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This is the movie that made a big break through for sci-fi movies!!!!
Smells_Like_Cheese4 August 2002
The Terminator is one of those films that no matter if you've seen it or not, you've heard of it, heck you know at least one or two lines without seeing it! This is the movie that blasted then new comer's Arnold Schwartzeneggerr's career, made James Cameron a name in Hollywood, and gave new meaning to a possible dark future that gave us nightmares. I remember the first time I saw this movie, I was just 8 years old and my dad of course walks in saying to cover my eyes at every "bad" scene with violence or nudity, needless to say about 70% of the movie he covered my eyes. Finally I got to see it with my mom and I was in love, this wasn't just an action movie, though it is one of the best, it had a story. To think this was all based upon just a quick nightmare that James Cameron had, he didn't have much money, but he had a good script, a great crew on his side to make one of cinema's greatest movies of all time.

Two men appear in Los Angeles in separate locations, manifesting in sudden, blinding flash-storms of electricity. One is heavily muscular; the other man, slim and wiry. The mysterious muscular man obtains weapons and begins hunting down all women named "Sarah Connor", using a phone book to track his targets. He successfully kills the first two of the three listed women. When he attempts to kill the last Sarah Connor, he is stopped by the other man, Kyle Reese who has been sent back in time to protect her. While hiding in a parking garage, Reese explains that the man hunting Sarah is actually a cyborg assassin called a "Terminator", built by Skynet, an artificial intelligence network created by Cyberdyne Systems. In the near future, Reese explains, Skynet gained self-awareness, initiated a global takeover of military hardware, and launched a nuclear war against humanity. Skynet ordered that a scant number of humans were to be kept alive in order to be used as slave labor. John Connor, Sarah's son, rallied the few remaining humans and led a resistance movement against the machines. After a grinding campaign, the human resistance was on the verge of victory; in a last-ditch effort, Skynet sent the Terminator back in time to kill Sarah before John was born, preventing the resistance from ever being founded and allowing the machines to win by default. Reese volunteered to follow the Terminator back in time to protect Sarah; after his use of the time transportation equipment, it was to be destroyed by the resistance in order to prevent further Terminators from going back in time. The Terminator feels no pain, has no emotions, and will stop at nothing to accomplish its mission.

The Terminator is personally one of my favorite movies of all time, I think because this movie really is something special. Yeah, the effects are very 80's, but for the time and even to this day, I think the special effects are much better than the CGI crud we get in today's cinema. This has everything: action, romance, horror, sci-fi, and even some dark humor. The reason why Arnold's "I'll be back" is so famous is not just because of his accent, but because you knew that something bad was coming. Kyle Reese's "Come with me if you want to live" is classic as well. If you haven't seen The Terminator, I highly recommend this movie, it's an incredible one that is sure to deliver entertainment to the fullest. This is one of the greatest movies of all time and I'm sure that you will not be disappointed, if you are, get a CAT scan.

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Nice night for a walk.
baumer15 July 1999
Is there a better person to play a cyborg than Arnold? For this movie he was a massively built oak tree of a man. His strange accent makes for a perfect callous robotic sounding killing machine. It's almost like his voice is a computer read out ( which I guess it is in one sense ). Terminator is one of those films that started something huge. People didn't realize it at the time, but the careers of Arnold, Cameron and perhaps even guys like Micahel Biehn, Lance Henriksen and even Bill Paxton were substantially started because of this film. And Cameron must have liked working with them so much that he gave all of them substantial roles in his next film ( Aliens ).

As we all know what the story is, I'll just tell you a bit about what is so fascinating about it. First I have to mention Michael Biehn. He has the real starring role. He is the character that has to explain everything to the audience. He has to explain this complicated story so that we know what is happening and why. It is not an easy job to do something like that and still come off looking all right. But Biehn is simply awesome in this film. A microcosm of his performance can be seen when Sara bites him. Biehn ( Kyle Reese ) replies " Terminator's don't feel pain. I do. Don't do that again. " That is such a great line delivered with the perfect expression, the perfect tone and the perfect timing. Biehn is perfect for the role.

This is also the first film that I saw as a youngster that ever warned me of the dangers of nuclear war and of the rapid advancements of machinery. Perhaps I was too young and naive to fully understand all that James Cameron was trying to say, but now that I am older, I can honestly say that the two Terminators are perfect anti nuke films. And they are so passionate with what they have to say. I like it when a film has something to say. I enjoy being entertained in the process but if you can manage both then you have a masterpiece. This is a masterpiece.

