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Revenge of the 80's: The franchise film!
Captain_Couth9 January 2005
Police Academy (1984) was the first of many films from this series. Since this was the 80's and this film was very successful there was only one alternative, milk the cash cow until it was dry. Like most of these films, the first one is the best and most creative of the bunch. The film follows a bunch of losers and outcasts who join the local police academy for various reasons. The main character is Mahoney (played by Steve Guttenberg) a man with a shady past who enrolls in the academy as an alternative punishment for a previous criminal act. He becomes the motley crew's leader and representative.

This movie made Guttenberg a star and it started a film series that would live on D.T.V. and make the producers a lot of money. It also gave people jobs and made others into minor stars. I found this movie to be very entertaining. If you're into juvenile humor and a bunch of cheap laughs, then I recommend this movie. Others need not apply. Followed by six sequels!!

Recommended for some laughs and low brow humor. Hey, it's one of the essentials.

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A classic of 80's
kurciasbezdalas11 October 2008
I don't understand why this movie has such a low rating on IMDb (right now it's 6.1, that isn't so bad but this movie deserves more). It's a classic comedy which is still funny even after 20 years. It always elate me. Jokes are pretty simple and even innocent compared to nowadays movies but that's probably what's good about this film because it's funny to watch to whole family. You'll fall in love with a characters and this movie itself so much that every time you'll hear a theme of Police Academy it will make you smile. If you haven't watched it yet you definitely have to do it because they don't make this kind of movies anymore.
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This shows that movies can be stupid and funny at the same time.
lee_eisenberg29 September 2005
Okay, so "Police Academy" is probably the ultimate manifestation of the word "witless". But it doesn't pretend to be anything other than what it is: nice, silly fun. The plot basically has a series of goof-off misfits enrolling in the police force and turning it topsy-turvy. Steve Guttenberg, as Cadet Carey Mahoney, may have to remember this as his peak in movies, and he does a pretty good job here.

Anyway, the movie is pretty much an excuse to be silly. And they do just that. With hilarious one-liners and one gag after another, you won't be disappointed. Of course, I advise you not to watch it if you're the type who only wants to see "important" movies.
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Put your mind in neutral and be entertained!
johnfos14 July 2005
This is a great movie for relaxing after a hard day at work. It's sheer escapism and good-humoured fun that only requires the watcher to put their mind in neutral, rest their feet, and not think too much.

A lot of the gags are not very original; we've seen most of them before in some other form. But the basic premise of a Police Academy full of misfits provides a novel context.

I've only seen this first movie of the series and don't really have plans to see any of the others. Can't believe they've made ssssssssooooo many sequels.

Too much Police Academy could certainly wear a bit thin, but first time around it's sheer good fun.
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Up the "Academy"...
Mister-69 February 2000
Yep, this is the one that started it all. The right one to blame. "Police Academy" - never duplicated, countlessly imitated.

But before you go throwing any stones...this one is funny.

Yep, believe it or not, its joke success ratio is amazingly high. Is it because it's R-rated? That's a lot of it, but it also has a good pedigree.

Director/co-writer Wilson also created TV's "WKRP in Cincinnati", Israel and Proft have written "Bachelor Party" and some other funny stuff you may have heard of (they had a hand in the "Naked Gun" films).

And the cast, in this instance, is fresh! Guttenberg has seldom been better, nor has Cattrall (well, maybe except for "Porky's"), Gaynes, Bailey, Smith, Winslow or Easterbrook. There are a handful of good lines, more good scenes here than in any four of the sequels you can name and plenty more opportunity for good old raunchy "Animal House"-style guffaws.

You don't believe me? Think about the scene with the hooker (Spelvin) in the speaker's podium. Then think about the punch line ("Good speech."). You see? Ah, memories.

Take it from a hard-bitten veteran of the series. This is as good as it gets. You want to see a funny movie about cops? Register at your local "Police Academy".

