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How The Terminator Reboot will Differ From the Original According to James Cameron

The time of remakes in Hollywood has not yet come to pass, and this time, it’s The Terminator that’s getting the reboot. We’re both equally excited and wary about the notion of the classic’s reboot, since both recent efforts came up incredibly short. Terminator Salvation and Terminator: Genisys failed to give us the innovation that The Terminator franchise is known for. Now, creator James Cameron has come forth with a confession that might bring a slight hope to those of us who are still hoping. Cameron claims that there will be changes to the upcoming reboot, but they won’t be

How The Terminator Reboot will Differ From the Original According to James Cameron
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Skydance Media And Tencent Pictures Co-Financing Tim Miller’s New Terminator Film; Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton To Star With James Cameron Producing

Skydance Media, LLC (“Skydance”) and Tencent Pictures, the film and television arm of Chinese Internet giant Tencent Holdings Limited (“Tencent”), announced today that Tencent will co-finance as a global partner the upcoming Terminator film directed by Tim Miller and produced by James Cameron and David Ellison. Under the pact, Tencent will also handle the distribution, marketing and merchandising of the film in China. This is the first collaboration between the two companies since they entered into a partnership, with Tencent making a strategic investment in Skydance Media.

“We are thrilled Terminator will be our first collaboration with Tencent, and we believe that partnering this early in the process, prior to production, will allow both companies to fully maximize the opportunity,” said Jesse Sisgold, Skydance Media President & COO. “This franchise is hugely popular with Chinese audiences and will greatly benefit from the massive reach and valuable know-how Tencent has in marketing,
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China’s Tencent Boards Skydance’s ‘Terminator’

Tencent, China’s leading social media and games firm, has boarded Skydance Media’s upcoming “Terminator” film.

Through its Tencent Pictures wing, the Chinese giant will co-finance the movie as a global partner. It will also handle the distribution, marketing and merchandising of the film in China.

This is the first content collaboration between the two companies since they entered into a partnership, with Tencent making a strategic investment in Skydance Media.

The film is directed by Tim Miller and produced by James Cameron and David Ellison.It is a direct sequel to Cameron’s “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, both reprising their iconic roles as The Terminator and Sarah Connor from the first two “Terminator’ films.

The new story will introduce the next generation of characters played by rising stars Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Diego Boneta, and Gabriel Luna (“Marvel’s Agents of S.
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James Cameron Says the ‘Avatar’ Sequels Are a ‘Godfather’-Like Family Saga

It’s been nearly nine years since a James Cameron film graced cinemas (2009’s Avatar), the longest stretch since the auteur blasted onto the scene and forever changed the science fiction landscape with The Terminator. But this absence isn’t due to any sabbatical – Cameron’s actually been hard at work on a series of mysterious Avatar sequels (four in total) and an equally enigmatic Terminator reboot. At the press day for Cameron’s upcoming six-part docu-series James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction, the filmmaker briefly touched upon his long in the works Avatar sequels and …
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Today in Movie Culture: The Problem With Super Speed, Time Travel Done Right and More

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture: Alternate Timeline Movie of the Day: BossLogic continues to imagine an X-Men movie made in the 1990s with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Eliza Dushku as Phoenix and X-23, respectively: Continued 90s #xmen - Phoenix - X23@SarahMGellar x @elizadushku — BossLogic (@Bosslogic) April 19, 2018 Movie Science of the Day: In the latest edition of Because Science, Kyle Hill scientifically explains why you wouldn't want super speed like The Flash and Superman: Movie Comparison of the Day: Speaking of movie science, Slate compares the time-travel of Back to the Future and The Terminator to show why only...
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80s Movies That Inspired Costumes You Still Wear Today

Kids don’t want to watch ’80s movies today. It’s a shame because some of them are classics. I bet they bring a smile to your face every time you think about them. In some ways, they’re actually going stronger than ever at the moment.

If you visit a costume party lots of people will be dressed like characters from ’80s movies. You’ll be able to pick them out in about 2 seconds flat. Can you guess which movies everyone seems to gravitate towards? Let’s take a quick look at them now.

1. Top Gun

One of the best 80s costumes can be seen in Top Gun. You can’t look at a pair of aviators without Maverick popping into your head. It’s the only film that’s popularized flight jackets too. If you want to get the look perfect you’ll also need a big cheesy smile.
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“Terminator” Reboot Adds Three New Unknowns to Cast

The Terminator franchise remains a name of note in the popular consciousness. However, there can be no doubt about the fact that the most recent installments in the series have been rather lacking. Fortunately for people who care about the fate of the Terminator franchise, it has been known for some time that James Cameron is producing a new installment that will be headed up by Tim Miller. Moreover, new pieces of news have been coming out about the new Terminator movie on a regular basis, meaning that it is clear that progress is being made. For proof, look no

“Terminator” Reboot Adds Three New Unknowns to Cast
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Drive-In Dust Offs: Superstition (1982)

Shelf sitters aren’t always bad news in my eyes; take for instance Superstition (1982). This Canadian curiosity was filmed in ’81, released abroad in ’82, and finally washed ashore in North America in early ’85; it is by turns goofy, gory, dumb, and creative in its kills, and is a great addition to a sub-genre I’m just going to call Italiadjacent, where films from this side of the pond look to that side for aesthetical inspiration and end up with nonsensical storylines. And while Superstition tries to keep it together, it can’t help but let loose and summon up its inner Argento from time to time.

