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Better than it gets credit for, but then I'm prejudiced
dcorr12328 July 2000
Let me confess at the start that: 1) I'm definitely fond of dinosaurs and paleontology in general. This interest LONG predates "Jurassic Park". If a paleontology major had been available in my college, in the early 60's, that would have been my choice. 2) I've also ALWAYS been a big fan of animation and related effects, such as the dinosaurs. This movie had by far the best dinosaur effects of any prior to "Jurassic Park", even better than in "The Valley of Gwangi". The baby brontosaurus (actually apatosaurus) was perhaps a little too cutsey with its blinking eyes but otherwise the film captured details of movement, including musculature and skin, very well. This was at its best when the mother dinosaur was chasing the bad guys in their vehicle. Needless to say I was very sympathetic with the efforts of the paleontologists to rescue the dinosaurs. I also enjoyed some of the people "antics" such as the natives spitting out the granola bars (hippy food) from the sides of their mouths while pretending to like it. An enjoyable movie if a little saccharine.
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Highly Entertaining Adventure
Claudio Carvalho2 August 2016
The paleontologist Susan Matthews-Loomis (Sean Young) moves with her husband, the unemployed journalist George Loomis (William Katt), to the Ivory Coast to work with her former professor, Doctor Eric Kiviat (Patrick McGoohan), and his assistant Nigel Jenkins (Julian Fellowes) in an archaeological site. When George is invited to work in a newspaper in the United States, Susan discovers a bone that she believes is from a dinosaur; but Eric tells that she is wrong. However he knows that Susan has made an important discovery and wants the credits. George packs their stuff to travel but Susan wants to check her discovery and leaves a note to him telling that she will investigate further in the forest. George hires an airplane to follow her and he succeeds to find his wife. Soon they find befriend the native Cephu (Kyalo Mativo) and his tribe. When they find a family of brontosaurus in the middle of the forest, they feed the animals and become close to their baby. Meanwhile, Eric hires mercenaries to help him to capture the brontosaurus and the militia kills the male and catch the female. Susan and George help the Baby to survive, but soon Eric finds that there is a baby and wants to catch the little animal for him. Will Baby survive?

"Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend" is a film with a highly entertaining adventure. The story of a paleontologist that discovers a family of brontosaurus but sacrifices her discovery to save the animal is pleasant and with moral values. The special effects are excellent for a 1985 film. However the film is too violent for kids and maybe silly for grown-ups. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Baby, O Segredo da Lenda Perdida" ("Baby, The Secret of the Lost Legend")
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The ET of dinosaur films
Si Isenberg (sisen)19 May 2004
This is an almost totally entertaining flick which never flags; not in its tongue in cheek dialogue; not in its plot sequences; not in its amazing technical achievements (for its time) in getting the dinosaurs up and running. Sure the acting is pretty much black and white with Patrick McGoohan dispensing villany on the order of Gengis Khan on a bad day and William Katt and Sean Young surmounting all obstacles with a brio and dispatch that would have Arnold panting. There is also Baby herself, consistently endearing though up to, never over, the line. But one doesn't expect a movie about dinosaurs to take time out for character development. What there is of it is in the overly graphic scene of the female dinosaur mourning her slaughtered mate, a transcendent sequence that almost rips the fabric of the piece apart. That it manages to gets back to fantasy after this is a tribute to director B.WE.L. Norton and the frenetic pace he generates throughout. If you never had a dinosaur as a pet, you may be on the lookout for one after seeing Baby.
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Baby - Botch of a Legend
Moor-Larkin9 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The problem with cutting edge technology is that it can very soon look laughably obsolete. Any modern watcher will just laugh at the creaky old Brontosaurii. So lets talk about the people.

Sean Young plays her role reasonably well. A pretty, long-legged female Palaentologist is always going to struggle to be taken seriously. The other pretty long-legged Palaentologist, playing her husband, made the automaton dinosaurs look almost convincing. He was atrocious.

For a kids movie it is fairly risqué. There are some topless dancers, an almost-sex scene between the young lovers and some cold-blooded and murderous behaviour from my only reason for watching: Patrick McGoohan. He plays Dr. Kiviat and almost the first scene finds him viciously stabbing another scientist to steal some information about the location of the lost dinosaur he has spent his life searching for. The unexpectedly perceptive Sean Young is also on the hunt however and sends Kiviat on a wild pterodactyl chase.

