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3 Jan. 1989
Dear Diary
Count Duckula is writing in his diary and suspects nothing out of the ordinary, when Igor comes along and tells him that Duckula's diary reminded him of the previous Count and the fact that he himself, kept a diary. This lifts Duckula's interests for a moment or so long enough to decide to take this book straight to the presses to have printed out. As luck would have it, Dr. Von Goosewing, up to his usual vampire-snagging tricks, decides to see whether or not he can disguise himself as a publicist so as to infiltrate Castle Duckula. As he looks for a reporter's ...
10 Jan. 1989
Rent a Butler
After realizing that his castle is understaffed, Count Duckula goes to Rent-A-Butler Inc. to look for some new employees for his castle. However, since it transpires that butler and nannies are in high demand and earn very high wages, Duckula decides to sell his last two loyal employees, Igor and Nanny, to the agency instead. Without anybody to cook for him or look after him, Duckula accepts an invitation to a dinner hosted by the 'Nouveau Riche' family where Igor and Nanny are now serving. Duckula decides to go disguised as his second cousin, the honorable Lobilia, ...
31 Jan. 1989
Mobile Home
The Crow Brothers are short on money so they decide to try out a new scheme. They sell Castle Duckula to an American couple, who wish for it to be transported to their home country. This leads to a new problem: how to get it there. They decide to transport it a brick at a time, hoping that the inhabitants of the castle, Duckula Igor and Nanny, don't notice...
14 Feb. 1989
Dr. Goosewing and Mr. Duck
Von Goosewing is, as usual, hovering over Castle Duckula trying to find some way to obliterate Duckula and broods on his inability to do so, but as he is about to take a sip of some coffee, actually drinks from his patented carpet stain remover. This has a surprising effect on the drinker; it will turn them into the reverse of what they are for a short time. Von Goosewing then comes to the conclusion that he can get Duckula to take this chemical so as to neutralize him long enough to eliminate him, and he plans to put it in Duckula's milk. Needless to say, chaos soon ...
21 Feb. 1989
Town Hall Terrors
The entire village of Transylvania are desperate in winning the village of the year award. But, there is one problem, they needed the castle to be remodeled in order to win. So, after a game of drawing straws, two villagers decide to go to the castle to persuade Count Duckula to fix up the place. After listening to their persuasion, the Count believes that it is a great idea, much to Igor's dismay. Since Count Duckula is penniless to repair the castle, the villagers convince him to take a grant from the Town Hall. After their arrival at the Town Hall, they start a ...
12 Sep. 1989
Ghostly Gold
As Duckula and his family retainers are cleaning out the attic one night, they find a newspaper with the main article depicting a Gold Rush in the Yukon. As soon as Duckula grasps that the gold may be his for the taking, the castle is set off to the Yukon to seek gold, and the three gold-seekers stop in the prospecting town of Goldsville, though the residents are not revealed to the protagonists as what they truly are, ghosts.
19 Sep. 1989
Count Duckula is eating his breakfast, expecting nothing out of the ordinary when he checks his mail, revealing a ransom note for him saying that the Count has been kidnapped and can be saved if the servants will amass fifty-thousand Transylvanian drachmas to give to the kidnappers. Nanny sees the letter and runs off in fear, bleating that Duckula is missing, though Duckula was not. It is then that the kidnappers are shown; they are two inept gentlemen living in Transylvania, one of who mistakenly sent off the letter before capturing the Count. To correct this, the ...
26 Sep. 1989
The Lost Valley
Coutn Duckula, Nanny, and Igor all head out to the movie theater one night, seeing the film "The Lost Valley", which leaves Igor bothered (he wished to see a film on Bela Lugosi, and hates fiction) and Duckula starstruck, which means that he is then fantasizing about heading to the Lost Valley to find the treasures there. Count Duckula (by some paradoxical ploy) transports the castle to the fictitious world of the Lost Valley, where he meets the natives and attempts to find the treasures there. They are found, but Duckula is dissatisfied when he finds out that they ...
3 Oct. 1989
Incredible Shrinking Duck
Von Goosewing is shown brooding as usual that he cannot capture the Count Duckula as he wishes, but soon has an idea to capture him and end him for good: Von Goosewing plans to shrink the Castle Duckula so as to put its and its inhabitants in a snow-globe, where they will be no danger to anyone, (thought they were not to begin with) and with this new plot in mind, Von Goosewing works hard constantly (for years) building a machine that can shrink the castle itself to a snow-globe size, though he inevitably drops it off the edge of a cliff, where it rolls into a gift ...
10 Oct. 1989
Count Duckula, Nanny and a reluctant Igor prepare to jet off on a castle-free holiday to Nice. However, they have not bargained on the same pair of hapless bandits they encountered in Paris a while ago. Chaos duly ensues.
17 Oct. 1989
Prime-Time Duck
Count Duckula wakes up one morning plagued by bright lights coming from outside, only to find out that the lights are coming from a filming crew, who has set out to make a documentary about the life of the Count Duckula, and Duckula jumps for joy at the prospect of this, and is sorely disappointed that the host of the show prefers Igor as the Count and Nanny as a Countess, leaving the true Count Duckula as the servants. This infuriates Duckula and causes troubles much later for him, as he is booted out of his own castle.
24 Oct. 1989
Bloodsucking Fruit Bats of the Lower Amazon
Igor is summoning his new pet, a "bloodsuckung fruit bat" and plots to use his pet to convert Count Duckula into the vampire that he truly is, but fails when he finds out that Nanny and Duckula have been treating the bat (known to Igor as "Fang" but to Nanny and Duckula as "Fluffykins") as a benevolent pet. Igor realizes that his plan has gone awry when this happens and so plots to head to South America to go and find another bat like Fang, or rather, like Fluffykins so as to restart the training of said bat to convert Duckula into a vampire. Igor thus tricks Duckula ...
7 Nov. 1989
In Arctic Circles
Duckula is forced to put up with the summer heat in Transylvania and finally decides that he wants no more of the heat, so he and his servants set off in the castle to the Arctic. When the trio sets camp outside in the snow, they find a stately igloo, headed by a servile penguin known as Jives who claims that his master is gone, and due to his absence, Duckula may use the master bedroom. Hearing that Duckula is fed up with Igor's sepulchral manner, Jives offers to serve for Duckula, and in turn, Igor is dismissed, in favor of Jives and his distant cousins, which all ...
21 Nov. 1989
Who Dunnit?
Count Duckula has received a letter from a law firm in London saying that a relative (a Duke of Mallardborough) had died and left him (as well as others) something in his will. When Duckula makes it to London, the will reader tells Duckula and the other inheritors that since the Duke was murdered by a person within that room, that none may leave until one confesses. Duckula, being confused, suspects himself and must therefore testify his case in court.
28 Nov. 1989
No Yaks Please, We're Tibetian
Duckula, Igor and Nanny go to the Himalayas.
12 Dec. 1989
Mississippi Duck
Count Duckula has yet another venture of success and fame planned: to be a jazz musician. To do this, he, Igor, and Nanny have set out to the Mississippi to find the means for Duckula to be a musician. When he is kicked out of a local jazz club for sounding bad, he states out loud that he "killed them", which is to say, he was better. But a local steamboat captain takes these words to mean that he is actually a hit-man, and offers the Count a job aboard his ship. Duckula accepts, not knowing what is in store for him.

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