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I Love Little House on the Prairie, But....
chatterbox-6022621 January 2016
I love little house on the prairie but this movie is too far fetched, I know Charles explains it as being a unusually warm winter but when you hear loud crickets on the night they are looking for Sam (The orphaned boy who is with them while they are looking for rose who was kidnapped) it's just crazy. We have yet to have winter crickets. Also they act like they must find the boy because it's gonna get colder that night and they show a steaming hot thermos in Edwards hand and the exhaling of their breath for the scene when they find the boy but you still hear the crickets and then the rest of the scenes no more breath being seen. Oh and another flaw before they found out the boy was with them they camped out one night and you can see the boy sleeping near Edwards then the next day Edwards find's him in stowed away in the wagon. Seeing as during the whole movie one of the adults had to be in the back of the wagon since three do not fit on a seat, they would have known he was with them on the first day.. Anyways still love little house but the writers were having an off day when they came up with this plot.
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My Kingdom for a Rose
ExplorerDS678918 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It's the Christmas season once again, though you'd hardly know it in Walnut Grove, which is unseasonably warm. Everybody was in good spirits, except Mr. Montague. Not so much against the holiday, but the crass commercialism. Well, that's one less present Edwards will have to buy, as he heads with the Wilders to Mankato. While they hit the dusty trail, a woman named Elsa Norris was laid up in the hospital after a difficult delivery. Sadly, baby didn't make it. When she was released, the post-partem hit her something fierce. As Elsa dealt with the blues, Almanzo and Laura nearly bought out the general store Christmas shopping. Little Rose helped, somewhat, and when they stopped in front of the toy store to admire a doll in the window, along came Elsa, who instantly fell in love with little Rose. Suddenly, there's a commotion. Edwards was at the saloon, despite having kicked the bottle, and getting his ass kicked. Almanzo tried to help, but got his kicked too. When the fight was over, they realize Rose is gone. Almanzo stupidly left her unattended when getting side-tracked by Edwards' fight, so together with the sheriff, they combed the town. Almanzo and Laura search the orphanage for any lost girls, but have no luck. Little did they know that crazy Elsa was boarding a train with little Rose, bound for... who knows-ville. By the time they decide to search the train station, they were too late. However, a kindly hobo offered some useful information, since he bonded with little Rose before she left. They would not give up until Rose was found, even if it meant not being home for Christmas. From what I can gather, Elsa kidnapped Rose so she wouldn't have to tell her husband that their baby didn't make it. That doesn't make it right, however, and poor Rose had absolutely no clue what was going on. Now, as if the Wilders and Edwards didn't have enough trouble, they soon found they had a stowaway: Samuel, a boy they met at the orphanage, obviously he wasn't listening when they said they weren't looking to adopt. So to make sure they caught the train at its next stop, they found they had little choice but to take Samuel along.

Meanwhile in Walnut Grove, Jason is determined to earn money to buy gifts for Christmas, since the Wilders' delay will probably mean they won't be able to deliver the gifts they purchased. Speaking of gifts, guess who is getting more than her fair share? Nancy, who also doesn't know the true meaning of Christmas...honestly, are you even surprised? In a vain attempt to get her to help out for the holidays, Nels put Nancy in charge of getting their tree, meaning she would have to do some actual work. But maybe not. See, Jason had a brilliant idea about how to earn some Christmas money: sell trees. But he couldn't find any customers, since folks liked to chop down their own trees instead of paying somebody else to do it. So when Nancy finds out about Jason's little enterprise, she requests his services. Meanwhile, Elsa finally made it home to her husband, Patrick, who heard about the baby and was nothing but supportive. Still, the selfish bitch lied about Rose. Yeah, Elsa, it sucks about your baby, I feel for you, but this is still wrong and your crocodile tears don't make me pity you any more. Elsewhere, Jason's a lumberjack and he's not alright. He botched the Olesons' tree, so the deal was off and Nancy went to chop down the damn thing herself. She axed the giant pine that stood near the house, the tree crashed through the window and Nels finally admits that he does indeed hate Nancy. Good, get rid of her. As for the scrawny little tree of Jason's, he gave it to Montague. Awww, his first Christmas tree; in Milford, Almanzo, Laura and Edwards checked with the sheriff as Samuel decided to bail, and wouldn't you know it, Samuel sees Elsa with Rose, but when he rejoins the Wilders, the little bastard doesn't tell them! Suddenly finding myself not very fond of this kid. He fessed up later, after letting them all get worked up over the situation. Luck was on their side, as the guy from the mercantile recognized Rose's picture instantly and pointed them all in the direction of the Norris residence. It's a Christmas miracle! So they burst in and reclaimed Rose, and Elsa confessed to the whole matter, then she apologizes and they let it go. Excuse me?! This bitch kidnapped your little girl, put you all through hell, nearly ruined Christmas for everybody in Walnut Grove, and you just let it go? Screw you! Oh, and guess what? Samuel's run off. Yeah, gotta pad out the running somehow, I guess, so now they gotta go look for his ass! Back at the Carter residence, John and Sarah decide now is the perfect time to have the "Santa talk" with Jason. But then who should stop by but ol' St. Nick himself! Actually it was Mr. Montague, who'd gotten a holly jolly dose of Christmas spirit. As for Samuel, they found. But in the end, it all works out, the Norrises take in the boy. It was a merry Christmas for all.

