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A strange but wonderful animated masterpiece
desh799 June 2005
Japanese animation has brought forward many films which are regarded as classics of the genre (for now ignoring the fact that anime isn't really a genre in and of itself, but rather a style of animation which encompasses several different genres, eg. horror, comedy, sci-fi, etc), but for some reason Macross: Do You Remember Love is seldom mentioned alongside gems like Akira, Ghost In The Shell, or Mononoke Hime (and pretty much every other Studio Ghibli effort) - something I find quite difficult to understand. I was lucky enough to catch this movie on late night TV several years ago and was completely spellbound by it. It has a simple storyline (boy loves girl, while humanity's future is threatened by warmongering cyborgs - hey, it's anime) but an innocence at heart which very few movies, even animated ones, are able to match. I was even luckier when I discovered a subtitled VHS copy of it, and it has since become one of my favourite animated movies of all-time.

For its time, the standard of animation is quite impressive. This movie must have taken at least a few people's breaths away when it was initially screened in 1984, because, even when you compare it to Japanese animation of the time (including Hayao Miyazaki's much-lauded feature debut Nausicaa), the level of detail and movement on display is mind-boggling. People don't just move their eyes and lips (as was the case in virtually 99% of animation then); their hair moves, their clothes show wrinkles, whilst the background details are nearly inch-perfect. Macross itself doesn't just look like a huge intergalactic space station, it also *feels* like one. I can think of few films which display a similar attention to detail as DYRL, and for that reason alone it deserves its rightful place in the animation hall of fame, next to anything Disney or Ghibli have ever brought forward.

The storyline, as mentioned before, is fairly straightforward (and admittedly clichéd at times), but thankfully this doesn't sidetrack from its unique charm, especially as the narrative progresses from a bogstandard battle of Good vs Evil into something else entirely, which I won't describe in great detail lest I completely ruin the surprise for you - however, I will say this: the ending itself is one of the most awe-inspiring things I have ever seen. Quite aside from the strangely moving premise of J-pop saving the universe, the entire choreography of that scene is an utter stroke of genius. It's a bizarre ending, but strangely enough it works.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm no expert on the Robotech series - in fact, I know pretty much next to nothing about the other instalments in the Macross/Robotech series. But I like to think that I know good film-making when I see it, and Do You Remember Love certainly is that. It's an unsung classic of Japanese animation which does not deserve to fester in obscurity, but instead requires widespread recognition as the ground-breaking work of art it truly is. Simply put, it's wonderful.

(NB, I want to point out that this review concentrates solely on the subtitled version of Macross: Do You Remember Love, not the dubbed and narrowed-down version of the movie entitled Clash Of The Bionoids, which, as many here have pointed out, is a monstrosity to be avoided.)
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Get hold of the Perfect Version, subtitled.
elp_gr3 June 2002
If you get your hands on a decently-subtitled version, this movie plain rocks. Great animation, music, voice acting. The plot has a few flat spots, as expected in a movie that came as the summary of a series, but it's still one of anime's finest.

And to think that it was all drawn by hand. Excellent work.

Avoid "Clash of the Bionoids" at all costs. The dubbing is horrible.
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Stands Up To The Best, Even Today
genrebusters11 August 2005
Super Dimensional Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? Ah, what a name and what a movie. This is what classic Japanese Animation is all about. Just the name itself conjures up nostalgic memories of yesterday, running home from fourth grade to catch the latest episode of Robotech, to attending my first Anime convention and realizing the true power of the unedited series as well as this incredible film which retells the story. The music, the characters, the animation and the story are the very things that attracted me to Japanese animation in the first place. And still, even after all of these years, SDFM:DYRL not only holds up, but is still a force to be reckoned with.

This is due, in no small part, to the creative talent and storytelling capabilities of Shoji Kawamori. Although his filmography may be small, it is an example of quality over quantity. Kawamori's Macross series made giant transforming robots, singing pop-idol young starlets, heroic floppy haired boys, and melodramatic drama popular to thousands of fans across the globe. Who in their right mind never dreamed of someday flying a Valkyrie, or meeting a girl as spunky and hot as Lynn Minmay or as gorgeous and smart as Misa Hayase? Or who never wished that their hair were as cool as Max's blue locks or Hikaru's tangled mop? And who never wished for the experiences and friendships shared by the Defense Force as they battled the onslaught of the Zentradi forces? Without Kawamori, none of these questions would have ever even been possible. To me, this is like trying to imagine a childhood without Star Wars.

