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an overlooked gem
the-jerk11 April 2005
Maybe some people just don't get it. This was made by the team of Zucker-Abraham-Zucker, responsible for "Airplane", "The Kentucky Fried Movie", and the "Naked Gun" series, so who cares if it doesn't accurately reflect society? It's not meant to be a satire, folks, it's a very broad parody!

I recently watched this again, and I caught something I had never caught before. In the dinner scene at the "Hotel Gay Schluffen", Nick Rivers (played by Val Kilmer, and this may be the best thing he's ever done), American rock star, is told that he needs a jacket to eat in the dining room, but the restaurant will provide one. In the next scene we can see him in the background having a jacket tailor-made! The reason it's hard to catch is that there's exposition going on in the foreground (a ZAZ trademark). It's funny, but the amazing thing is that I've seen this movie many times over a period of something like 20 years, and I'd never noticed that before.

I believe that this is one of the marks of a great spoof, that you can watch it many times and still pick up jokes you've never noticed before. Like ZAZ's other masterworks, this one is packed with hilarious one-liners and sight gags. Watch for the scene in the Swedish bookshop that's filmed backwards, the way the verses to the East German National Anthem keep getting longer and longer when translated into English, and the scene where an unfortunate agent is crushed inside a car (and what happens with him afterwards!). And this doesn't even scratch the surface. If "Top Secret!" isn't ZAZ's funniest movie it's only because it has such strong competition. The men were comedic geniuses when they were together.

Val Kilmer was hilarious as Nick Rivers, and the movie has a strong supporting cast, including Lucy Gutteridge as Nick's love interest Hillary (I wonder how Ms. Clinton would feel if she knew her name means "She whose bosoms defy gravity"?), Christopher Villiers as Nigel, her ex-boyfriend (they spent some time stranded on a deserted island together), and Jeremy Kemp as the evil General Streck. Also look out for Peter Cushing, Omar Sharif, and Ian McNiece (hilarious as a spy whose cover is selling souvenirs, novelties, and party tricks). And watch out for the French resistance (who knows what they're doing in East Germany?), each one of whose names is a pun on a French word or phrase (Chocolate Mousse, Deja Vu, etc.)

The plot? Does it matter? Something about the East Germans planning to take over the world while everybody's paying attention to an international cultural show they're putting on (Nick is the American representative), and the spies who are trying to stop it. But that's not the point, the point is the comedy, and I could go on and on about the many hilarious jokes but I'm not going to; let me just say without ruining anything that the funniest scenes in the movie involve a cow.

It's usually overlooked, curiously enough, when talking about the great comedies, but there's no doubt about it, "Top Secret!" IS one of the great comedies of our time.
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"What funny duck poop?"
Backlash00726 August 2003
Top Secret is one of the funniest, most off-the-wall movies ever filmed. Featuring a young Val Kilmer, I think Top Secret is the best of all spoof films (Spaceballs is a close second). This thing spoofs everything, Beach Boy's songs, spy pictures, war movies, westerns, and even Elvis is not safe. It's ridiculous, outrageous, hilarious, and all in the name of good fun. The spit gag has to be my favorite bit. You've seen it in countless movies: the hero is being verbally accosted by the villain and he spits in his face. This time, however, the hero is on the other side of the room. Other memorable jokes include the skeet songs, the anal intruder, the "cow" scenes, and the backwards bit with Peter Cushing. There are countless little things like that which make Top Secret a definite cult classic and a certifiable must-see.

"Wish they all could be double barrel, wish they all could be double barrel guuuuuuuns."
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Val Kilmer Steals the Movie
Claudio Carvalho5 March 2016
In East Germany, the American rock and roll singer Nick Rivers (Val Kilmer) meets Hillary Flammond (Lucy Gutteridge) in a fancy restaurant. Hillary is a member from the resistance and her hope is to rescue her father, the scientist Dr. Paul Flammond (Michael Gough), who is imprisoned by the Germans to develop a powerful weapon. Nick is arrested and sent to prison for helping Hillary and he meets Dr. Flammond in his laboratory. Hillary helps him to escape during a show and when he tells that he has met Dr. Flammond in the prison to Hillary, they decide to seek out the resistance leader. When they meet him, they discover that Nigel (Christopher Villiers) was Hillary's first lover. Further, they learn that there is a traitor in the resistance. Who might be the traitor?