I enjoyed this Little House movie. Sure there were parts that felt padded out and some that were unnecessary, but it still worked out for what it was. As for performances, everybody was good. Melissa Gilbert, Victor French, Dean Butler, Robert Casper, David Friedman, Patricia Pearcy, Joel Graves, everybody. Chris Abbott-Fish... Fish? wrote a very nice script and Victor French did an outstanding job as director. If you're a Little House fan, I definitely recommend it. It's absolutely worth it for Montague's subplot. Him playing Santa towards the end is heartwarming to no ends. Check out Bless All the Dear Children.
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Unbelievable Ending for Sure!
mitchrmp1 December 2013
Though Michael Landon explains in the beginning in a very poetic way why it is so warm at Christmas in Minnesota, it's still a little hard to believe. Why they let it be so warm - they didn't want to deal with snow and coats, perhaps? Finding Rose would be easier in unseasonably warm weather, and the Wilder's traveling to Walnut Grove would be a lot more convenient as well I suppose.

I'm not going to rehash the entire plot. I'm sure most have seen this episode or can read the main plot on IMDb for themselves. The happenings in Walnut Grove are believable (except for the afore mentioned missing snow and cold) But the happenings with Rose/Sam are a little bit unbelievable...

The fact they found Rose on such a wide prairie in itself was a bit unbelievable. But the conclusion was just downright bizarre! I will tell you that if someone took my child and took him to be their own, I wouldn't have just shrugged it off! I would have turned them into the law and let the law deal with it! And even back then, I seriously doubt they could just leave a orphan with a couple - especially someone who had just kidnapped a little girl!

The star and the "manger" was a bit over the top as well. I'm surprised they didn't find Rose that way! This has always left a sour taste in my stomach at the end....
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its not Christmas without rose
RedRainbowUnicorn2316 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Now everybody says that they did not like this episode but I disagree I loved it. Yeah the whole story of rose's kidnapping and all is a bit over the top but who cares. FYI the Nancy scenes brought a lot of comic relief for this episode and that is the only reason I find nothing wrong with this episode. Also the way they found that orphan boy with the star and all seemed odd I thought they would have found Rose that way not some boy who just went missing almost at the end of the episode that really is the only - point for this episode. But I still love it find nothing wrong with it. Oother Christmas episodes from little house which I all love is the Christmas sequence in the pilot movie,Christmas at plum Creek,blizzard,the little house years,a Christmas they'd never forget all of them very good episodes. Well there is one last episode left. Find out on the next episode how little house come to an END
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Worst of all episodes of Little House!
toughguynnj12 February 2021
Warning: Spoilers
A plot line so horrifyingly unrealistic that it will make you cringe. Laura's child Rose is abducted by a deranged woman who has given birth to a still born. After a long search, and another stow away orphan boy, the daughter is found. No chages are pressed. The orphan boy Samuel runs away and a cringe worthy holy star lights the way to him with the strength of a spotlight. To top this off all sleep over in the house of the woman who stole Rose to begin with!!! They then all seem to be friends. and the orphan boy is given willingly to the woman and her husband. In between that story line is another about how warm it was that Christmas, with shots of bushes blooming and trees fully leaved as if this was possible in Minnesota at the time and a hunt for Christmas trees and the meaning of the holiday. I have been a fan of Little House since it's first episode but this was by far, the worst written of any including blowing up the town. It was painful to watch.
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Possibly the worst Christmas special I have ever seen.
magellan3336 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Today, Hallmark aired the LHOTP Christmas episode where Laura and Almonzo's child is kidnapped and Jason in Walnut Grove is trying earn money to buy his mom a scarf. I enjoy LHOTP, but this Christmas special seemed lacking on so many levels. First of all, it was obviously summer when it was filmed. The trees were green and nobody was wearing jackets. Had Walnut Grove been south of the Mason Dixon line, this would have passed, but not in Minnesota.