SDFM:DYRL is at it's core, a story of an alien invasion. The Zentradi, a race of aliens created for only war are hell-bent on tracking down a lost ship, the Macross, which is the key to the universal power of Protoculture. Protoculture is the universal matter from which all things were created and it gives life to those who have it. The Zentradi track down this lost ship, which has landed on Earth. The humans of Earth learn, to a somewhat limited degree, the power of the Macross, and are able to escape with a few hundred survivors to the outer reaches of space, thus setting in motion the constant game of cat and mouse between the Zentradi and the humans. Although this story is quite basic on the surface, what really set Macross apart from the other giant-invading-robot movies/series was the investment the audience had in the characters.

The animation itself is quite beautiful, although it may seem somewhat primitive by today's digital standards. It is, however, a great example of how Japanese animation differs from its Western counterparts. While Western animation, especially concerning studios such as Disney and Warner Bros., put more energy into creating smooth animated movement, the Japanese directors and artists have always been more interested in creating insanely detailed drawings. Some Japanese directors have claimed that Japanese animation is actually more of a mix between the detailed still drawings of manga and the fluidity of traditional Western animation, thus it is an art form in and of itself being neither comic book nor cartoon. Macross is a perfect example of this ideology. Although the animation may not be extremely fluid, what we are given are vastly detailed cityscapes, landscapes and space frontiers, as well as mechanical and character designs to die for.

And how can I possibly even mention the word Macross without at least a brief mention of the music? Kentaro Haneda, who created the original music, made sure that the score and songs were as captivating as the film itself, as well as making sure every note of every song fit perfectly with what was being shown on screen. After all, with music playing such an intricate roll in the entire Macross saga, the music really needed to be top notch – and it was.

SDFM:DYRL is a classic in every sense of the word. A movie that is just as good today as it was almost 20 years ago. Some films do not live up to the memories we have of them, and as we get older some films lose their power. SDFM:DYRL on the other hand, becomes a beacon of light to remind us of the reasons we fell in love with Japanese films in the first place.
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After 20 years, still the greatest Sf animated film ever made
davidemartin12 April 2004
I first saw this film in the late 80s. Like most anime in the US at the time, it was solely available in a grainy, much-duplicated VHS. Still, the film drew me in. Okay, I was a little confused when I finally saw the American adaptation of the Macross TV series, but what the heck....

It was very disappointing that for years the sole legit commercial copy in English was the bastardized Australian production, ATTACK OF THE BIOROIDS. Suffice it to say, if you want a good example of how NOT to adapt a foreign film, that is the example to study. I used to watch it with the sound mostly turned off.

When I got on the internet, an online acquaintance gave me a VCD of DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE. It was pretty nice, at least until the viewer program failed.

But now I FINALLY have a DVD of the film. I just finished watching it and.....oooooooooooooooooooooooh bliss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I said in my title, this is still the greatest SF animated film ever made!

And the DVD includes the final concert! This was originally planned for the film but cut due to budget constraints. It was finally made for the MACROSS FLASHBACK 2012 music compilation. But now it is where it belongs, backing up the closing credits.

happy, happy, joy, joy.....
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Love Unforgotten
hellraiser722 January 2012
People we fall in love with are always ones we would least suspect or even picture in our minds, once the reality hits you know it's right.

This film is one of my favorite anime films but also favorite films in general loosely based on one of my favorite TV shows "Macross", so that's two for two. I love this film because I feel it was just made for me, because it has everything I could possibly want, and that's something I don't say much, but most importantly it's a romance story done the right way.

It's a little hard for me to do a review about this movie since I've seen the original TV show so I know who is going to get who and what is going to happen in the end. But what makes this film unique is that's it's a different style and the rich story is retold differently.

The animation style is more up to date than the original show, making everything seem more realistic, and personally I still feel it looks great. From the violence which doesn't pull no punches and is even more intense due to some blood involved, my favorite fight is the one between Milia and Max which was awesome. The design of Macross city looks reminiscent of modern day Tokyo or New York City. Most importantly the human characters physically look right for their age.

The music score and soundtrack is great, to me it's one of the best damn one's for movies in general. A few new songs are in it that were never in the show, like the "Do you remember love" and the end theme, both of them are the kind of songs I can listen to forever.

However the real power of this film as usual like the show is the fact it's not concerned so much with it's plot but with the characters, Hikaru, Misa, and Minmei, whose love triangle is the real plot.