"Top Secret" is a very funny comedy by Jim Abrahams and David Zucker. The plot is a parody to World Was II movies with the French resistance and it is impossible not laughing along the adventures of Nick Rivers in the East Germany. Val Kilmer steals the movie wit ha magnificent performance and singing most of the songs. In the end, time is cruel to everyone. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Top Secret – Super Confidencial" ("Top Secret – Super Confidential")

Note: On 24 Sep 2017, I saw this film again.
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Comparable to great comedies like Airplane! and The Naked Gun.
Motopsycho218 February 2007
This movie truly is another great work from David Zucker and Jim Abrahams team. In some scenes you will laugh so hard that you have to pause the movie, laugh for five minutes then play it again. Also, Val Kilmer does a great acting for his first movie!

This movie may not be the best comedy ever made but it still is among the top of its genre and a great movie to watch even and specially if you're not in a good mood.

If you found "Airplane!" funny then watching this one is highly recommended. It has the same stupid and totally funny jokes and same sense of humor. It also is the best parody of WW2 spy movies. Rent or buy the DVD and enjoy it!
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It doesn't get much sillier than this - and they even say so in song!
Peter Hayes24 February 2004
An American rock and roll idol goes behind the iron curtain (while there was one!) for a culture fest but instead becomes involved in the resistance movement.

Forget about the film itself, the very idea of an Elvis Presley movie being mixed with a French resistance film and produced by the Airplane! crew is enough for laugh number one. Not only is this a bizarre world but seems to be playing games with time and history, the communist East Germany being portrayed as a kind of war time Nazi set-up!

Kilmer does well with an impossible role to the point where you wonder if he didn't miss his vocation. He can sing and dance better than many real singers and he proved in The Doors that he is really a major musical force. Strangely it is rumoured that he didn't realise this was a satire!

The stupidity of many Elvis movies and those Saturday morning children's reels (scientist and beautiful daughter) are taken to the cleaners and you have fantastic sight gags. The "falling guard" gag is one of the best sight gags in the history of movies - I challenge anyone not to laugh at it.

I enjoy a stupid movie every now and then and admit I enjoyed this one. Clearly the authors know little about German history or European culture and the little they do know seems cribbed from watching bad B movies on the subject, but what the hell. This is too stupid for anyone to get seriously uptight about. "How silly can you get?" sings Kilmer at one point in the film: Maybe a little, but not that much!
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The best spoofs...
Aaron137523 April 2003
are usually the ones with plots of their own. This one is such a spoof and it is very funny. You don't have to see any movies to find this funny either. You just have to have seen parts of an Elvis movie over the years or saw a scene or two from an old espionage flick. You don't have to watch an entire movie to get the jokes. Val Kilmer is very funny here as is all the cast. The jokes are great even with some of them being a bit dated. The resistance group is great, the escape, everything in here is really funny. After "Airplane" this one ranks right up there with the best spoof movies made.
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Batman meets Alfred!
DarthBill14 April 2004
In his first leading role, Val Kilmer plays Nick Rivers, an Elvis like pop star sent to Germany on a good will tour as a fill in for Leonard Bernstein. Once there he gets caught up in all sorts of misadventures that lead to him being a part of the French under ground resistance. Lucy Gutteridge is his German lover.

An often overlooked - maybe even misunderstood - film from the Zucker/Abrams/Zucker team (who gave us "Airplane!") the film takes pot shots at "The Man Who Knew Too Much", pintos, rock 'n roll, Nazis, and other various spy movies with more gags than you can shake a stick at. A hilarious romp of madness.

Val himself is pretty funny here, managing to both wink and not wink at the camera as he is placed in a number of absurd situations. Also interesting of note is that this one features Michael Gough, who would later play Alfred in the Batman series, and Val himself would later play Batman.
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Hilarious From A like Abrahams to Z like Zucker ...
ElMaruecan8213 February 2012
Following the popular success of "Airplane!" and its less acclaimed sequel, the ZAZ trio was back to what I believe to be the funniest comedy ever: "Top Secret!" a hilarious parody of the WWII spy films and the 50-60's rock-themed movies. Speaking of rock'n'roll, one of the most defining songs of the film performed by Val Kilmer aka Nick Rivers is titled "How Silly Can you Get?" which sounds like a self-reflexive motto.

