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A buried treasure.
tipplerunkus15 December 2003
Admittedly, it's been a long time since I saw this, and no doubt my memories are a bit rose-colored, but I loved this mini-series. The idea of doing a sequel to one of the all-time classic adventures stories was outrageous, but the filmmaker's treated the material with respect and created something that actually added to the original material. And Brian Blessed, in my opinion, will always be the definitive Long John Silver. This one should be on DVD.
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The only thing this series does wrong is end.
patrokov10 December 2002
This mini-series completely and utterly blows away the original movie and the new cartoon outer-space adaptation. It's eight or ten hours of pure, unadulterated fascination and excitement. The story is well-written and paced. The action scenes are believable. Jim Hawkins is well cast, but Brian Blessed as Long John Silver absolutely and completely steals the show every time he is on board. The love interests are strong and beautiful women. The locations are varied and exotic, ranging from lush Caribbean lowland jungle to Mexican desert. The script is witty and funny, yet rarely corny. It's hard to make a two hour movie this good, yet somehow Disney managed to make a ten hour mini-series that delivers right up until the very end. Like another reviewer said, it's impossible to find these shows now. If Disney makes the complete miniseries available on DVD, be sure to pick it up.
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Greatest Series!
lawrencepete8 September 2005
It is unfortunate that such a great series has gone unnoticed. These films are extremely entertaining and I have fond memories of them growing up in the 80s. They are getting hard to find, and I look forward to the day when they are released on DVD. In the meantime I hold dear my VHS copies! A great cast, and a great story that I can watch over and over!

No one embodies the part of Long John Silver quite like Brian Blessed did in this series. The filming locations were great, and all around the makers of this series dotted the i's and crossed the t's.

A reminder of what Disney used to be capable of: shows with deep themes and adventure, without Lizzie Mguire Clones in the cast!
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lexiesnana6 March 2006
Like a previous commenter, I too have looked and looked for copies of this mini-series and have even written to Disney asking for them to re-lease the series. I loved these movies when they were first aired and I taped them, but my tapes have disintegrated from use. I think this is one of the best things that Disney has ever done and I would love to have them. If you ever get the opportunity to watch them.... do! They are fantastic. The musical score is really great as well... The music is hauntingly beautiful. The actors are so well cast that it has become hard to see them in anything else and not remember their Treasure Island days. Enjoy!
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My recorded 1985 tapes are getting old :(
dozanddoz23 October 2003
The greatest TV mini-series ever, 10/10. People who worked on the Bond films worked on this series. A real treat to watch. What makes the series so good is great acting, good stories, and best of all a great Long John Silver in Blessed. It's a shame none of these actors really made it big. My father was a loyal Disney Treasure Island fan, and to his credit he recorded the whole 10-hour mini-series when it aired nearly 20 years ago. Since then, I've made it a tradition to watch these old tapes every summer. Unfortunately, they have depreciated since 1985. And yes, I still watch them, but some of the scenes skip and are choppy. This is like hurting one of my kids, man. I loved the series and will one day hopefully have them on DVD. I can only hope. "By the Powers" Disney start working on it!!!!!!
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Loved it!
rugratmom28 October 2001
I thought that this was the most well written and suspenseful tale that Disney has ever come out with. I loved the characters and the actors were perfect in their roles. Long John Silver was absolutely fantastic!
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A True Pirate Masterpiece
Big Mike31 July 2005
I watched this show as a kid and was completely fascinated with it. I had never seen a Pirate movie with such memorable actors and had such an awesome story. So much so that I could even say it affected my life and interest in Pirate lore and history. Some time after that I found out many movie rental facilities had VHS copies of this show so I pursued them diligently. Years later I finally own a complete set. Unfortunately being rentals and 20 years old they are not in the best of shape. Disney Please, Please come out with this on DVD. They just don't make shows like this any more. Brian Blessed plays a true pirate, his acting makes you wonder if he wasn't a real pirate in a former life. The settings are dead on and a lot of time and effort went into this masterpiece. Pirates Forever!
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MrBigglesworth19 November 1999
My sister taped this off the Disney channel when it first came out and I am so glad she did. I have not been able to find it on video and so wish I could buy it, because the tapes my sister used are literally falling apart from use. This is definitely an outstanding piece of work and I commend all the people who contributed to it's creation. The actors are all exceptional and the direction was very well done. The script and story line are just brilliant. If anyone ever sees this film on sale anywhere, PLEASE let me know as soon as possible! And if you ever see it on TV or at Blockbuster, WATCH IT! I promise, it will be well worth it.
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Years later you still can hear roar of the cannons
gossamer-66 February 2010
I was thirty-odd years old when I watched this mini-series. Despite my age I enjoyed them passionately. This production had an exceptional cast with British actors, which was befitting. I didn't tape the episodes at the time, much to my chagrin. I have often-times caught myself yearning to revisit this great adventure once again, which is I find in now way inferior to the original Treasure Island, now only fragments in my memory. But the sequel has lived with me for a long time. Now I have learned, however, from a previous comment that the series is out on DVD region 2. Which is basically Europe proper. I shall rush out tomorrow morning, first thing, and order this 3 disc set. Thanks for keeping me abreast of things. We're, most of us, children at heart, I find.
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Need this on DVD for Region 1!
sallysunrise4 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Action, adventure, comedy, gorgeous scenery, authentic-looking costumes and settings, romance, and the most beautiful musical score I ever heard in my life! "Return to Treasure Island" features all that and has the added plus of containing zero profanity. It is safe and enjoyable for all ages (well, probably too much fighting for small kids, but at least there's no gore).