Six stars, plus a star more for Guttenberg's final scene. Classic.
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Very funny
chrisjgray20002 July 2002
It turns out that the mayor of a city is wanting to have a better Police force and so opens up a more spaces in the Police Academy so that more people may apply. It turns out that the new applicants are a bunch of losers, wackos, and other various people that just don't fit in.

The whole film is very funny. The characters are normal but very different making them look like complete misfits against each other. But the show is stolen by G.W. Bailey who plays the mean but brilliant Lieutenant Harris.

The movie is a very funny and promising film that is lots of fun. ****
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Made Itself Famous for just being stupid!!!
Robert_duder30 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I just read someone elses review on here and it was brief and to the point and made a lot of sense. Police Academy is just harmless fun. Is it stupid?? Oh my yes!! Cheap, dumb, pointless, low budget?? Yes, yes, yes and yes. Does any of that matter?? Not when it comes to the Police Academy. I mean you gotta give it some credit for spawning no less than 6 sequels!!! This is the film that started it all and for whatever odd reason you will find it will endear itself to you when it's all over. Something has to be said for the fact that it was made for just over 4 million dollars and grossed well over 100 million world wide. That pays for as many ridiculous pointless sequels as they want.

The plot and premise is actually pretty good....the mayor lifts any and all restrictions on police academy recruits enabling people of all shapes, sizes, skills, and intelligence to join the academy. On top of that Carey Mahoney gets himself into trouble with the police and is forced to join the academy for training and he can't quit or he'll go to jail...but he can get thrown out, or try anyways. Police Academy really only works because of the characters. It's not even really the actors because let's face it the acting is campy as hell but the characters are so outlandish they are memorable. Steve Guttenberg who was really at the height of his career plays the wise cracking, prank pulling Carey Mahoney. His sarcasm, wit, and caring for his fellow cadets make him a great hero to the film. He probably does the best job in the film of acting which isn't saying all that much but the film is not about acting, it's about comedic timing and Guttenberg does a good job. I won't go over the entire cast but rather just the ones who the film kinda used as main characters. G.W. Bailey is the perfect protagonist to the film. He's mean, and you love to hate him and he's the perfect balance to Mahoney's character. Their characters are fun to watch square off. Bubba Smith as the larger than life Moses Hightower, is quiet but funny in his own way and his size brings him a lot of great funny moments. Donovan Scott is great too as the underdog, overweight, made fun of guy who you wanna see kick some butt and he does. David Graf, Michael Winslow, Bruce Mahler, and Marion Ramsey all play some diverse and funny characters each one with their own schtick and shortcomings. You'd think with all these characters it would be too much but they are all used in small doses to keep the comedy rolling and it works pretty well. George Gaynes plays Cmndt. Eric Lassard, the rather unintelligent, aging, senile leader of the Academy. His role is kind of a cult classic and he does have some great moments and he adds a touch of class to the cast.

Director Hugh Wilson hasn't really done a whole bunch before or after Police Academy, nothing that stands out anyways, but he did put together this great cast and made a really stupid movie that people seem to love. As I watched it I couldn't help but think how incredibly dumb it all was but then something would happen to really make me chuckle and when it was done I realized that for some strange reason, I liked it. It just has a little something and I think it's the cast and the way the movie is put together, it absolutely doesn't take itself too seriously. If you're looking for an eighties comedy that has everything you would expect then Police Academy is the one to look for. 7/10
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A laugh riot!
jhaggardjr26 April 2000
During my spring break in 1984, I went up to Michigan to see some of my relatives. One day while I was up there I went to see "Police Academy" with my mom, my grandma, and a cousin. Before we saw this, I remembered Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert gave this movie no stars. I also remembered Ebert reviewing this movie on his show "At The Movies" with his late partner Gene Siskel (this was before their show went nationwide and was retitled "Siskel & Ebert"). Ebert summed up "Police Academy" in one short sentence: "IT IS BAD!!!" And Siskel agreed with him. But I went to see this movie anyway and to this day I'm glad that I did. "Police Academy" made me laugh my head off. After the movie was over I said it was the funniest movie since "Airplane!" This movie was so funny I went to see it a second time over Memorial Day weekend 1984 with a friend of mine here in Chicago. "Police Academy" still makes me laugh to this day. It's too bad the sequels didn't live up to this, the original. The second, third, and fourth movies in the series were marginally funny. The fifth and sixth movies were less funny and the series started to wear out its welcome. I've never seen the seventh movie "Mission to Moscow" but I heard it's a stinker. So I'm sticking with the first movie because it's the funniest.