Finally. there are two other reasons to enjoy this film. One, this is the first film where "I'll be back" was spoken. Now it is part of Arnolds vernacular. Secondly, Bill Paxton is in it. And he adds spark to any film that he's in. Especially here, as the idiot punk leader that really gets the hell beat out of him, he has some great lines.

A great film.
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The Terminator has heart. Cameron might be well advised,less is more.
axlrhodes28 January 2011
Many people look back at the films of James Cameron and suggest that the smaller, the budget, the tighter the limitations, the better the end product. Films like Avatar, Titanic and True Lies had huge budgets and drew in even bigger box office but many still yearn for the Cameron that gave us The Terminator and Aliens which were huge movies but packed a far bigger punch artistically. My feelings all these years on are that Cameron has earned the right to make those huge movies but i have to admit to preferring his earlier body of work. The Terminator is a nightmarish, time travelling science fiction film told at a breakneck pace and delivered with confidence and style. The film has a very gritty, underground look to it and does a great job of telling its story amid the frenetic action. There is also a huge slice of horror and suspense thrown in, an impression that has diminished in the years since it's release due to inferior sequels. Viewed as a standalone piece however, The Terminator is fine piece of work from a director with a very clear vision.Everyone knows that The Terminator is the film that gave us Arnold Schwarzenegger but when i look back at the film, it has heart and its the Michael Biehn character, Kyle Reese, that provides it Artistically speaking,Cameron might be well advised that less is more.
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Arnie is cool as the bad guy, in this classic 80's action film!
Old Joe10 February 2002
It was funny to read that this film nearly avoided coming to our screens. With many number of studios rejecting the script and story, Terminator was nearly terminated before getting of the ground. However, one company, ORION pictures, the last resort for this movie, loved the premise of a robot running around as a man, trying to kill the mother of the savior of planet earth. Thank goodness they saw that it was a good script, because it become one of the great films of the 1980's.

In 2029, giant super computers dominate the planet, hell bent on exterminating the human race! And to destroy man's future by changing the past they send an indestructible cyborg – a terminator – back in time to kill Sarah Connor, the woman who's unborn son will become mankind's only hope. Can Sarah protect herself from this unstoppable menace to save the life of her unborn child? Or will the human race be extinguished by one mean hunk of mutant metal?

Well this film is a real blast. The cast is extraordinary. This is probably Arnold Schwarzenegger's most popular role. I cannot see why it isn't. He was great as the Cyborg that was walking around, as a killing machine. His facial expressions are sketched in my memory for life. I love the scene where see a close of his face in the police car, it was brilliant. Schwarzenegger, originally a body builder, he has had a wonderful career in the movie industry. His other great films include Predator, End Of Days, Total Recall, Eraser and was impressive in his role as Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin. His career was on hold for sometime a while back, due to injury, but he is back and I hope we get to see more of his acting talents.

Then you have the others in the cast. The other stand out in this film for me is Linda Hamilton. She was suited perfectly to the role of the feeble Sarah Connor, who is going to be the mother of the child who is going to save the world. Hamilton has had a mixed career, with her filmography including the enjoyable Dante's Peak. The good guy in Terminator was Michael Biehn, who played out the role of Sarah Connor's protector, Reese Kyle. He was very good in his role. His other movies include Aliens, The Rock, Crash and an uncredited role in the great musical, Grease.

The director of Terminator, namely James Cameron, did a great job with this film. Considering he thought up the idea from a sick bed, had it rejected that many times, it is a great credit to him. Most directors would have given up on it, but he stuck with it till he got to our screens. Thank goodness he did. The story of the Terminator is an interesting one. It has a very biblical feel to it. One man sent to help save the world, with the initials J.C., fascinated me immensely. Cameron and Co writer Gale Anne Hurd did a fantastic script for this film.

There are some unbelievable scenes in this movie. None more so then the vision we see of the metal Cyborg walking from the truck fire. The vision we see from this scene is one of the main reasons why we have the Terminator. James Cameron explained that he wanted a scene in a movie that has a machine walking from a fire in menacing fashion. He got this spot on, if you ask me. Then there are some other great scenes such as the tense stand offs that the evil cyborg has with all the humans he comes into contact with, including the first confrontation with Sarah, in addition to the meeting he has with Reese. I also enjoyed the scene where he goes through the police station. Of course this scene has one of Hollywood's most famous lines in it, that of Arnie's 'I'll be back', a classic. The final confrontation between Sarah and the Cyborg is another tension filled scene of this great movie.