I taped this wonderful 10-part mini-series off the Disney Channel back in the 80s. My husband, 2 sons, and I watched it over and over again until the tapes wore out. In recent years I have repeatedly checked on Amazon to see if it was out on DVD and always came up disappointed. Nothing was available except old, used video tapes. How could something this good just disappear? Finally, to my great joy, I found this series in DVD (3-disc set with all 10 episodes) on the UK Amazon site and I was able to see my husband's face light up on Christmas morning when he opened his gift.

Since I got it from the UK site, it's in region-2 format. Currently this is not a problem since we are an American family living overseas and all the DVD players are region-free here. But we will soon move back to the States and then we will have to buy a region-free DVD player in order to play these DVDs. I would like to buy this DVD set in region-1 format so that I don't have to buy an expensive region-free player in the US.

When/if it comes out in region-1 format, I hope they will add subtitles. I love the pirate talk (so quirky and funny), but a lot of the dialog is hard to understand. It would also be nice to have some bonus features (background info on the making of the movie). A series this good deserves first-class treatment!
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Finally on DVD!!!
cjenko20 May 2008
My sisters and I watch this every year. Our VHS tapes that my Mom recorded long ago are so, so worn out. I was so excited to find that they are releasing a region 2 version!!! I wish I lived in Europe!! We always go through and make a character list and assign ourselves and our friends roles to play in the movie. I used to be Isabella, but this last time I had to be Van Der Brecken. We talk about Long John all the time too. This really is one of the greatest childhood memories along with Gummi Bears. I hope they are quick in releasing a Region 1 version because I don't want to buy another DVD player. But I may have to. This is the greatest series ever and I love Jim Hawkins and Ben Gunn!!
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A real diamond in the rough
jwtrox0870612 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
In the mid 1990s, this miniseries was rebroadcast on the Disney Channel, and I absolutely fell in love with it. At the time, I was just a child, but I enjoyed the series very much. Each episode of this miniseries would leave me unable to wait until the next episode was broadcast. The fact that it is only available on Region 2 DVD is an outrage, if you ask me.

Anyhow, the series is well cast and well acted. You love to hate the villains and you really route for the heroes. Brian Blessed is absolutely amazing as Long John Silver. He brings such a lively enthusiasm to the role, and it is clear that he either studied the role and really knew how to play John Silver, or he is just that good of a performer. His dialogue and mannerisms as Silver are truly a treat to behold on the screen. Christopher Guard is excellent as an adult Jim Hawkins, and Ken Colley does an absolutely wonderful job playing Ben Gunn. Colley, if you are not aware, is probably better known for his role as Admiral and later Captain Piett in The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of the Jedi (1983). In this miniseries; however, I do believe he was given much more room to shine and really display his acting ability. He brings a wonderful lovable warmth to the character of Ben Gunn that just makes the series even more enjoyable to watch. Another good performance came from Reiner Schöne, who played a new pivotal character, Van Der Brecken, a Dutchman who's trade is in gathering precious wood from Mexico. Schöne does a wonderful job of playing an honest, hard-working man who has no desire to go chasing after fortune, but to earn it through honest hard work.

The series itself does a wonderful job of telling the story of the return to the island to seek the remaining portion of Flint's Treasure that was not unearthed in "Treasure Island." Along the way, we are met with very well incorporated and very sequitur discussions on issues of the time: slavery, greed and corruption to name a few. It is a very well told story of good triumphing over evil. Jim Hawkins is the ultimate hero in this story. Despite 10 years passing since his experiences chronicled in "Treasure Island," Jim has remained forthright, honest and truly a good soul, and he does so throughout the entirety of this series, despite being met with much adversity and injustice.

Ultimately, this series should be considered a modern-day classic, despite not being very well known. It is truly a gem worth more than the treasure the characters in this series seek, and I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

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scmgmt1 September 2016
Probably my favorite childhood series. My sisters and I watched it over and over...I just found all of the episodes posted on youtube! It's actually just as good as I remember and watching from an adult standpoint, you understand more of the subtext of the, slavery, English attempts at world domination, etc, etc... Brian Blessed is genius and sorry, Johnny Depp, he blows your pirate out of the water, so to speak. He speaks pirate lingo in the most believable way. I still have a crush on Jim Hawkins, Isabella is a beauty, and the transition in landscapes keeps it fresh - from dank England to the oppressively humid Tortuga and Jamaica to the arid and dusty streets of Mexico.
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King of Mini-Series!
pastort-116 January 2007
One of my favorite childhood memories was watching this series. We at one time had this series recorded on VHS, but completely wore these tapes out. Now, I NEED the series on DVD, but to my dismay, I can not find it anyway! COME ON Disney... Release it for those of us on withdrawals and memory lane!

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