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21 Feb. 1987
The Card/The Junction
The Card: Severe penalties await shopper Linda Wolfe when she fails to pay her credit card bills in a timely fashion. The Junction: John Parker and Ray Dobson are trapped inside the local mine. But when one is rescued, the other disappears.
21 May 1987
Joy Ride/Shelter Skelter/Private Channel
Joy ride: The joy ride that two couples take in a stolen car is disrupted by the car's deceased owner, who isn't done with the car yet. Shelter SkelterR: Two men race to a private fallout shelter at the onset of a nuclear blast. For months they battle cabin fever and loneliness until one decides to venture out of the shelter and faces a horrific landscape of destruction and darkness ... yet everything is not as it may seem. Private Channel: An accident turns an obnoxious young man's radio headset into a receiver of other people's thoughts.
10 Jul. 1987
Time and Teresa Golowitz/Voices in the Earth
Time and Teresa Golowitz: Offered any wish by the Devil at his death, a musician travels back in time to make love to a girl as he regretted not doing before, but then learns one of the guests committed suicide that night. Voices in the Earth: Professor Donald Knowles travels back to Earth with other members of an expedition, and is deeply affected by the Earthlings of centuries earlier.
17 Jul. 1987
Song of the Younger World/The Girl I Married
Song of the Younger World: In the early 20th century, reform school inmate Tanner Smith tempts fate by falling in love with puritanical Warden Mordecai Hawkline's daughter Amy. The Girl I Maried: Middle-aged corporate lawyer Ira Richman misses young Valerie, the girl he married twenty years ago and is surprised to see her materialize.

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