So, what more can I say about this movie? It is simply brilliant. I have asked many people their opinion on this film. One such response about it was, that is too 'eightish', and that comment is fair enough. If you have the chance, grab a copy of Terminator on DVD, as it is a great 2 disc set. I must admit the first time I saw it, I did not appreciate Terminator like I do now. Perhaps I found it a tad violent, but that is to be expected of a film that is called Terminator. This movie was a great success and deserved to be with all the great work that was put into it. However more was to come, a film that was to become one of the greatest sequels in movie history. Arnie was to deliver on his promise of 'I'll be back'!

Rating: 4.5 stars or 9/10
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The wonderful action movie which started a wonderful action saga
DaRick8922 January 2006
The Terminator is one of the best action movies of all time in my opinion. It doesn't set a single foot wrong and it also kicked off a wonderful saga. Without this, there would be no Terminator 2. Think about that. As such, this movie is fondly remembered by many people and it has been the subject of many quotes and spoofs over the years. Why doesn't it set a foot wrong? It is thrilling, almost always entertaining and filled with insane explosions, which more or less makes a good action movie. But 'The Terminator' stands head and shoulders above the rest of it's genre, because of it's well thought-out plot, splendid acting and an eerily memorable music score which gives you a reason to watch the credits at the end.

Now to analysing why the plot is so well-thought out. Well, for one thing, the concept of preventing or setting in stone the future by going back in time was one which wasn't really explored in those days. By exploring it, the Terminator was offering something different, something which has inspired films such as Back to the Future (read the plot synopsis for that film, there are a few similarities). The notion of the final battle of a future war being fought in 'our present', not in the future, between one member of opposing sides, in this case a man and a machine, is also an intriguing one and sets the stage for an exciting battle royale.

I'll run down the plot while I'm here. Sarah Connor, a young woman in her 20's, is the protagonist of the film and our two from the future, Kyle Reese and the Terminator, revolve around her. Reese, who is a battle-hardened soldier who has led a hard life in the wasteland which is the future, must protect Sarah, while the Terminator, an unstoppable cyborg, must kill her, in order to kill her unborn son, the leader of the future resistance.

All of this leads to some thrilling action scenes and insane explosions, topped off by music scores which add to the tension and excitement. The movie purrs into action quickly, but really kicks off at a disco, where Reese and the Terminator have a shootout, resulting in a city-wide drive-by chase involving the police which doesn't really let up until Reese and Sarah are arrested. During the lull in the chase scene, Reese tells Sarah about himself, the Terminator and their general predicament, which is fairly realistic.

The next action scene is the infamous police station massacre which everyone seems to talk about whenever they discuss this movie. I can understand why, too. The Terminator pretty much kills every cop in his path with the greatest of ease, either with the AK-47, his shotgun, or both. He also ends up cutting the power and setting the station on fire, again adding to the tension and excitement.

The last action scene which, like the one in T2, is a chase which leads to a final showdown in a building. It is a slight letdown, but it is still an intense scene. I will refrain from spoiling the ending, as this is too good a movie to be spoiled.

All of the acting fits the bill perfectly. As in T2, there is not a single bad performance to be found. Michael Biehn delivers a remarkably intense performance as Kyle Reese, acting like a typical human would in his situation. He displays his range of emotions at the right times, from passionate to worried to unyielding. It is a wonder that his only other major movie is 'Aliens' and that he is starring in stuff like 'Clockstoppers' these days. Linda Hamilton again does well as Sarah Connor, displaying an innocent woman who shows over the course of the film why she is John Connor's mother, displaying previously unheralded steel at the crunch. The support cast isn't too bad either (Dr. Silberman makes his first appearance). But again, the best performance in the film belongs to the bad guy, in this case, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He acts like a killing machine should; incredibly cold, sterile, soulless and unyielding. His facial expression never changes throughout the film and his physical appearance makes him slightly more imposing and intimidating than the Liquid Terminator. He also commences his famous one-liners which have been the subject of many a spoof, including (no, especially) "I'll be back." This is undoubtedly his best performance, even though it is not his only good one.

I will compliment all involved on making a movie which still manages to look good despite having a low budget. I've seen pretty bad-looking movies with fairly high budgets (read: Scooby-Doo), but never good-looking movies with low budgets.

In the end, The Terminator is a masterful action movie which laid the groundwork for the equally brilliant Terminator 2. If you asked me whether I preferred The Terminator or T2, I would say T2 because I am more familiar with it, otherwise, these two would be on a level footing. If you haven't seen this movie and are an action movie fan, then see it immediately. You won't be disappointed. Trust me.