"Top Secret!" probably features the highest laughs-out-loud-per-minute ratio from any movie, as there is not one single moment where the action isn't punctuated by a gag, and that this very gag doesn't work. Everything in "Top Secret!" is both hilarious on an anarchic and cathartic level in the way it plunges you into a never-ending positive mindset. You may say that this is the very principle of a comedy, what's more a spoof movie, but it seems like "Top Secret!" has been specially concocted for pure and genuine amusement, and while the much more respected "Airplane!" has its slower moments, especially during the flash-back parts, "Top Secret!" was hilarious from A like Abrahams to Z like Zucker brothers.

There are two kinds of gags in "Top Secret!", the direct and the indirect one. The direct is immediate, mostly visual and slapstick, like a "find him and kill him" stamp or a sunbathing girl leaving boob-holes in the sand. The best gags are extended and feature a lot of dancing like the ball scene, the outrageous ballet sequence or a feet-view panic scene. Anyway, whether it's an offensive national anthem, a singing horse, a little German, an over-hilarious moment when Nick is about to be executed and an old lady slowly approaches to pick up the phone, any attempt to list the audio-visual gags of the film is as ludicrous as trying to define which is the funniest. The indirect gag is the elaborated one, already funny by itself but leading to a much more delightful punch-line.

The first one involves a weird shot illustrating the road taken by Nick Rivers and his manager, the map looks more and more familiar until Pac-Man makes his appearance, the very gag that sets the tone of the film. When Omar Sharif as Agent Cedric meets a colleague disguised as a party tricks vendor, the whole interaction is funny enough but the icing on the cake comes with the "You dropped your phony dog pooh", an item which obviously is not sold. The gag works even more because we expect it, like when Nick is introduced to the French Resistance, what would you expect from a man named "Déjà Vu" apart from "Have we not met before?" It could have concluded here yet the French sounding names punch-line was with the black guy named 'Chocolate Mousse", which says a lot about an era where anything was acceptable in the name of pure comedy.

I don't mean to be too analytical, but my regard for "Top Secret!" is due to one of the two funniest and creative gags from any film, starting with the Swedish bookstore sequence, a cinematic achievement that would have made Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin proud. During that part, there is a gradual suspicion that we're not watching a normal scene, even for a spoof movie, there is something weird in the walking and the talking that gets funnier as it is more noticeable, the scene becomes hilarious when we get the point and yet it goes on and on, a book getting in the right place immediately, dust from ear to mouth, and finally Nick and Hillary 'sliding up' a pole. The sequence goes from funny to not funny anymore until it becomes funny again with the throw away gag of the puppy going backwards leaving the Swedish bookstore owner in a priceless doubted expression.

The other and maybe more memorable one, as it made it in the poster involves a clever cow disguise that looks like a real cow from our point of view, it's simple but someone should have thought about that. Now, it became a comedic landmark used in many comedies when a guy disguise as an animal, inopportunely choosing the female one, and invites a male on heat to come on him, but back then it was new that even pushed the outrageousness by involving a little veal thirsty for milk, the villain's reaction (in the disguise) is a laugh-riot. That's the secret of "Top Secret!", a comedy that doesn't take itself seriously except for its genuine desire to make us laugh. The rest of the gags are as good as it gets, and features many fourth-wall breaking, like when Nick and Hillary feels that the romance "makes it's like a bad movie" and then they look at us, and many film references are made, notably one hilarious climax in a sub-aquatic Western bar, and a clever farewell a la "Wizard of Oz".

"Top Secret!" is made in such a way, that we either enjoy a gag or wait for one to come, so there's no time break. The only little pauses are provided by these moments when we can enjoy Val Kilmer's musical performances but the humor is never away. But my enjoyment of the film is proportional to my sadness to see it so often overlooked by the peers and movie viewers, playing on anagrams, I want to say that "TOP SECRET!" is a comedy "TO RESPECT!". Indeed, when I checked the list of AFI's Top 100 Laughs, I was surprised not to see "Top Secret!" listed while "Fargo" and "Jerry Maguire" and less 'lol'ling comedies were, I'm even surprised that the film is hardly mentioned among the greatest parodies or that it didn't have any nominations for the Golden Globes.