Kiviat is not to be outdone and employs the corrupt military to assist him in finding the lost creatures. Once again (for a kids movie) the soldiers behave ruthlessly as they attempt to shoot the young Palaentologists and succeed in annihilating the father-dinosaur. Unbeknownst to Kiviat there is a baby Brontosaurus which has been befriended by the young couple. Eventually they fall into the scientists hands.

There is a scene which actually took me by surprise. Kiviat is in conversation with the military leader. It becomes evident that the officer seems even more dangerous than the scientist. McGoohan kills him. He plays the scene in such a way that I was convinced he was having a change of heart; so I was genuinely shocked when he emerges from the tent, raises the alarm and blames the young couple for the murder!! You just can't keep a good actor down.

Eventually McGoohan is eaten by the mother dino who rescues her Baby and so it ends. Rights are wronged - is that what I meant? I have read that this movie was plagued by technical difficulties. The robots that worked so well in the factory became very cranky in the hot African jungle locations. Long delays in shooting scenes could explain the fraught appearance of some of the actors.

Today, if you spend time at Disneyworld, more than one exhibit has "Baby" genes plain to see in their heritage.

I also noticed in the credits that Rose Tobias-Shaw was the casting director for the film. So that's how they got McGoohan ?!
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Does Not Need an R Rating
AH825-126 January 2005
Some people are so obsessed with breasts. GET OVER IT! African women don't wear shirts, so why should movies that represent that culture shield anyone from it? Why is this country to sensitive to ethnic nudity? If you think it's too much for your children to see, then don't let them watch it, and most certainly keep them away from the Discovery™ channel, or any other channel that may deal with cultures in which nudity is seen as a sign of beauty and is perfectly natural. People need to stop being so sensitive. Get over it. As far as the movie goes, it's a wonderful story, and it will teach children about good and bad. Kids need to learn that the hero doesn't always rescue the damsel in distress and live happily ever after. It's easier to show them that through movies, that way when something in real life happens that they're not used to, they will be better equipped to handle it.
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Before 'Jurassic Park', There Was Disney.
johnstonjames26 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
naw. don't believe the bad reviews of this. those people are the kind of people who pass judgment without ever taking into account the facts about a film. they are also the kind of people who probably never appreciate anything hand crafted or anything prior to the year 2000.

before there was 'Jurassic Park', there was this film. at that time in the 1980's, 'Baby' had the best Dino effects in film up to that point. yes it became severely dated a few years later with the 'Jurassic Park' films, but it's achievements for the time were considerable and should be properly noted and not mindlessly judged.

i like the use of the Disney 'Audio-Animatronics' method. sometimes it can seem more real than CGI FX. i'm not saying this film is better than the 'Jurassic Park' films. it's not. but it actually is a more realistic depiction of paleontology. i mean the 'Jurassic' films were about fantasy and not any thing really factual. even though equally impossible, 'Baby' is more real.

i like "Dino" movies. i love Dinosaurs and the more things made about them the better.

i also love Disney movies. was this a Disney flick? pretty much so. it was released by Touchstone films, but it basically was conceived by the Disney staff. Disney's production designer john B. Mansbridge helped with this production and Disney in-law Ron Miller was also responsible at an early level in this film's evolution(no pun intended).

Disney was the probably just afraid to put their name on this because of the adult content. i'm not talking about the African nudity. any anthropologist will tell you that's no big deal. i'm talking about the use of too much profanity and the sex scenes involving the scientist. that stuff is not appropriate for a Disney film. Walt would roll over in his grave and those scenes are not acceptable for children and do not further the action or plot. they are just there so the new "Eisner" Disney could prove it's all grown up. a disastrous move in my prudish opinion.

aside from profanity and adult sex, everything, including the African nudity, is appropriate for children. in fact aside from the "adult" flaws the film is almost Tailor-made for the kiddies( i mean it's all about a baby Dinosaur).

this is a cute film and feels very "Disney", but parents should be strongly cautioned about excessive profanity and sex scenes which are not appropriate for a Disney film.
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Ignore the first user comment
jeniferschulz23 January 2007
I saw this movie when I was probably the age of 3-6 years old..and that was the last time I saw it. It's one of my earliest childhood memories of a movie.. It was a favorite. If the idiot before me, thinks this movie is not suitable for children..and needs an R rating, should not be allowed to write comments on movies. This movie was amazing, and geared specifically for a child viewer. In fact, if memory serves correctly..Isn't this a Disney produced movie? If Children are allowed to play video games with guns and violence, I don't think a little National Geographic topless Indian women will be harmful to children. They'll probably not even notice.
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A great film but its just too sad for ME.
Movie Nuttball7 May 2002
This is one of the great movies of the 80s in MY collection that I think about all the time.