**** (out of four)
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very bad taste can be very funny
chotzinger27 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Some of the funniest scenes on film. When Guttenberg says to Gaynes, "You mean I'm trapped here?" and the hapless Gaynes replies, "Yes... We all are." I nearly died laughing. Twenty years later the line is still hilarious! In the one dimensional world of Police Academy, they really are all victims, trapped in their one dimensional roles. Of course Blanks and Copeland walking into the Blue Oyster bar deserves immortality. The joke was so good they put it in the 2nd or 3rd movie again. It was worth it just for the great tango music. Cadet Hooks (Marion Ramsey) singing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" during the driving test was great. Tackleberry is stereotyped as every guy I served in the Army with, (that I didn't particularly like), yet manages to be very very funny. Hightower (Bubba Smith) was excellent as the child trapped in a football players body. Many of the other gags are forgettable slapstick and the makers added enough gratuitous breast shots of naked girls and bad language to appeal to teenage boys. I think only the first 2 PA's are worth watching. The second one is an excellent vehicle for Bobcat Goldthwaite and Tim Kasurinsky. Oh, watch for a very young Ed O'Neill (not credited) handing out uniforms on the first day at the Academy. Cheers
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Classic comedy that's still funny
amb628712 September 2005
This movie is one of the best comedies of the 80s. It's a great ensemble comedy in the tradition of Caddyshack. Steve Guttenberg is hilarious and Michael Winslow's "human sound machine" abilities are amazing. The movie features a sexy Kim Cattrall long before "Sex and the City" and a fantastic cast of supporting characters.

Yes, it's a bit silly, but everyone needs to be silly sometimes. Some material may be inappropriate for small children, but Policy Academy is a must-see for older kids and adults who like to laugh.

The sequels go downhill and are more of the same, but #2 and #3 are still worth renting.
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Oh this one is a Scream....
gazzo-225 August 2000
I loved this when it first came out...what's not to like-Rizzo from Mash's headlong flight...uh, at the horse there, the little accident prone guy's setting off a chain reaction by tossing an apple, Steve Guttenburg's goofy deadpan all throughout this, plus a scene involving George Grizzard and the Full Monica. You will also enjoy Bubba Smith's driving lessons.

Trust me. This one works, its funny, and its too bad the follow ups weren't as raunchy or original. Yeah you can fault it for being as subtle as the Three Stooges, but who cares? It's a hoot.

*** outta ****, makes me laugh and why not?
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Guilty pleasure!
LeRoyMarko5 April 2003
I don't know what got to me. This evening, I went to the video store and got this one. I first saw it back in the 80's. Now let's not go nuts and call this the best comedy of all times. But it's still a pretty decent one (or indecent if you prefer!). The movie is generally funny, the characters are likable, and it's filmed in Toronto! I was surprised to realize that with the first scene showing the Toronto skyline. Some scenes are very funny, especially the one with George Gaynes (Commandant Lassard). Ah! the podium scene! So funny! Pea-brain humor, but good pea-brain humor!

Out of 100, I gave it 71. That's good for ** out of ****.

Seen in Toronto, on April 5th, 2003.
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A Riot Of Laughter
tvxeqw16 June 2020
So funny... I wish they still made films like this, but of course it is impossible. Comedy censorship is everywhere. Watch this one though. I have this DVD and watch it annually.
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Bloody Good Fun
mjw230528 January 2005
A Group of Wannabe's and a Doesn't Wannabe, Carey Mahoney (Steve Guttenberg) Join the Police Academy in the hope of becoming respected members of the Police Force.