Also known as The Witch, Superstition was part of the U.K.’s notorious early ‘80s Video Nasties scene, but landed on the non-prosecutable Section 3 list, which I guess were films still really bad for you, but not “go to jail” bad for renting or selling them.
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Casting Update for New Terminator Movie

There's going to be hell to pay in the new Terminator movie, as a Ghost Rider actor is one of two new cast additions to the reboot.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gabriel Luna (who plays Ghost Rider on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) and Natalia Reyes (Pickpockets) have been added to the cast of the sixth Terminator film. Luna will play a Terminator robot (whether he's one with murderous intentions has yet to be revealed), while Reyes (see her IMDb page here) will play the lead role of Dani, "a young woman from a working class neighborhood in Mexico City who finds herself in the battle between humans and machines."

Luna and Reyes join a cast that includes Mackenzie Davis as a "soldier-assassin from the future," Diego Boneto as Dani's brother, with Linda Hamilton reprising her role as Sarah Connor and Arnold Schwarzenegger coming back as
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Gabriel Luna, Diego Boneta, Natalia Reyes Tapped for Sixth ‘Terminator’

Gabriel Luna, Diego Boneta, Natalia Reyes Tapped for Sixth ‘Terminator’
Gabriel Luna, Diego Boneta and Natalia Reyes will join Skydance Media’s upcoming Terminator movie opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton.

Deadpool” director Tim Miller is attached with James Cameron and David Ellison producing. Specific details on the characters are being kept under wraps but the movie will be a direct sequel to Cameron’s 1991 film “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” with Schwarzenegger and Hamilton anchoring the story.
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Tim Miller And James Cameron Have Cast Their New Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s performance as the T-800 (and T-850) Terminator across multiple movies is one of the most memorable in cinema history, and he’s left some mighty big shoes to fill. Now, it’s been revealed who will fill them, as we’re being told that Gabriel Luna is taking on the titular role in The Terminator, director Tim Miller and producer James Cameron’s reboot of the franchise. Also just confirmed to appear in the movie is Natalia Reyes, who joins Diego Boneta, Mackenzie Davis and (slightly confusingly) Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton.

Luna, who’s currently playing Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., is sure to face intense scrutiny as to whether he can communicate the same cool, unblinking terror and power that Schwarzenegger brought to the role back in 1984. Chances are he’ll fall short, given how iconic Arnie’s performance was, but
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Gabriel Luna Is the New ‘Terminator’: Tim Miller and James Cameron Cast Marvel Star in Sequel

Gabriel Luna Is the New ‘Terminator’: Tim Miller and James Cameron Cast Marvel Star in Sequel
The search for the next Terminator is over. Tim Miller and James Cameron have cast Gabriel Luna in the title role of the sixth “Terminator” sequel, Deadline reports. Luna is best known for playing Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider on the ABC superhero series “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” He also starred in the El Rey Network series “Matador” and the movies “Freeheld” and “Transpecos.”

The untitled “Terminator” sequel is the first to be overseen by Cameron since he directed, wrote, and produced “The Terminator” and “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.” Cameron selected “Deadpool” director Miller to helm the new installment, which will see original stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton return to the franchise as the T-800 and Sarah Connor, respectively. Story details are being kept under wraps, but the film will serve as a direct sequel to “T2,” skipping the timelines of the three sequels.
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Exclusive: Rebel Terminator Figure from Sideshow Collectibles Revealed

Get ready for a first look at Sideshow Collectibles Rebel Terminator Mythos Figure. Aside from the movies, The Terminator franchise has been spun-off into numerous directions, including TV shows, video games, comic books, board games and action figures. The twisty, time-travelling nature of the series has allowed for alternate continuities to exist side by side – a device the movie sequels have used repeatedly to reboot themselves out of trouble – and given talented artists the chance to put their own stamp on the franchise.
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Diego Boneta Has Joined The Cast Of ‘The Terminator’ Reboot

Diego Boneta has is in negotiations to join the growing cast of the upcoming reboot of The Terminator. The Hollywood Reporter reports the news of the potential casting, which would see the Scream Queens and Rock Of Ages star join the production in a key role.

More details aren’t available at this time on the role that he will play, but her is said to be set to play a human in the film, starring alongside the already cast Mackenzie Davis, Linda Hamilton and, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger . The film is being directed by Deadpool helmer Tim Miller.

James Cameron is producing the new film, which will reinvent the franchise for audiences. The film will not debut in cinemas on November 22, 2019.

Boneta can currently be seen in The Titan, a sci-fi thriller with Sam Worthington which is now playing on Netflix.