You just love all three of these characters all of them are fleshed out well. One of the things I appreciate about this movie is how they handled Minmei. Minmei in this movie is actually a lot different than she was in the TV show, because not just does she look this time like a woman in her twenties where in the TV show she looked like she was still in her teens and a bit young for Hikaru. She acts more mature and actually likable, but also sympathetic because we see in one scene when she goes back home with her jerk of a step cousin and manager, we see her place which looks like any other celebrities place clean and full of nice things, but despite the fame and fortune she wears a look of sadness, because the only thing that's missing in her life right now is someone to love, it's like how Austin stated from "Pride and Prejudice" how one with great fortune is always in need of a significant other. Hikaru and Misa are pretty much the same like in the original show, which makes us love them all the same.

I really like the chemistry with all three of them it's believable due to the dialog and how they interact, it's doesn't turn melodramatic or stupid. It does romantic tension right because it really looks like the characters try. You hope that one of the female characters gets Hikaru, (though it's pretty obvious who it is if you saw the TV show)and when one of them gets Hikaru it feels right you feel both do deserve each other. But most of all that Hikaru makes the right choice and loves the other for the right reasons.

There are two unforgettable scenes which occur in the film where were also in the TV show but in the movie they last a long while, have depth and are important parallels to one another. We see one where Hikaru is trapped in a section with Minmei and both romantic and sexual tension endures, in a way this part of the film emulates any person's dream of being trapped in the same place with someone you can only dream of ever having. But the most memorable scene is with Hikaru and Misa which plays out beautifully, Misa is a person that Hikaru obviously thinks is a non likely person he can deeply love from the constant arguments and disagreements they have mainly due to misunderstandings, though he does harbor some desire/attraction for her from a camera shot where both are in some heated argument and we see a shot of Misa's legs and he looks down on them as she chews him out; it's a common feeling for some guys whom desire girls that look/seem unattainable. Both come to a post apocalyptic Earth, seeing that I'll admit I found unnerving, kinda similar to the film "The Quiet Earth". When they explore more of the planet they soon discover a lost city (possibly Atlantis or Eden), warm up to one another along the way and both fall in love. This scene I can't help but feel serves as a biblical allegory where both Hikaru and Misa are Adam and Eve and the ruined Earth is the new Eden.

And of course there is one other couple that somewhat parallels Max and Milia, even though I wish there were more scenes with the two together, but I did get the feeling both connected, from the fact both are unable to kill one another in the fight due to being equally matched, even one scene when both see one another in the flesh for the first time and say one word that seals their fate. It just demonstrates that even people two people from different ends of the spectrum can love.

Love is unforgotten as long as one always has the ability to love.

Rating: 4 stars
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A stellar retelling of a classic story
Aidan_Pryde27 October 2004
"Macross: Do You Remember Love?" is set in the Macross universe of anime fame. "Macross: Super Dimensional Fortress" is the series off of which the first segment of "Robotech" is based, so any Robotech fan will recognize the characters, the battlefortress, the aliens, etc. Almost all of the characters in Robotech/Macross appear, with their original (mostly Japanese) names. The story is substantially changed as well, so it is really a fresh take on the saga, not just a rehash of twenty-some episodes.

Do You Remember Love (DYRL) was made way back in 1984, before Robotech was even introduced to American audiences. The story might be confusing to a viewer who has never watched Robotech or its Japanese predecessor, Macross. The animation is very, very crisp and colorful, considering the 20 year age. It looks better than most big-budget Hollywood science-fiction movies of the same time period. The music is great! A huge surprise, and a pleasant one, since the story revolves around music and love.

The overall story remains the same as in the two landmark TV series: Giant aliens have attacked the Earth for an unknown reason, and the last hope of mankind is a huge battlefortress carrying a city of people inside. The fortress is defended by the standard giant transforming robots that seem to be pervasive in many anime films. Although this is a movie about an intergalactic war, the underlying theme is how music and love are more powerful than aggression. That said, there is also a lot of violence, definitely not suitable for children.

I recommend anyone who is a fan of either Robotech or Macross to find this movie and check it out. You won't be disappointed.
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Not as great as they say... but still pretty good
thestudent3221 December 2001
Warning: Spoilers
I just got my copy of Superdimesion Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love in the mail from Singapore yesterday. Yep, I'm a purist: subtitled, not dubbed.

I watched it last night, and there is one thing that stood out glaringly: If you are not familiar with Macross, whether in the original form or as Robotech, it would be damned near incoherent.

