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7 Jan. 1989
Stan Takes a Wife
When Sophia is hospitalized with pneumonia, Stan comforts Dorothy. At the hospital, she sees a side of him that impresses her, and she tries to prevent him from getting married again to another woman.
14 Jan. 1989
The Auction
The girls need a new roof, so they scheme to buy and then sell a painting by Jasper DeKimmel, an arrogant painter who has a few days to live.
28 Jan. 1989
Blind Date
Blanche makes a date with a man without realizing that he is blind.
4 Feb. 1989
The Impotence of Being Ernest
Rose tries to do something about her boyfriend's sexual dysfunction.
6 Feb. 1989
Love Me Tender
Dorothy dates a short, bald man with whom she has nothing in common - except for great lovemaking. Meanwhile, Rose and Blanche volunteer as big sisters for two teenage girls.
11 Feb. 1989
Valentine's Day
The girls Valentine's Day dates all stand them up, so they sit around, eat cheesecake, and look back at memorable Valentine's Days past.
18 Feb. 1989
Two Rode Together
Dorothy takes Sophia to Walt Disney World for "quality time," but Sophia wants to ride Space Mountain instead. Meanwhile, Rose and Blanche collaborate on a children's book.
25 Feb. 1989
You Gotta Have Hope
Rose is convinced that Bob Hope is her real father and that he will perform as the Master of Ceremonies at an upcoming charity benefit.
4 Mar. 1989
Fiddler on the Ropes
Sophia is given money that is intended to be put into a Certificate of Deposit, but she buys a Cuban prizefighter instead.
18 Mar. 1989
Till Death Do We Volley
Dorothy blames herself when her friend and former classmate Trudy dies suddenly while playing tennis.
25 Mar. 1989
High Anxiety
Rose tries to overcome her addiction to painkillers. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Sophia appear in a TV commercial for a pizzeria.
1 Apr. 1989
Little Sister
Nobody believes Rose when she says that her younger sister, Holly (Inga Swenson), is a troublemaker.
15 Apr. 1989
Sophia's Choice
Sophia breaks her friend Lillian out of a retirement home that is worse than Shady Pines was. Meanwhile, Blanche decides to use her work bonus to have her breasts enlarged.
29 Apr. 1989
Rites of Spring
As the girls vow to get in shape for an upcoming beach party, they recall past attempts at self-improvement.
6 May 1989
Foreign Exchange
Two friends of Sophia's come to visit from Sicily with the revelation that Dorothy and their daughter, Gina, may have been switched at birth.
13 May 1989
We're Outta Here: Part 1
A wealthy Japanese businessman offers to buy the house.
13 May 1989
We're Outta Here: Part 2
The girls plan to accept a generous offer for the house.
23 Sep. 1989
Sick and Tired: Part 1
Dorothy says that she is seriously ill, but none of the doctors she sees believe her.
30 Sep. 1989
Sick and Tired: Part 2
Dorothy learns that she has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
14 Oct. 1989
The Accurate Conception
Blanche's daughter Rebecca shocks her with her plans to conceive a baby by means of artificial insemination.
21 Oct. 1989
Rose Fights Back
When Rose loses her pension fund, she must get a second job to support herself. A local TV station hires her as an assistant to Enrique Mas, an egotistical consumer reporter.
28 Oct. 1989
Love Under the Big Top
Ken Whittingham, Dorothy's lawyer boyfriend, wants to give up his law practice and become a circus clown.
4 Nov. 1989
Dancing in the Dark
Rose feels inferior to her boyfriend Miles, a college professor.
11 Nov. 1989
Not Another Monday
Martha Lamont, one of Sophia's close friends, is tired of the physical pain and suffering in her life and wants to kill herself.
18 Nov. 1989
That Old Feeling
Blanche falls in love with her late husband's brother Jamie.
25 Nov. 1989
Comedy of Errors
After a high school classmate dies unexpectedly, Dorothy decides to fulfill a long-forgotten dream of being a stand-up comedian.
2 Dec. 1989
All That Jazz
Dorothy's son Michael moves in with her after his wife kicks him out.
9 Dec. 1989
Ebb Tide
Blanche and her sister Virginia clash at Big Daddy's funeral, which Dorothy also attends. Meanwhile, Sophia takes advantage of their absences to rent their rooms out to boarders.
16 Dec. 1989
Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas
The girls volunteer at a homeless shelter on Christmas day and learn that Stan has been thrown out on the streets by his current wife.

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