5/5 stars
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It's about transformation
catalyst-74 March 2000
I just saw a horrifying, touching, very good movie again; it's The Terminator. Now to talk of it as great film, to compare it with American Beauty might seem idiotic--it's an almost unrelentingly dark, violent, frightening action movie, after all--but strip away the relentless action, strip away the technophobia, strip away the blatant dislike of cops and modern youth, strip away the poignant love story and, at its core, it's about an immature, essentially mindless girl becoming a strong, determined woman. That's a theme more movies should have if we want girls to have strong role models.

In the course of a few hours during which Sarah Connor realises that she is running for her life from a soul-less machine in human flesh that is implacably and violently determined to kill her, she transforms from a girl who can't balance her cheque book to a woman who can order a wounded, beaten man to "get on your feet, soldier." She is clear-headed, not panicky, focused in crisis and incredibly courageous. And it's not that she has lost her essential femaleness but that she's grown up.

It's relentless, heartless violence appals and fascinates me. It's gritty depiction of our society as a prelude to an even more horrific one in 2023 darkens my heart. It's quickly developing love story touches me. Its humor makes the dark places in me smile. But most of all I am touched and fascinated by Sarah's precipitous transformation. As a good life exercise, ask yourself this: Would you have the courage to do what she does?

9.5 out of 10.
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An excellent film, highly original
FrankBooth_DeLarge30 January 2005
Terminator is an extremely low budget movie. In fact, just about everything used in it didn't cost much at all, but it is a very effective movie. Back in the '70's and 80's, movies could be very low budget, but still be great(think of John Carpenter's Halloween).

The Terminator is a story about how nuclear war causes the end to mankind and the end result could be the start of an even greater tragedy than the war its self. The entire message of The Terminator is an anti nuclear war message.

Many people think that a few parts in the beginning of the movie are just some random things thrown in. I can understand why, but these seemingly random scenes actually do have a lot to do with the story.

Arnold does a great job as the cyborg who is programmed to kill without mercy or remorse. For those who don't know, this is the movie where the line "I'll be back" was spoken. The other actors do a good job in this. Linda Hamilton made a great choice doing this movie and she really improved her career through it(the movie she made before this was the horrible Children Of The Corn).

This is better than Terminator 2(which is still great by the way), because this movie has more of a story and is more involved. I would recommend watching this movie at any time, it is very well paced and never gets boring, and if you have the time, watch T2 right after this.
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Schwarzenegger's my personal favorite best action classic masterpiece of all time
ivo-cobra85 January 2018
The Terminator (1984) is a masterpiece, the best sci-fi action classics horror movie that started all the Terminator movies. This is Schwarzenegger's best movie and my personal favorite action film. I love this film to death it is my childhood film I grew up with it. Arnold Schwarzenegger was The Terminator T-800 Model 101 indestructible killing machine cyborg. This movie is brilliant, it has brilliant story, brilliant plot, excellent additional cast, brilliant director and writers, good special effects, it is mixed with sci-fi, action and horror. This movie deals with the war that was set in the future but the battle will be fought in the present. It deals with paradox travel trough time.

"It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop... ever, until you are dead! "

This is the perfect action film of all time and still even today over 30 years it is a cult classic. The plot and the script provides excellent dialogues. Why it is brilliant? Imagine someone did something in the future and didn't know about it and becomes a primal target for extermination from a killer cyborg from the future now in the present. That is brilliant and excellent idea and story.

Two naked men appear in different locations in los Angeles trough flash blue light and electricity they were both set in time from the year 2029 to the present year 1984. One is a human the other is an indestructible cyborg reprogramed to find and kill Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) the woman whose unborn son will become humanity's only hope in the future war against the machines. The other men is a human being a soldier from the future who has to find Sarah Connor and protect her at all cost. That's the basically plot for this film.

James Cameron writes and directs this film with his than wife Gale Anne Hurd who also produced this film and they both does that brilliantly. The script with the story provides a perfect action entertainment trough whole film.

Brad Fiedel does a wonderful music theme for The Terminator character and action sequences, car chases and does a drama in which Sarah and Kyle have sex together in the motel room. That's how John was later in the sequel born. Great music score for the film. I love the soundtracks from this film: Photoplay and Burnin' in the Third Degree by Tryanglz.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was at the top of his career. This movie bring his career at top of the action stars. Arnold is excellent and he performs excellent and acts brilliant as The Terminator. At one time his agent pursued Schwarzenegger to play the action hero, but Schwarzenegger wasn't interested to be an action hero he was interested to be The Terminator and he played brilliantly well and believable enough.

Before Sarah Connor was a tough bad-ass gun guerilla squad in the sequels, here she was a scared victim. A beautiful young woman who was a waitress at the diner and was just a human being leaving a teenage normal life in Los Angeles. Linda Hamilton is the only Sarah Connor no else can replace her. She is beautiful and smart and it is my favorite Linda Hamilton movie. She acts very realistic, brilliant and perfectly as the scared victim. Linda Hamilton is the best of the film.