Visually stunning and with great music, all the elements of greatness are here, but the plot leaves much to be desired, with virtually no exposition and only limited character development. Taken on its own, I'm afraid that this film can't stand up.

For those who actually understand what's going on, it's a treat. The animation is top-notch, and the film moves quickly. However, it also glosses over many points which in another film would have been character development and major events. Plotwise, I felt that this film was lacking.

The visuals cannot be overlooked, though. Easily, the film is the equal of many animated pieces that came later, brilliant and vibrant.

And, of course *possible minor spoiler* it was worth it just to see Minmei get slapped.
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Sharkey3604 August 1999
Macross The Movie: Love Do You Remember (as it is known here) is simply the greatest animated movie (both East and West) I've ever seen in my life. There's no animated movie in this world that comes close with it's deep and enduring story, great character development, great cast, the emotion and most of all the mecha-drama concept as defined by animation's greatest maker Shoji Kawmori! Lynn Minmay is the greatest female character of all, and you'll wish she's real! You'll feel like you're really part of the Macross universe as the battles and stories go on. You'll really be touched by the intense emotion of this film. You'll feel like you really want to fly a Valkyrie, then transform it into a Gerwalk or a Battroid to do battle for your race! And best of all, you'll realize the greatness of animation with this film.

No doubt about it, Macross The Movie:LDYR is the GREATEST ANIMATED MOVIE in the world! You're missing something great if you don't see this.
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One of the greatest animes ever!
Emh-48 April 2001
I first bought this movie because i had grown up with Robotech and absolutely loved the Macross-part of it, plus that i love Macross Plus, and I thought that the original could'nt be that bad. I started the movie and when i finished i was in love with it. One of my first thought were that Robotech was just the pale copy it is. The animation in Macross: DYRL is great, especially when you consider that this was made in 1984! The music was fantastic (although a bit outdated) and realy set the tone of the movie. The mech designs are amazing (and by the way the Valkyries would work in real life if someone just put some money in to the project) and still some of the coolest ever in anime. The story and characters evolve in a beautiful way throughout the movie, and they managed to fit the bigger part of the whole long series storyline into just about 2 hours. Buy this anime and if you have any sense for good movies and anime you will love it. Very highly recommended. Personaly I give it 10/10.
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First off this film came before Robotech and it is better
MovieCriticMarvelfan21 October 2000
The Macross purist who said this is an encore of Robotech,didnt do his homework. Any japanese person who is familiar with Anime will tell you that this movie came out before Robotech. This review should be Number 1 since it will give you almost all the details of the film.

It takes the Robotech theme to the limit. I like Robotech, but since Robotech was targeted at a young audience, the violence and intensity of the fighting wasnt shown in its entirety. Also in Robotech you had the soap opera mentality to it, which kinda made me bored in some episodes. Finally Robotech has a lot of loose ends , the awful Robotech 2 Sentinels movie only made matters worse.

This movie tells the real tale of MACROSS (Robotech was the English name for Macross) and its real conclusions to the characters involved like Max and Miria. Whereas in the tv series they fall in love , in this movie they fight to the death (who falls in love during combat anyway) and its the REAL ending between them.

The mecha designs were and are revolutionary (Tatsunuko Productons and Bandai), and the character development done here is excellent done brilliantly by Shoji Kawamori and NOT Carl Macek. There is absolutely no flaw in this film and thats why 15 yrs to 18 yrs later it still beats the c**p out of American cartoons and bad cartoons in general.

It has never been commercially released except in its birthplace Japan. Luckily several auction sellers sold off copies to lucky buyers.

Dont get me wrong, Robotech is great but the watchful and greedy eyes of corporate people (Harmony Gold) prevented fans from seeing it to the limit. Watch this film, you wont regret it.
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Do You Remember MACROSS
XweAponX12 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I had forgotten this little gem until it was finally released on Blu Ray recently. This story is the pinnacle of the Macross cycle. Macross is in the outer solar system, on it's way back to Earth. It's just a regular day on Macross, and Lynn Minmay is performing her first ever concert.

Meanwhile, rookie pilot Hikaru Ichijyo is out on his first patrol. They come across some Zentradi attackers, three of which actually get inside the Macross! His commanding officer, Misa Hayase orders his to keep on attacking, but he goes after the three instead against orders.

The Zentradi (Male Giants) don't care much for music and attack the Macross right in the middle of Minmay's first song. This means, they have to transform!

What happens when the Macross needs to transform? Plenty - Whole areas of internal structure are destroyed. Lynn Minmay and her actor friend are caught and separated when a bulkhead closes, a gravity generator goes out and Lynn is in Free fall, Ichijyo has to save her as well as kill the internal attackers.