There's a problem, they are with out doubt the worst bunch of wannabe's the police academy has ever seen and Carey just can't wait to get kicked out, only being there because it was the only way he could avoid jail.

Some Truly Funny Moments and lots of memorable characters, this film is a bloody good romp, that should be enjoyed by most people.

Too bad the sequels generally sucked big time!

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"I'm trapped here?" "Oh yes, we all are!"
Anonymous_Maxine8 March 2008
There is a pretty good documentary included with the DVD collection in which it is revealed that producer Paul Maslansky got the idea for the whole premise of Police Academy when he was working on Hot Stuff in the late 1970s. Evidently there was a police force in charge of crowd control during the making of that movie that was, ah, interestingly diverse to the point that it caught Maslansky's attention and inspired him to approach a sergeant and ask him why there were so many gym class drop-outs on the force. The sergeant replied that they had a fair employment policy in place that compelled them to accept any applicant who took an interest in becoming an officer, but then with a wink he explained that they could flunk out whoever they wanted after three weeks. Instantly, a light bulb popped on above Maslansky's head.

Do you see what this means? Police Academy is based on a true story!!

In response to public discontent as a result of a crime wave that has been sweeping the city, the Mayor puts in place a new rule forcing the Police Department to accept any new applicant regardless of age, height, weight, sex, background, attitude, religion, nationality, IQ, criminal history, or SAT score, which causes the police academy to be bombarded with societal aberrations the likes of which would surely cause the public more concern than the criminals causing the crime wave in the first place.

No nonsense Police Chief Henry Hurst is immediately and thoroughly appalled at the new ruling as he watches the dregs of society flood his beloved police academy, while Commandant Lassard sits in his chair and cheerfully allows the curious developments of life to happen around him as they will. Most of the recruits that become central to the story are honest people who really want to be police officers, except for Casey Mahoney (Steve Guttenburg, in a career-making-and-then-breaking role), who is forced into the academy as an alternative to jail.

How could anyone at any time ever be offered the choice of becoming a police officer or going to jail? Watch the movie and you'll find out, but it doesn't really matter. It has to do with Mahoney having a powerful father, but the point is that Mahoney is a smart-ass who has not a scrap of respect for authority and who is determined to get himself booted out of the academy before lunch on the first day. The academy is equally happy to be rid of him, but for circumstances beyond either of their controls, this is not an option. It's a preposterous situation, but you have to admire it's simplicity and effectiveness in paving the way for a whole movie full of slapstick hilarity.

The rest of the relevant cast provide the springboard from which six sequels sprouted in subsequent years. Indeed, the plots of the movies run a distant second to who is back for each subsequent movie. Moses Hightower is a towering black man who became tired of being a florist, of all things, and decided to become a cop. His counterpart is Cadet Hooks, a mousy black woman with the voice of a stretched balloon who, among other things, must learn to speak with authority. Larvell Jones comes from a background similar to Mahoney's in a lot of ways but is better known for his ability to imitate the sound of almost anything (this was also a career-making-and-breaking role for Michael Winslow). Then there are Tackleberry, the trigger-happy but hilarious gun fanatic, Karen Thompson, the attractive cadet played by Kim Cattrall who provides a welcome distraction for Mahoney, the overweight and perfectly named Leslie Barbara (a man), and Doug Fackler, a priceless geek who is prone to cause accidents that don't affect himself. And overseeing them all is the delightfully creepy Lieutenant Harris, who is determined that they shall all fail miserably.

This should seem like an exceedingly easy task, but as they say, never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers!

The first movie in the Police Academy saga follows little more than the adventures of the recruits described above as they work their way through the police academy. There is a delightful competition between Lieutenant Harris, who treats his job with deadly seriousness as needed to ensure his own advancement, and the rest of the recruits, with Commandant Lassard popping up occasionally to fulfill the duties of a man clearly more interested in goldfish than law enforcement, but it's impossible not to love the guy.