Seriously, I can't see, regarding "Top Secret!", how funnier can a movie get.
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Very funny and also very stupid...
Nelson_Fluckz11 July 2005
This movie is unbelievable funny and makes no sense.

Why are there Nazis in East-Germany capturing Scientists and why do they want to let a Rock'n'Roll singer play his music!? For me one of the funniest part is the "german language cassette" Rivers' is listening to in the train (!) to Germany. This words make absolutely no sense! :) The whole train sequence is funny. The train station and the guy with the tree also rock!

Val Kilmer did a great performance, acting, dancing and singing!

The title sequence "skeet surfing" is also a great parody for the American way of life!
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very underrated
ajdagreat3 February 2002
The Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker team, master of the rapid-fire humor and insane spoofs, strike again! This time with "Top Secret!", which is a very underrated movie that, in my humble opinion, is just as good as "Airplane!" (which of course is considered their best work).

I don't understand it - what makes this film inferior to "Airplane!"? There are just as many jokes, the jokes are just as good, the timing is as always perfect. Am I missing something? Is it just that "Airplane!" was bold in breaking barriers for spoof movies, setting a precedent that "Top Secret!" was just there to follow?

That's not to diminish the quality of "Airplane!", which is one of my favorites. But what's wrong with "Top Secret!"? Why only a 6.6 rating? It must be from those purists who don't understand movies like this, and don't like this movie because the plot is not as well-developed as the plot of "Airplane!" Don't get me wrong - ordinarily a more developed plot only makes a movie funnier, but in the case of a spoof like this, the plot isn't important (it has often been said that the plot is just a "clothesline" for the jokes in such movies). Those purists completely miss the point of this movie.

Watch this movie unless you're one of those blasted aforementioned purists. If that is the case, go watch "The Philadelphia Story" for the thousandth time.
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Delightfully Silly...
Tim Kidner17 September 2012
If you try and ignore this "Spy" offering from the Airplane team, you won't last long. When it's on your TV screen there'll soon be something so outrageously daft that you have to at least stare in dismay and amazement.

Yes, it's a pity it hasn't got Leslie Nielsen at the helm but the young Elvis-sort of looking Val Kilmer is good, but not brilliant. It's just not in the class of the best Abrahams and Zucker's, especially the fore- mentioned Airplane, hence my four stars.

Sent off to cold-war East Germany and playing rock'n'roll to an audience not yet immersed in such, at a concert that aims to unite west and east Berlin, Nick Rivers (Kilmer) encounters an array of mishaps, from the outset. Naturally, the opposite sort of happens and I'd like to say that plot details are fairly useless here and they're pointless in a script where gag after gag is out for laughs, most of them hitting some spot, or another. There's Omar Sharif as you've never seen, or ever thought you'd see him and a turn from Peter Cushing, too.

