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April Ghouls Drive-In Monster-Rama 2018 to Feature Tobe Hooper Tribute Night

In 2017 the horror genre lost a legend with the passing of Tobe Hooper, and this year's April Ghouls Drive-In Monster-Rama will pay tribute to the influential and innovative filmmaker on the first night of their two-day silver screen celebration.

A companion marathon to September's Drive-In Super Monster-Rama (one of Daily Dead's favorite events of the year), this year's April Ghouls Drive-In Monster-Rama takes place April 27th–28th at the Riverside Drive-In Theatre in Vandergrift, Pa.

Beginning at dusk and stretching into the late hours of the night, the first part of this year's April Ghouls marathon will be a Tobe Hooper remembrance night, with screenings of Poltergeist (1982), Lifeforce, The Funhouse, and Invaders From Mars (1986). The second night of April Ghouls will celebrate creature features with screenings of Alligator, The Boogens, Critters, and The Deadly Spawn.

Tickets are $10.00 for an adult each night, with overnight camping also priced at $10.00 per adult.
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Editorial: An In Depth Look At Why TV’s Scream Queens Matters by Leonel VHS

Lately I’ve been reveling in the fact that horror has made a huge resurgence on the small screen within the last few years. Back when I was a youngster in the late eighties, horror had a small presence on television, but albeit in a different form. Most of what was on the air then were memorable anthology series ranging from the wonderful reincarnation of the beloved The Twilight Zone to Tales From the Darkside and Amazing Stories to series based on well-known horror franchises: Friday the 13th begat its own series and A Nightmare On Elm Street brought forth the ultra-cheesy and fun Freddy’s Nightmares. I love that there are quite a number of series now on the air to choose from. But unfortunately, the quality varies between them on a great scale. With some of them now having established loyal audiences and rabid cult followings, in their
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The Best Of Number Two – Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor – By Shawn Francis

Hello, and welcome to The Best Of Number Two here at The Liberal Dead. We haven’t done any kind of theme for a long time, so I thought I would reach out to some some talented people from other sites, and see if we can put something together. I decided it would be a theme about the best second films in a franchise/series. Expect discussion about Metamorhosis: The Alien Factor, The Devil’s Rejects, C.H.U.D. II, Blade II, Sleepaway Camp II, Amityville 2, Island of the Fishmen, The Dark Knight, Final Destination 2, House II and more.

Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor (1990)


Shawn Francis

Before I begin I want to preface this article by saying when I get the opportunity to talk about a specific “memory movie” from either my childhood, teens or early 20s I like to try and seek out participation from someone who was involved in
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Check This Out: Mondo's Vinyl of John Carpenter's 'Halloween' Score

Mondo does more than just posters. In addition to making cool art and shirts, Mondo Tees also makes and sells vinyl LP soundtracks for cult classic movies with a great soundtrack. In the past they've made vinyl pressings for The Deadly Spawn, Poltergeist, this year's Maniac remake and most of Studio Ghibli's films. Up next is John Carpenter's Halloween, an already iconic soundtrack that gets the ultimate release with a package that includes two LPs with stunning art by Phantom City Creative. The soundtrack includes all 28 tracks from the original 1978 John Carpenter horror classic. If you're a big Carpenter fan, this is a must buy. Here are a few photos of the new Halloween soundtrack cover/case and the actual vinyl, as debuted by GQ: If you need background music, here's the infamous "Halloween" theme that has become part of pop culture: This new vinyl release of John Carpenter's Halloween
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Cinefamily Presents the United States of Horror

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Cinefamily Presents the United States of Horror
Earlier today we alerted you to the special Halloween screenings at the American Cinematheque. They aren't the only Halloween game in Los Angeles. Cinefamily has announced their 30 midnights program for Halloween. Last year the focus was on video nasties; this year it is the United States of Horror, a "cross-country death trip, with each night celebrating a different state of the Union, and regional horror filmmaking of all stripes. Whether it's unknown directors toiling away on backyard labors of love, or itinerant auteurs falling in love with and shooting an unfamiliar landscape as if it was their own, this series' thirty entries provide a vibrant overview of our nation's hidden horror history." Sounds way safer than taking an actual roadtrip.

