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Sex & Nudity

  • At a school dance, Ali's nipples can be seen thru her costume
  • Girls are shown briefly wearing fairly modest swim-suits. Girls and guys make out infrequently. Daniel is also seen without wearing a shirt.
  • Daniel and Ali share a brief but passionate kiss.

Violence & Gore

  • Several physical fights where high school bullies, who are also karate students, gang up on the main character every chance they get. Also, during a karate tournament, the same bullies are ordered by their unscrupulous sensei to make illegal attacks on Daniel to damage him permanently.
  • Daniel gets a graphic black eye.
  • Daniel gets his head violently scratched in a bike accident (a little graphic).


  • A few uses of mild profanities like "Bullshit", "damn", "bastard" and "ass". Several exclamations of "God damn it!" and "Oh my god"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Mr. Miyagi in a state of drunkenness offers alcohol to Daniel which he consumes and then reacts with disgust.
  • At a school dance, a student is hiding in a bathroom stall, and is shown rolling a marijuana cigarette and preparing to smoke it.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In the Halloween fight scene, it's clear that Johnny sees no problem with killing Daniel.
  • In the climax of Daniel's harassment, the Corba Kai student swarm in the night and come perilously close to beating him to death. Over the protests of one dissenter, the ringleader is about to kick Daniel with a potentially lethal flying kick to the head, but Mr. Miyagi intervenes and defeats all the bullies.

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