Venturing into a parody of WWII films, including The Great Escape, it ends up with a herd of cows wearing wellington boots...What happens between is fast and funny and whilst Top Secret isn't the funniest thing you'll see, it's good and worthy of including in the 'ones to see'.
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ZAZ Blitzkrieg-humor
Coventry3 October 2004
In between their most successful films – Airplane, Naked Gun and Hot Shots – the ZAZ team modestly spoofed the espionage and conspiracy theory thrillers in Top Secret! The film involves American teen idol Nick Rivers (Val Kilmer in his first big screen role) attending a culture festival in Nazified East Germany. The festival merely is a cover-up for the sinister and evil practices of the Nazis who kidnapped an eminent scientist. Nick quickly interferes in all this and ends up as member of a resistance-party, existing of French dudes with funny-sounding names and weird comical habits (like drinking gasoline…) . Remaining loyal to the ZAZ trademarks, 'Top Secret!' is one giant running gag and a spitfire of chuckles in which absolutely NOTHING has to be taken seriously. The European-minded character of this film provided the writers with the occasion to make fun of the typical French, German and Swedish stereotypes and that forms a perfect contrast with the American surf-generation. As usual in this type of films, the widely elaborated jokes miss their target (sometimes they even are painfully unfunny) but the smaller background slapstick is hilarious and almost causes you a stomach pain from laughing. The open assaults to immensely successful cinema classics like 'the Great Escape', 'Wizard of Oz' or 'The Blue Lagoon' is something you either love or hate, but it perfectly reflects the type of over-the-top humor these writers want to bring. Val Kilmer does well in his first major role and his youthful charm helps increasing his teen-popstar credibility. Furthermore, there are a few delightful small roles for authentic cinema veterans such as Omar Shariff, Michael Gough and my personal favorite Peter Cushing. Top Secret isn't Abraham's and the Zucker brother's best work, but it's still great entertainment and the quality balances somewhere between 'The Kentucky Fried Movie' and 'Airplane'.
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Keep rockin' and rollin' as long as actors can get elected president!
Lee Eisenberg19 February 2006
Knowing that "Top Secret!" comes from the guys who gave us "Airplane!" and the "Naked Gun" movies, I shouldn't have to really explain it. The plot has rock 'n' roll star Nick Rivers (Val Kilmer) getting sent to East Germany to rescue a scientist (Michael Gough). Of course in reality, the movie's an excuse for a gag every minute. Making fun of both the American and Soviet spheres of influence, this flick pulls no punches. I suspect that you'll really like the scene where Hillary Flammond (Lucy Gutteridge) and Nick explain their names to each other, and then where they introduce the resistance fighters. All in all, a wonderfully goofy romp. As a side note, Val Kilmer and Michael Gough later co-starred in "Batman Forever", although Jim Carrey stole the show in that one.
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Sheet Shootin' is a catchy tune
Jawsphobia17 August 2000
The opening song which combines Beach Boys music with the subject of Skeet Shooting is worth the price of the movie and prepares you for the joyful insanity that will follow. Kilmer is at his second best, after The Doors, with an Elvis Presley and Spy-Movie spoof. This range of subject matter may account for the relatively low box office. But when I hear the over-used title TOP SECRET this is the only thing that springs to mind. There is a great BLUE LAGOON parody, which may be out of date, but with Survivor as the latest fad it may pass.
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The Train
harryfielder19 March 2009
TOP SECRET…Directors…Jim Abrahams…David and Jerry Zucker… Cast Inc…Val Kilmer…Peter Cushing… I was booked for a couple of days to play a straight faced German and a very good actor (Warren Clarke) was to be my boss. The directors of this film had already shown their comedy worth with all the Airplane films in the USA.. So it was gag after gag in this film too. I don't know if this was Val Kilmer's first leading role but he certainly went to the top in his later films..

The scene I'm in goes something like this. Warren is checking Val's papers on a train and this is set during WW2. After the dialogue scenes between them Warren and I get off the train and wait for the train to pull out.. We stand on the platform. The train doesn't pull out, the directors think it's funnier if the platform pulls out instead. (British Rail should make note of this as it saves on crowded trains.) Warren and I did work together again over the years.
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Secrets about Top Secret
carolcruz18 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw this movie I was a little girl, so most things I didn't understand it. I have seen it more than 50 times I whenever I see it I find something new. For example, the anal intruder, how could I understand it when I was six! And what the priest was reading when Nick was supposed to be killed in the electric chair. I really like that movie that's why I brought it and sometimes I watch it to see if I can find something new on it. This is one of those movies that you can see over and over again without getting bored. Do you remember when Omar Shariff was inside the car and the girl put motor oil or gas for his cough? I also remember the man with the party tricks and souvenirs. At the beginning of the movie everybody thinks that the train is moving and what is moving is a tree.
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It's really no Secret why this movie's near the Top.
thesar-29 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Clearly, the writers of Top Secret! didn't know what decade they were spoofing. From 1950's dances and music to M*A*S*H and Mary Tyler Moore TV references to Satellites (?),Top Secret! simply got lazy at times. After awhile, you'll simply get used to them as none of this is really supposed to be taken seriously.