Your itinerary:

Tuesday, Oct. 1st, midnight – Southern California: Equinox

Wednesday, Oct. 2nd, midnight – Arizona: White of the Eye (producer Brad Wyman in person!)

Thursday, Oct. 3rd, midnight – Nevada: Tremors

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Mondo Comic-Con Prints for Conan, The Dark Tower, Spirited Away, and More

Mondo has revealed a few new pieces of movie poster art featuring Conan the Barabrian by Martin Ansin, Gremlins by Drew Millward, Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle by Olly Moss, The Deadly Spawn by Phantom City Creative, The Dark Tower by Drew Struzan (see above), and more! These posters are all pretty amazing! Check them all out and let us know what your favorites are!

First up, the Gremlins and The Deadly Spawn art, which will be available today.

One came from the deep reaches of space and the other came from Chinatown, but both are capable of multiplying and destroying humanity at a rapid rate. Tomorrow, we will be releasing prints for two of our favorite 80's creature movies. Gremlins by Drew Millward and The Deadly Spawn by Phantom City Creative, respectively. We had unveiled this Deadly Spawn poster at a special Alamo Drafthouse Summer of '
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Mondo Unveils Posters For Gremlins And The Deadly Spawn

One came from the deep reaches of space and the other came from Chinatown, but both are capable of multiplying and destroying humanity at a rapid rate. Tomorrow, we will be releasing prints for two of our favorite 80's creature movies. Gremlins by Drew Millward and The Deadly Spawn by Phantom City Creative, respectively. We had unveiled this Deadly Spawn poster at a special Alamo Drafthouse Summer of '83 screening of the film in Austin, TX. We are pleased to release the remaining copies along with Drew's fantastic Gremlins poster, which contains a Glow-in-the-Dark layer that translates the Chinese text. These posters will be available online at a random time on Wednesday, July 10th. Poster by Drew Millward. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 210. Printed by D&L Screenprinting. $45. Poster by Phantom City Creative. 18"x24" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 160. Printed by D&L Screenprinting. $40.
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Alamo Drafthouse To Do for 1983 What They Already Did for 1982

Though the Alamo Drafthouse already declared 1982 “the greatest summer of movies ever” with their Summer of 1982 screening series last year (which we giddily participated in ourselves), the team behind the very successful screening series has now conceded that, hey, 1983 was pretty sweet, too. In celebration of another great year at the movies, the Drafthousers are now rolling out their brand new Summer of 1983 screening series, one that features the “crown jewel of that summer,” no less than Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi on the big screen. While all the titles featured as part of the Summer of 1983 will show in all Alamo Drafthouse markets (Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, TX; Denver, Co; Kansas City, Mo; and Ashburn and Winchester, Va), Return of the Jedi will only play in Austin at the Drafthouse Slaughter Lane on May 25. To celebrate, the theater promises no less than “an all-day, galactic-sized
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Mondo Unveils Vinyl Edition of 'Poltergeist' Soundtrack

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Mondo Unveils Vinyl Edition of 'Poltergeist' Soundtrack
More news from the mega-talented folks at Mondo, this time from their music department: the art collective has revealed the artwork and release details for their upcoming limited-edition vinyl release of Jerry Goldsmith's iconic score to Poltergeist. To a horror soundtrack collector (like yours truly), this thing is about three hundred flavors of awesome – much like Mondo's previous vinyl releases of Maniac, The Beyond and The Deadly Spawn (plus they've got a pressing of Drive in the works). So we'll break it all down for you right here. The expressionistic gatefold over design by Australian artists Sonny Day and Biddy Maroney (who work under the handle We Buy Your Kids) is worth the $25 price alone, and houses a two-lp set with all of the score cues remastered specifically for vinyl. Here's the complete track listing, which includes five never-before-released cues: The Star Spangled Banner The Calling / The Neighborhood (Main
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Limited Paper: Mondo Drops Their Latest Vinyl Soundtrack, Poltergeist, on the 22nd

For awhile now, Mondo’s been keen to get into the vinyl game. Over the past year, they released soundtracks for The Beyond and The Deadly Spawn, and last March they announced that a vinyl version of the glorious Drive soundtrack (overseen by Cliff Martinez) was in the cards (we expect that one any minute now). Well, the time’s come for their latest vinyl release, this time a soundtrack for the classic 80’s haunted-house flick Poltergeist. Featuring new artwork from the Australian super-duo known as We Buy Your Kids, you’ll be free to pick up your very own copy tomorrow afternoon. See pictures and learn more after the jump, folks. All’s been quiet on the Mondo front this week—our guess is that they’re gearing up for something outstanding on Oscar night—but just last night our friends over at Ain’t It Cool News made
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Mondo To Release The Deadly Spawn Soundtrack Vinyl!

