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Episode List


1 Jan. 2017
Episode dated 1 January 2017
It is the day of Ronnie and Jack's wedding, but will everything go to plan?
2 Jan. 2017
Episode dated 2 January 2017
Jack is dealt some heart-breaking news. Max finds himself in a difficult situation.
3 Jan. 2017
Episode dated 3 January 2017
Jack struggles to break the news of Ronnie and Roxy's death to Amy and Ricky.
5 Jan. 2017
Episode dated 5 January 2017
Babe lightens the mood in The Vic when the Carter's hold a Twelth Night party. Dot offers support to Jack following recent events.
9 Jan. 2017
Episode dated 9 January 2017
Mick is convinced he's uncovered who the father of Denise's baby is. Carmel throws a surprise baby shower for Denise.
10 Jan. 2017
Episode dated 10 January 2017
Shirley confronts Denise over her recent discovery, but receives an even bigger shock.
12 Jan. 2017
Episode dated 12 January 2017
Sharon is in disbelief after overhearing Denise and Shirley's conversation, while Michelle's reveals her secret.
13 Jan. 2017
Episode dated 13 January 2017
Denise goes into labour as Kim learns of her plans to put her baby up for adoption. Babe and Whitney clash. Mick tries to celebrates his birthday without Linda.
16 Jan. 2017
Episode dated 16 January 2017
Secrets explode for the Mitchell family as Phil learns he is the father of Denise's baby. Dot finds herself in an uncomfortable situation.
17 Jan. 2017
Episode dated 17 January 2017
Babe crosses the line at The Vic. Tensions continue to run high between Denise and her family.
19 Jan. 2017
Episode dated 19 January 2017
Whitney and Lee's relationship hits the rocks again. Denise and Kim begin to make amends. A heartbroken Jack prepares for Ronnie and Roxy's funerals, while Phil makes a secret phone call.
20 Jan. 2017
20 January 2017: Part One
The Mitchell family gather as the day of Ronnie and Roxy's funerals arrive. Glenda drops a bombshell on Jack. Whitney and Lee begin to make amends in their relationship.
20 Jan. 2017
20 January 2017: Part Two
Kim struggles to keep her mouth shut over recent events as she continues to forgive Denise. Louise prepares for her date. Jack takes action over Glenda's threat.
23 Jan. 2017
Episode dated 23 January 2017
Stacey is frustrated by Martin after he hears a rumour about the markets being moved; and as life in Walford continues for the residents, a shock disaster is set to change Albert Square forever.
24 Jan. 2017
Episode dated 24 January 2017
In the wake of the shocking disaster, the residents of Albert Square pull together to help each other out, but the accident soon appears far worse than everyone first thought, while Mick is left horrified by what he hears.
26 Jan. 2017
Episode dated 26 January 2017
Whitney's life hangs in the balance following Mick's discovery. Max concocts a malicious plan. Stacey and Martin make an announcement as they try to come to terms with the week's events.
30 Jan. 2017
Episode dated 30 January 2017
The residents of Albert Square try to move on following last week's disaster. Michelle finds herself lonelier than ever. Denise and Kim continue to avoid each other as tensions build once again.
31 Jan. 2017
Episode dated 31 January 2017
Phil and Sharon make decisions over their relationship. Mick plans another theme night at The Vic, although things soon get controversial. Ben and Jay decide to move out of the Mitchell household.
2 Feb. 2017
Episode dated 2 February 2017
Denise and Kim's feud reaches boiling point. Mick desperately tries to find extra cash. Louise decides to cruelly get back at Shakil.
6 Feb. 2017
Episode dated 6 February 2017
Shakil becomes the talk of the school. Emerald prepares to leave Walford, but before goes, she drops a bombshell on the pair.
7 Feb. 2017
Episode dated 7 February 2017
Kim and Denise reel from Emerald's revelation. Mick, Babe and Shirley are arrested. Shakil's embarrassment continues.
9 Feb. 2017
9 February 2017: Part One
Babe's revenge against the Carters reaches its pinnacle. Lee is humiliated when Shirley and Johnny learn he was behind the pub robbery and the pub's debt.
9 Feb. 2017
9 February 2017: Part Two
Jack seeks someone to blame when Ronnie and Roxy's inquest day arrives. Glenda makes a surprising move. Louise and Bex's friendship begins to strain.
10 Feb. 2017
Episode dated 10 February 2017
Lee and Whitney's relationship takes a shocking turn following a night out. Michelle bonds with Bex at the allotment. Denise gets to the bottom of Kim's on-off attitude.
13 Feb. 2017
Episode dated 13 February 2017
Whitney confides in Lauren following recent events. Mick is furious at Lee after learning what he has done to Whitney. Michelle is ditched by Kelvin, and ends up drinking with a young adult.
14 Feb. 2017
Episode dated 14 February 2017
Whitney and Lee's relationship takes another devastating turn as Valentine's Day is in full swing in Albert Square. Michelle is rocked by an unexpected arrival.
16 Feb. 2017
Episode dated 16 February 2017
Michelle grows concerned following Preston's unexpected arrival. Jack comes to a realization after coming to blows with Billy. Mick receives a surprising phone call from a familiar face. Dot convinces Ian to go for a health check-up.