So, get past that, I did, and you'll have a freaking blast as the good enormously outweighs the flaws. Sure, some (make that few) of the jokes are corny, predictable and don't work (Val's head in the toilet would've been funnier animated – wait, it was, on Scooby-Doo…weekly) but most will have you rolling – A new version of Frogger, Der Pinto, The Tunnel of Irony, Tic Tac Glass, just to name a very few.

American sensation, Nick (Kilmer) travels to Germany just as the rebellion builds up against the Nazis around World War II. He continually saves the damsel in many dresses while singing a few tunes and dances away unscathed. His mission, he didn't really choose, is to rescue the dame's imprisoned father and Batman's butler and escape East Germany.

Really, the plot doesn't matter and as slim as it is, it's actually more complicated than the highly superior Airplane! The real joy is seeing true slapstick as it was meant to be, unlike the failed attempts of recent years. And yes, they can make a spoof without Leslie Nielsen, though he's a big part of why most of them worked in the 1970's and 1980's.

The movie starts off with a bang telling you it's a silly movie, it only has one shot that they looked at the screen – something I only like in very small portions – and when they did, it was absolutely hilarious and the movie kept to what it was: spoof of war films, or the war itself, or Nazis. In either case, it didn't go in 50 directions like recent and unbearable spoofs, like Scary Movie 2, 3, 4, etc.

Highly recommended for those who do love the 1980's, genuine spoofs and booted cows. Make sure you go to the special features on the disc – the deleted are really funny and I'm surprised they were cut, and there's an Easter Egg concerning yet another hilarious scene and its original format. One scene, I might have missed, but I recall a scene in which the table "rises" with the gentlemen's excitement and I didn't see it this time. I'll watch it again, but I'm kind of disappointed that wasn't here. Anyways…SEE IT!
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A parody of espionage films from the '40s, it's Val Kilmer's first movie...
Neil Doyle17 April 2010
There are lots of laughs in this film from the Zuckers who know how to create visual gags that are even funnier if you know what film is being spoofed. The main plot (if there is one) seems to be based on a certain Hedy Lamarr film called THE CONSPIRATORS with she and Paul Henried trying to escape the Nazis during WWII's Lisbon.

Homage to a lot of other Hollywood films are scattered throughout. Fast-moving and fun loose, it's one of those films where you're waiting to see what the next gag will be.

Everyone plays their roles with a straight poker face, particularly VAL KILMER in the lead as Nick Rivers, a rip-off of Elvis Presley. He doesn't show any particular flair for comedy except when he goes into his Elvis act. Then the wooden expression vanishes and he's limber enough to give the impression that he can sing and dance with the best of them.

JEREMY KEMP does his best to look sinister as a Nazi officer and LUCY GUTTERIDGE is the pretty wide-eyed miss who gets Kilmer involved in a messy espionage situation. All of it is played for laughs and there are plenty of those, but I suspect this will appeal more to anyone who has experienced all the movies being parodied--even, for one fleeting moment, "The Wizard of Oz." Summing up: Some uneven moments but generally an enjoyable romp. Kilmer went on to better, more serious roles for the rest of his career.
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I love it!
foffster17 September 2007
One of the funniest movies of all time. Although it's so silly ("How silly can you get") it's beyond silly, that is what makes this movie so enjoyable. It doesn't take long to get that this movie is all about the gags. Either you accept it and laugh your head off, or you turn it off.

Val Kilmer is perfect for the role that is not a role or a character at all - he's just hanging on for the ride of the Zuckers and is oblivious to it all. And that's what makes the movie (beyond the fantastic gags), because all the characters find the things that happens very real. Forget about Scary Movie or whatever stupid movie there is out there. This is THE silly movie of all time. It's better than Airplane!, the Hot Shots movies and the Naked Gund-movies. This is the movie that frees itself from every rule and setting and just play all the jokes it can master.

Yes, it's a parody of both Elvis-movies, war movies and spy movies, but at its core there's just true comedy with only one rule: There is no rules. "Souvenirs, novelties, party tricks!"