It’s no secret that I’m a Mondo fan, as I wear my love for them proudly on my sleeve. My apartment is decorated wall to wall with their amazing prints, everything from Daniel Danger’s recent Psycho print to a print of Mimic signed by Del Toro himself, I worship their stuff and I have no plans to refrain from obsessively collecting their prints/etc.

Well as if their amazing limited prints weren’t enough, Mondo has extended their line to include a record label, releasing awesome vinyl releases of the soundtracks to William Lustig’s Maniac and Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond last year and continuing that this year with a brand new remastered 180 gram vinyl release of the soundtrack to Douglas McKeown’s awesome 1983 alien film, The Deadly Spawn. It comes in black and also a rare randomly inserted color variant designed to mimic the look
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Mondo Announces 'Deadly Spawn,' Their First Album Release of 2013

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Mondo Announces 'Deadly Spawn,' Their First Album Release of 2013
Mondo has been ramping up their album division. Last year they released vinyl reissues of The Beyond and Maniac soundtracks. For their first release of 2013, Mondo is reissuing the soundtrack to The Deadly Spawn. Phantom City Creative handled the artwork, and random packages will have The Deadly Spawn variant vinyl - red splotchy color that mimics the monster's coloring.

Much like Mondo's limited-edition poster sales, The Deadly Spawn will go on sale at a random time on January 4th. For more info, check out Mondo's blog.
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The Deadly Spawn Album, Make This Your First Awesome Purchase of 2013

Over the holiday break, I became the owner of a record player again.  (Fun fact: I haven't owned one since, well, middle school.)  This is great because now it has opened me up to a whole new world in terms of re-issues of incredible soundtracks, furthermore, I can finally enjoy the Maniac and Insidious scores I've owned on vinyl.

If you're a fellow record lover, you'll be wanting to keep an eye on Mondo this Friday, that's when they release The Deadly Spawn soundtrack.

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Mondo Reveals New Jurassic Park Poster and The Deadly Spawn Vinyl Soundtrack

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Mondo has just revealed that their first poster offering of 2013 will be a new Jurassic Park poster by Ken Taylor. They also announced that they will continue their vinyl soundtrack offerings with The Deadly Spawn:

“If you noticed, we took the last couple of weeks of 2012 off. Why? Because we have some big things coming to you in January and they needed the proper attention. We just announced Ken Taylor’s Jurassic Park poster and we’ll be announcing the January gallery show soon, but this blog post will focus on one of of the most exciting things we’ll be expanding in 2013…. our record label.

Last year, we started a record label that focused on putting out great soundtracks on vinyl. Our first two offerings were Maniac and The Beyond. We also announced that we would be putting Drive out with Tyler Stout artwork for the packaging. (Quick update on that…
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The Deadly Spawn Takes a Bite out of Vinyl

Remember in the last story when we said Mondo was showing no signs of slowing down in 2013? As we were hitting the publish button, an e-mail came in alerting us that the wonderful sickos there are also releasing The Deadly Spawn soundtrack to vinyl!

From the Mondo Site

Last year, we started a record label that focused on putting out great soundtracks on vinyl. Our first two offerings were Maniac and The Beyond. We also announced that we would be putting Drive out with Tyler Stout artwork for the packaging. (Quick update on that… it’s done. Approved. And at the plant getting pressed.) We’ve been working very hard on getting choice titles and artists for packaging and we’re happy to announce that our first release for 2013 is being dropped this Friday, January 4th. This release just happens to be one of my favorite monster movies of all
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Grindhouse Aficionado: Issue #Four

Grindhouse Aficionado: Issue #4 (Nov.06) by Kevin Klemm

Grindhouse Aficionado

Bringing you the best of Grindhouse cinema (without the sticky floors).