Baby: The Lost Legend is a great film but it is just to sad. I have seen this movie many times and each time I cry. I don`t want to go into detail.

A note to Parents: If your children don`t like to see Dinosaurs get hurt then please don`t show them this because it will upset them and yes the scenes are that emotional. I recommend to show you kids either or all three films of Jurassic Park,The Lost World: Jurassic Park II and Jurassic Park /// if your kids like to see Dinosaurs at their best and not getting hurt. I`M not saying Baby: The Lost Legend is a bad film,no it isn`t at all. It has a tremendous build up,a good story,good acting,wonderful looking Dinosaurs,excellent score by Jerry Goldsmith, and it does have a good ending but its what happens before that. Please take MY advise or view the film before your children do please.
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Underrated Kids' Classic
chow91324 November 2011
Underrated Kids' Classic Everyone here on IMDb seems to be beating this film to death just because it has poor acting, special effects, and a cheesy story! SO WHAT? It's a kids' movie!!! I saw this film when it first came out and loved it. You have to be a total SOB to let below average film making get in the way of enjoying this flick about lovable young scientists trying to save a cute baby dinosaur from poachers.

Don't take this film too seriously. Just relax and enjoy this movie with your kids! The plot: Newly wed scientists find dinosaurs alive and well in Africa. But of course there's an evil scientist Patrick McGoohan (Number 6) whom want to kill the dinosaurs and everyone who knows about them.

The scientific couple must save a baby dinosaur and join with a primitive African tribe to rescue the mother dino from captivity.

Like I said, don't take this film too seriously and keep in mind it's geared towards kids.
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memories about Baby
maelakest21 November 2006
I *adored* this movie. Haven't seen it since I was a little kid, but I remember thinking, "Oh my god, that was SUCH a good movie!" ...and it really stuck with me. I only remember the plot vaguely; but I know that I cried so hard when the mother dinosaur found the baby again I thought my lungs would explode (I was about six or seven years old at the time).

I also remember the dinosaur effects being really cool, and I was sure if I watched it now I'd be like, what the heck is with the clay dinosaurs? You know how these things never compare with our memories. But some people on here have said it still isn't that bad. Now I'm definitely going to have to rent it and watch it again.

PS: what is it with Sean Young? She's in like every 80's movie ever MADE!
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Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend Needs to Stay Lost
DeborahPainter85526 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The film is one of the rare ones that deals with the subject of dinosaurs in modern Africa. A brontosaurus like creature about the size of a grown hippopotamus has been rumored since the 1920s to live in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in Cameroon. Many expeditions have gone to the difficult to explore wetlands and rivers where it allegedly lives, only to return with no compelling evidence to show for their expensive efforts. A pretty good action-adventure film could be made in which a real dinosaur family is found. Unfortunately, what we get from Disney is boredom and a frustrating, hopelessly lame plot.

For example, our heroes, played by William Katt and Sean Young, with no help from anyone, find two 70-foot parent dinosaurs and their five foot long baby living in nice dry park-like land after less than one week of checking out the bush country, and all it takes to lure the big brutes is some food! These same heroes then drive the baby off when he pesters them as they are too busy kissing to worry about safeguarding this priceless discovery. He is promptly caught by the evil scientist Patrick McGoohan who wants to make a fortune from him. He had killed a man in an African city some months before to obtain his blurry photos of the dinosaurs. (No, I am not making this up.) Plot developments go from bad to worse as every major character makes bad decision after bad decision. Just labeling it a "kid movie" and excusing its flaws on that basis does not work in my book. Disney was releasing some poorly received fantasy movies in the mid 1980s and BABY: SECRET OF THE LOST LEGEND was definitely in that group.
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Its just a movie people.
mjmorgan-222 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I have just recently watch this movie. I was thrilled to have finally found it after 20 years of being almost convinced I imagined it. The movie was a favorite of mine as a kid of 7-8 years old. Yes, there are bare breasts, cuss words and violence, and I'm going to share a secret here with all the prudes, this stuff exists in the real world too, at least in a movie it can't hurt you. The nudity is forgotten about as soon as the dinosaurs hit the screen. I compare it to the scene in Gremlins in which Phoebe Cates is explaining how she learned Santa isn't real. I never noticed as a kid, and the kids I shared the film with didn't notice it either. The special effects in "Baby" are cutsie but not all together awful consider the tech level of the times. It has to be seen from a childlike perspective to be appreciated.