Speaking of which, Lassard is the, umm, "victim" of one of the movie's more childish and unamusing jokes. I am not sure how successful the joke was when the movie was first released (I was 5 years old at the time and can't remember my initial reaction), but it is an unfortunate representative of much of the rest of the movie.

Police Academy is a milestone in the evolution of the cheesy comedy, there are no two ways about that, but the comedy in the movie has, ah, not dated well. Modern audiences will find not a single genuinely funny moment in the entire movie, but it would be madness to say that this means the movie isn't any fun.

I remember when I was a kid I used to drive my brother nuts because I always wanted to watch Police Academy movies over and over again, but at some point I lost interest, and didn't gain interest again until about a week ago when I stumbled across the Police Academy DVD collection. But for an amusing trip to the comedy of the past, you can hardly do better. Grab a couple beers, bring your buddies over, and relish the comedy of your childhood. There were never any Academy Awards in mind, but I'm willing to bet that you can't watch this movie without having a little fun
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It's still riotously funny.
Sleepin_Dragon16 January 2020
I was obsessed with this film in my childhood, and having re-watched it today, I still see why I loved it.

The premise is funny, and the jokes have all been done before and after, the humour comes from this wonderful bunch of characters, there are some really funny lines, but they're all charming and outrageously funny. It's well made, and still holds up well. The first was the best, although two and three were fun, five was dire.

Kim Cattrall was wonderful as Karen, but the real star was Steve Guttenberg, everyone over the cheeky and handsome Mahoney, he was great as the focal character. Lassard also, comedy gold.

Favourite scenes always involved those with Lieutenant Harris, particularly with Hooks.

A wonderful film that brings back childhood memories, love it. 9/10
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The Epitome Of...
dotard-destroyer14 December 2018
They don't make it like that anymore.

Laugh out loud funny and goofy. Man, they used to make films that were fun. The chief of the pigs is a moron.
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A comedy classic on its merit
m-ozfirat13 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I grew up with this movie as a child when my father bought it at the Video shop when it was first released and became part of my childhood. I found comfort in the film. The lead character is played by Steve Guttenburg who is well cast and plays a rebel turned opportunist when he is recruited in to the Academy for his juvenile antiques. Kim Cattrall is beautiful and well cast as the demure Cadet with whom the chemistry is good with Guttenburg. The story line is inspirational and entertaining with other well written characters that in paradigm make the acting and storyline entertaining with rich humour and some action at the end to provide excitement when they overcome doubt by proving the cynics wrong such as Captain Harris. The sequels were frivolous and lacked the funny maturity of this one and eclipsing it. A couple of the sequels such as 4 and 6 would of been good independent comedy films not exhausting the brand. Guttenburg was at the height of his career then and this certainly is a classic from his era in the 1980s and in my view film History. If you would like to be entertained and humoured this is a great film.
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Harmless Fun
barrybgb8 April 2004
I won't go into the details much of Police Academy, because it's quite simple and everyone should know it by now. The PA series has been around for 20 years now and we know the drill. The PA series is what it is. It's silly, totally ridiculous, but harmless fluff for clean viewing. I am not gonna write how dumb it is or how cheap it is. Why?. We already know this. Everyone knows this and has for 20 years. Writing about it just to blast it and all that and how stupid it is is kind of redundant. Uh, really?. There has never been any question, doubt, or any misconception about what these films are or like. People know what they are and they know what they are going to get when they rushed to the theater to see it or watch it now. They obviously liked the way it was and the simple, mindless fun it delivered, because if they didn't, then the movies would not of been as successful or popular as they were, or had so many made. I definitley know many scholary people who enjoy movies like this because they are fun and innocent and let you have a fun side. It's alright to like PA and any of it's sequels.
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Still very Hilarious!!
YouKnowMyName687 October 2005
Funniest comedy, spoof, to come out in the 80s (1984) I did not see this when it debut back then, R-rated restriction, and this is a time when I definitely was a minor and definitely not allowed to see this sort of movie, even if it is in the comedy genre. So, I saw this film when I became a young adult and it still can have me gasping for air from laughing so hard. So, many, many, scenes here that are goofy and the antics!!! Actor Steve Guttenberg, actresses Kim Catrall, and all the other casts all make this work! I don't want to give away spoilers to those who have never seen this film, but in my opinion, it is soooooo very hilarious!! You the new viewer out there may enjoy!!
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Best viewed after midnight for maximum pleasure!
boffins13 October 2001
Police Academy is a 'great' film! Okay it's not Oscar winning quality, no but it's one of those films with a certain 'appeal'. Yes it did brandish six more sequels which went downhill in quality! But the original is the best. It's genuinely funny and unlike the many to follow it has adult humour. It's probably best viewed after midnight for maximum pleasure. This brings a real mix of the 'finest' raw recruits desperate to be police officers, pick of the bunch would be Mahoney signing up with the intention to get booted out! or there's ex-florist and huge mantle Hightower, who could end all crime himself! There's the womanising George Martin. The excellent Lesley Barbara, gun mad Tackleberry etc led by the madcap Lt. Harris and his dominating matrix Lt. Calahan, who are ably watched by the bumbling Commandant Lassard. A hooker running loose on the campus, a huge riot, not to forget Blanks and Copeland and of course the BLUE OYSTER bar! Fantastic! 8/10
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slapstick and mindless fun
pda5218 December 2000
Whenever I am ill or not feeling happy, I can easily switch on a Police Academy film and its slapstick and mindless comedy always make me smile and make me feel better :-) This is a great film... but that is my personal opinion!
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Good Fun
Michael_Elliott14 November 2008
Police Academy (1984)