On the outside, Macross finishes its transformation and activates its primary weapon, vaporizing the huge Zentradi ship.

But down below, Ichijyo saves Minmay and they are trapped in the Engine Block with no gravity. This is where the song "Zero G Love" is played appropriately, when Lynn finds one of her dolls. A spark of attraction is between Minmay and Ichijyo, and they fall for each other - Right at the moment the bulkhead finally opens and a news crew happens to be there to exploit it.

As time goes on, Hayase is asked by Roy Focker, another pilot in Ichijyo's squad, if she ever acts like a woman and has relationships. She claims Duty is all she needs at that point. Meanwhile Ichijyo is being chased by Minmay and he takes her out in his "jet"

The real star of Macross is Macross, and the fighters the pilots use. There are basically three shapes that these Mechs can use, the full Robot shape, and Intermediate shape, and the Vehicle shape. What is great with this Anime is that they depict the smaller fighters as being able to shift shapes rapidly, from Jet shape to Man shape, and when the Humans fight the Zentradi and later the Meltrandi (Giant Women), these transformations are the meat of this series.

What makes this film stand out, is that it shows the power of music and Love. The Leader of the Zentradi Fleet is in a gigantic fortress, and he has "the piece of culture" - The Zentradi do not know what it is, it is actually a cassette containing the music for a popular song.

As Ichijyo is flying Minmay around, he is captured by Zentradi who also capture another fighter with Hayase and Lynn's actor friend. Roy Focker sneaks into the ship and tries to free them. But before he can do it, the Meltrandi Women attack and everybody is separated. Ichijyo is in a fighter with Hayase, Minmay is with her actor friend in a mobile Zentradi Cell.

Ichijyo and Hayase try to keep up with the Zentradi ship, but it "goes into fold" - this was 1984, and the "fold" looks a lot like the Star Trek "Warp" - The giant ship shoots off in a beam of light, the two fighters are cast down onto some strange Planet.

They discover that they are on a now-lifeless Earth. The only thing they find is a huge structure that has been on the ocean floor for hundreds of thousands of years. Somehow, Hayase can communicate with an ancient computer, that tells her the story of how the Zentradi and Meltrandi, and ultimately, Humans came into being, they were all made from "Protoculture" - An Ancient Civilization. It is at this time, Hayase and Ichijyo find that they have feelings for each other.

Hayase finds another piece of "Culture" and she is able to read it, it is a cassette what has words, words for the song that the Zentradi have.

A sad "triangle" ensues, Ichijyo now has feelings for Hayase and Minmay still has feelings for Ichijyo - All three of them deal with it, and they are able to complete the song, putting the words onto the Music, which Minmay sings and Broadcasts.

The Music alone, when Broadcast, has the power to confuse both the Giant Men and Women. The Giant Men come to Earth and propose a truce, but it is basically a trap so they can get the Women there and destroy them.

But as they all fight, MinMay sings the complete song to all of the fighting factions-This causes them to turn on the Zentradi leader who is in the Fortress, and Ichijyo takes him out personally.

There is a point at the end, where Minmay and Hayase are looking across at each other, and Ichijyo is just outside in his Fighter.

In my mind, this is probably the best Anime ever made - This is full anime and nothing is held back, and the idea that a simple piece of music can have such an effect, maybe this is unrealistic, but if it is the right piece of music with the right words, it could-Especially if revealed to a group of people who have no concept of Music, Love, or Intimacy. There is one scene where Ichi takes down a Giant Woman, her helmet falls off as she lay dying, and he looks up at her and she is beautiful, he says so, but she has no concept of what he is talking about.
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A splendid combination of animation, story, and music.
largesse6 December 2000
"Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?" is a cinematic rendition of the popular Japanese TV series "Macross", best remembered in the West as part of the "Robotech" series. A previous viewer maintains that this movie predates "Robotech". This may be true to the extent that "Robotech" began airing in the U.S. after the Japanese release of this movie, however the movie is based upon and postdates the Japanese series "Macross" which was the first saga of the "Robotech" trilogy.

Those fans of "Robotech" who've not seen this movie should remember that "Robotech" was actually a combination of three unrelated series cobbled together with a drastically altered plot so as to seem part of a trilogy. One must watch the movie without thinking of "Robotech. "Protoculture" is not some vague energy source. Minmei is not a complete airhead.