Everyone complaining about the FX of this film are probably the same folks that can't appreciate the original King Kong or any Ray Haryhausen films. Its a movie. Get over it. If this movie deserves an "R" rating, then the Indiana Jones flicks must deserve an "X".
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Spirited entertainment for dinosaur lovers.
Scott LeBrun21 April 2018
William Katt ('The Greatest American Hero') and Sean Young ("Blade Runner") play George and Susan, a journalist and palaeontologist working in Africa who discover an apatosaur family living deep in the jungle. They work overtime to protect the cute dinosaur baby and its mother from the machinations of Eric Kiviat (Patrick McGoohan, 'The Prisoner'), Susan's ruthless rival who's out to make a name for himself.

It is true that the movie doesn't quite make ideal family entertainment. Little kids may not notice its elements of racism and sexism, or much care about female tribe members being topless, but it's undeniable that the movie is a little violent, and not completely light hearted. Not that it dwells too, too long on unpleasantness, this being a Touchstone (i.e. Disney) production.

Some people may scoff now at the dinosaur effects, but hey, this *was* 1985, and animatronics weren't as advanced as they became when "Jurassic Park" came along almost a decade later. Personally, I thought the prehistoric lizards were pretty charming, and children are certain to love the baby dino.

Some actual location shooting in the Ivory Coast definitely helps, along with the expected studio work. The story is not that well-written, but the pacing is fine, the action scenes decent, and Jerry Goldsmiths' music is appealing.

The acting may not be of the Oscar-baiting variety, but it serves its purpose. Katt is okay, although his character is unlikable at the beginning. Young is gorgeous, as usual, but never has been much of an actress. Still, it's easy to be on their side when you have an unsubtle villain played to the hilt by McGoohan. Kyalo Mativo ("Roar") (as tribesman Cephu) and Hugh Quarshie ("Highlander") (as the pilot Kenge Obe) offer engaging support. One bright moment of humour has Cephu spitting out a bite of granola bar after it has been offered to him.

This movie is manipulative, to be sure, but it has its moments for fans of dinosaur cinema.

Six out of 10.
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Another Disney Loser Of The '80s
ccthemovieman-114 May 2007
For those who are too young to know this or for those who have forgotten, the Disney company went almost down the tubes by the end of the 1980s. People were NOT seeing their movies anymore and the company was not producing the usual wholesome least no what people expected. A major problem: profanity.

Yes, the idiots running the Disney movies during that decade would produce films with swear words - including the Lord's name in vain, if you can believe that - interspersed in these "family films." In fact that happens twice here in the first 20 minutes!

This movie, in addition to the language problems, has a nasty tone to it, too, which made it unlikeable almost right from the beginning. Thankfully, Disney woke up and has produced a lot of great material since these decadent '80s movies. ("Touchstone" is Disney, just under another name.)
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The worst movie I've ever seen ...
RunTam30 May 2003
... and I actually gave it a ZERO on my personal 1-10 scale. I have been attending movies since 1952 and have seen well over 1000 in the theater (I don't rate movies that I see only on TV). This is the ONLY movie I have ever rated ZERO.

My wife and I took our four children (then aged 15, 11, 8 and 6) and even the kids thought it was terrible. In fact, it was my daughter (now 26) who alerted me to this site (amazed that the movie was getting an overall rating of 4+).

