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Alternate Versions

The Japanese VHS version runs 4 minutes longer than the version issued elsewhere in the world, it includes burned-in Japanese subtitles and features a variety of differences. -The transfer is brighter than other video editions and the sound mix is different. -There are some additional exchanges between Vince and Sandra concerning the opening music video. When Vince asks what's going on in the back of the van, there's an extended sequence of Jordan and the crew playfully discussing ideas for his next video. -When they hit the roadblock, there's alternate footage of Vince and Frank's dialogue followed by a scene in which Frank wakes up the crew and asks if they need to pee. -During their interaction, the Sheriff implicates Vince's father in the previous dog attacks. As they're pulling away, Sandra assures the Sheriff that she can protect them, and then the Sheriff turns to his Deputy and crudely compares her to a dog. -There's a bit of extended footage as the crew gets out of the van searching for the injured dog. -The old man tells Vince he will be the first to die. As the man vanishes into the woods and the crew hears a noise behind them, there are a few seconds of alternate and additional footage. -After Vince and Sandra see the monster, there are a few seconds of additional footage of the crew awaiting their return. -After Vince opens the window and walks out of the room, the crew briefly jokes about Joss's whereabouts. -When Angela says she has a bad feeling, Marilou retorts, "Hey Angie, forget the ESP and try a ham sandwich!" -During Angela's nightmare, some of the old man's dialogue is different. -When Sandra tries to assure Vince that the monster was merely an oversized dog, there are some slight differences in editing. -When the crew goes to investigate the site where Joss's body fell from, there's some different dialogue as they realize Angela stayed behind. -As they flee the mansion, Vince realizes the rednecks shot out the tires on the van, so Sandra suggests they take the rednecks' car. -During the brief cutaway to Marilou alone in the car, she says, "Please hurry." -The old man's final speech is completely different, concluding with the decree that Vince "will become the Lord of the Dogs!" -There are a few additional shots during Vince's transformation, some slightly different editing, and the sounds he makes are a little different.
MGM's remastered print, issued on blu-ray by Kino/Scorpion in 2016, includes a brief shot of the dog lying dead in the street which was omitted from previous home video editions.

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