All that aside, this is an outstanding movie and is well worth seeking out.
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Do you remember love? Yes I do!
lganjake22 November 2020
Wow this movie is really something, never have I seen a movie with a lot of artistic visuals like this one.

Interesting idea with an attraction of a voice that can remember what is love.
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It was ok but rather long and character development wasn't perfect
Irishchatter3 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I gave this a watch because I hadn't seen a single bad review on this and it seemed like a good anime to watch. In the beginning, it was good to see ships being turned into transformer like figures. The anime I have to say was good but its length and the fact I did end up watching this in English dub were pretty much boring. As well, it didn't concentrate a lot on the Hikaru character but the others. Add to that, Lynn's character was pure b*tchy also.

With the overall good part, the anime drawing of the movie was good and that's why I'm giving this a 6/10...
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The Macross Movie. The Movie of the Robotech serie
haguon6 March 2003
This movie is produced after the Macross Robotech series. Its not scenes from the series its a whole new drawn movie. It has some of the story from the serie but a whole lot is different. Its much better drawn than the serie and it has more violent and romans in it.

So did you like the series you will LOVE the movie: Macross Do You Remember Love.

One of my all time high Anime and saying that though i have 120 anime DVDs means a lot.
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Anime at it's best!
~Galvatron~17 December 2000
One of the most wonderful pieces of animation I have ever laid eyes on! The best attention to detail EVER! The Valkyries do not fly like they're planes on Earth(like in the series). You can see their retro-rockets firing and everything! They've thought of it all, and it adds up to a WONDERFUL experience. If you consider yourself a Macross fan, or even a Sci-Fi fan, you will LOVE this movie! The attention to detail and emotion make this story actually semi-believable, especially compared to the other Anime tripe out on the market today. A+!
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One word: WOW!
Mitaka13 March 2002
I've been asked which I like better: Macross (TV) or Macross: Do You Remember Love? (movie) better. Truthfully, I see the movie and the TV series it was based on as two different things, so I have trouble deciding. But as far as early-80's anime movies, this one is one of the best, hands down!
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davidemartin29 April 2001
The first time this film was made available in English, it was completely wrecked. If you ever see the familiar shape of the SDF-1 MACROSS on the cover of a video named ATTACK OF THE BIOROIDS, avoid it! It is of interest only to two groups-- those who are starved for any version of MACROSS: DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE and those who are (masochistically) looking for examples of how badly manga can get mangled....

Thanks to the internet and advances in computer technology, MACROSS: DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE is available in English in a CD (not DVD) format.
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Above average Japanese "anime" feature film.
Blueghost28 January 2004
Macross has an intriguing premise with an interesting hook, jet-fighters transforming into giant robots to fight aliens, but the television series is less than stellar in its production values. With barely adequate to poorly drawn characters and backgrounds, and animation that's sub par for most of the episodes, strong story material is the only thing holding the TV show together. On the other hand the feature film does much to clean up and otherwise improve on the presentation of the story material, albeit compressed into a two hour format.

The motion picture, based upon the entire television series, is a few steps higher in quality in terms of both animation and story production values. Even so it is Japanese animation ("anime"), and, as is typical with animation from the East, doesn't have the drawing count nor quality needed to really make the film really standout among mainstream science fiction.

Even so, with all those criticisms, both series and motion picture can be entertaining. Unfortunately for the TV series the writing is rather juvenile. Understandable since it is a kids' show, which makes it somewhat puzzling since the motion picture seemed to be aimed at an audience that was slightly older.

Despite its rough "off-shore" presentation the TV series has heart, and if you can get by low quality art and cheesy dialogue the actual story is rather entertaining. The motion picture compresses all of television series episodes into one film, and improves on the presentation with richer colors, better artists, a higher drawing count for the actual animation, and a trimmed story that's lean and mean to tell a space saga.

The core theme of the film is the rift created between the sexes, which has been templated onto a futuristic, high-tech conflict, complete with giant aliens, giant robots, space battleships the size of cities, and supersized alien leaders who slug it out in a battle of life and death with Earth's finest.

If you're an anime fan, then both series and feature film will tickle your fancy (but then again you've presumably heard or seen of this extremely popular show). If you just have a general interest in sci-fi, then your best bet is to find a subtitled version of the motion picture as the TV series lacks good animation production values. As has been mentioned by other reviewers an "English Dub" was released, but the mixing and acting was so poor that it's barely watchable. Similarly the "Robotech" version suffers much of the same sound shortcomings, and has been edited to reduce the amount of violence in the series and eliminate sexual themes that are considered taboo by western standards. Myself, I first managed to see a VHS release of the feature film somewhere around 1985, and was rather impressed with the film; hence my somewhat lack luster enthusiasm for the television series.

