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4 Jan. 1992
The Call of the Wild
Kate wants to go skiing, and Mike doesn't have the money. He finds a bargain - if twenty rooms are booked, the twenty-first is free. He gets Ben, Carol, Dwight, and Luke to go, and the others are supposed to be Ben's chess club. But, Ben takes the school rowdies instead.
18 Jan. 1992
Honest Abe
Adam learns that money isn't everything. His parents want him to visit a truant orphanage, but he leaves the door wide open for moral support when he goes off to buy chewing gum and candy instead.
1 Feb. 1992
Vicious Cycle
Jason and Maggie have no luck reining in Luke, so they put Mike in charge of disciplining him.
8 Feb. 1992
Menage a Luke
Ben has his eye on a girl who is constantly rebuffing. He's planning to ask her out. At the same time, he treats a girl who worships him like dirt. Luke makes a connection with her. He's hesitant to make a move because of Ben but Mike convinces to. When the girl Ben was planning to ask out shoots him down, he decides to ask out the one who follows him, but she's already with Luke and Ben doesn't take it well.
22 Feb. 1992
The Five Fingers of Ben
Ben takes karate lessons to deal with a school bully.
29 Feb. 1992
Don't Go Changin'
Eddie drops by to visit Mike, and he hasn't changed a bit. His irresponsible ways don't exactly mesh with Mike's ideals for raising Luke. Ben makes a home movie for Carol, who's studying in London.
21 Mar. 1992
The Truck Stops Here
Luke's trucker father comes and tries to reach out to Luke but Luke rebuffs him. When he's about to leave his back goes out so they take him and Mike is incredulous as to if he's really hurt. But Maggie tells him that according to the doctor he is and that if he continues to drive a truck it could get worse. Jason and Ben deliver his load which proves to be no easy task.
4 Apr. 1992
Maggie's Brilliant Career
Maggie tries to beat her fears by facing them - and ends up hanging off the side of a mountain.
11 Apr. 1992
The Wrath of Con Ed
Maggie and Jason get stuck in traffic after a city wide power failure. Ben is stuck at home babysitting Chrissy who is afraid of the dark.
25 Apr. 1992
The Last Picture Show: Part 1
Maggie Gets a job offer she can't refuse. But, it will changes her whole families lives.
25 Apr. 1992
The Last Picture Show: Part 2
Mike proposes to Kate, realizing he wants someone to cook and clean when his mom moves, but she furiously turns him down. Maggie wants to refuse the job since Ben is against moving, but Mike talks to his little brother and they strike a deal.

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