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  • Mr. Malhotra has an only daughter named Seema. He would like Seema to marry Pawan, the son of Gautam. Seema is receptive to this, and even arranges to meet with Pawan. While traveling alone one day in the country side, Seema meets up with Vijay, and both fall in love. Unknown to both, Mr. Malhotra has been approached by an international smuggler Niranjan Das, who is impersonating Mr. Malhotra's childhood friend, and has asked for Seema's hand in marriage for his son Roopesh. Seema subsequently has an accident and loses her memory. She is looked after by Gautam, who will not let anyone, including Vijay, to come anywhere near Seema. And even if Seema's memory does return, she will have to consent to marrying Roopesh, her father's choice.

  • Mr. Malhotra has an only daughter name Seema, who is of marriageable age. He would like Seema to marry Vijay, the son of his childhood friend, Gautam. And then one day Seema meets with Roopesh, who is impersonating Vijay, however he manages to convince Seema and Malhotra that he is Vijay and Seema agrees to marry him. While traveling on a lonely country road one day, Seema meets with another young man called Sonu and falls in love with him but keep up with her promise in marrying Vijay. Then the marriage takes place but on the wedding night, Seema meets with an accident and subsequently loses her memory and is taken care of by Gautam. Gautam is the only one who can convince Seema who the real Vijay is as well as unmasked the true identity of Roopesh to Malhotra and Seema.

  • Mr. Malhotra has a daughter named Seema. One day however he needed some money to start a factory so he went to his friend Gautam to borrow 10 Lakhs on condition that he return it within one year's time and his daughter Seema shall marry Vijay, Gautam son. But all promises between the two was unfulfilled since Gautam and his family had move to an unknown surrounding. While traveling on a lonely country road one day Seema happen to meet a man called Roopesh and mistook him for Gautam's son Vijay and promises her dad that she will marry him. That same day she had to visit her friend and happen to meet an unknown stranger who happen to fall in love with her at first sight where he forces her to go on an unknown journey and the two fall in love with each other, later on it was found out that the stranger was Gautam son Vijay but it was too late for Seema and her dad since Roopesh work for an international smuggler Niranjan Das. Seema had an encounter with Roopesh where she falls into an accident and looses her memory and is take care of by Gautam who finds her lifeless. Gautam does not allow anyone to go near to Seema not even Vijay. But after a difficult attempt of Vijay, Seema happen to relocate back her memory and gain back his father love and sets out to apprehend Roopesh and Das. But finally all attempts was successful and Seema and Vijay was unite forever.

  • Well-known smuggler, Niranjan Das has his eyes on wealthy, Mr. Malhotra's wealth and hopes to acquire this one day. To make this a success he decides to ask for Seema, Malhotra's daughter's hand in marriage with his son Roopesh, to which Seema agrees, and the marriage date is set. However, Seema decision changes as she meets poor Vijay and both fall in love with each other. When she tell her father about her decision he refuses, and she is made to marry Roopesh. On there nuptial night Seema and her husband have had a small scuffle which results in Seema loosing her memory. Will Seema ever get back her memory? What will happen to Vijay? Will Mr. Malhotra ever gets informed that he is heading for danger?


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