Additionally the show is somewhat "militant" in its original format, even though the over arching theme leans towards a pacifist goal. This too is handled somewhat clumsily in the television series, particularly with the opening theme song telling of young souls sacrificing themselves to defend friends and family (coupled with the obligatory English lyric, which begs the question of "Will you love me tomorrow..."), as well as the mishandled presentation of military etiquette, protocol, and general thinking. But then again it is a kids' show; one created and made by air show enthusiasts.

Take it for what it's worth.
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A Forgotten Masterpiece
soundoflight26 April 2018
You only have to watch the first 5 minutes of "Macross: Do You Remember Love" to be slammed with the realization that they simply don't make things like this anymore. A gorgeous, fully hand drawn, cell by painstaking cell, fully animated film with no CGI and an original music soundtrack. Even if nothing else was good about it, "Macross: Do You Remember Love" would be a stunning work of art.

But lucky for us, almost everything is good about it. The multi-layered story, the voices, the dialogue, the music - all phenomenal. Watching the remastered version makes it hard to believe this originated in 1984, almost 35 years from the date of this review. It stuns me how well it holds up, how forward looking and ahead of its time it was. Lost in the shuffle of bad Anime over the years is this true gem. I describe this to people as an animated sci-fi-action-romantic-musical. That will make no sense unless you see it, and then you will know it's true. And somehow it works brilliantly.

But I can also see why this is not more widely appreciated, at least in America. I had to watch the film twice to fully understand the story, and I'm no slouch. The story explains little, is slow to reveal itself, and if you don't have a good translation it might never make sense. But if you are willing to put in the effort, the rewards are outstanding.

Out of all of the classic Japanese Anime films, "Macross: Do You Remember Love" just might be my favourite. Give it a try, and see for yourself.
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My first ever look at Anime. After I became hooked for life!
Raged_Maniac22 March 2016
back in 1990 I purchased a VHS tape of Clash of the Bionoids at a local Kay-B Toy store and not knowing what it really was I was surprised that it was actually Macross. Now at this time I had watched some Robotech on the old UHF channels a few years back so I learned what was Robotech and What was Macross and when I viewed that video I became hooked on learning all about Macross and even new things about Robotech. Now seeing the Dubbed version of Macross DYRL was not that bad. A few years after that when the DVD was still quite new I purchased a copy of Macross DYRL and even though it tells the whole story of Macross the TV series in slightly under 2 hours it is still action packed and the anime is done slightly different but in a good way plus the mecha is drawn in more detail. All the characters from the TV series are involved in some small way or another. Some of the mecha will look slightly different that what is in the TV series but not enough for someone to say "What the heck is that" If you know the Valkyries or Veritch whichever you prefer, you will know when you see them. This movie was what pulled me into the world of Anime and even today I still can sit and watch this movie from start to finish and enjoy all of it.
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One of the greatest Animated films of all time
sakurakitsune23 June 2015
Let me say this, I love this film... I absolutely love it. I am a Macross fan, and for any Macross fan who loves the original TV series, you will enjoy this film. Even if your not a fan of the series, you will enjoy this film. My rating shows a bit of my bias to that I'll admit to that up front, but I'm not afraid to admit when the film has it's own faults.

It is a retelling of the original series. But that's not a problem, it was made a couple years after the original and unlike some series that have usually a TV movie that does a retelling, it's usually a cut and paste job of the series and slaps it together.

No, this film had a theatrical release with an all new story (a retelling but still a new story) and brand new cutting edge animation of the time to really separate itself from the original.

It is truly a visual spectacle to behold. For this was hand drawn animation at it's finest. You will never see hand drawn animation in this detail in anything else. It still holds up very well to this day. When you see the VF-1 Valkyries in space (or Veritech for the Robotech fans) It is beautifully detailed out from the paneling on them, to the shading and the firing of the multiple missiles. Even the space battles have insane amounts of detail to them. But nothing seems to compare to the opening's beautiful Reveal of the SDF Macross, it is a massive wow factor.

Another thing to note, the music selection is perfect and works harmoniously with the animation and doesn't ever feel like it's out of place. And Mari Iijima (The actress that plays Lynn Minmay) her songs are placed through out the film But there is one particular song in this film that shot her off into super stardom in Japan. I won't spoil what song it is for you, but it plays a massive part in the film, that is what I will say.