More as we get it.

The post Diego
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Terminator 6 Targets Scream Queens Star Diego Boneta

Just days after Paramount pushed their highly-anticipated Terminator 6 reboot from July 2019 to November 2019, a new cast member has been added. Scream Queens star Diego Boneta is in negotiations to join franchise newcomer Mackenzie Davis and Terminator icons Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton in this latest take on the Sci-fi property. With the release date delay, there is no indication as to when production may begin, but that may happen sooner rather than later, now that the cast is coming together.

While no character details have been confirmed, Diego Boneta is said to be playing a human character in the reboot, ruling out the possibility that he is a cyborg like Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800 character. Mackenzie Davis joined the cast last month, with reports stating that she will be playing a "soldier-assassin from the future." Previous reports have also claimed that the main protagonist will be a Latina character named Dani Ramos,
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The Terminator Reboot Casts Scream Queens Actor For Key Role

Though it’s not expected to hit theaters until November of 2019, four months later than initially expected, The Terminator is still making serious headway over at Skydance and Paramount Pictures.

Case in point: Diego Boneta, star of Scream Queens and Rock of Ages, has clinched a key role in the forthcoming reboot, which entered development under the watchful eye of Tim Miller (Deadpool) and Avatar‘s James Cameron, the latter of whom is said to be overseeing production from afar.

Per THR, there’s nary a mention of Boneta’s character, and the fact that negotiations are still ongoing indicates that this is far from a done deal. What we do know, however, is that the actor would star alongside Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger, two franchise veterans who last shared the screen for Terminator 2: Judgement Day back in ’91, while Blade Runner 2049 actress Mackenzie Davis clinched the female lead early last month.
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New Terminator Movie Now Slated for November 22nd, 2019 Release

Last fall, Paramount Pictures revealed that the Terminator franchise would be back in 2019, and while the newest movie in the franchise was initially slated for a July 26th release, it has now been pushed back a few months into November.

According to Variety, the sixth Terminator film (expected to follow the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day) is now scheduled to be released by Paramount Pictures on November 22nd, 2019, which would bring Skynet back to theaters the weekend before Thanksgiving in the United States.

It was reported in March that Mackenzie Davis (Blade Runner 2049, Halt and Catch Fire) is in discussions to join the cast of the new Terminator movie, which is also set to star Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor and Arnold Schwarzenegger, likely as a killer T-800 (or other model) robot. Schwarzenegger recently had open-heart surgery, but the release date change was reportedly already going to happen
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Terminator 6 Gets Hit With A Big Delay

Thanks to the combined efforts of Tim Miller (Deadpool), James Cameron (Avatar) and Paramount Pictures, Skynet is currently being reprogrammed ahead of the forthcoming Terminator reboot.

Though it’s still on course to enter production this June, as was previously reported, it seems that fans may need to wait a bit longer before they lay eyes on the next chapter in the franchise. And that’s because Deadline is telling us tonight that the pic’s been hit with a decent sized delay.

If you’ll recall, Paramount originally scheduled the blockbuster to land in theaters on July 26th, 2019, and while it’ll still remain in the same calendar year, it’s now been moved to November 22nd. No reason was given for the delay, but from what we understand, it’s got nothing to do with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent heart surgery.

Details on the project are still scarce,
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‘Terminator’ Reboot Pushed Back Three Months

Paramount has pushed the sixth “Terminator” movie back three months.

The studio said the move is not related to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s open-heart surgery last week.

The studio made the announcement Friday that it was changing the release date of the untitled movie from July 26, 2019, to Nov. 22, 2019. Paramount said that the date change had been in the works prior to his undergoing the emergency procedure at a Los Angeles hospital.

Schwarzenegger’s spokesman said on March 30 that the 70-year-old actor said “I’m back” on waking up from the procedure and was in good spirits. Schwarzenegger, who served as governor of California from 2003-2011, was attached last year to return to the “Terminator” franchise for the sixth film in the series.

Linda Hamilton will be returning as Sarah Connor, with Schwarzenegger also on board to reprise the role of his iconic cyborg. The sequel will be produced by Skydance and series creator James Cameron.
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The Grudge Reboot Slithers Into Theaters Next Summer

We know what you’ll be doing next summer.

Sure, most moviegoers will be flocking to see the likes of Spider-Man: Homecoming 2, The Lion King and The Terminator in their droves, but for horror fans, 2019 will herald the frankly unmissable reboot of The Grudge, the Japanese cult classic that initially made the journey West in 2004.

It spawned two sequels of its own, though Hollywood’s Grudge series soon began to suffer from a case of diminishing returns. A back-to-basics reboot was in order, then, and sure enough, Ghost House Pictures has slated its rendition of The Grudge for a release on August 16th, 2019. So like we said, we know what you’ll be doing next summer: cowering beneath the cinema seat in front of you as the ancient cinematic curse begins to take hold.

Pitched as a reimagining of sorts, we understand Nicolas Pesce is directing from his own script,
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