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1 Oct. 1985
Aflevering 1
Thomas is feeling unhappy after his family moves to a new town. He also gets unfairly accused of being the accomplice of three shoplifters. Van Dijk Senior, father of the local police chief, begins following Thomas.
8 Oct. 1985
Aflevering 2
Thomas witnesses an airplane dropping a package at night and takes it home. It contains some kind of powerful remote control. When his little sister Hanneke starts playing with it, mechanical appliances go haywire everywhere she goes.
15 Oct. 1985
Aflevering 3
Senior identifies the object Thomas found as a receiver. The two criminals who were supposed to pick up the package from the airplane suspect Senior took it. But Senior himself is still looking to catch a group of shoplifters in the act.
22 Oct. 1985
Aflevering 4
Criminals Jasper and Herman are looking for the receiver. They still suspect their accomplices Willem and Ruud of having it instead of Thomas. Willem and Ruud think Senior has it and Senior still suspects every elderly lady in town of being a pickpocket in disguise.
29 Oct. 1985
Aflevering 5
Senior decides not to put himself or Thomas in danger any longer and to let the police handle everything. Intead and Thomas decide to accompany Sandra to the Baroness' benefit concert.
5 Nov. 1985
Aflevering 6
Jasper has switched a container carrying Egyptian treasures aboard a plane. Ruud & Willem are supposed to pick it up at Schiphol Airport. But Thomas & Senior are following them and manage to make another switch.
12 Nov. 1985
Aflevering 7
The criminals execute plan C: hijack the armored car they think is carrying the Egyptian treasure. Meanwhile Thomas has the actual treasure, which he thinks is the loot of the pickpocket gang, delivered at Sandra's farm. Unfortunately Senior walks right into the criminals rendezvous at the old ruin.

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