The whole kidnap drama was wrapped up too cleanly. Laura and Almonzo take back Rose with just an apology and then leave the orphan boy with the family. It is obvious the woman had some mental instability and they left the boy with her? He immediately calls the man "dad" too and I highly doubt the orphanage in Mancato would just say "Oh, thanks" when they were given word the child was left behind with a family a few towns over.

In addition to these gripes, the pacing of the episode was just slow and failed to keep my interest.
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ATROCIOUS! WORST 2 hours of television that ever aired.
alswindle29 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Not only is this by far the worst of the 209 Little House on the Prairie episodes, but this is one of the worst things I have ever seen on television EVER (and I am 45 years old). I saw this when it originally aired in 1984 and then last year on cable. This episode is totally bizarre because this was the LAST "Little House" to air on TV (and this was after the town and Laura's house were blown up!). Spoilers: Laura and Almanzo go to another town to go Christmas shopping in their wagon with Mr. Edwards and just leave toddler Rose in the hands of extremely drunk Mr. Edwards on the sidewalk while they shop. While Edwards is drunk and fighting yet again, a childless woman snatches Rose and disappears off into the desolate prairie. There is no way Laura and Almanzo would EVER be able to find Rose on the desolate prairie of 1888 South Dakota (obviously no "Amber Alert", cars, helicopters, cell phones, police, television, to help with the search). Somehow, Laura and Almanzo find Rose and the kidnapper anyways, and instead of having the kidnapper arrested and hung, they are like "whatever! Hey, no big deal that you kidnapped our toddler. Oh, and by the way, we found this random orphaned boy so we will just hand him over to you!" The orphan boy then turns to the psycho kidnapper husband and says, "Hi dad!" Who wrote this complete piece of garbage?
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Great family show
whitegirl-0139115 May 2020
I watched little house since i wad a little girl and i still do. Me and my mom used to watch it together
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SPOILERS. The most ridiculous LHOTP episode ever!
wdwbecky3 May 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a huge LHOTP fan, but have never seen made for TV movie-episode. I was bored this weekend and stumbled across it. It was so terrible that it was more of a comedy than drama. And full of WTF moments.

  • First scene is of Colorado or something. Which clearly isn't MN. Sigh...

  • It's supposed to be Christmas time but all the trees are green and there are flowers everywhere. Don't' worry, they mentions many many many times in the episode who it's Christmas time because, we the audience will soon forget.

  • Cut to a random women who is in the hospital. She just gave birth, but lost her baby. Her husband isn't there. Why? Who knows.

  • The Wilders and best bud Mr Edwards go to Mankato to buy Christmas presents AND I forgot already it was Christmas because it seems like it's summer in the scene.

  • Random woman (who has approx 22 inch waist after giving birth) is discharged complete with doctor prescribed drugs for her tea. Nice, move Doc.

  • Almanzo and Laura are irresponsible parents and leave Rose on a bench while they shop. Actually, Almanzo was supposed to be watching her. He leaves her there to help Mr Edward's in a bar fight. Priorities.

  • Random woman lures Rose with a doll and they leave on a train headed for the border. That seems like a feasible kidnapping plan.

  • The Wilders and Mr Edward's head out to search for Rose. Showing Rose's portrait to anyone that will listen. At this point I'm wondering why they go out for a day of shopping with her portrait.

  • A kid from the town orphanage stows away in the wagon. Because, they will need someone for the kidnapping family to adopt at the end.

  • Back in walnut grove, we, the audience are reminded again that it's Christmas because everyone is preoccupied with getting a tree. The Walnut Grove storyline is boring. But Santa Claus shows up at the end so all is well.

  • The search party eventually finds the home of the random woman and her husband. There last name is Norris.

  • Mr Norris threatens to shoot the search party. But within a few seconds Mrs Norris confesses and all is forgiven. Time to go home.

  • But wait! Stowaway kid is missing from the wagon! Way to go Almanzo! Lost another kid!

  • Mr Norris, Mr. Edward's and Almanzo search for the kid in he woods. The CHRISTMAS STAR leads them to the boy sleeping in a manger like thing. Come on! Lol!

  • They stay and celebrate Christmas with the Norris's. A reminder in case you forgot it was Christmas. I hope someone is watching the kids while they sleep.

  • Next morning everyone is happy, Mrs Norris gives Laura a towel full of biscuits. Which I would have thrown away in fear of being poisoned. But nope, they are now BFFs

  • They leave isn't he wagon to take the kid back to the orphanage. The end.

  • But wait! The Norris's realize THEY need a kid and can adopt him. So they chase after the wagon.

  • The kid joins the Norris's and Almanzo says he'll let the orphanage know the plan. What could go wrong?
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