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Jack Larson, Who Played Jimmy Olsen on Adventures of Superman, Dies at 87

Jack Larson, Who Played Jimmy Olsen on Adventures of Superman, Dies at 87
Jack Larson, forever remembered as eager, wide-eyed cub reporter Jimmy Olsen on the 1950s television series Adventures of Superman, has died. He was 87.

Larson, who went on to produce several films with his longtime partner, James Bridges, died Sunday at his home in Brentwood, California, according to The New York Times. Additional details on his death have not been released.

As chronicled in a 1988 People profile, Larson was merely 18 years old and an aspiring Broadway actor when he audition for Superman in 1951 and was offered the role of Jimmy. When Larson hesitated taking the role, the show's casting director finally persuaded him,
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'Dexter'- 'Run' recap: Does Deb share Dexter's killer instinct?

"Dexter's" fourth episode this season is titled "Run," after a note left by serial killer Speltzer when he finds himself trapped in the Minotaur's maze.

"I don't run," Dexter (Michael C. Hall) says. "I make people run."

Does that include his sister, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter), now that she knows he's a serial killer?

Bloodbath: Deb is certainly having trouble coping. Finding herself in a bloody bathtub in a gruesome dream, she realizes his link to the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow) and blames Dexter for Rita's murder. She also suggests that he send his son Harrison away and unfairly blames him for the fact that she almost became one of Speltzer's victims. (Dex does indeed send Harrison to Orlando, but only temporarily. We hope, because his nostalgia over Harrison's little Lambie proves that Dex is more human than he -- or Deb -- thinks.)

The Closer: Deb has good cause to be frustrated,
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What’s Going to Happen on Breaking Bad’s Finale?

  • Vulture
What’s Going to Happen on Breaking Bad’s Finale?
Season finales have become Breaking Bad's specialty, starting with the dawn of the blue meth in season one. Season two's finale brought the plane crash, season three Gale's death, and season four was the face-destroying-est of all season finales. But will this weekend's episode "count" as a finale-finale? Technically, the show's fifth and final season is split in two: eight now and eight next summer. But in practice, it feels like two complete seasons, plus it's hard to imagine Bb leaving with anything other than a bang.Loose Ends: Last week's "Say My Name" gave this chapter of the show its Big Dramatic Death, but Mike's murder doesn't tie anything up. It's just one more dangerous loose end for Walt and Jesse, in a season that has more of those than usual. What of Ted Beneke? When we last saw him, he was in a halo-traction neck brace,
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What's Next For 'Desperate Housewives?'

What's Next For 'Desperate Housewives?'
It was business as usual on Wisteria Lane last night -- blackmail, euthanasia requests, kids hanging off the roof -- until the closing moments when Desperate Housewives continued to turn its final string of episodes into the most exciting in years by killing off a major character!

Will There Be A Housewives Movie?

Yes, sadly for fans of questionable bicep tattoos, Mike "The Plumber" Delfino was sent to the overpopulated Desperate Housewives graveyard in the sky after he was the victim of a drive-by-shooting. And a seriously accurate one at that -- to hit the heart from at more than 20 feet away while riding in a moving car is no small feat. Not that I know from personal experience or anything, but I've seen some stories on 20/20.

Inside The Desperate Housewives Trial

Although the shooting didn't come as a shock to anyone with a Dsl line since this plotpoint was accidentally spoiled by producer George Perkins while
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NCIS Review: Mike Franks' Swan Song

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From the opening scene, you knew this would be not just an unusual episode of NCIS, but a somber, dark and emotional installment that would leave viewers reeling.

The aptly-titled "Swan Song" began with Gibbs stoically standing in the rain, helplessly watching a body bag carted off. As promised, the victim was a major NCIS force.

Even as the story unfolded in reverse, with dots connected throughout the night, the identity of the person ins the bag and the toll this loss took on Gibbs were obvious.

NCIS doesn't usually try methods such as having Mike (or the memories of Mike) talk to Gibbs throughout the case, hovering over his shoulder, as if he were really there.

For a time, of course, he was. But the Mike Franks we first saw last night spoke to Jethro from beyond the grave, shrouding the episode in both mystery and emotion.

If there
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