I love it, I love it, I love it.
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One of the very best
psychocat38112 September 2007
All I can say to those who didn't like this movie is "are you sure you have a sense of humour"? This is a send up second to none, the gags come thick and fast and even though I am a very ardent Elvis fan even I found the parody of Are You Lonesome Tonight absolute brilliance. I saw it when it had it's cinema release way back in the 80s and the whole place was rocking, the songs are first class and the fact that Val actually sings them is ace (I never knew he could sing). There are loads of visual jokes as well as slapstick and ridiculous flights of fancy. My favourite comedy to dig out of my DVD collection on a miserable rainy day , it's guaranteed to bring a smile even after the dozens of times I've already seen it

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Torn Curtain on steroids
rybiczka22 February 2006
I just saw this movie for the first time in the original English version, and it's silly, but VERY entertaining fun.

Indeed, from "There's Sauerkraut in my Lederhosen" to the moving train station to Dèja Vu ("Haven't we met before?") to Rivers placing his head into a gas oven (an overt parody of the murder scene in "Torn Curtain", I think) to the Blue Lagoon spoof, this has to be counted as a classic.

It may not reach the heights of some French film comedies (like "Oscar" or "The Great Blonde"), but it's a very well done parody in its own right.

Some personal remarks: My appreciation for Val Kilmer has grown immensely after watching this film; this fellow is a gifted dancer and an achieved singer. --- Jeremy Kemp playing Major Streck has such a sweet German accent I couldn't believe he's an Englishman. --- Has anyone noticed that the heroine lodges in hotel room # 409 - hardly a surprise after the Beach Boys-parody intro? --- I may be wrong, but one of the East German Olympic team's women in the honorary ceremony at the beginning of the film looks suspiciously like Sylvester Stallone --- I was pleasantly surprised by the liberal use of Yiddish in the English original. That was phased out in the German dubbing; apparently this was still a no-no twenty years ago. Thank God this has changed in the meantime. Still, it made me angry and sad that the crazy Nazi barbarians succeeded in eradicating this rich culture from our midst.

The latter notwithstanding, this film gave me a very good time, indeed.
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I haven't seen such a nonsense for a long time
kurciasbezdalas26 December 2008
I've watched this movie mainly because I was curious to see Val Kilmer at his youth. At first this movie appeared having a lot of not funny jokes (which were probably funny for that time audience, but would appear banal for a nowadays audience). I was thinking of switching a channel, but then this movie finally became funny. There was so many stupid jokes, there was just no seriousness in this film, so just when I get used to it, it was really funny. I think that they used 500 jokes in this movie, or maybe more. They were parodying that time movies and using a good old slapstick jokes. So it's a really worth watching 80's comedy.
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I know a little German...he's right over there
Boyo-224 February 2000
This movie is very funny, even after countless viewings. Val Kilmer is surprisingly funny as Nick Rivers and he gets great support from Lucy Gutteridge. Seeing Omar Sharif is always welcome; in this, he gets to have fun with his suave image and also gets some laughs. I prefer this to everything in the "Airplane" and "Naked Gun" series.
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No 'Airplane!' but still fun
rbverhoef15 June 2003
'Top Secret' is one of the comedies from Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Jerry Zucker. During the years they have brought the wonderful 'Airplane!', the very funny 'Naked Gun'-series, two 'Hot Shots!'-movies, 'Jane Austen's Mafia!' and 'Rat Race'. This movie belongs in that list of very funny movies. It is not as good as 'Airplane!' or the first 'Naked Gun' but it comes close.

Val Kilmer is Nick Rivers, an American rock n' roll singer, who comes to East-Germany. To tell you the truth I can't remember really why he did that, but of course that doesn't matter very much. In East-Germany he meets Hillary Flammond (Lucy Gutteridge). Her father is imprisoned by the East-German regime and Nick wants to help Hillary to find him back. The movie is not really about the plot but to tell more would reveal some very funny surprises.

A lot of movie references will pas during the movie, the most obvious are probably from 'The Blue Lagoon' and all the Elvis Presley musicals. It is a little hard to explain the movie but consider a scene where Nick and Lucy want to hide. They pass a closet that says "Janitor", you see them in almost every building. They open the closet and behind the door we see the actual janitor in a very small space. They close the door and enter a room that says "props". In the room we see actual props. There are many of those scene and most of them work. I had a good time watching this.
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