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6 Sep. 1988
No Sax Please: We're Egyptian
One day, after nearly being killed by Nanny delivering a breakfast of "cocoa and choccie biccies", Duckula threatens to give up his title and escape to South America, leading Igor to take him through the picture gallery of the castle to remind of his ancestry. While being lectured about the pictures, Duckula asks Igor about his great-uncle's great-uncle, The Archduck McGanza and his discovery of the "mystic saxophone", an instrument known to give any who play the saxophone power over life and death, and over all the forces of the universe. Duckula hopes to use it to ...
13 Sep. 1988
Vampire Vacation
Count Duckula and his family retainers are coping with the rainy days and Duckula wishes to leave the rain and gloom behind, so Igor suggests that they head to Spain, and visit Don Diego, Duckula's pyromaniac cousin. And so when the castle moves off to Spain, Duckula receives a rude awakening in the form of his castle catching fire, Nanny mistakenly puts out the fire, and this act doesn't sit well with the local villagers, who have them all imprisoned, until they find Don Diego, who wishes to chop the villagers up and invite some other vampires as guests to join in, ...
20 Sep. 1988
One Stormy Night
On a dark and stormy night, Count Duckula is being read a scary story and soon abandons this little happening to try and fetch himself a snack, while, unbeknown to him, Von Goosewing is in another wing of the castle and is making a monster which he hopes will wipe out Duckula. The lightning used for Goosewing's experiment, however, redirects itself into the crypt-like basement of the castle, where it finds a stone Duckula and reanimates it, creating a new, evil Duckula which wishes to find people to brutalize. All around the castle, then, everything is a mess, Duckula...
27 Sep. 1988
Transylvanian Homesick Blues
Count Duckula and his servants have decided to visit the funfair and soon visit a ride on a roller-coaster which can take them back and forward in time, where they see things such as the first vampire, a future ruled by vegetables, the French Revolution, and trouble hits in the most garish of ways when the conductor of the roller-coaster says that he will leave Duckula and Igor back in time to marry Nanny.
4 Oct. 1988
Restoration Comedy
Count Duckula is unhappy with the state of his castle, so he hires an interior decorator called Mr. Roberto to fix it up for him. And by fix it up, he means completely changing it, much to the dismay of Igor and Nanny. This leads to three problems: Mr. Roberto's workmen are incompetent and lazy, Igor and Nanny have gone on strike and Dr. Von Goosewing is up to his usual antics.
11 Oct. 1988
The Mutinous Penguins
Count Duckula has lost the castle somewhere in the Arctic seas and enlists the aid of some piratical penguins with the twisted plot to leave Duckula and his retainers out in the Arctic seas so that they might search for treasure. It works, and the trio is abandoned out on a desolate icy island where Nanny produces piping hot tea which awakens several vikings from being frozen in ice. These vikings further aid Duckula and company their queen is thawed out as well courtesy of Nanny's tea. With time, the castle is found through a fight out in Arctic seas, more treachery ...
1 Nov. 1988
All in a Fog
Count Duckula decides to go to foggy London to become a famous detective. Unfortunately for him, Goosewing is already there, and even worse are a couple of jewel thieves and detectives Hemlock Soames and Dr. Potson. When all of the elements of the plot collide, things become very surreal...
15 Nov. 1988
The Ghost of McCastle McDuckula
Count Duckula gets his castle refurbished and tuned up since it is in need of repair. So, Igor, Nanny, and Count Duckula use the car to travel to the Glen Sparrows Hotel in Scotland. What Duckula does not know is that they are not heading to the Glen Sparrows Hotel, but to Castle McDuckula to visit his uncle Rory McDuckula. Igor is taking him there so that his master would become a real vampire, without letting his master know about the secret. While at Castle McDuckula there is a ghost that lives there.
22 Nov. 1988
Igor's Busy Day
Igor finally gets to revive the "bad, old days" when a young American couple are stranded in the storm & must stay in Castle Duckula. But watch the drawbacks when Duckula's a vegetarian, Nanny helps, & this couple is NOT put in danger.
6 Dec. 1988
The Vampire Strikes Back
Count Duckula wishes to be a superhero much like his space-faring idol, Tremendous Terrance, so he stocks up on cereal tokens to earn a helmet like the one Tremendous Terrance wears. Von Goosewing, meanwhile, schemes to blow the castle up into orbit. It works, and the castle is sent off into space, where it is bombarded with troubles, first oncoming asteroids, then it is attacked by Oids, creatures in the Tremendous Terrance comic book. Tremedous Terrance soon arrives on the scene to save Duckula and company from the aliens, and at Duckula's request is sent off to the...
13 Dec. 1988
Hardluck Hotel
Count Duckula decides to go on a holiday to a hotel called Hardluck Hotel, though when he arrives, nothing is even close to his liking. The hotel itself is in terrible disrepair, the service is bad, and everything is rank and fetid. To end this torment, Duckula goes straight to the hotel manager to check out, but as luck would have it, it has only just been revealed in the papers that Transylvanian drachmas (Duckula's currency) are now deemed worthless in the current market. Faced with this dilemma of not having one red cent to pay for his considerably short stay, ...
20 Dec. 1988
The Hunchbudgie of Notre Dame
Count Duckula, Igor, & Nanny are in Paris where their artistic misadventures draw the attention of the thieves Gaston & Pierre, Inspector Migraine, & Quasimodo, Hunchbudgie of Notre Dame.

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