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Very Entertaining
Big Movie Fan9 June 2002
This is one cartoon show which I used to rush home from work to try and catch at times. It was a spin-off from the hilarious Danger Mouse and it was truly funny.

I mean, how can anyone hate a cartoon starring a vampire duck...that was a vegetarian? Who can forget the lumbering Igor or Nanny who permanently wore an arm sling?

Duckula himself was just amazing-he came out with some really funny lines throughout the series and the stories were very good indeed and far superior to today's cartoons which are very poor (sorry kids).

Check out Duckula if you can.
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A creative and intelligent cartoon for all ages!
insomniac_rod4 June 2005
"Count Duckula" is a GREAT cartoon in all the sense of the word. It has great dialogs backed up by black humor, and inventive lines. The situations are very entertaining and keep the viewer interested the whole time. The humor is very light but manages to make laugh kids and adults. Duckula has the best lines but Nanny and Igor add a lot to the cartoon with their weird sense of humor. On one hand, Nanny is involuntarily funny, and on the other, Igor is wicked and mean but it makes him look funny. The supporting characters are great also.

The intro song is a classic! And the closing credits are memorable. I recently catched this hidden gem on Mexican local channels. Every Saturday 2 episodes of Duckula are shown and I truly enjoy them. This is one of the best cartoons ever produced mainly because it's humor is for everyone.

Please watch this cartoon, you won't regret. It has a great and inventive story that will get your attention.
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Strategic Genius
CocaCola1817 June 2003
So Danger Mouse comes to an end...

What do you do?

All agree that it was a good ride while it lasted?

Make a living out of all those "I Love the 80's" programmes talking about it

Or do you get up and make another classic cartoon!

David Jason returned for more cartoon goodness, the bloke is a god! This time we watch the world of a Vampire Duck living with Igor and his Nanny... with the DUCKY-POOS line...GOLD! And who can forget the other characters Van Goosewing and those Cuckoo clock characters....

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" If you're looking for some fun, you can always count upon..."
anxietyresister31 August 2006
Immediately after Dangermouse, David Jason recorded the voice for a TV series based loosely on one of the spin-off characters from the programme. This would be a vegetarian duck who comes from a long lineage of nasty vampires who are resurrected every 100 years by using an ancient incantation and a bottle of blood. Sadly, there is a slight mishap with this particular ceremony and instead of a bloodthirsty creature from the deep, we get a egotistical music-loving weakling who enjoys nothing better than munching on piece of celery. Together with his stupid but tough nanny and his shady butler Igor, he lives in a dark castle on a mountain in Transylvania called appropriately enough 'Castle Duckula' from where he can teleport around the world by simply entering a magic crypt. These zany adventures last for 4 series, and the plots get every weirder and whackier...

Possessing much the same sense of humour as it's better known predecessor, this is one of those classic cartoon series from your childhood that you're never likely to forget. It had the lot: Colourful animation, witty story lines, off-the-wall characters and a GREAT theme tune. Having just purchased the first season on DVD, I was very surprised about how well it held up, and I look forward to spending 11 hours (according to the box) reacquainting myself with an old favourite. If only the likes of Nickelodian would look at 'Count Duckula' today and take some notes... don't patronise children with endless cheesy action and stupid morals, THIS is how it's done. Now its time for me to go but... "Goodnight out there, whatever you are!!" ;) 8/10
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One of the best cartoons of the past 2 decades.
dead_dudeINthehouse29 June 2003
Superb! Hilarious! Cute? This tv cartoon was part of my childhood, it was like a part of me! I can't describe how much I enjoyed this cartoon. It's humoristic situations and dialogues make this a winner. Ahhh, these sweet memories of the childhood. If you have the chance to watch this great cartoon well give yourself the opportunity you won't regret. Long live Count Duckula!
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Sharp, Snappy, and Satirical
Gaos22 May 2006
I don't often rate things a pure 10, but I may have to with Duckula. It's one of my favourite cartoons _ever_. Unlike many of the other posters here, I didn't run into it in my childhood, but instead in my teenage years--a perfect time, as that's when I was twisting into the sarcastic, British-humour-loving, slightly Gothic science fiction/fantasy geek I am now. It was EXACTLY what I was in the mood for, and my brain just ate it up. I've seen a lot of cartoons, and no other show gets quoted _half_ as much by me or members of my family, as Duckula. Over a decade since we were able to last see an episode, and we'll still toss out random lines whenever we feel like it.