Michael Biehn is the only Sgt. Kyle Reese no one else is or can replace him. He is excellent and brilliant I still prefer Corporal Dwayne Hicks but Kyle Reese is my favorite character from Michael Biehn he is a perfect action hero. I love Kyle Reese because he doesn't kill any human being.

Lance Henriksen from Aliens and Hard Target is in here and he plays Detective Hal Vukovich and he is very good and realistic as the detective.

Paul Winfield is Lieutenant Ed Traxler first he doesn't believe Kyle Reese story but later he witness it him self. I wish there wouldn't be deleted scene in which Kyle and Sarah finds Traxler dying and he gives Kyle a gun.

This movie has ton's of action: You see a lot of automatic weapons, shotguns and handguns used in this film and they are used well. You have a car chase between The Terminator and Kyle Reese with Sarah and both men are shooting at each other. Terminator has a stolen Police car and Kyle fires his shotgun and hits twice the Terminator once in the eye. The Terminator than crashes with the car in the wall. In the next scene you see Terminator's eye bloody. You have a great car chase by the end of the film Terminator with truck tries to kill Sarah but Kyle put's a pipe bomb in the truck and you see a huge explosion the truck explodes great special effect. Terminator shoot's with an IMI Uzi in Tech Noir night club. Killing bunch of people in which Kyle stops him with a shotgun. Terminator crash with the car in the police station and kills almost 19 cops.

When we see The Terminator been all burned out without flesh with only been endoskeleton covered with steel with his red eyes glowing that is scary when he chases Sarah is scary when I was 6 years old I screamed when I saw that skeleton cyborg attacking Kyle and Sarah.

The Terminator is a 1984 American science-fiction action film directed by James Cameron.

10/10 Bad-Ass Seal Of Approval The Terminator is a masterpiece a science fiction action horror film, a film I love to death and it is my personal favorite Schwarzenegger film. This is Schwarzenegger's best film with Predator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day I highly recommend those three films.
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A fantastic SC-FI action thriller!
MR_Heraclius6 March 2020
"The Terminator" is an incredible and fun Action/Sci-Fi movie of 1984. "The Terminator's" plot is that a cyborg a.k.a. "The Terminator" portrayed by "Arnold Schwarzenegger" time travels from 2029 back to 1984 to murder "Sarah Connor" portrayed by "Linda Hamilton". A savior named "Kyle Reece" portrayed by "Michael Biehn" also time travels back to 1984 to save "Sarah Connor". The plot is simple yet incredible. There is neither plot holes nor unanswered questions after watching "The Terminator". The acting in this movie is perfect "Arnold Schwarzenegger" was born to play the role of "The Terminator". And the one-liner that was repeated over and over again "I'll be back". "Michael Biehn" was amazing playing the role of "Kyle Reece". The music in this movie is thrilling to listen to; the climax of the film is incredible thanks to the stunning music composed by "Brad Fiedel". "James Cameron" did an amazing job at directing this movie, and he was great at filming the movie, there are one or two scenes that could've been shot better but only one or two. The special effects in this movie are superb for 1984 for example the scene where the terminator drives the car into the police station. There is one scene that is very bad, this is the scene where the terminator's eye is damaged and he cuts he eye out this scene is bad. If you are a person who enjoys 1980's Sci-Fi/Action films then you should definitely watch "The Terminator" as it is an exciting and incredible movie. The only issues are the eyeball cutting out scene, one or two scenes shot better and the dialogue been a little less of it repeating itself. I give "The Terminator" a 10/10.
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Compelling science fiction
Aidan McGuinness24 June 2002
For the gift of `Aliens' and `The Terminator' I am willing to forgive Cameron's `Titanic'. The key plot concept is beautifully simple - machines take over the earth in the future. Machines are eventually over thrown by one man. Machines travel back in time to kill man's mother, thus preventing him being born and stopping their own defeat. One human also travels back to stop the machines from killing his leader's mother.

`The Terminator' is a classic good versus evil struggle, with little in the way of greys clouding the issue. The terminator is an unstoppable brutal remorseless killer, and it perfectly suits Arnold Schwarzenegger's limited acting abilities. His few lines, including the infamous `I'll be back' are all well judged and timed, and give a great feeling of precision and inhumanity to his character. Coupled with his chiselled features, he's the best choice for the role. Michael Biehn is playing a character type that he'd reprise two years later in Cameron's `Aliens' - the human tough guy: he's got the fight, but still the ability to love and care for people. His features are well chosen for this and although his delivery of lines is hardly exceptional - they tend to come out in the same tone of voice - he's able to carry his part. Linda Hamilton is the woman-thrown-into-chaos, somewhat reminiscent of Sigourney Weaver's Ripley character in `Alien', although Hamilton doesn't have Weaver's strength of presence. All the actors are, for an action science fiction, above average and so never distract.