However the film has it's faults as I said before and I will not deny them. Biggest faults are in it's story. It is a retelling of the original that is going for 2 hours. And there is not much you can do with the very large diverse cast of characters from a TV series that spanned 36 episodes and now is condensed to 2 hours.

So while some of the more minor but still somewhat important characters may make an appearance, they're subplots are either omitted or skimmed over like in the case of Max Jenius And Milia Fallyna (Known as Max Sterling and Miriya Parina in Robotech).

In the case of the main cast though, they changed Hikaru Ichijio's (Rick Hunter in Robotech) origin and Lynn Minmay's (Lynn Minmei in Robotech) origin. They stayed relatively true to Misa Hayase's (Lisa Hayes in Robotech) origin however.

But the telling of the love triangle is vastly different. Where as in the TV series Minmay is a character no one likes for being what she is... A teenager caught up in the moment with a budding singing career. In here she's actually very sweet, kind and loving, despite her singing career and would do anything for Hikaru.

Misa on the other hand, in the series you had to warm up to her. In the movie you still have to warm up to her but she whines a tad bit more than she did in the series.

And Hikaru Ichijio... He's very much the same lovable idiot that fans of Macross know from the TV series. I've read from others complaining about a certain scene that makes him appear as chauvinistic pig. The scene in question I won't spoil. But you'll know it when you see it.

In a way, yeah it does look a bit chauvinistic. But I don't think that was the intent. Even though he's a good fighter pilot, through out the Macross series, he kept showing how much of an idiot he could be, especially when it came to women and there feelings for him. This I feel was more a moment of him showing some of that idiot from the TV series and I personally think it's funny. Others don't.

The Love triangle that is done in the movie is a tad forced and you will notice that it's more forced in this one than in the TV series. But it's OK. For a film trying to condense down a 36 episode TV series, it still did a good job at handling the Love Triangle as best that it could. The rest of the movie makes up for some of the faults in the story itself.

While I love the Japanese dub, I absolutely hate the English Dub. The original English dub was done in Hong Kong in 1986 and was a way to teach natives of Hong Kong, English, and it has a mix of both people from Hong Kong and a couple Australians in their, probably the voice coaches for the Hong Kong actors. it's a very horrid dub, and I really don't recommend it since it will ruin the viewing experience of the movie. This same dub can be found on the heavily edited "Clash of the Bionoids" VHS tape as well.

I highly recommend people watch it subbed, but if you really cannot live with watching a movie subbed, then I hope you won't dock the movie points because of a horrid dub.
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More facts about Macross
It's nice to see so many Robotech fans, comment about the film.

Just wanted to share more facts about Macross:

There is an upcoming Gameboy Advance version coming out, which will add another great game based on Robotech.

This movie is still one of the best anime's ever made.
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A great show
MJenius19 January 2001
A previous member mentioned that Miria dies. This is not the case. She is seen later in the movie, in fine health, with Max suiting up with her in preparation of the battle...

Also... the comment about the movie being what really happened. This too is not the case. In Macross Cannon, what really happened was documented in the TV series. The movie was exactly that. A movie. A movie/documentary telling of the history of the war... with a few modifications as movie makers often make.

Back on the case that the fact that Miria didn't die. If she died, she wouldn't have become the Mayor of Macross 7, and Max the Captain of Battle 7. (See Macross 7 TV series)... not to mention having seven daughters. (See a theme here?)

As the history goes. Macross TV series: What really happened. Macross Movie: Historical documentary movie. Macross 2 OVA series: Alternate reality Macross Plus: Macross 7: Farther adventures of Max & Miria, really focused on their daughter Milene.
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No, it's not Robotech.
StlBlade18 September 2000
On the good side, it wasn't just the original Macross series chopped down to an hour and a half. Rather, it was a new script and animation retelling the story of the TV series. On the bad side, it sacrifices a LOT of the 'flesh' of the story in favor of the brevity. For example, one difference was that instead of Max's character marrying the Zentraedi (Or Zentrani, depending on the version of the original you saw) female, he kills her. All of the subplots from the TV series involving the female Zentraedi are completely dropped as well. There are other differences as well, but I don't want to give them all away.

A true fan of the original series, or even the Robotech version, is likely to be disappointed with this, even though all the later Macross series are more a sequel of this rather than of the actual TV series. On it's own, however, it is very enjoyable, though you would usually have to look in the children's section of the local video store to find it.
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