What makes it not only good as a children's cartoon, but so very appealing to the older child or adult's mind? Simple--the writing. It was simply one of the snappiest, wittiest things I've ever seen. You have goofy puns and Abbott-and-Costello back-and-forths. You have colourful, bizarre characters and time-and-space travelling adventures to exotic locations. You have vampires and a creepy castle, for those to whom the Gothic elements might appeal. And even some slapstick that small children can understand and laugh at. It had everything.

And, on a more "serious" note, the writing was good because it didn't fall into stereotypes. Duckula was a monstrous fiend...who wasn't monstrous. But not a saint either; he had _lots_ of personality faults! Dr. Von Goosewing, the vampire hunter, would NORMALLY be a good guy, but in this situation he's cast as the antagonist! (Notice I don't say "villian".) He's also a mad scientist, which is even more fun. Occasionally we'd get an episode in which we would learn something about the background/past of a main character, or see a _real_ vampire, an actual bloodsucking fiend--the show didn't take itself too seriously, but that grain of seriousness in there makes the comedy that much better.

Put all that together with lovely detailed backgrounds, appropriate music, wonderful voice-acting from all involved, the delightfully creepy narrator and his classic sign-off line, and, as a cherry on top, the occasionally goofy credits, and you've got a classic for the ages.
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I finally saw one of the episodes again!
SSJAniFan28 July 2003
My first review was based on blurred childhood memories, since it was a long time since I last saw the show. Now, with me able to see some of the old episodes on a DVD I bought at the comic con, does it meet the expectations I had from my childhood times? YOU BET!

Man, the show's hilarious. There's Duckula, Egor, Nanny, who literally comes through the door, and those two bats that I remembered. Man, the jokes in this show were great! The "whomightyoube," gag in, "No Sax Please, We're Egyptian," was so funny!

And for people who put in "something something" in the lyrics, the first line in the theme song is: "In the heart of Transylvania, in the vampire hall of fame, yeah, there's not a vampire zanier than DUCKULA!" Great stuff. A must-see.

BOTTOM LINE: Funny! I like it even more than Danger Mouse!
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Finally, a spinoff show that gets things right!
Angel_Meiru28 May 2004
Normally, I am rather sceptical about spinoffs. There were usually spin-offs on either obnoxious characters (Teenage Pebbles and Bam-Bam show) or ones that are just too painful to watch (Daria). But the creators of "Danger Mouse" have done something right though. They made a spin off on the occasional Count Duckula character and fleshes out his personality a bit more.

Here, Count Duckula hates blood and loves veggies, but the problem is that he occasionally gets attacked by veggie monsters *L*. Alongside Duckula are the prudish Igor and the clumsy and clutzy Nanny. Together, in their time and space travelling castle, go to various worlds to retrive as much as they could find. However, somethimes they end up forgetting to go back to the castle and end up in the world, but somehow, in the next episode, magically make it back.