*** (out of 4)

You're either going to be a fan of this film or you're going to downright hate it. I'm a fan and have been since first watching it as a kid. A group of misfits join the police academy after the Mayor opens the program up for anyone. This doesn't sit well with all especially Lt. Harris (G.W. Bailey) who wants to rejects out. Steve Guttenberg, Kim Cattrall, Bubba Smith, George Gaynes, David Graf, Leslie Easterbrook and Michael Winslow play the various rejects in this film and as a fan I think all of them make their roles quite memorable. I really think this film holds up very well today with its politically incorrect rumor and most of all its non-stop attempt to gain laughs. Not all of the gags work but the majority of them do and that makes for one very entertaining and funny film. There are countless great scenes including the speech from Gaynes where he has a special guest, Smith learning to drive and the infamous gay bar where two rats get sent for trying to spy. I've never understood why some critics took this film so serious. They call it stupid but I think that's the entire point. The movie isn't trying to win an Oscar nor is it trying to make an AFI list for the greatest movies ever made. The movie is just trying to be funny and it does that enough to where this is still a very memorable film no matter what the critics say.
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Not that bad!!!!!
PIST-OFF14 July 1999
Police Academy ain't Bridge On The River Kwai but it ain't The Mighty Morphine Power Rangers movie either. It's low brow humor fits in perfectly with the era of film that gave us The Jerk, Porkys, Revenge Of The Nerds, Animal House, and Caddyshack. I agree that this first one is judged unfairly because of it's unfunny and numerous predecessors. Imagine if Animal House would have had seven sequels, and if the star, John Belushi was only in the first four. People would sing an entirely diffrent tune then. After the third PA these movies were horrible but even part six is more tolerable then Beaches or The Joy Luck Club. The first one is fine in my book.
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The original & the best
mattkratz21 May 2020
I loved this joke fest as a bunch of misfits enter the police academy. You will love Steve Guttenberg, Michael Winslow, and George Gaynes's characters and all the escapades everyone gets into as they try to pass the academy and get into the police force. It is basically a frat movie in a police film and a modern day classic. Hilarious too.

*** out of ****
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