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  • Middle-aged San Francisco "Director of Information" at an advertising agency Teddy Pierce (Gene Wilder), happily married to wife Didi (Judith Ivey) and father of two daughters, suddenly finds himself obsessed with a beautiful model wearing a red dress. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Woman in Red is an American remake of the French film Un éléphant ça trompe énormément (1976) (1976) (An Elephant Can Be Extremely Deceptive) (aka Pardon mon Affaire). The French movie was adapted for The Woman in Red by Gene Wilder, who also directed and starred. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Just as Teddy and Charlotte (Kelly LeBrock) get naked and into bed, Charlotte's apartment buzzer goes off. Charlotte answers it to find that her husband, a 6′5″ airline pilot, has returned home. With no clothes and nowhere to go, Teddy quickly dons a bathrobe and climbs out on the ledge. As Teddy waits there, staring at the 100-foot drop, people begin to notice him. Soon a crowd of gawkers amasses, follewed by the fire department, EMTs, and newspaper reporters, all believing he is about to commit suicide. Unable to climb back in the window, Teddy sits on the windowsill and calmly smokes a cigarette. Inside the window, Charlotte and her husband can be heard splashing around on the waterbed. Meanwhile, the whole debacle is being broadcast live on TV, watched by an astonished Didi and the girls. "What the hell am I doing?", Teddy says to himself. "I had a wonderful life. I could have thrown my whole life away, and for what?" When the fire department unfurls a safety net and orders Teddy to jump, he calmly steps to the edge of ledge and leaps off. On the way down, he notices a cute newspaper reporter winking at him. Edit (Coming Soon)


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