Like Danger Mouse, Count Duckula can be found on DVD on ebay or Go fetch it!
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I remember this show!
dootuss21 January 2002
I loved this show when I was a kid. It was a very entertaining. The characters were funny (especially our Veggie loving vampire duck, and Nanny), and the episodes were cleverly written. I remember laughing out loud when Von Goosewing would go after Count Duckla. I think they should bring this back on television as well as the show it spun off from which was the equally funny "Danger Mouse" Besides you can't get enough of Count Duckula! 10/10.
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i'll get it!
SmashMonkey20 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
being a massive fan of dangermouse, i had seen duckula before he got his own series. i was so glad that he did! growing up in the 80's, everybody i knew loved duckula and, despite being called nanny for 5 years by a boy who could imitate Igor's voice quite scarily well, so did i. the silliness of the show, which would have seemed tacky anywhere else, worked perfectly. the characters were marvellous and the whole show was wickedly funny. watching duckula's old retainer Igor trying to turn him from a vegetarian into the bloodthirsty fiend he was meant to be always made me feel slightly sorry for the spooky old butler. nanny (the nanny) crashed her way through every scene she was in, with her frilly cap and arm in a sling, ready to hand out broccoli lollipops and over-enthusiastic hugs. duckula's thirst for fame, rather than blood, led him and his entourage on many crazy adventures in their teleporting castle, which would always return to its transylvanian mountain-top at dawn, with or without its inhabitants. of course, every vampire has his nemesis, and duckula's was doctor Von goosewing who, along with his invisible assistant heinrich, would do his very best to destroy duckula. the writing was sharp and always funny, the title music was perfection and the show as a whole was a rare treat for children (and adults) of all ages which will never be bettered. a perfect 10 in every way.
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You needn't be sanguine to enjoy this show...
Theshapeshifter10 April 2006
This show is an instant classic for those who enjoy the older forms of British humor of fellows in odd predicaments. The show's humor is craftily done in terms of timing and puns. And overall, it is the ideal show for the fans of the older cartoons in the days of oddball humor. The story centers on a "vampire" duck by the moniker of Duckula who isn't actually a vampire; he's a strict vegetarian, much to the chagrin of his servant, Igor, who insists that Duckula must be a vampire, like his ancestors. Duckula and Igor live in the despairingly gloomy Castle Duckula, which is attended by Duckula's nanny, who goes by her job's name: Nanny, and who is massively strong. The three have their odd adventures and try to make the most of their frequent trips to other areas of the Earth, while dodging villains and pestilences like the dreaded Dr. Von Goosewing, the Crow Brothers, Gaston and Pierre, and a host of other troublemakers. All in all, the show is most amusing for both cartoon lovers and any comedy/horror lover.
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a piece of cartoon history
TheNorthernMonkee9 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILERS Cosgrove Hall used to be one of the finest producers of British animation in the country. Responsible for the film version of "The BFG" and wonderful cartoon "Dangermouse", the studio was a major success in it's Manchester studios. After an episode of "Dangermouse" entitled "The Four Tasks Of Dangermouse", the studio decided to create a spin off from a guest character and eventually create another fan favourite. Beginning it's airing in 1988, "Count Duckula" was a brilliant cartoon which is remarkably rare nowadays and was a big fan favourite at the time.

In Transylvania stands Castle Duckula. Home throughout the ages to a family of vampire ducks, it stands atop of a mountain overlooking the terrified peasants. The latest inhabitant is unique to his surroundings though. After a botch up by nursemaid and housekeeper Nanny (voiced by Brian Trueman), the Count is reborn a vegetarian. Now Nanny and butler Igor (Jack May) are experiencing a different take on life as the young Count (David Jason) takes them on countless amazing adventures.

Not quite as off the wall and surreal as "Dangermouse" could be, this wonderful cartoon thrived for 65 episodes. Based around the Count travelling the globe whilst telling woeful jokes, the cartoon had a huge fan base and large numbers of us look back at it with a sense of delight at a part of our childhoods.

With voices by regular actors like David Jason and Jack May, the series never lost it's appeal and it's still possible to watch true classics like "The Murderous Penguins" and pilot episode "No Sax Please We're Egyptian" and find things to laugh about.

In fact, "Count Duckula" is a strong reminder of how great childhood cartoons used to be. Before everything became manga based and as an alternative to the violent cartoons like "Thundercats" or "Transformers", this animation classic is a wonderful innocent alternative. Yes it had intrigue and by cartoon standards a bit of intensity (the aggressive vegetables from the future and the living statue of evil Duckula in two episodes were particularly unnerving for a young six year old), but it always finished on a light note and never took itself too seriously.

When Cosgrove Hall decided to create this spin off from "Dangermouse" it is doubtful they knew how successful it would be. Always entertaining and funny, "Count Duckula" is a reminder of a better time. A time of innocence and happiness. It's theme music wasn't half bad too.
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Pray you'll never meet with DUCKULA. Count Duckula, heh heh heh heh!
DragonMasterHiro3 July 2003
Warning: Spoilers
"Castle Duckula, home for many centuries to a dreadful dynasty of vicious vampire ducks - The Counts Of Duckula. Legend has it that these 'fowl' beings can be destroyed by a stake through the heart or exposure to sunlight. This does not suffice however, for they may be brought back to life by means of a secret rite that can be performed once a century, when the moon is in the Eighth House Of Aquarius... The latest reincarnation did not run according to plan...."