The animation of the dinosaurs looked amateurish at the time (and is even worse in retrospect), the acting (particularly by Sean Young) is atrocious and the story line is simply silly.
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Find Retardation Humorous?
TheBigMan-11 November 2006
Okay, if you have a couple hours to waste, or if you just really hate your life, I would say watch this movie. If anything it's good for a few laughs. Not only do you have obese, topless natives, but also special effects so bad they are probably outlawed in most states. Seriuosly, the rating of 'PG' is pretty humorous too, once you see the Native Porn Extravaganza. I wouldn't give this movie to my retarded nephew. You couldn't even show this to Iraqi prisoners without violating the Geneva Convention. The plot is sketchy, and cliché, and dumb, and stupid. The acting is horrible, and the ending is so painful to watch I actually began pouring salt into my eye just to take my mind off of the idiocy filling my TV screen.
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Its problems go beyond a dumb title
Wizard-819 June 2012
The folks at Disney must have realized somewhere down the road that the title "Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend" was dumb, because when the movie aired on TV, the title was changed to "Dinosaur: Secret of the Lost Legend". However, a change in the title is not enough to save the movie. It's a pretty slow-moving movie, with significant padding here and there. While the movie was shot in Africa, a lot of the movie still looks like it was filmed on a Hollywood back lot. And while the dinosaurs look passable when seen at a distance, they look very phony when photographed close to the camera. (In fairness to director Bill L. Norton, he didn't think the special effects were ready, but Disney threatened to pull the plug on the project if filming didn't star promptly.) It's possible kids (YOUNG kids) might find this okay, but anyone older should be wary.
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Baby has become the family joke
risareilly20 May 2003
I saw the movie as a child when it was released in the theater and it was so bad that it became the makings of a family joke. If the ranking had a zero, this movie would get it. The dinosaurs were awful. The storyline was ridiculous. The acting really doesn't qualify to be called acting. The only reason I even remember the name of the movie so well is because my family still talks about how BAD it really was.
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Almost as bad as "Jurassic Park"
soranno26 October 2002
This early Touchstone release from 1985 would probably serve as minor script source material for the later unbelievably bad film "Jurassic Park." This mostly obscure film is only mildly better. Still, it's not something that I would recommend and even though Touchstone is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Pictures, don't think that this is a perfectly appropriate family oriented film (despite its childish plot) as there are some scenes of violence and animal peril.
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oh my. This was bad. (contains spoilers)
dragonfire43827 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This wasn't what i wanted to see. I bought this on DVD and under the movie i found myself irritated and turned off the movie for a moment.

Heres what i didn't like:

1 They were shooting at the father

2 The tribes was really annoying

3 the dinosaurs (mostly)looked to faked

4 The bad scientist well he was annoying

5 The picture quality on the DVD was really bad

What i DID like:

1 The music by Jerry Goldsmith. This music is really great. I have the bootleg soundtrack from this movie. Sadly the sound quality is not good, but its OK for its time.

2 The first time we see the dinosaurs they inspire a sort of awe.

3 Baby is kinda cute when he is in the water and is playing

4 That funny scene with the tent.

5 The children who sees this film would hopefully learn that evil always loses.
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Alright movie, but it needs an R rating.
reineke_kid_a23 December 2004
I don't think this movie was rated correctly. I took my copy and blacked out the PG rating and wrote down R. I would NOT recommend this for anyone under 17 or 18, whatever the R limit is.

Why? It contains a scene in the jungle with several topless Indian women. I don't know about you, but that's not something for little children to be watching. True, it might be the traditional "clothing style" of the African (?) Indians, but... I think partial nudity should give a movie an R rating.

I haven't seen the movie recently, but I guess otherwise, it was alright.
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The Secret of the Lost Production.
Python Hyena26 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Baby: The Secret of the Lost Legend (1985): Dir: B.W.L. Norton / Cast: William Katt, Sean Young, Patrick McGoohan, Julian Fellowes, Kyalo Mativo: Family oriented geek show that is about as entertaining as a dog food commercial. And just what is the secret of the lost legend anyway? Did this creature check into the Holiday Inn when the other dinosaurs became extinct? Story evolves around a couple who struggle to save a baby brontosaurus from hunters. Baby acts like an overgrown puppy and it is about as real as Big Bird. Viewers won't be fooled by this rubbery looking creature. I have seen balloon animals with more credibility than this creature. Billed as family entertainment yet it is too violent for children and too bloody stupid for adults. Director B.W.L. Norton could have created more excitement by filming an ant hill. William Katt was previously in Carrie, and Sean Young will always be remembered for Blade Runner. What a fall down the ladder this cheap prehistoric crap is. Patrick McGoohan is too talented for this villain idiot. Julian Fellowes is also featured but nobody in this garbage elevates beyond being a complete idiot belonging to a freak circus. Its wildlife preservation message is lost in poor production and a whole lot of stupidity. This is an embarrassing film that should stay lost... Up the anal track of a brontosaurus. Score: 0 / 10
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Before Jurassic Park
Hollywood_Yoda16 July 2013
Before Steven Spielberg thought about directing the summer blockbuster "Jurassic Park" in 1993, there was this film. In the film here, scientist's just happen to stumble upon the dinosaurs in a lost world of sorts.

William Katt (of Perry Mason fame) and Sean Young (of Blade Runner) star as the married couple who discover the dinosaurs. Patrick McGoohan stars as the villain who tries to capture the dinosaurs for his own personal gain, but eventually sees the error of his ways.

Released through Touchstone Pictures (a subsidiary of Disney) in 1985, the film is rated PG, but does have some nudity. Probably not a movie to let young kids see.
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