 17, Lorraine drinks alcohol and starts to smoke a cigarette, but she is stopped on both occasions by Marty. He takes a sip of the alcohol but then spits it out.
  • The members of the band playing at the dance are seen smoking outside of the high school and are called "reefer addicts" by another character.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Biff and relatives got spilled by manure. This may be disgusting for young viewers.
  • Perfectly fine for all ages.
  • Characters are in mild to moderate peril throughout. Some risk involved with ledges and things going wrong but no-one is ever harmed or put at serious risk.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Not knowing that Marty is her son in the future, the young woman develops a crush on her son. Strictly innocent, she says stuff like "he's a dream."
  • Marty's young mother removing his pants (offscreen) while he was unconscious after an accident (not serious). Not knowing Marty is her son from the future, she flirts with him. This is played for humor. She later kisses him while parked together in a car; she describes it: "like I was kissing my brother."

Violence & Gore

  • Terrorists arrive and shoot and kill Doc. They attempt to kill Marty, too but fail to do so. Later, it is revealed that their bus ran into a film booth and they are both presumably killed.
  • Near the end of the movie, George punches Biff hard in the face causing Biff to fall over backwards. It appears that Biff has been knocked out as he is seen lying motionless on the ground but no blood or bruising is seen.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The most intense scene of the movie is later in the film Is when Biff confronts Marty & Lorraine who are in a car before the dance. Biff throws Marty out of the car and to his friends who intend on beating him up. Biff then notices Lorraine inside the car. He then traps her from leaving the car and attempt's to assault her in the car. When he later see them the car is swaying from the struggle. George confronts Biff who is in the middle of assaulting Lorraine. She cries for help. This is when George and Biff fight. she is saved though.
  • Terrorists with automatic weapons drive past shooting at Doc and Marty and then crash into a 1-hour photo kiosk. Doc is shot at many times and it is believed he is killed, no blood. Marty is uninjured.
  • The scene where Marty starts to fade could be disturbing for young or sensitive Viewers.

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