*POSSIBLE SPOILERS* Thus began the creation of Count Duckula. Igor was doing the reincarnation but Nanny gave him ketchup instead of blood. Aside from goofy Count Duckula, you have Igor, his vulture butler who tries to push the Count into being a true blood sucking vampire duck and the maid, Nanny, who is a giant chicken with her arm in a sling but still bursts through walls either screaming "Oh Duckyboos!" or "I'll get it!". There was also a hunter after the count for a while and other times thieves would try to steal things from the castle.

Count Duckula first appeared in the series DangerMouse in an episode called 'The Four Tasks of DangerMouse'. He later on got his own spin off series. Both shows were aired during the 80's on Nickelodeon. I liked DangerMouse too but I loved Count Duckula because they were all crazy. Nanny was always ruining Igor's plans, and they'd use their teleporting castle to visit all sorts of places. It also had that great closing theme with all the weird pictures, sound effects and it would end with that lighting bolt. A really fun show, I'll have to find it on DVD.

"Goodnight out there.... whatever you are!"
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Why didn't more people rate this?!
rcostello27 August 2001
This is one of my favourite television programmes ever I used to watch when I was but a little kiddie- I liked it then-but lately I've had the chance to see it again and I liked it even more this time-some of it is funny on 2 levels so I get it now and some is just funny for everyone-if it ever comes back on to sky again you have to watch and if you've never seen it before you're missing something great.
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Cartoon humor at its best!
OWUbear1 April 2002
This show was lots of fun, mostly because I remember the antics of Nanny, the undying chase of count Duckula by Von Goosewing and his invisible assistant Heinriech (almost like Javert chasing Jean Valjean)and of course, the Count's crazy castle. That always made me laugh, and for a while, I was "ducky-boos" to my mother. I remembered it when I had a broken arm, for now I was Nanny, not the illustrious Count. Why it isn't on tv anymore I can't fathom, but it's still a classic.
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A remarkable animated TV show with dark humor
Atreyu_II15 October 2007
'Count Duckula' is a classic animated show with dark humor. It's an enjoyable, eccentric and original cartoon. It's one of those cartoons I grew up with during my infant days.

This TV show has a dark atmosphere and takes place in a spooky castle where the main protagonists of this TV show live: the count Duckula, the butler Igor and the nanny (whose name is unknown) with an arm sling.

However, there's nothing scary about this TV show. As a matter of fact, this is a funny and hilarious TV show, more humorous than dark.

Count Duckula is a different kind of vampire: he doesn't like blood - instead, he is a vegetarian and he's often "chicken". He's also hyperactive and very talkative. Count Duckula is a great character and I can say the same about Igor and the nanny. Plus, as a kid I had a neighbor and friend named Igor and, even if it's just because of the name Igor, I can't help remembering this guy when I think of the butler Igor.

This TV show has simple but nice designs and backgrounds, as well as a great dark atmosphere, classic humor, a good song at the opening credits and an ever better version of the same song in the final credits. The ending credits themselves are better than the opening ones, because they are funnier and stranger - we can see some eccentric and bizarre images during them, images that also makes one laugh. Plus, I always loved to see the Tames TV Productions ident which always appeared after the final credits. It shows a beautiful sight of London city and you can even see the city's reflex on the water, which only makes it more beautiful to watch.

Good show. They don't make 'em like this any longer.
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SSJAniFan4 July 2003
It's been so long since I've seen an episode of Count Duckula. So long in fact, that I barely remember anything about it, but thanks to the few comic book issues I have I still have it in my memory. The only thing I seem to remember is I loved the show and would always watch it when I can. Now, I've read some of the comments and they say it's on DVD. I hope it's true, and not just some cruel joke, because I really want to see this cool series again.
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Saluting the duck
girlingreen21 March 2005
It's good to see Cosgrove-Hall creators poking fun at the old Dracula movies through this classic cartoon series.

The basic plot line, if you don't already know it, concerns the misadventures of a vegan vampire duck , an outstanding blot on the escutcheon of a proud bloodthirsty race of vampire ducks. Count Duckula is helped or hindered by the Family's fiercely loyal butler with as big a bloodlust as his masters of old, not to mention an amiable if very accident prone giant chicken named Nanny.

The cartoons creators make use of every and any situation to wring the maximum jokes and puns as only Cosgrove and Hall know best. See clichés of the horror movies put through the spoof grinder. A absolute classic of the 80's genre, and well worth a watch.