It's the script, with Cameron's force behind it that lifts the movie from mediocrity. Yes, there's a certain amount of corniness - the `we loved a life time' element for example - but the movie has a real sense of conviction present. The movie believes in itself and, through its passion, will make you believe too. There's a general sense of darkness in the movie - rarely do we see daylight, and, when we do, it's often the soft light of dawn. There's a nice sense of tension in the action scenes, helped not only by Cameron's camera work but also by an excellent electronic score (including a fantastic brooding credit sequence). Sure some of the SFX look clunky in these days of `Attack of the Clones' and `The Fellowship of the Ring', but they still work. There's a certain sense of inevitability, intertwined with hope, permeating the picture that creates a mood I particularly enjoyed and that's harder to find in the current crop of science fiction movies.

`The Terminator' is not a perfect picture. The movie lags in some parts, and the romance element is fairly contrived. Despite all that the movie brims with energy and promise, a script that mostly delivers, characters you can enjoy, and the ultimate Arnie role. Well worth catching. 8/10.
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behamut22 September 1998
The Terminator, created after another one of James Cameron's reaccuring dreams (Abyss was another one.) A true beginning in sci-fi movies. As Schwarzenegger said to his friend when he was picked to play the part as the Terminator, "they want me to play as some robot from the future in this weird sci-fi movie." His friend said, "take it." Schwarzenegger is perfect as the Terminator, merciless, no fear, no love, no pity, no remorse, no emotions. None could have pulled it off as well as he did. Even his eyes showed no emotion with still showing true evil. Michael Beign is just the opposite. A man sent from the future to stop this machine. He plays his part as perfect as Schwarzenegger plays his. A perfect cast of characters for an all star movie! Plenty of action, story line, plot, character interaction, love story, and romance. Everything is tied into this movie that possibly could be, making it a 3 star movie. Only drawback is it's a little dragged out at parts and gets slightly boring from time to time but it's so minor that one would have to think about it to care. A truly awesome movie.
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Review of the Special Edition DVD
PeachHamBeach19 April 2003
I've reviewed this classic movie before, but now I'm gonna review the DVD. To start, I must say that although they had their rationale for deleting the "terminated" scenes, as they were called, I think they definitely should have left that one scene in where Sarah Connor calls her mom and tells her to hide in the cabin, and where she finds the listing of Cyberdyne Corp. in the phone book. This scene established Sarah as one who is willing to try to take matters into her hands to stop a nuclear war and a horrible future. She talks to Reese about getting rid of Cyberdyne and they get into an arguement about whether or not that is a mission objective and Reese ends up chasing Sarah into a wooded area. I think the beauty of the woods, flowers and waterfalls was important too, because Reese starts crying and saying how all of this is destroyed, and the future is nothing but blackened, charred ruins littered with the skulls of attempted human genocide. What a terrific, powerful scene. I adore Michael Biehn, and I didn't realize what a great actor (and crier) he is!!! Maybe the other "terminated" scenes were okay to delete, although they were all delightful. The one where Sarah practices her "wholesome waitress" routine was cute. The one where she talks about Disneyland and hot dogs might have seemed silly, but it really brought home how foreign our world is to Reese, as did the crying scene. The tickling scene might have seemed silly to the editor, but I thought it really made a point: after all the violence and bleakness Reese lived through, to be with the woman he's always loved and idolized, to lay in a cozy warm bed with her experiencing the simple joys of life for the first time (I still wonder if Sarah devirginized him, since he said he'd "never" had any special someone in his life) seemed to bring everything into perspective. The scene where you discover that the factory was Cyberdyne Systems was important too, but I'll let these scenes slide. I really think they should consider releasing a TERMINATOR with the scene in the wooded area included. Nevertheless, I still consider this film as one of my favorite sci-fi films, and my favorite James Cameron film. I still admire who he infuses humanity with action and adrenaline, and the missing scenes were wonderful.
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One of Arnold's best
SmileysWorld26 February 2002
There are actors,and there are movie stars.Arnold Schwarzenegger is without question a movie star,because every time he is on screen, he is,well,Arnold.There is a different Arnold in this film,and this is what I like about it.He,for once,is playing the villain,and to perfection,I might add.He makes for one of the best screen villains ever in cinema history.It's a pity that his "good guy" image won't allow him to play the bad seed more often,but that's Hollywood, I guess.Aside from the thrilling sequel,this is perhaps Arnold's best work.
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Great Film That Does Not Age
abrahama-donalds17 September 2020
This is a perfect film. Science fiction, action, compelling story, memorable story, pretty woman and humanity. Amazing that the special effects stand up to this day and it has been 35 years or so. I wish they would stop with all the sequels and franchise making.
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Amazing, even for a non-fan of the genre
Gypsy-1131 January 1999
I don't like action movies generally, and had to be coaxed into seeing this one by a friend. It was a major and pleasant surprise to me, and I left it with questions beyond the scope of the film, which always happens with the ones I really like (ie, Did John know who Reese was/would be when he sent him?). Most of all, I left it a Michael Biehn fan; he is great in this movie.
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Old, but still good.
invisibleunicornninja16 March 2018
This movie is a solid action movie. Not all of the dialogue is great and some of the effects are a bit dated - but this movie is still effective. The acting is great. The plot is great. This movie is well-shot and worth watching. I can't really come up with many things that are bad about it that don't have to do with it being old. This is just a fun movie with good action, time travel, and robots. I'd definitely recommend this movie. Its worth watching if you're looking for a good time.
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The terminator
auuwws29 December 2020
A very great action movie, despite the presence of some shots of boredom in the film, but it did not significantly affect my experience with the film, the Terminator was terrifying in the film, his role was played with all the ingenuity of the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger I cannot imagine another actor representing the character, Sarah and Kyle's relationship was not very interesting The soundtrack in the movie was great, especially the one with, the Terminator, the storyline of the action movie was very good, the film really enthused me for the other parts.
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grintemcstinger12 May 2015
More than 30 years has passed since "The Terminator" has been released. Wow, how time flies by... Still, the movie remains one of the most fascinating pieces of cinema history. It may show its age in some parts, where it's "so 80's" and goofy you'll probably have to giggle or roll your eyes and Arnold delivers his few lines with an accent thicker than pudding, but beside these minor scenes, it has aged well and truly reminds me that they don't make them like that anymore. And if you haven't seen it - what are you waiting for? Stop reading anything about it, go grab yourself a copy, turn the lights down and the sound up and enjoy this visionary masterpiece.