This month’s Double Feature: 42nd Street Forever Vol 1 and 42nd Street Forever Vol 2: The Deuce

This month we take a look at two DVD’s that highlight the real reason we risked life and limb by venturing into The Deuce- the previews!

So grab your popcorn (I sure hope that’s butter) and settle in for four full hours of Grindhouse excitement.

Reel 1:

42nd Street Forever, Volume 1

As I mentioned before, half the fun of visiting a grindhouse theatre was watching the coming attractions. It took a special kind of film to play The Deuce, and the coming attractions really played up the exploitation elements of the movie. Its job was to hook you and reel you in so you would come back week after week…kind
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1 Day 'Till Halloween - Attack the Block (2011)

Luke Owen counts down to Halloween by reviewing horror movies from the last 60 years; next up is Attack the Block (2011)...

We finish our countdown to Halloween in the current decade in which we live with a movie that I absolutely adore – Joe Cornish’s Attack The Block.

Being a fan of Channel 4’s Adam and Joe Show in my early teens and their 6Music radio show, I was very intrigued by Joe Cornish’s directorial debut. When the trailer for Attack the Block was released, I saw what a lot of people saw – chavs vs. aliens. Well, it certainly wasn’t what I was expecting from the man who gave the world American Beautoy. However upon actually watching the movie on opening night, I realised that the film is so much more than that.

The biggest problem people seem to have with Attack the Block is that the main
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4 More Days 'Till Halloween - The Deadly Spawn (1983)

Luke Owen counts down to Halloween by reviewing horror movies from the last 60 years; next up is The Deadly Spawn (1983)...

Well the 80s certainly had a lot to choose from when it came to picking horror movies – and it was hard to pin down a choice! I wanted to review The Thing and The Fly - two of my favourite horror movies, which are both proof that remakes can surpass their originals - but instead I landed on The Deadly Spawn. Don’t ask me how.

With a budget that could barely afford a multi-pack of Monster Munch, The Deadly Spawn (originally titled Return of the Aliens: The Deadly Spawn) is a colourful little horror film about alien creatures who attack a small town after a meteorite crashes nearby. While the film is fun, it can be summed up really quickly – it’s awesome when the aliens attack and it
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DVD Review - Monstro! (2010)

Monstro! (a.k.a El monstro del mar!, 2010.

Written and Directed by Stuart Simpson.

Starring Norman Yemm, Nelli Scarlet, Kyrie Capri, Karli Madden and Kate Watts.


Three gorgeous but lethal assassins arrive in a sleepy seaside town, where they accidentally awaken a vicious sea creature and have to fight for survival as the monster reaps its fury on the town.

With a crew that is so small that the Director’s Assistant and the 1st Ad get named in the opening credits, Stuart Simpson’s 2010 monster flick Monstro! rolls on to DVD today.

Simpson has the Garth Marenghi role in Monstro! by writing, directing, producing, shooting and editing the movie while helping out with the visual effects in post-production. It’s this low-budget “I’ll do everything myself” filmmaking that spawned from the likes of Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith that has dominated the indie filmmaking landscape
See full article at Flickeringmyth » Hookup: 24-Hour Horror Film Festival Passes to Music Box of Horrors

Chicago – Can you brave 24 hours of non-stop classic horror films? In the latest Hookup: Film with our unique social giveaway technology, we have for our most fearless readers two pairs of 24-hour horror film festival passes (priced at $40 each) up for grabs to the Music Box of Horrors with 14 horror films in a row! Stars Sybil Danning and Jeff Lieberman are scheduled to appear at this 24-hour horror festival!

The Music Box of Horrors shows at the Music Box Theatre at 3733 N. Southport Ave. in Chicago on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012 starting at noon until Sunday, Oct. 14, 2012 with the last horror film starting at 11 a.m. Brave moviegoers will be treated to the following classic horror films!

“The Golem”: Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012 at noon “Mark of the Vampire”: Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012 at 1:45 p.m. “The Invisible Man”: Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012 at 3 p.m. “Dr. Terror’s House of Terrors”: Saturday,
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