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  • 'En La Cueva' by Cuadro Flamenco. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • "Ultimately the scars serve as a nod to the film's construction, as well as the wounded characters involved. It's a metaphoric darkness No Ripcord describes, saying, "Scorsese converts SoHo into a lurid, claustrophobic landscape capable of eliciting Pauls innermost fears and anxieties. This feature is manifested in the films repeated reminders of Pauls trepidation towards fire: evidenced in his sudden remembrance of a childhood memory involving a burn ward, the images in Marcys textbook, his squeamish reaction to her possession of ointment for second-degree burns, her story of a rapist breaking into her apartment through a fire escape, and the films use of Peggy Lees Is That All There Is?, which in its opening lyrics references a childhood confrontation with fire."" Read more here. Edit (Coming Soon)


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