Why do I say is it visionary? Because there hasn't quite been anything like it before, not at this level of production. Just the idea that a near indestructible cyborg is haunting you for seemingly no reason is nightmare inducing, fundamentally great movie material. Not only that, but how James Cameron is expanding on it is sheer brilliance. Of course, since it involves sci-fi babble which you may or may not find far-fetched there is a slight chance you'll find it's plot to be nonsense. Regardless even if you dismiss the story as something completely stupid there is still plenty of impressive action, stunt-work, car chase-thrills and tension to keep you entertained. But it's far from being just mindless action. It is dark, it doesn't scare away to show some nasty stuff such as the Terminator repairing himself with this flesh torn or him going on a spree at the police station all of which cleverly emphasizes what an unstoppable, ruthless force we're dealing here with. Speaking of the scene at the police station, it is probably one of the most spectacular shootout scenes ever. The non-stop sounds of gunfire, smart use of POV shots which at the time were something creative and not overused, clear camera angles and uncompromised outcome make it something truly special. And Arnolds performance in it is pure badassery.

The Terminator is one of those must-see movies. Even now where it's formula has already been copied countless times, I still can't appreciate it enough. It is a product of one of the greatest filmmaker of our time, which earned its success by pure passion for the material, imagination and vision, and it shows. Truly a masterpiece.
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Arnold Schwarznegger is THE TERMINATOR.
blazesnakes922 May 2011
Science Fiction comes a long way through aliens and flying saucers. Then, when Star Wars came out in 1977, the science fiction grew to a new level. Also, the special effects were mind-blowing during that time. But now, a science fiction movie about a robot from the future emerges. The robot is called The Terminator. The Terminator is a dark and action-packed picture about a killing machine sent back through time to kill a woman who hold the key of the future. The Terminator is played by Arnold Schwarznegger, and he has a frightening performance as the metal cyborg assassin. The woman who holds the key to the future is played by Linda Hamilton. She is the victim of the killer cyborg as she is chased around Los Angeles. But, someone else also came back from the future. A solider named Kyle Reese and he is played by Micheal Biehn. The Terminator has great cinematography and develops a personality for the Terminator. In one scene after being shot in the eye, he pulls his damaged eyeball out of his eye socket and reveals the red vision that he sees. After that, he picks up a pair of glasses. The Terminator is a menacing villain that is unbeatable and destructive. All in all, this movie is a good and great one. There are good performances and great cinematography. ★★★★ 4 stars
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The other Six Million Dollar Man!
ian_bell9 June 2010
$100million or more may have been spent to make the much celebrated sequel, but this, the original, stays longest in my mind, and I suspect a good many other people's too.