"If only real life were like this" - Count Duckula
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Ye Old Classic Cartoon
goldfairy130 November 2003
I remember that show! It was so great. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my now deeply implanted fascination for vampires. I saw an old episode recently (No Sax, please, we're egyptians!)and the entire series just poped right back into my conscious mind. Must have been asleep all comfy and cosy inside my subconscious...

Strange to think that I am too young to remember DangerMouse, but old enough to remember that one...
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paulieeuk18 May 2001
These really are classic cartoons! David Jason is hilarious as the vegetarian vampire duck and Nanny is side splittingly funny. If you can get hold of "No Sax Please We're Eygptian" then it's a classic!

They don't make'em like they used to!
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Ah, I remember the days...
ryuko_mew13 May 2001
What can I say about this show? Well, it's an interesting take on vampires; besides Bunnicula, who else would prefer veggies to blood? It was also funny whenever Igor would try to turn Duckula into the bloodsucking demon he should be! I also have a thing for ducks, they're so adorable! ^_^ Simply put, if you were a child of the 80's and didn't see this show, I pity you. You've missed out on a wonderful, unique series. It's pretty hard to find this show anywhere anymore...
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An Animated Television Masterpiece
DragStrip23 December 2007
"Count Duckula" is my all time favourite cartoon, and I believe it to be one of the very best too. I loved it as a very young kid but I doubt I could have appreciated just how special it actually is. Cosgrove Hall produced 65 episodes of consistent quality over a remarkably short period of time. The weakest episode of Duckula would be the highlight of many another TV series. The animation varies a little, it was obviously worked on by more than one company. At its best it was about as good as TV animation ever got. At its worst it was far above average. The backgrounds in particular are immaculate, with imagery that was often witty or spooky. But what makes this show truly special is the comedy. The show is frequently, hysterically, funny; even after multiple viewings. Not only that but the humour goes into territories often overlooked in cartoons, it is primarily verbal humour with frequent diversions into black and surreal comedy.

If I have not described the show well enough it is mostly because I could never do it justice. Thankfully, we live in a world where all 65 episodes are available, at quite affordable prices too, on DVD. Even if you think you are too old for cartoons, you are not too old for "Count Duckula". Believe me!
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Just plain Brilliant!
ian-121119 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Cosgrove Hall (makers of "Danger Mouse") does it again with this marvellous spin-off series about a vampire duck who only sucks on broccoli sandwiches? Count Duckula of course! After being know for centuries as a callous, blood-sucking fiend, he has another reincarnation by his faithful butler, Igor the vulture and his bumbling maid, Nanny the hen who of which his revival goes to pot after Nanny gives Igor tomato ketchup instead of blood and turns him into a mild-mannered, cowardly mishap! Now with this transporting machine and his chatting bats figures on his cloak, he goes on many strange adventures around the world but also has to escape the clutches of Dr. Van Goosewing, a vampire hunter who wants to see the end of Duckula! Featuring the voice of David Jason, this is another masterpiece from the creators of "Alias the Jester" and so you should go and buy the first season three disc box set right now and sign a petition for this to return of terrestrial television because you won't find another vampire zanier than DUCKULA! 9/10
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Good show
I used to watch this show when I was a little girl. When I think about it, I only remember it vaguely, though. If you ask me, it was a good show. Two things I remember pretty well are the opening sequence and theme song. In addition to that, everyone was ideally cast. Also, the writing was very strong. The performances were top-grade, too. I hope some network brings it back so I can see every episode. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever, even though I don't think I've seen every episode. Now, in conclusion, if some network ever brings it back, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
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What on earth has happened to this gem of a show?
TheLittleSongbird20 May 2009
I loved this when I was kid, it was funny, intelligent and well-animated. David Jason brilliantly voiced Count Duckula(I didn't know it was him at first), don't let the accent throw you. I liked the idea of a vampire duck, very original. There were also some excellent supporting characters, well voiced by the likes of Jack May and co. The plots were clever and funny, the theme tune was great and the scripts were a gem. I loved this when I was a kid, and at the moment I can think of at least seven animated shows that have disappeared suddenly, and should be brought back. They are Peter Pan and the Pirates, Ducktales, Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers, Danger Mouse Darkwing Duck, Talespin and this, I would honestly pick these gems over the awfully-animated cartoons like Shaggy and Scooby Get a Clue! and Pokemon. All in all, if you haven't seen this already, and if you see it anywhere, watch it. Nothing much else to say, other than a 10/10. Bethany Cox
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