For all the hype about T2, that film simply does not have the narrative drive which is on show here. Fusing the concept of time travel with the theme of assassination, James Cameron's picture has echoes of such classics as Day of the Jackal; the extra twist here of course is that the Terminator would appear to be indestructible. It's as though Steve Austin (TV's Bionic Man) had transformed into Mr Hyde.

By creating a tightly written thriller, with an almost claustrophobic sense of tension to it, Cameron proved right at the start of his career he does not need a mega budget to make a great film. Indeed, it's significant to note that the two finest pictures of Cameron's career, critically at least, The Terminator and Aliens, are also the two films with the smallest budgets.

T2, Titanic and Avatar have reaped over $4 billion, but hand on heart, can anyone honestly claim those pictures, in regard to writing, direction, and a compelling storyline come anywhere close to the tension and sense of drama which he manages to evoke here in less than a couple of hours? I seriously doubt it.
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One of the best movies ever made!
luiggi16 December 1998
Terminator is my favorite movie. I love the characters, the script, and the actors. I know it's an old movie, but...what the hell! I never get tired of seeing it! (call me obsessive). So what else can I say? I recommend it to all those sci-fi lovers (like me).
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My favourite film
bountyfour30 January 2015
I don't know how it gets any better. I have watched this film many times and still love it, still feel the tension in the situation, the terror.

Its just about perfect. the acting is great, michael biehn especially. The bad guy is bad, there's no mercy in there. Like many Cameron films, the dialogue brings out real characters, and the relationship between the Sarah and kyle feels genuine. The way the film unfolds is constantly gripping. The soundtrack really emphasises the desperate struggle.

And most of all the whole movie does justice to the plot, and the plot is absolutely watertight. Like the best science fiction films, it leaves you thinking about it, it leaves you agog at the possibility of it, and it doesn't have any holes - the downfall of Terminator 2 in my opinion, which doesn't make any sense from a plot point of view given Terminator.

10 out of 10 - the effects may date but they don't make a movie. Brilliant.
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Stands The Test of Time
Good movie, interesting premise, action, dumb pigs, Kim Wilde (her songs stand the test of time to). What else is there?
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A fantastic action film that was ahead of its time
alindsay-al12 March 2014
When talking about the great sci fi action films the terminator is always near the top for me and was massively ahead of its time. The story sees that in the future the machines have taken over until they are defeated by a leader called John Connor. In a last ditch attempt they send a terminator back to the 1980s to kill his mother Sarah. In response Connor sends one of his best soldiers back to protect his mother. Now Arnold Schwarzenegger has become famous for his portrayal as the terminator and this is one of the best villain roles ever. He totally encapsulated what this cyborg needed to be and it is one of the best ever villain performances. Linda Hamilton is best known for her portrayal as Sarah Connor and she is really good in her role and because of her averagness you really care about her character and hope nothing bad happens to her. Lt traxler was a pretty good character too even though he isn't in the film that much. Maybe the only negative I have about this film is the character of Kyle Reese, i'm not sure if it's the performance or if he is really just good for exposition. The character was important and I just wasn't a big fan of the character. The story is simple but effective and it just works. Also James Cameron created a sci fi universe in this film and it is one that fits the dystopian idea perfectly. The script is great with the dialogue between the characters feeling natural and made the characters, also this film has some of the most iconic lines in film history in it. The style is fantastic with all the action scenes being exciting and high octane, also the design of the terminator was way ahead of its time and it was great in this film. Also the future scenes were great in the way they should be. Overall this is a fantastic film that you should definitely see.
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The Future Speaks with a German Accent
CaressofSteel752 July 2014
This movie blew me away when I first saw it in the theater in 1984. It was futuristic and intense with a good action movie cast and, of course, Arnold. Look for Lance Henrickson, Paul Winfield and even Bill Paxton in an early role as punk #1.

It's a sci fi classic now, and it set the bar the countless movies that came after it. If you line this movie up with Halloween, The Warriors, The Thing, Alien and a few others from the late '70s to the mid '80s, you have what amounts to a latter day golden age of science fiction/action/horror films.

If you're a fan, you've seen this movie countless times. If you haven't seen it, see it now. It's definitely better than the sequels.
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